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Top Ten Reasons Sauron’s Ring of Power is Not the Magician’s Quintessence of Wisdom


10. Sauron failed to include in the ring of power the magic of the tree Ents, the eagles, the bears, and other assorted creatures in the Trilogy of the Lord of the Rings.  Bardon magicians are all shamans freely transferring their consciousness into any animal, plant, or mineral.  Shamanism reduces side effects of working with rings of power and provides back up when ring magic is off line. 


9. Sauron did not wrestle with a Balrog as did Gandalf when Gandalf (who had Narya the ring of fire) fell into the pit in the Mines of Moria.  Sauron avoided wrestling with Balrogs because in the land of Morgoth full body contact sports were discouraged. Instead, human sacrifices were the main entertainment on cold winter nights.   

   Later Gandalf uses the ring of fire to blind the Ring wraiths flying over the battlefield.  This is because Sauron forgot to issue sun glasses to ihs Ring wraiths as special protection as required when fighting fire wizards during the day light hours.

    Bardon magicians, of course, do not usually use fire rings or wrestle Balrogs. They work directly with salamanders like Orudu who oversee the eruption of all major volcanoes and super volcanoes on earth. 


 8. Unlike the Sith Lord Palpatine, Sauron did not have mastery over the electrical fluid and so could not shoot it out of his fingers to demonstrate to newbies and wanty be magicians that magic is real.  Bardon magicians learn about the electrical fluid early on and also in practicing the cosmic letters B and S.


7. Comparative studies indicate that mithril vests of the dwarves  of Middle Earth remain more advanced than the modern bullet proof vests made of Kevlar. 

   Still, the seven rings given to the dwarves by Sauron did not embody fundamental principles of internal alchemy and nature magic mastered by such gnomes as Muscar and Mentifil.  Any Bardon magician of course knows these gnomes/dwarves as well as he knows his best friends.


6. Sauron did not incorporate the three Silmarils into the ring of power.  The Silmarils were created by Fëanor, admittedly the greatest of the Noldor. Their worth “was close to infinite, even to the Valar, as they were unique and irreplaceable.”

   The Silmarils captured the light of two Trees, silver Telperion and golden Laurelin shedding light comparable to the light of the moon and sun. This light provided the world with order, balance, and direction uniting the heaven and the earth.

   Even if Sauron had the Silmarils, only Fëanor  understood their design.  Put simply, Sauron neither knew spheric magic nor kabbalaah and so could not have incorporated the Silmarils into the ring of power. 

  By contrast, every Bardon student knows that the original unmanifest light is embodied in the cosmic letter SH; and that the manifestation of that light in creation is in the cosmic letter K. And furthermore that the lunar light is embodied in the cosmic letter CH.


5. As you recall:


Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,

Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,


Celebrimbor created the three elven rings--Narya, the ring of fire ended up with Gandalff;  nenya, the ring of water was given to  Galadriel of Lothlórien; and Vilya, the ring of air was given to Elrond the Lord of Riendell.

  Although the three rings related to the elements of air, the elves in Tolkien are actually land dwelling beings and so do not embody the genuine knowledge of the sylphs (air), mermaids (water) or salamanders (gnomes).

   Like all others writers of mythology--Homer, Virgil, Ovid, Dante, Milton, Shakespeare, and Vyasa’s Mahabarata, Tolkien knew almost nothing at all about mermaids.  Though Galadriel only knew basic  water magic for skrying the future and did not even possess the tone magic of the mermaids not to mention the magnetic fluid.

  Bardon magicians are required to know the realm of mermaids so well that it is like a second home.


4. Sauron’s ring of power slows down the aging process. It does not give new life.  Your basic Bardon magician, having practiced with the cosmic letters L, C, and OE is already in the process of producing the philosopher’s stone within his own body.  (Although Lord Voldemort in Rowling’s Harry Potter gained access to the philosopher’s stone, the stone was considered to dangerous to have around as long as Voldemort was on the loose.


3. In the movie, The Return of the King, Sauron is seen as a huge red blood shot eye suspended between two towers. This third eye overstimulation results from failing to follow the training manual in kundalini yoga. In Kundalini for Dummies it is clear that practitioners of kundalini take the primal energy all the way to the crown chakra and unite it with Shiva or cosmic oneness rather than getting stuck in the third eye. (see cosmic letters E and U)

  Of course, part of Sauron’s problem was that he had one raging, continuous headache due in part to the fact that Middle Earth had not yet invented aspirin and tylenol.


2. There is no magical dancing in the Lord of the Rings.  Unlike Tolkien, other modern writers like W. B. Yeats interacted with fairy.  Yeats was a member of the Order of the Bards, Ovates, and Druids according their archives. 

   It is extremely hard to imagine how anyone writing about fairy could ignore the marvelous magical songs and dances that occur in fairy realms.  Their absence remains a great puzzle plaguing all scholars of fairy tales.

  Your Bardon magician will of course be able to show you a few dance steps of the fairies or even sing to you one or two of their songs upon request.


1. The number one reason Sauron’s Ring of Power is not the same as the Bardon magician’s quintessence of wisdom is that Sauron never made it out to the sphere of Saturn. This is understandable because when Saturn offered the magicians of Atlantis (Númenóreans in Tolkiein) a throne of Saturn to sit on none of them applied for the job.  Thus Atlantis (Númenor) sank beneath the waves.

   Your Bardon magician will of course avail himself of the opportunity to visit Saturn. The wisdom there reconciles even the differences between the Jedi and Sith Lords; for in Saturn, both negative spirits and positive are used to lead human beings to attain perfect, complete, and absolute enlightenment. 

  At this point the magician is free to move onto the sphere of Uranus where all sorts of magial rings Sauron and Tolkien could never imagine are waiting to be shared with the world.