I awoke last night and wrote this poem, one of a series of fifteen poems on undines. Not the best poem I agree but still it speaks to me. This poem is for a female actress/model to illustrate in a five minute video which I'll have done in another month or so--I found a woman who can embody the soul of the sea.   

                  William Mistele 


                                    A Woman Dreams She is the Sea


I awake in the dead of night

And realize no man will ever discover

The depths of my delight


For the sea bids me

With the spray of its waves

With their gentle, rhythmic sway

And the tongue of its winds

Where the beach and the sea endlessly sing

As they caress my naked skin


No sailor who sails the seven seas

Is so brave or free of fear 

To cast off his moorings,

Ride the tide,

And chart the dark starless nights of my heart


Though I am a woman

I dream I am the sea

And as I awake this morning

The love that flows through me

Has no beginning or ending

I dream I am the sea

And a billion stars fill the cup

From which I drink

The veils of twilight cast their nets

The burning eye of dawn searches

But they can not find me


I am one with all living beings


With whom can I share this mystery?