Copyright © 2011 by William R. Mistele


Sing through me

Oh my Muse

Bird of terribly beauty

Who flies between the stars

In my art

Fulfill your commission--

To reveal the treasures

Hidden in the hearts

Of every being throughout creation.  



Shiva and Shakti--a master/student dialogue, with a touch of Monty Python


 Note: The Franz Bardon breathing vitality exercises, as everyone already knows, work one hundred per cent with the fire element that also emits bright, white light as a minor side effect.  Ninety per cent of Bardon’s students can accomplish all that they desire with it. But for those who love harmony and life in its infinite variety, the other elements must also be mastered to an equal extent.

   This dialogue involves the earth element, for gnomes love internal alchemy.  See also my essay, Kundalini for Dummies. My on line mermaid empathy course works with the water aspect of vitality--the water element has previously hidden from the human race until Bardon revealed the names of four of the many undine queens. 

  Of course, as everyone knows, Bardon’s fiery vitality exercise is completely worthless and has absolutely effect on women with strong water in their auras.  They use water and love to heal and not the sheer power of will to accomplish their purposes.


Student: Master.


Master: Do you have a question or a request?


Student: You said that if I imagined I am one with a woman that she would eventually get around to responding to me.


Master:  Yes, we who are wise use this as a test. It is a simple check to see if a student is doing his homework. Think of it as a pop quiz.  Fail and you will realize you are just playing a fool’s game of deceiving himself into thinking that you have completed the first book.

  And, by the way, how is that imagining you are one with a woman going for you? 


Student: With mermaid women it works better than I could ever have imagined. But I haven’t gotten around to trying it out on sylphs, gnomes, and salamanders.


Master:  This is because they present no challange to you.  Those beings are no match for your will power.


Student: Would the same approach apply in working with Shiva and Shakti?  If I can turn my body into Shakti getting kundalini to rise through my spine to unite with my crown chakra ...


Master: Yes, go on.


Student: Can I, then, having mastered shakti in myself, get a woman to embrace my physically so that she plays the role of Shakti to my part as Shiva?


Master: Always about sex with you male students, isn‘t it? But you already know what I am going to say.


Student: That all obstacles in the external world exist to test the purity of our spirits and to strengthen the power of our wills. In other words, I will never really know if I have mastered kunalini until I practice my skills in combination with a real woman in the real world.


Master: You always were the best of my students at active listening.


Student: Perhaps there is a trick, some tip you could share with me on this practice?


(Master laughing exuberantly)


Student: Don’t laugh. I know for a fact that this is nothing for you. You need only pass your hand over a woman’s body and she falls into whatever state of bliss or ecstasy you wish, but my kundalini is not so advanced.  


Master: You already know the answer to that too. For attaining the perfection of Shiva in the crown chakra, you must craete an awareness in which separation can not exist. That means you feel one with everything dissolving even time itself in the process.

  Your task, then, is exactly as you imagine--You must find one other with whom you can share this wonder.

  Oh, by the way, how is that going for you--being both Shiva and Shakti within your own body?


Student: Even causally focusing on the top of my head--Shiva, the transcendental one, as you say, draws together space and time: past, present, and future unite in one embrace.

  The breath of every being on earth--its first right on until its last-- become one taste.  The stars themselves whose voices echo through the halls of eternity--in the void and emptiness of my consciousness, they find peace and rest, a place to renew their souls during their long journeys from swirling dust to where they attain final inner union with their Creator.

   Encompassing space and time, within me all things collapse into the word “now” which I find located in my body at the top of my head.   


Master:  Yes. I can see that you are no longer being chased around by kundalini when she played the role of a cat and you played the role of a field mouse. 

   But tell me more about now, about Shakti, the dark one, in her form as kundalini?  What happens when you encounter her these days with that primal, primordial and insatiable, unending craving that drives her quest? Has she found final satisfaction by dissolving into oneness with her lord Shiva?   


Student: Every pleasure and sense craving, every bliss and ecstasy a human being can experince or imagine she extends through our perceptions out into the world surrounding us.  Though experience with the world our senses and nervous systems are enhanced and refined.  And then as a wave that breaks on the shore she draws the  vitality within our senses back into herself.  With new intensity and awareness she then seeks her lord with greater power and energy.    

   It is true that she is blind instinct, the will to survive and to thrive in every living being.  But to me, within this body, she has revealed her other side: 


Feminine and infinite,

Receptive and utterly new in every moment,

Her energy extends throughout the universe.

Intimate and dynamically creative,

She exists within our breath.

Through force of imagination and concentration,

Within our bodies she reveals her mysterious gifts

Physical immortality is a side effect.

The horrors and suffering of history

Are exchanged for joy

In the presence of her radiant beauty. 


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Through my words she speaks.  Through my voice she shares her innermost essence.  My Muse has granted me the power to accomplish this. 


Master: Yes, your Muse, hummm.

  Well, keep at it. You are still in the first stages of your practice.  You have a long way to go as you already know.


Student: By the way, Oh master, I was just curious.  Have you ever had a student who asks you a question that is genuine and not just attempting to use you to verify the thoughts already in his head?


Master: No, come to think of it, I really haven’t.  You know, you always were one of the most perceptive of my students.