From Letters to Mermaids:



Mermaid: I was just meditating on North Korea and I also was met by 2 spirits who wanted to know what my purpose was or what I was doing. They were not negative just seemed protective.


Response: Should you run into these two spirits again who are not negative but just want to know why you are there or what you are doing that the human race has been ordered by Divine Providence to create peace and to fill the earth with justice.

  And that should we fail in this endeavor we will soon become extinct; that another race is already present on earth that stands ready to replace us.

  Should these two spirits have any further questions, reservations, or the faintest doubt, tell them to see me. On this matter, I do not speak as a human being but as an agent of the 49 Judges of Saturn. 

  I would be most happy to take them directly into the sphere of Saturn and present them to these Judges who are the final arbitrators of all matters concerning karma of all spirits and beings both positive and negative in this solar system.  They can then see what I see, hear what I hear, and feel what I feel in regard to peace and justice on earth.

  Should they survive this encounter, they are of course free to draw their own conclusions.