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                                 The Ocean of Love Exercise


In this exercise, we put together physical sensations and feelings.  Imagine that you are in the center of an ocean of water.  This ocean extends in all directions around you.  Imagine the water of this ocean as being cool, perhaps blue green, pure, and flowing. 

    Now, add to this imagined sensation of an ocean the feeling of love.  The water is a presence that is nurturing, healing, renewing, and fulfilling.  It brings to life whatever it touches.  We are now within and part of an ocean of love.        

   Some will be able to imagine the sensations of water surrounding them but have difficulty adding the feeling of love.  Recall again that the sea brought life into being and that it sustains life.  The magnetic field within the sea offers us dreams of the way our consciousness can be expressed and extended.  Once you sense the feeling that is inside water, the sea becomes a powerful symbol.  It embodies the sensations and feelings of all-embracing love.   

   Take a few moments to explore this imagery.  Imagine that you are this sea of love.  Identify with this vast field of energy without referring back to yourself as being in a specific location or even having a bodily form.  You are love, and this love is everywhere.

    Now, visualize another person in front of you, someone with whom you are familiar.  Visualize the person’s body as being empty inside.  Next, imagine that as the sea you begin to flow down through the top of this person’s head into his or her body and out of the person’s feet. 

    As you do so, sense everything within this person.  Your cool, flowing water heals, purifies, harmonizes, and nourishes.  Pain and tension dissolve.  Frustration and unhappiness disappear.  The individual feels whole, complete, happy, and serene.  In effect, you are uniting the individual with this sea of all-embracing love. 

    As you perform this exercise, retain the feeling that you are the entire ocean.  Your energy and love are inexhaustible and everywhere.  As the ocean, you are pure receptivity, and no obstacle limits your power to flow and to remain pure. 

    One woman to whom I taught this exercise was able to produce strong sensations of flowing water combined with love in other people who were in no way psychic.  It took two minutes to teach her the exercise.  A minute later, with this simple meditation she was extending her aura through the body and mind of another person with effects that were unmistakable. 

    Another woman said to me after practicing the exercise, “I already do this everyday with my boyfriend.  I just never put it into words the way you do.”

    Again, undines feel that they are part of the sea, and the nature of the sea is love.  They also perceive others as being within this sea, and so naturally they sense what is inside of others.  Unlike magical empathy, which requires an effort, undine empathy is automatic and effortless.  There is no focusing of will.  Undines sense what is inside of you.  The love that they feel in themselves is the same that they sense flowing through you. 

    For undines, there is one energy of life within and animating all beings.  Our religions and mystics sometimes speak of this.  Undines embody it.

     I have been fortunate to be able to interview women who feel this sea of love surrounding them in every moment.  These women possess undine empathy.  Whether or not you believe in undines, undine empathy is already present in our world and can be learned by anyone.  

     A simple version of the ocean of love exercise is to notice when you are around someone who is tense and frustrated, insecure or anxious.  Now, imagine that you are a small waterfall flowing into a mountain pool.  The water again is cool, flowing, purifying, calm, and serene.  The spray from the falls creates a small rainbow in the air. 

    You become the falls and the pool.  You are not interfering with anyone, but anyone near you may feel your benevolent influence.  The effects are nonverbal, subliminal, and body to body.  It is one thing to seek to love others.  It is another thing to incorporate into your love the power and beauty of water in nature.  This healing power is the undines’ gift to us.