Top Ten reasons mermaids fall in love with men.


10. They do not fall in love. They are love. 


9. The male magician enchants the mermaid by persuading her that he is a merman and he is here to offer a higher and greater love.


8. She drops by out of curiosity to see if human beings have learned anything more about love since she was last by twenty thousand years ago.


7. The mage makes a deal with fate (akasha) to possess a mermaid against her will in exchange for sinking his continent beneath the waves a few decades later.


6. Mermaids love everyone, even jerks.


5. The mermaid while in a human body realizes that human beings have this odd rule about exclusive relationships so she tries to fit in by pretending and acting as if she is a one man kind of girl.


4. She tried to revive a girl who drown and didn't succeed but she did get the body to remain alive. Hesitating to waste a life form, she stayed inside, met a fisherman and his daughter who very strangely thought she was a silke so she went along with the fiction in order to reduce their anxiety. (movie--Ondine)


3. Order by Divine Providence to act as a last witness to mankind before it destroys itself, once more she incarnates in human form after Atlantis failed to hear her message at that time. She looks around for someone to love in order to better communicate her message. 

2. She is not in love with a man. He is actually a merman in a man's body.



1. Following Franz Bardon's instructions, the young Franz Bardon student shape shifts into the form of a merman filling but not overly condensing the single element of water into his astral body. Projecting into the mermaid realm, the young student of Franz Bardon following Franz Bardon's instructions simply waits, hanging out on the usual mermaid swimming routes on the astral plane until he is noticed by a mermaid and she speaks to him.

  Realizing his superiority and his authority over the mermaids in her realm, .... Opps.... actually feeling pity that another human being once again has stumbled into her realm, instead of declaring his soul salvage and taking possessing of him, she tries to help him out by explaining that love is everywhere and that that are far more intense and gratifying things than sex or getting a girl into bed than he imagines.

  Failing in this, she still attempts to help the young Franz Bardon magician who is following Franz Bardon's directions by illustrating to him the astral component of the six or so cosmic letters based on the water element. She has access of course to that knowledge because mermaids actually have access to everything any other mermaid has ever experienced in the history of the world.

  Failing in this, she offers to drop by in human form from time to time so that he can learn to distinguish the difference between touching a human woman and touching a mermaid woman.  

  Some young Franz Bardon magicians actually get the difference. Love is everywhere and not an expression of the bond between two people.