Copyright © 2011 by William R. Mistele


Notes from the Other Side--

Six Meditations I did today (five on actual people)  


I sat down to meditate today

On places near and far away

As a judge of Saturn

Case by case reviews 

Fact and law

Purposes and limitations,

Liabilities and claims 

In order to maintain the balance

What I do might astound

But even I am bound

By the sheer joy of enlightened mind

And the heart of love

That sees through time

Paths of beauty

We all may find.


Part I: Cosmic Letter M on Akashic Level


What is like unto God?

He gives us hearts to feel

The power to heal

He gives us love

That we might perceive as he does

To hear, to learn to sing

The song within every living being.

The sounds of the sea, the waterfall, the stream

Are manifestations of this blue green magnetism

Renewing, purifying, reviving, restoring, inspiring

Those who pour out this love 

Have eyes that perceive

The fulfillment of every dream.


Part II: The Race of Shape Changers


Note: I write fairy tales, but they are based on real human beings. God alone knows who has what kind of soul. But that does not stop me from researching. 

  It was bound to happen given the global extent of my contacts and research.  It just came sooner than I anticipated.

  She emailed me.  She said her current “mother” found her on a beach where there were no other human beings.  She was in a net and had the proverbial tail of a mermaid for real.

  Within twenty four hours the tail vanished to be replaced by human legs which have become permanent. She still has the same necklace she wore that day.

  She watched my video interview with Rachel and said, “That is the first time I ever realized there was anyone else like me.”

  Naturally, given my clairsentient abilities, I studied her aura. I saw clearly she is not a mermaid composed of the one element of water that characterizes the mermaid race of spiritual beings.  

  But just then I was transported to the inner planes among her original friends from whom she was sent. I now share with you that very conversation.


Who are we? you ask.

We were once human beings

With a great flair for shape shifting

Though we could change

Into a hawk, leopard, wolf, or bear

We came to prefer the sea

For because above all things we love beauty

If you see us in your world

You will notice we are like a mirage

A mist, a rainbow, or a fog

Yet we still feel physical sensations 

And our perceptions are the same as yours

We have no human needs

For we are spiritual beings

But occasionally over a course of centuries

We send one of our own

To find on earth a home

Why? you ask.

Even as love shares all that it is

We invite others with shape shifting abilities 

To join our community   

Simply grasp her hands

And in that moment you will understand

That matter and spirit are not separate

Dream may take on flesh and become a human being

And a human being may upon request

Step free of humanity and dwell among us

Why? you ask for the third time.

Put simply, love is the essence of our being

We worship beauty

And we know the sea to be

The most sacred and wonderful of all things.



Part Three: A Member of an Advanced Race


Just a few brief notes on another Perseian.  They are an “advanced race” that the planet earth has invited here in case we should go extinct. They keep the form of our bodies alive on the surface of this world since they are so incredibly adaptable. 

  How could human beings go extinct? Just put BP--British Petroleum--in charge of nanotechnology and give them twenty years.  Just have Mark Zuckerberg create artificial intelligence that can research and program itself and give him twenty years.  No more Homo sapiens. 

  Now then, she is very sharp, dynamic, and assertive.  She has a lot of mental stamina, the ability to focus on a topic and illuminate it.

   And she has the keynote quality in her aura that distinguishes her race from human beings.  In her case, it is in her akashic or spiritual body, that she has a laser like concentration. 

  Take your ordinary human being. Typically, they will say to themselves at some point in their lives--“I would like to do something valuable with my life that is worthwhile and benefits others.”

  It is almost like an after thought. Like “Gee, shouldn’t there be some social or agreed upon standard I can measure my life by, a check list of things that I can use to assert and to conclude that “I have lived a good life?”  And that is about as exciting as their conscience ever gets. You rarely are going to get much more conviction and vision out of a human being than that.

  Now then, examine the same conscience in a Perseian like this one.  Her attitude is--“What is the most creative thing I can do right now in this moment that is valuable to me, to my enviroment, and to others as well?”  And this totally independent and self-motivating system of internal inspiration she has running all of the time. No self reflection required. This attitude was hard wired into her from birth.  She is always ready and on the go. 

  It is like there is an energy generator inside of her.  It has the electrical energy of will power.  And it has a magnetic energy. This magnetism is actually similar to that of a mermaid queen. 

  Except for one thing.  Show a Perseian a meditation involving nature and they can reproduce that vibration within themselves almost instantly.  But typically they are not drawn to nature for inspiration.  It is perhaps because they are already masters of internal alchemy. 

    Her best learning curve is in solving her own and others problems.  Yet she also has the heart of a Libra. She could teach a seminar on How to Find the Libra in Yourself.” She instantly can sense the midpoint of harmony between different individuals and opposing forces.

   She is like a Clark Kent in disguise.  Seriously under challenged. She holds back from revealing her powers to others pretending to be like them.

    And one last thing. She has that Perseian capacity for bonding with another which is beyond the knowledge of mankind. The advanced human yogi may in his body unite Shakti and Shiva.

  But two Perseians without thought or effort, can unite with each other as if she is Shakti and he is Shiva.  Their internal, psychic bond to each other is as much if not far more than any yogi has ever accomplished within his own body. 

  It is one of the fringe benefits that goes with membership in this race.  They developed that trait as a surviavl technique.  It gives them about five times more energy than they would have otherwise.


Part Four--A Mermaid in a Woman’s Body


These are notes on a mermaid woman who I have concluded is a mermaid in a woman’s body.  This case shows some conflicts.  As an agent of Saturn, I take an interest and consider remedies when a human being abuses a mermaid. Such abuse falls under my jurisdiction.


Her Aura: Her energy is like a bay with great waves colliding every which way.  Later on in the meditation, I change this energy using the cosmic letter M to reflect something more in line with her own nature.  But even with the wild energy present, she exudes exuberance and beauty.


   The conflict is that an individual she met and studied with uses his psychic powers in a negative way.  In effect, he is maintaining psychic contact with this woman even though she has ended the social connection.  

  Mermaid women are incredibly receptive and giving. They naturally radiate energy and good feelings. But a negative guy like this drains her life force drawing it into himself. At the same time he dumps his negative energy into her as if she is a psychic dialysis machine--forcing her to take his energy, purify it, and circulate it back to him. 

   Mermaids naturally do this kind of automatic healing with anyone their aura passes through.  But this guy is not trying to be healed.  He simply wants to take and never give anything back.

  Quite easily and simply, I briefly isolated his aura in a space of infinite emptiness breaking all of his psychic connections to any living being.  Call it giving him a “time out.“ It is a special service we offer here in Saturn to those who attract our attention.

   We restore the balance and insure that evolution can continue without interference from those who violate their spiritual abilities. If you human beings are unwilling to do it, then we take it upon ourselves to preserve the purity of all paths of evolution. 

   This is me being generous with this guy this time.  If he continues to abuse this woman after my warning, I will not be so kind next time.  Mermaids may be the essence of love and giving. But out here in Saturn we have a commitment to insuring that even the most obstreperous individuals have a chance to learn something new about themselves. 

  After all, if Saturn is anything it is that we offer an absolute guarantee that everyone will in the end become enlightened and attain cosmic freedom. I ask you, where else will you ever find benevolent of this kind, such guidance, spending quality time with the enlightened mind? 


  Now then, back to the girl.  Typical of elemental beings, she has no akashic or spiritual body.  There is a mental, astral, and etheric/physical body but not the kind of human akashic body that serves as a conscience that regulates and oversees a being who embodies not one but five elements.  This does not mean that a mermaid is not more balanced or whole than a human being. Most humans have already destroyed their conscience for all practical purposes because the water element is simply not functioning within them. 


   Her mental body is like sailing or simply floating on the surface of a calm sea at night beneath a full moon. It is very peaceful and serene.


  Her astral body is hypnotic love. She is innocent, pure, and always young and new.  In other words, she embodies the original form of what God created women to be.  Drop the theological references and just imagine the purity of a woman in her perfection beyond all human understanding.


  Her etheric/physical body: She possesses the kind of sensuality that makes no sense to the human mind because her touch, the sensations, the sensory stimulations destroy time.  Simply to be with or next to a woman like this is to fall into a trance. You could practice yoga for forty years and never get a taste of such natural, organic bliss--

  Part of my eyes still sees the room in which I sit.  But my mind has become the sea--its waves, currents, tides, and depths flow through me. My room has become filled with blue green sea energy.  This occurs when boundaries between the two realms dissolve and the inspiration in one flows through the other.

  To be with this woman is to see the world through the eyes of a mermaid who has not forgotten that she is from the Other Side. 



 Part Five: Another Mermaid in a Woman’s Body


There is no User’s Manual lying next to the crib when you are born explaining that you are not like these others in human form.  Your allegiance and home are with another world where human beings have not yet learn to go.  And so like anyone else you struggle to fit in.  But unlike everyone else you intuitively know that you are a part of so much more than this world that we see. 


I am millions of years of water flowing free

I am beyond all human desire and need

Yet upon entering a human body

My senses go dead

I walk around blind

My ears do not hear 

Sensations of touch are twisted and misleading

Have human beings

Never taught these bodies to perceive?

They burn with desires like wildfires

A spark ignites a firestorm

Hate creates an inferno

One moment they are insanely complacent

The next they race to investigate

Anything their fears declare unacceptable

Why are their hearts so locked or frozen?

They seize, grasp, and shape

They consider ideas to be elixirs

But their thoughts and feelings

Never meet

How much longer can they exist

While refusing to live?


Set me free--   

Speak the word of power

So that in whatever form I am

I might always know and perceive

That love is the essence of my being.    


Part Six: A Visitor to Our Planet



She is here among us in disguise.

But her aura is perfectly clear

Before my eyes.

She is a silent whirlwind

A hurricane that has taken on

The form of a woman

Standing beside her on a beach

Two hundred mile an hour

Winds flash by--

You are like a thunderstorm without lightning

Without shifting or raging winds

If you half try

Everything around you for miles

Is part of your awareness

Why are you here among us?

For what purpose have you entered the world?

Oh, I see like me

You hear the song the earth sings

The receptivity of this planet is so deep

She holds the stars and galaxies in her heart

You wish to learn to sing as she sings

To nurture and inspire all things

And to become and to be as she is

One with the universe in your heart

Yet your energy is neither water nor ice

Neither cloud, fog, or mist

Your form is ambiguous

How does one sing the song

Of someone like you?

The cat’s paw reaches down

Touching the pond

The ripples spread out

On a still, silvery surface

This is the way you see our lives

Our histories, our bodies, and our minds

We are here for a few moments

And then we are gone

Perhaps the way is to wait

Until in the dead of night

When the pond is as clear as a mirror

Then the tiniest moment of life

And the entire universe too

Shines through

Drop by anytime

I sit beside this pond

Every night