Re:Abra question on seahags. See my brief article, Advice to a Young Model at the Beginning of her Career on my website.  For me, all spiritual paths begin with the “maiden” who possesses the ability to give herself without limitation to the thing she loves.

  If middle age men do not learn how to do that, they lose their inspiration. But there are no free rides. If a man starts at age 50 to study meditation, he may write a book five years later and start giving New Age seminars. But if he had started when he was 18, by age 55 he could altering the fate of the world.

  Same with women. Water has the ability to make women grow more beautiful as they grow older, at least in her aura. One of the most beautiful women I know is age 64. It is in her emotional capacity for response, or, the essence of the magical feminine is a receptivity that is so empty of form, so giving, that it has power over everything because it is the source that gives birth to all of life. In magic, it is called the magnetic fluid and it is the most powerful energy on this planet because it can get inside of anyone and transform them from within. I use this power constantly. But it is not natural to me.

  I study these young “beauties” because their range of emotional responses indicate how to be fully alive in every moment of time. See my video, Mermaid Women 3,   

  Noting observable behavior such as an individual’s “range” of emotional responses is straight anthropology and presents a new type of personality never before observed. But I will have a video up on Ronda who is age 40 so you can compare younger and older mermaid women.  Ronda is one of the most psychic people on the planet.

  The girl in the picture I wrote the story “Double Changeling” for in order to account to myself how the water in her aura is beyond the knowledge of mankind at this time.

  There are two sides to these questions–the typical male Playboy side with its degrading and exploitative attitude toward beauty in women or simply the “She’s a Lady” song of Tom Jones with its pure masculine appreciation of female companionship and there is the point of view of the mermaids themselves who sometimes say that human beings are half dead because they are not aware of a “love that gives all of itself in every moment of time.”

   I sometimes find myself caught between these two perspectives.  I will look at the young model and think, She is such a babe.  But then the magician in me looks again and realizes her range of responses are not those of a human being—she is not empathic, she is empathy. She is not receptive, she is the element of water itself embody in human form.  I am not in the presence of a young “beauty” but a woman with the astral body of an immortal being.