A Sailor’s Poem (Sarah, Poem #2)


A sailor saw a naked woman one day

In shallow water at play

He approaches Oh so carefully

As if walking on thin ice

As if an enemy is about to strike

But she laughs, smiles, and says

All that I require is in your eyes and your mind:

Simply see my beauty

And yes, there is a test:

Say words that my heart with love can bind  

Otherwise my love you will never find.   

The sailor says,  

The seven seas are not as deep as your beauty

Nor can any wind dispel the warmth of your smile

But if words are the test

I will do my best:  

I know of treasures the seas do not possess

I know the hungers that luck in your depths

I know the taste of a wine so sweet and kind

It is fermented from starlight

From the citrine light of dawn and the emerald flash at sunset

Soft as the serene dream of the moon slipping into a mountain pool

This is the touch of your lips

Against mine

With no other will you ever taste a love so divine

The woman replies,

Like all men I think you speak lies

But as I look into your eyes

I see the sea staring back at me

Who are you?

Merely a man who has fallen for you

Although what you see is true—

In my eyes the blue green sea dreams her deepest dreams

And her deepest dream is the love

I will share with you.


Well, dear reader, does he pass the test?

Will he get to taste her lips, hips, and breasts

What is her reply?

Will she respond with a smile, a sigh, or a tear in her eye?

Is he just another fool?   

I will leave the decision to you.