Copyright © 2008 by William Mistele  




If the Lord of the winds lends me his art,

He who every breath on earth perceives

Who senses air in every tree,

Beneath the sea

If he gives me his eyes to see

The wind shift, the jet stream,

The foam flying free in every wave’s crest


And if the goddess of the sea

Who perceives the deepest dreams

Past, present, and what shall be

Who absorbs the essence

Of the sea of stars into her being

If she lends me her heart

To feel any feeling on earth


Then perhaps I can walk with you

Into the depths of your sadness


In your eyes I see

The dream that is gone

The beauty of a song

That has fled your life

Taking refuge in silence

Solace in darkness 

Where no note may sound

No voice may speak

No dawn may break

The heartache

That even despair can not bear


In the darkest place a light still shines

Where no sound may sound

A song still sings

I know this place

I am from here


So cold and lonely

A million broken hearts surround me

The emptiness so deep, so complete

It may only be dispelled 

By learning the divine art

Of becoming one with another’s heart

And by discovering an inner peace

That is in itself an act of creation.  


To all others

These feelings are forbidden

They remain hidden

What you see in her face

Vanishes without a trace

Because the world is not ready

To endure such passion