From The Manual of Saturn, Chapter Two 


When an individual intentionally destroys his own conscience, no further warnings are given. He is free to live his life, to make choices and accomplish whatever he desires. But his astral body is frozen—without a conscience, he is incapable of learning anything new.  Everything experienced will only be a repetition of what has gone before.

  The only remedy for this person, the only way to make amends, is for him to repair the damage himself.  He will do this only after things become so bad that finally, after all excuses, rationalizing, denial, and blame fail to bear results, he asks himself, What did I do that brought this about?

  At that point, he is ready to begin a long journey of suffering until his conscience is once again fully operational.  


In regard to an entire planetary civilization, when it no longer listens to its own conscience, Saturn will still send perfect and undeniably clear warnings.  But these can only be seen by those who look for them. 

  For a text book case study of a world civilization about to end, consider the one now existing on earth.  Three religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have already decided that prophets are no longer permitted.  But we, the forty-nine Judges of Saturn, are the final arbitrators of doom, judgment, and end.  If they are unwilling to accept them, then we shall not send them.

   But rules are rules, so instead we send warnings in other forms.  Consider the mermaids who have now incarnated as human beings.  One of them is the Keeper of the Mermaid Archives. 

  Being more advanced than human beings in recording life experience, she has been sent in so that there might be an accurate and true account of what it was once like to be a human being. This is done not for human beings but for the benefit of other races that shall later appear on earth.


[Author’s Note: You know you have a little trouble brewing when the mermaids in human form talk to those of us who are living in the exact same way that they talk to the dead.  For the mermaids that are from the Other Side and who feel and see the past, present, and future, we—the human race—we are here alive now but we are equally already dead and gone.

  But hey, everything is negotiable. You just have to pay the right price.  Right?

  It was too bad about Atlantis.  Saturn’s game they were not willing to play. They did not pay.  And they do not play baseball on Saturn.  It is two strikes and you are out.  Atlantis was the first strike. We are at bat. Miss the ball the second time round and you lose your home town.

  You want to talk about spiritual safety nets and spiritual benevolence? You can ask the Dalai Lama what it feels like to lose entire country—and this after a thousand years of highly skilled individuals seeking enlightenment.  A lot of good it did them in warning about future events.  Just like us, they did not feel that the spiritual had anything to do with the political.  

  Fools like Dmitry Medvedev, Hugo Chavez, and Ahmadinejad are about to cause you to lose your entire planet. Have you no conscience? What did you expect would result?]   


Excerpt added into the records of Saturn--the mermaid’s statement of purpose before incarnating in human form.


These questions shall I answer: What it feels like as a human being to awake in the morning and to go to sleep at night, to be hungry and also to taste with delight, to cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow, to be born—to take that first breath--to crawl, to walk, and to fly. And without hope to lie down in the dust and die watching the last breath goes by.   

  What is like to dream, to seek and to find, to build, to invent, to scheme, to create, to ascend with honor and fame and to fall again into despair and shame. 

   What is the essence of a human being?  What was it for them to be alive? What purposes did they fulfill and what hopes were denied?  And above all else, what was love to them? Did they ever wonder to explore its depths? Did they ever once taste the love that holds this entire planet in its embrace? What inspiration came to them?  And when things were at their worst what decisions did they make that shaped their fate?  


In regard to the human race and in accordance with our prime directive of Saturn—If the opportunities they have been given are not used or if they are abused, then what has been given shall be taken away.

  A planet in another solar system has already been chosen, one with far less natural resources.  The souls of the entire human race shall be relocated to this place.  After a million years they shall have a chance of attaining again what they once had.  

  The timeframe is irrelevant.  The only thing that matters is that they learn: Do not take risks that threaten your own existence.