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                      Saturn and the Chief Judge of Saturn 





I was meditating today on how the vibration of the sphere of Saturn appears on the four planes of our earth—the akashic, mental, astral, and etheric/physical.  In a way this is just astrology—a study of a planet’s influence on our world.  But it is field work—first hand observation of Saturn’s vibration within myself. 

  There is no examining of the position of Saturn in my natal chart with its aspects.  No study of transits.  No Saturn return going on here.  I am directly within the vibration itself.  The planet is merely an external influence.  I am studying the influence as it manifests within my own aura.  

   For some reason, Saturn is very important to everything I do.  It is almost like I get called to come out here and show cause for what I am doing with my life, justify my actions, and the ways I use magic. 

   I have two pictures on my video poems section under Books on my web site.  One picture is of a girl who looks kind of depressed.  She has been though a lot. 

   The other picture of her is as a representative of Prajnaparamita: the mother of all Buddhas.  (I consider her inner spirit to be Pranjaparamita on earth.) 

   From the point of view of the personality, Saturn or akasha is very depressing.  It tears your personality into pieces.  There is nothing you can cling to.  But take that same awareness of things falling a part and go down underneath it into the awareness that is not tied to the personality and you find a cosmic perspective on life. 

   There was a time when I complained about Saturn in my life.  But now I use Saturn to make life right.  Or, as Bardon might say, get to know these planetary spheres and vibrations as if they are a second home.   




I simply use my clair-feeling/clairsentient abilities to immediately evoke the vibration of Saturn into my self.  Then I study the vibration with the feelings, intuitions, perceptions, and imagery it generates.  Sometimes I “hear” its voice speak.  Is that literal?  Do spirits have tongues?  Do I listen with my ears? Does the voice vibrate in the air? 

   When mankind looks up at the sky and imagines that he might one day be able to fly and it then manifests after a hundred thousand years of time, was what he imagined at the beginning real or not?  A spirit’s value is in the way its wisdom can transform our world.  I am very practical in my outlook.  My only interest in Saturn is in using its wisdom to establish justice on earth.   


Akashic Plane


Saturn’s vibration destroys false attachment, eliminates waste, removes inefficiency, and dissolves inertia.  It says basically, Do not get stuck.  Stay focused on task.

   It is an awareness of each planetary sphere, its limitations, its opportunities and realizations.  It tracks how experience develops from the novice beginning stage right up through the highest attainments. 

   Again, Saturn is oversight: it wants and demands that experience be used to learn and not to fall back.  Begin at the beginning.  Proceed though all stages of experience.  Achieve the highest attainments. 

   “I am your control; I am here to insure that you achieve in the end cosmic wisdom.  I am conscience.  And I am a warning system that is always there at the edge of your awareness reminding you that there always remains the chance that what you have can disappear in a moment. 

   “So make the best of what you have while you have it.  Take nothing for granted.  I am the voice of emptiness, the void, and the abyss asking to create something of wonder from out of nothingness.”


Mental Plane


The mental plane is like the astral also. Because you have no attachment to the contents of this plane, namely, ideas, concepts, theories, theologies, doctrines, philosophies, etc. you are able then to see through all ideas.  The astral enables you to see through time.  The mental enables you to see through the limitations of the mind.

    This is an earthzone spirit level of thinking.  You see the mental plane of an entire planet clearly.  Perhaps here or there or on occasion a Buddhist monastery or tantric practice attains to this level of pure perception.  This energy here is so casual, so completely available, so open and free to grasp, there are no years of training in some monastic tradition or with severe and rigorous repetition to free of the mind of its historical limitations.  The vibration of the enlightened mind from a Saturn perspective is vibrating right here for anyone who comes out here to meditate and to feel it inside.

   There are stories about this kind of thing.  (see the 2004 movie, Warriors of Heaven and Earth for a rough example). The emperor of China needs some problem solved that threatens the entire empire.  He offers his seal to one man who then has the emperor’s authority and power in regard to all matters of the kingdom. 

   But you just don’t give this power to anyone.  You need an individual who is absolutely discrete, able to move incognito, able to search out the truth, able to command armies in a moment if that is required, able to move quietly and convincingly among the dregs of society if that is required also.  You need a covert agent who can think and act and be the emperor’s emissary—an individual who is never distracted by ego or the little things.

   This is precisely what akasha itself is always looking for—someone to whom it can hand its immense powers of creation to fulfill a mission without ever being distracted by the desires and illusions that come with being incarnated.  It is looking for someone who has this Saturn vibration in his mental body: who sees clearly the entire mental plane of the planet, who sees through all ideas and ideologies, and who stays focused on thinking precisely those thoughts one needs to think in order to fulfill a divine purpose.  

  The enlightened mind is not found in a monastery.  It is found in a man of action who sees though time and locks in on what needs to be accomplished.    



Astral Plane


This is like the cosmic letter E on the astral: you have no form attachment or identification though you feel, you appreciate, you are responsive, and sensitive and empathic.  It means the past, present, and future form one space time continuum.  You see through time the things that shall be and what has been. 

  This is a fantastic energy if you are interested in seeing the future.  It is an absolute nightmare if there are things inside your self you are not facing or things in the future you fear such as having to overcome your limitations, face your karmic weak areas and take responsibility for them, etc.  It is the three of swords and nine of swords in the Tarot—heartbreak and anguish.  

    It is the insight and enlightenment hiding deep beneath a broken heart.  Saturn has this idea that everyone at some point should be able to learn how to create love when no love is there.  So for Saturn it is natural to discover in life’s journey that there is no love being given to you.  Rather, the task is not to moan or complain but for you yourself to become the master who teaches and inspires others to love so that they taste the divine blessings that love alone offers. 

    It is an astonishing, incredible, and utterly transcendent perspective, kind of like dying in a near death experience.  As some have told me personally you are given the option of remaining in the after life where you feel bliss or else going back into the world of suffering and offering others this incredible gift of tasting the love that they shall receive only through your presence in their lives.

   Like I say in the story section of the spirit Emedetz, the world teachers enter the world with the divine fully active within them.  They do not receive love.  No one understands their purposes.  But they give love and light to others who otherwise would continue their lives in darkness. 

   It is a Saturn thing: to be so wise and perceptive that you wish to benefit others purely out of compassion, to assist them in their experience of life so that it is richer and moves forward toward absolute freedom.  Not an easy thing to do.  There can be no selfishness in you.  But it is a Saturn perspective: to see the limitations of life and the darkness and to find a way to break through those limitations. 

    It is not really about detachment. It is about attaining freedom, the freedom to create, as Saturn demands, from out of nothing—love, peace, kindness, compassion, wisdom, wealth, purpose, etc.    


Etheric Plane


Saturn here reveals the truth about what things shall endure and what things shall not endure.  It strengthens the enduring and destroys the fleeting. 

  To say the least this approach or attitude or psychic perception can be incredibly depressing and oppressive.  Imagine getting into the college of your dreams and there you are as a freshman but you look around and see the final end of everyone you meet—where they end up in life, what they shall accomplish, and the vast number of opportunities they shall fail to take advantage of and the many failures that will befall them. 

   In other words, for every enthusiasm you experience within that excitement you see the waste and the value that accrues, not the dream but the result.

  You want to fall in love but what you see is “she is not capable of love” but only of either being controlled or submitted to.  You find another lover and the same: she can give of her heart and soul but only if you embody the illusions within her dreams of riding on a magic carpet of social fads and glamour.  

  On the other hand, the etheric Saturn vibration gives you this sense of invulnerability: you are not attached.  You have an entire lineage with twenty monasteries inside your self.  You are calm, peaceful, outside space and time, transcendent, and incredibly perceptive as to what shall last.



Physical Plane


This is an awareness of all the limitations of the body and its mortality.  Conditions of birth, growth, development, and decline.  Everything supporting the body’s strength and stability, bones, functioning systems, birth, life, and death.  

   There is the reality that we have one foot in the grave our entire life but also the awareness of the immense power and strength that we can be built into this body we possess.  From Saturn’s point of view, there is as much power and energy and life available to you according to any purpose or mission you wish to accomplish.  Mars gives superhuman will and power.  Saturn gives superhuman endurance and perseverance so that you can defy the limitations of time when you need to do so.   



The Chief Judge of the Forty-Nine Judges of Saturn (a feminine spirit)







“When I am present on your planet on the akashic plane, I bring to light with precision the truth of what your race has accomplished.  I make available all realizations and treasures of spirit attained in the past as one state of consciousness you can enter and master.  My presence is not the liberation of the mind of an individual who has attained freedom from the negative influences of the four elements and the various attractions and illusions on the lower planes of form.  You do not need my expertise for that. Those who attain such things are not even aware of my existence or my influence.  Rather, the work you accomplish under my guidance will be celebrated an earth for tens of thousands of years."


3/6/09: Her energy is calm and relaxed.  Her concern is with issues that threaten the integrity and viability of each sphere in the solar system. She operates as a final authority.  She sees clearly and weighs all aspects of a problem or situation from a point of view of cosmic detachment and clarity.  She preserves the paths of spirit in their purity.







"Meet me on the mental plane if you wish to experience complete freedom, to see through the eyes of the divine, and to perceive the mysteries Divine Providence has designed. When your consciousness is capable of being pure emptiness, without form or definition, and capable of penetrating everywhere, then you will know that I am your friend.  I will give you the keys to all secrets and all mysteries.  Nothing can then bind or limit you and sorrow will not be able to find you."


3/6/09: Like a divine judge, she weighs all the evidence of a case or historical situation and determines what are the critical factors that must be considered, what choices and actions are crucial, what is gained and what is lost if certain courses of action are taken or not taken.

   This is a little like the prophets of Israel: the nation exists to seek God. The options and opportunities for doing this are infinite. The prophets only weigh in and speak when the entire venture is at risk of failing.  They are there to remind the nation to keep up its momentum moving in the right direction.  They are the accountants raising warning signals when things are at risk of failing. 

   Like the referee on the playing field of soccer might say, “Have a good game.  But I will throw out of the game if you break the rules in such a way that the value of playing the game is destroyed.” 







"Everything that exists celebrates the mystery of love.  Love is everywhere and in everything.  It is in every thought, every experience, every sensation and sensory perception.  All power in the universe falls under its jurisdiction. 

    "If you call me to the astral plane, you will be at peace with the universe.  Nothing will be able to interfere with you.  Astral immortality is one of my gifts and the freedom to choose where you will incarnate.  You will be able to read the most obscure influences of the past, present, and future. 

     "But my specialty is setting right severe problems affecting the planet.  I am the chief justice of the solar system.  I oversee and facilitate the resolution of the most difficult karmic situations.  There are situations so severe that, if it were possible, even I would experience sorrow.  But there is no problem that occurs that my art can not resolve.  If it is necessary, I will make an ending.  It is someone else's problem how to begin again." 


3/6/09: “On the astral plane, I am the light you enter when you die so that you see your entire life flash before your eyes. I am the insight that points out to you your best course of action.  I am pure inspiration lifting you up so that you rise to the level of a creator. 

    “The down side to this is that to hear what I say when I speak though your conscience you will have to feel at peace with the universe and be fully alert to what each moment of time offers.  Without these qualities there is a tendency to fall into despair when I am near.  I am not the voice of despair or its cause.  I am simply the dream of what you are meant to be flowing freely through you in each moment of time.”     


Etheric Plane


3/6/09: This is the vitality and energy you need to establish justice and order in the world.  It is the Texas Ranger and the Imperial Censor of akasha operating with full power. In the domain and in regard to all issues of justice human and divine, it operates from a position of absolute sovereignty.  It is the entire justice system of the solar system and all appeal processes rolled into one. 

   Once again, it is the referee handing out a red card—it reminds everyone to play by the rules and to get back to the game as good sportsman and not as cheats.  There are rewards enough in life, treasures of limitless value to find, without having to steal or take from others for your self.

   If there is something threatening your planet, your civilization, or your society, you can stand directly in the presence of this spirit and argue your case. 

   Negotiate, debate, meditate.  She exists to facilitate justice as a balancing and operating principle. With this spirit here you can not complain that your race did not have an opportunity to take command of and to change its fate.  She is happy to alter the fate for anyone if the right price is paid—a degree of enlightenment, a willingness to act with compassion combined with wisdom, an understanding of her responsibilities so that you take charge and change things as her duly appointed representative. 

  There is nothing at all here of “it is in God’s hands.” This is all about God willing to sit right down with you and work with you in a reasonable and satisfying way to fulfill his and your plans.






"My physical presence is a cosmic emanation.  It is the concentration needed to shape time, space, and history so that what is brought into manifestation remains for countless ages.  If you open your heart, as mine is open, you can feel the presence beside you of all those in the history of the world who were motivated by true nobility and the highest spiritual ideals. 

    "For the weak and the unprepared, my presence is destruction.  But for those whose commitment is absolute and who are willing to embrace the truth of the universe, my aura is a divine fragrance.  I gather the nectar of love and beauty from the hearts of those who have accomplished the work of eternity which fades not away and which nothing can destroy.  In my eyes you behold the mirror dissolving the forms of time so eternity can appear.

    "I weep not for what is lost even when it is by my hand that a world is destroyed.  Matter, form, space, time, and life have been created so that you might learn to open the gates of spirit and attain complete freedom.  Many ignore my voice when I speak.  They refuse my gifts and my invitations. 

   But there will a come a time when I will take away all that you have.  Then you will be left with the void where no sun shines and no stars guide.  In that place, there is no sweet rose, no waves or scent of ocean breeze, no wondrous and glorious trees.  Even the mountains leave no trace, no horizon, no paths to walk, no form to embrace.

    "I will ask of each of you one day to become someone who delights in creating from nothing new worlds more magnificent and sacred than have ever been known.  You see, I have been designated to remind you of your destiny.  Each of you shall one day be greater than I.  If I destroy a culture, a civilization, a race, or a planet you will provide another in its place where love is honored and celebrated with greater beauty and grace. 

     "I am emptiness, darkness, the void and the abyss--the places of spirit where matter can not exist.  But you shall fill up my nights with works as dazzling and bright as the stars. 

   Learn as me not to weep when death and fate take away.  Renounce regret, sorrow, and loss.  Every ending, separation, farewell, and goodbye is a sacred rite in my eyes.  It contains my blessing and my voice.  It is a gift reminding you of who you are--that one day you will be without form or limitation.  The beauty of the universe will shine in your hearts and omnipresence will be part of everyone's art.

    "If by your will and your might you call me to the physical world and survive the annihilation of form, matter, and time I emanate, then that very night you will discover that separation is banished forever.  I am the gateway leading to cosmic wisdom, a guardian of the worlds, and a member of the community which serves the One Light."



3/6/09: This is the vibration that can dissolve matter itself by an act of spiritual will. It is being able to de-materialize objects.  The advantage of this is that you can dissolve those things that interfere with what you wish to preserve. 

  It is the part of your self that is gold—feelings, body, mind, spirit—that remains intact when the heavier and lighter metals around you begin to break down or rust. This energy is great for purification.  It destroys everything negative, bad, or weak and leaves the best of the best intact.

    You can imagine this fairly easily.  Just imagine that you are a vast open and empty space, pure black, nothing in it. But if something were in it, such as something physical, something with a form and definition, a specific feeling or thought, the contents of body, mind, or emotion—it simply destroys it, dissolving it into nothingness. 

   Now, we have to ask what on earth could be the purpose of this kind of awareness? The purpose here is to create a consciousness that is free of all form limitations and encompasses everything within itself.  It does not go around destroying things, well, no more than time itself destroys all things that come into existence within it.  

   Rather, it is the midwife cutting the umbilical cord when the infant is ready to assume a new life with a greater degree of independence and a higher capacity for learning and experiencing life.  It is akasha saying I have given you the four elements on the three lower planes. Now is the time to integrate all you have learned from life and act now as a pure spirit.  That was the whole purpose behind physical plane life—to learn to fly with the wings of the divine in the fullness of time.   




As you may notice from the dates, I first wrote about this spirit’s aura in 1997.  Today is eleven years later.  As I mention in the introduction, at first Saturn is a fright.  It is dark and gloomy, depressing and oppressive.  It is not Jupiter that I wrote about two days ago that does everything in its power to bless and enhance your life.  No, Saturn is not a bringer of joy and opportunities for fulfillment.  It does not offer you friends, confidants, and belonging in a community.

  Saturn is best approached as a meditation.  It is “Let us look at life from a great distance so we can see what is worth doing.”  It is “Let’s figure out the deepest lessons we have to learn and now let’s learn them.”  It is “I am sitting here at my desk writing and I am also an utterly transcendent spirit—I am as a matter of fact both.”  It is “I am going to live my life to the fullest” and also “If there is something missing from life, then it is within my power to find it, name it, and claim it for the benefit of myself and for others.”        

   That is Saturn.  The Chief Judge just takes things a little further.  You want to work with her when, as I point out, there is some great catastrophe threatening humanity. 

   You may have noticed, I am not dancing a jig.  There is a time to be humorous, to be a stand up comedian, to post shorts of Monty Python, to make fun of absolutely everything. There is also a time to be deadly serious because death itself is walking along with us on all sides.  In me you will find both humor and commitment.