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Finding Saturn in Yourself

I have written this essay to help explain my approach in working toward
world peace. This series of meditations are prophetic in nature. They are
based on the aura of the spirit who is the chief judge of the sphere of
Saturn.  But they do not require any practice of evocation or spirit
contact per se. 
     In terms of prophecy, the concern is not so much with seeing the
future in a clairvoyant manner. Instead, it is about making the best
choices in life.  Life is sacred and our choices are full of power.  The
task of a prophet in this practice is to speak with the voice of Saturn
and to become a conscience to the leaders of the nations.  If you have
been initiated into the mysteries of time, you can unveil for others in
the here and now the consequences of their choices so they can avoid
destruction and lay the foundations for a new world.

The Process:  The chief Judge of Saturn has an outlook which takes into
consideration all the evolutions of creatures and spirits within this
solar system.  Her authority ranges throughout all the planets and within
all spiritual planes and domains.  But in regard to the earth, her goals
are specific. 
    She says in effect, "Assume responsibility for your evolution, karma,
and history.  Do this and you will not suffer severe setbacks and
limitations.  Do this and all the treasures of spirit and nature will be
available to you.  Do this and you as a race shall become enlightened and
take your places as spiritual beings whose sphere of action is the entire
      There is a meditative approach which accompanies this point of view. 
It can be summarized in four steps.  In the first step, we identify with
the spirit within us by working with akasha.  This develops our purity and
strengthens our will.  In step two, we move to the mental plane where we
consider those actions worth accomplishing in life.  We listen to our
conscience as we seek to apply our intuition to real life situations. 
    In the third step, we master the four elements on the astral plane. 
And in the fourth step, our actions become the outer expression of the
energies we have accumulated on the inner planes.  Having worked through
these four steps within ourselves, we can then extend this akashic
inspiration so it has a real presence and influence on the leaders of
nations throughout the world.

Step 1: The first step is to take charge of all that influences us and all
that makes us who we are.  To do this is to say, "I can be free of the
world in which I live.  I take complete responsibility for my body, soul,
mind, and spirit.  I am master of all that I am."  To acquire this outlook
requires that we find the akasha within us.  Akasha is the source from
which the visible world manifests.  It is the domain of our spirits.  It
is the power to create and to renew.
   Imagine what it would be like to embody this power.  Imagine what it
would be if your will were this diamond sharp and this free of attachment. 
Imagination contains the ability to plant a seed, nurture, give birth,
guide, teach, and inspire.  It is the first step you must take if you wish
to fulfill a dream as well as to participate in a divine scheme, in a
universe where spirit has the power to oversee and to make all things new. 
    Saturn is sometimes conceived as being a nightmarish landscape which
visits us with its touch of sorrow, loss, sadness, grief, disgrace, shame,
failure, and pain.  Its inspiration takes away the gifts we have been
given.  Its voice speaks not of opportunities, adventures, and new
horizons.  Its path is an inward journey through an unknown wilderness
where our spirits finally attain absolute freedom.  No other attainment
will quench its thirst for transcendence and illumination.
     Saturn's inner source of inspiration is a tranquility which is
peaceful and nurturing.  It is a knowledge of equilibrium and inner
harmony so they universe can be reflected in yourself without distortion
or impurity.  It is the serenity so refined it can restore to harmony and
beauty anyone who has lost their path or any soul which has fallen into
   You will know when you have made a good start on this path.  You will
find in your heart inner strength, inner peace, and complete freedom. 
Anointed with this wisdom, you are ready to seek and to attain your
destiny.  You have already paid your respect to fate. Fate, that is, the
outer garment of Saturn, now becomes your guide and your trusted
companion.  This is to say you have learned to love the world with enough
passion and fever that when you ask a favor fate will change its nature
unable to resist responding to an empathy so full of bliss.
   What does all this mean in practical terms?  To know yourself is to
know something of the forces which move the universe.  The ancients would
say this is to look up at the sun as it passes through the twelve
constellations.  You feel the inspiration of those stars and
constellations, their wisdom, their ways of adapting, their motivations,
and their commitments as part of yourself.  In other words, you know
people in terms of all that moves them from within, what lifts them up and
what pulls them down. 
    It is also to know the four elements--earth, air, fire, and water,
consciousness, wisdom, will, and feeling.  You know their origins, what
strengthens them and weakens them, and how they are transformed.  The
beauty of the natural world--of trees and forests, lakes, seas, and
streams, mountains, deserts, rocks, flowers, animals, the moon, dawn,
sunset--all these things you can find reflected within yourself.
    In other words, to know yourself is to attain union with the world. 
You are not motivated by fear, insecurity, or greed.  Yours is the power
to understand the world as it is. Though your goal is self-mastery and
independence, you are guided by a love which encompasses everything that
exists.  Your relation to the world is that intimate.
   The Chief Judge of Saturn discusses her actions on behalf of akasha. 
She says, "I guard the paths of spirit.  I am the space you enter to align
yourself with the harmony of the universe.  I am peace.  I am stillness. I
am the spiritual foundation of all evolutions and civilizations.  All
world teachers and masters of wisdom know me.  I am their understanding of
the past and their ability to create what shall be--to share new treasures
with humanity. 
   "Every heart joins with me when you take responsibility for who you
are.  The physicist calls me gravity.  The biologist calls me the will to
survive.  The psychologist calls me death and transformation.  I am the
laws of matter, life, and spirit combined.
   "If you wish to taste akasha, then treat it as a very fine wine.  Sip
it during special or sacred occasions and festivals celebrating the
divine.  Smell the bouquet that takes you away into the intoxicating
vision that you are a spirit transcending space and time.  Know that in
you the world is renewed.  Understand that you are not separate--all
things move within and through you as you are free to do also with them
for the sake of love and wisdom. 
    "Akasha is oneness without separation.  It is emptiness and
penetration. It is bliss, rapture, and ecstasy so intense that all loss,
suffering, and sorrow are seen and experienced as shadows reminding us of
the flames of spirit burning within us." 
   To summarize, in the first step we seek a purity of spirit, an
all-embracing compassion, and an enlightened wisdom embodying the power of
the universe.  Akasha carries with it an absolute conviction that our
spirit is able to accomplish its will in regard to every matter that is
important.  The certainty and faith we sense within us is overpowering. 
Our planning and determination rely upon this inner source of strength. 
    In the first step, our task is to experience the spirit within us.  We
see the world from the point of view of transcendence.  We come to know
and to celebrate the divine through personal experience.

Step 2.  In the second step, we ask ourselves, "What purposes are worth
fulfilling on earth? What works will we accomplish?  What acts of love
will we share with others and with mankind?" 
  The task is to join the divine with history.  We rely upon our personal
experience as we see the world the world and we see the world through the
eyes of the divine.  We unite these two perspectives into one vision.  You
could call this spiritual alchemy or learning to use our intuition, but it
is a profound action.  It begins by accepting our own limitations and it
proceeds by employing the full power, authority, and spiritual will which
exists within us.
   This means that with our plans we are willing to move slowly,
cautiously, and step by step.  We lay a foundation for what we wish to
accomplish.  But we also realize that there is nothing in the world that
can resist the power of spirit when it is given an adequate vehicle
through which to operate.  We seek to become this vehicle and to express
the greater will which exists within us.
    In the first step, we identify with our inner spirit.  Exercising our
imagination and intuition, we think, feel, and perceive as spiritual
beings who dwell within eternity free of the limitations of space and
time.  In this second step, we work with the mental plane.  We contemplate
the world from the perspective of eternity and also in terms of real
problems and concrete situations. We consider what needs to be done and
what purposes we wish to fulfill. 
   Success in planning and achieving our goals derives in part from a
mental attitude.  We exercise foresight, oversight, and we marshall and
manage our resources.  We monitor our actions and their effects.. We
reevaluate each step we take and we maintain our motivation and momentum. 
    We work with problems as they arise and adept our methods to cope with
new challenges and changing circumstances.  We seize on opportunities as
they occur.  And we hold enough power in reserve that we can overcome
obstacles and forge new possibilities when none present themselves.
    Much of character and integrity depend on a particular mental
perspective, that is, on a morality which is more than society asks us to
fulfill.  We see ourselves as becoming agents of akasha who act with
conscience and draw upon divine intuition.  And we also act as responsible
individuals within our society who take care of our personal needs.
     Drawing upon akasha for human problem solving is a continuous
activity.  It is reflected in our outlook, our perspective, our
motivation, our inspiration, and the faith and determination with which we
proceed.  There are times when our luck is astonishing, when we are given
spiritual gifts, or we are guided to be in the right place at the right
time.  But these things occur naturally to anyone who is highly motivated
and who maintains a strong inner inspiration. 
    A magician is similar to a CEO or corporate manager in that he or she
"gets things done."  He is different from those who attain success in that
he aligns him or herself with the laws of the universe.  Our actions
proceed from the highest inspiration and a near superhuman determination. 
In addition to magical power, this results in an amazing flexibility and
adaptation to changing circumstances.  We keep our eyes on our goals while
we respond with genuine warmth and empathy to those around us. 
   To summarize the second step, we bring to the problems and situations
of life a spiritual intuition and will.  We are fully attentive to what is
before us while retaining a divine radiance and inspiration.  The akashic
and mental planes are then connected and mutually supportive. 
Step 3.  In the third step, we master the four elements on the astral
plane.  This gives us the power, charisma, and the force of personality we
need to accomplish our missions.  On the astral plane, we move closer to
the energies within nature.  This empowers us to act with harmony and
   Akasha on the astral plane produces the ecstasies, pleasures, and
raptures of the four elements.  The astral plane is where attraction and
repulsion come into their full life.  We find here desire, longing, needs,
dreams, ideals, and the opportunities to experience every gratification. 
   To be effective, it will be necessary to work with desire and
satisfaction.  It will also be necessary to know how to dissolve hatred,
anger, greed, illusion, attachment, and the craving to dominate.  The
astral plane has the equivalent of a holy well, a magical pool, and an
emotional elixir.  Here we can find a serenity and a feeling of
completion.  In working with emotions, we learn to refine and a blend
together everything that makes life worth living. 
    This astral energy, feeling, or light is a condensation of akasha.  It
is quality of equilibrium and a balance between the four elements which we
establish within ourselves. As a source of motivation and inspiration, it
is very rare and very potent. 
   If you wish to inspire others to change their lives in ways which have
enduring results, you need to offer them something which transforms them
from the core of their being.  This is different for each person but
akasha reminds us that bliss this rich actually exists. Our task on the
astral plane is to develop the ability to bless and enrich other's lives
by offering the treasures of the four elements and their ecstasies. 
   Here is a brief summary of what it would be like to be able to do this. 
We would be able to say with water: "I am a source of love for
others--feeling, rapport, acceptance, support, giving and receiving,
sharing, union, and intimacy--others find that I amplify everything that
makes them feel alive."
    In mastering the air element, we would be able to say, "I have a
telepathic receptivity to the inner life in others.  I enhance their sense
of freedom and their power of choice.  The desires hidden within them and
the dark chambers of their hearts are illuminated.  My presence is
uplifting and refreshing.  They feel harmonized and free of personal
   Through the fire element we inspire courage, resolution, strength, and
conviction. Problems become challenges and obstacles opportunities.  Fire,
when it is pure and powerful enough, can take the urges to dominate and to
destroy and transform them into the desire to heal and to renew the world. 
This aspect of fire we master on the astral plane until it becomes a part
of ourselves. 
   With the earth element, we convey stability and endurance.  The bliss
within the earth element is found within silence.  It has a peace as deep
as the universe.  Silence is a magical power which destroys hostility,
negativity, and out of control desire. The actions and purposes of akasha,
when they manifest, always possess some aspect of silence just as a word
spoken in love represents only a small part of the heart which expresses
it.  The power of silence with its peace and ceaseless activity are a gift
we extend to others through our presence.
    In summary, we identify with spirit in the first step.  In the second
step, we expand our minds to join the timeless perspective of eternity
with the needs of our own world and time.  In the third step, akasha now
extends its influence into our emotional lives.  We reflect within
ourselves the beauty of the world in which we live.  This beauty is most
clearly seen in our ability to convey to others the ecstasies of the four
elements--love, empowerment, harmony, and a productive capacity arising
from feeling united with eternity.
Step 4.  In the fourth step, our actions become the outer manifestation of
the energies, wisdom, insight, and inspiration we have accumulated on the
inner planes.  When akasha is active on the physical plane, it builds a
world in which the highest ideals of spirit and Divine Providence are
fully present and realized.  This is one of the destinies toward which
mankind is moving. 
   The magicians who master akasha become for others a gate to the inner
planes.  They open up new possibilities and opportunities.  They offer
treasures of nature and spirit. Their vision penetrates the veils of time
and their counsel offers solutions to the worst problems.
   But they also speak with the voice of Saturn.  Karma must be
confronted.  Limitations must be respected.  You have to work with the
world in which you live.  If you spread injustice and abuse power, then
you will confront the eventual consequences of these actions now rather
than in the future.  Akasha has the power to limit destruction so that in
an individual as well as within a nation it does not extend to others but
is limited to those who are its source. 
   Saturn sees karma as an opportunity to learn and to become transformed. 
Saturn is not in the least hesitant to confront individuals, nations, and
races with the results of their actions.  It is happy to do so.  Dealing
with consequences is a sacred obligation.  But Saturn is flexible.  You
can work things out in a gradual, steady manner or all at once.  It makes
no difference to Saturn because for this planet time is suspended.  It
sees the distant future as if it is already happening right now.
   Naturally, those who master these meditations have a serious demeanor. 
Though they are free and at peace, they also see the things that shall be
and what must be done to change the negative into something positive. 
Karmic limitations and consequences can be a means for attaining freedom
or they can be reminders which return again and again until you take
responsibility for them. 
    In summary, when you bring akasha down to the physical plane, you
become a counselor--a kind of prophet at large for the entire world.  Your
presence amplifies and refines the conscience within others.  Though
conscience is sometimes a burden because it demands so much of us, this
extra responsibility is more than compensated for.  To respond to
Saturnian inspiration is to accomplish on earth the work of eternity.  The
results of your life and your actions endure forever.
Application to World Peace.  After working through these four steps, we
perform the same process within the lives of world leaders.  We review
their lives from inside.  We extend our imagination and consciousness into
them through an act of omnipresence, mental projection, or psychic
   If individuals lack conscience, intuition, or inspiration, then we
become this influence in their lives.  We sprinkle their world with the
spice of akasha.  We become a global conscience and an active influence
shaping the flow of history.  We do not do this as human beings.  We
perform this as a sacred activity which is the natural expression of
having learned to identify with the divinity within us.  That is, we take
responsibility for ourselves and for the world around us according to our
   There are many historical examples, especially from the prophetic
traditions, in which individuals confronted world leaders with the
importance of their choices.  It is nice when spiritual individuals
emphasize and exhort others to live moral and ethical lives.  This is
terrific.  It is important to live with integrity. 
    But we are at a point in history when we are learning to control and
direct the most fundamental powers within nature.  On this level of
creativity, we need also to consider the obligations and responsibilities
of creators.  Part of this involves drawing upon the wisdom of all four
planes when we make our decisions. 
   A prophet is alert, just like anyone else, to the dynamics and the
experiences of the three lower planes.  But he also specializes in working
with akasha.  He combines psychic power and divine intuition into the
decision making process.  This is something wonderful and yet also an
awesome power.
   It means you can say "no" and stop dead in its tracks a massive amount
of negativity which pervades the world in which you live.  It means you
can call into being a new path of life which no one else sees or imagines. 
You have this freedom and this responsibility. In some of my requests for
meditations on world leaders, I give specific examples of how to apply
these meditations in a creative and also responsible way. 
   In summary, finding akasha or Saturn within us means we learn to become
transcendent- -we see the world through the eyes of divinity.  We
experience the four fundamental qualities of spirit in their rich ecstasy
and beauty--divine power, omnipresent love, enlightenment or cosmic
wisdom, and a consciousness committed to ceaseless work on behalf of
humanity.  We then bring this akashic perspective into the realms of
mental activity, emotional life and affection, and physical activity. 

[Note: Working with the cosmic letter E on the four planes is an essential
part of this particular set of meditations.  Letter E has an astonishing
power.  Most of its effects are invisible since this energy is so subtle,
yet it embodies the full presence and intuition of spirit made flesh. 
When letter E is modified to work with this Saturnian perspective, it
empowers us to become a master of time and history.  You see what needs to
be and how to accomplish these things.  You work for the divine within
human history.  Your perspective joins time and eternity.]

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