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On Attaining Physical Immortality, Part I—


An Introduction to Bardon’s Breathing Exercises




I think of myself as a quiet person. I have a lot to get done and it takes me, at

times, decades just to solve basic problems. All the same, the subject matter

of this essay is on the side of the fantastic. It quickly enters into a world of

pure mythology and walks side by side with divine beings.


Last October I had a near-death experience. And as is befitting someone

like myself who can casually stole down the avenues of various akashic

realms, I was offered a “gift” to bring back from the Other Side and to share

with mankind. This gift is the secret of attaining physical immortality as well

as simply enhancing health.


It is not that I am presenting something new. It is all right there in

Bardon. I am just repackaging the material so it is a little more persuasive

and user friendly. On the other hand, much tradition and wisdom in the past

has been stand up comedy. In other words, this topic, like the practice of

magic itself, requires a sense of humor in order to retain one’s perspective.


To put it another way, Bardon’s breathing exercises are my weakest area of

practice. Let us see what I can make of them.


From the beginning, I had two problems in practicing Bardon’s breathing

exercises in the first three chapters of Initiation into Hermetics. The first

problem is that Bardon’s breathing exercises approach vitality as an

expression of fire and light.


We eat and metabolize food and then we do things. We are active. What

could be more obvious—life force, vitality, is something you accumulate and

then command to fulfill your purposes in life.


For example, Bardon says, You need to feel the pressure of the vital force

like compressed steam in yourself, and imagine the compressed vital power

coming out of your body like heat waves from a radiator.


And also, Through pulmonary and pore breathing of your entire body, you

inhale vital force, pressing it with all your imagination into your whole body

so that it becomes as it were dynamically radiant. Your body is something

like the radiant energy, an individual sun.


The pressure, the image of “compressed steam,” the “heat waves” and the

“radiant energy, an individual sun” are strong indications we are working

with vitality in terms of the element of fire.


I had too much fire in my aura and so for breathing exercises to work for

me I needed from the beginning to be able to balance the fiery vitality with

vitality in other forms. The on-line correspondence course on undine

empathy, which also describes undines’ modes of healing, is in part my

contribution to Bardon’s system. In solving a personal problem that arose

during the practice, I have gained new insights in magic and into humanity.


Although Bardon mentions healing with the magnetic fluid later on in IIH

and in his other books, from my perspective the entire human race is deficient

in the psychological and magical qualities of water. In my youth, I was

overexposed to individuals who had tremendous will power. There was

simply not enough water in these individuals’ auras to balance or to redirect

that power so it served the purposes of love.


Breath, being such a dynamically creative and intimate source of power in

the same moment, needed for me to be balanced and harmonious right from

the beginning. When I did Bardon’s breathing exercises, I felt I was going

down the wrong road.


The second personal and collective karmic problem I had with Bardon’s

breathing exercises is that they require a great deal of concentration to work

effectively. The exercises are not typical of any form of pranayama. They

are ninety-nine per cent a product of imagination. The same physical act of

breathing can be normal, accumulate energy, or direct energy in a great

variety of different ways. It is your imagination and concentration that

gather, focus, and transform the energy associated with the air that moves

into the body.


The problem I had here is the same that existed during the later years of

Atlantis. The mages were emphasizing the electrical aspect of will to an

immense degree. In doing so, without knowing it, they were increasing the

tension in their bodies such that they were gradually losing their ability to



I love the idea of shining bright like the sun when charged up with vitality.

My physical body, however, will not let me attain that goal until I first solve

the karmic problem the Atlanteans failed to address. Here is their problem:

they had great will when it comes to exploring science, technology, and

knowledge (sound familiar to our world?). But they had no sense of



They did not explore an awareness in which the mind—personal,

collective, and cosmic—is like a mirror: perfectly clear and detached, able to

behold the self and the universe without greed, ambition, fear, or distortion.

By contrast, the higher spirits of the sun who Bardon describes all embody a

cosmic emptiness inside. They reflect directly and are joined from within to

divinity. They can do this because within themselves they are perfectly

“empty.” It is within the emptiness, that pure akasha, that the highest light of

divinity is free to appear new, original, wild, and forever creative.


If you are going to shine like the sun with your life force, inherent in that

act is a joining with your opposite—the empty mirror that reflects all things

with perfect clarity.


To put it simply, Bardon’s beginning breathing exercises created too much

mental tension in my body. This problem could have been solved very easily

if someone had said to me, “Oh, you have that tension problem in your third

eye from doing the concentration exercises. Just imagine a vast, empty space

of pure nothingness around you and that you are that space. This will remove

the tension that requires a reference point, a “location” in space, in order to

exist. Remove all ego and all sense of personal identity, and the problem

comes to an end.”


That is basically a description of the cosmic letter U on the akashic level, a

three sense concentration that for me works pretty well just using the shiny

black color and a sense of penetrating through space and time. This

identification with emptiness, very Buddhist in nature, does nothing for

promoting the love and magnetism in water. But once I began working with

water, it made imagining I was a lake or a sea very easy.


With those two personal and collective karmic problems solved, I am now

ready to pursue the Bardon breathing exercises.




The idea of attaining physical immortality through Bardon’s breathing

exercises arises from several sources. In Bardon’s third book on the cosmic

language, he mentions in regard to the letter L on the physical level: “In the

material world, the quabbalist will gain perfect health, beauty, and harmony

and will become absolute master of his own vitality. This means being able

to give his body permanent youth and appeal.”


And under the C-L letter combination he mentions, “Embodied in food and

drink, it increases vitality and health, and when food is permanently

impregnated with this formula, one will stop growing old.”


(See also my essays on letters L and C:


Letter C:


Letter L: )



There are intriguing references to other letters as well such as the letter B:

“By mastering the letter B, he is given the power to remedy any disharmony

in the human body, that is, to cure any disease, and to charge analogous

remedies quabbalistically.”


But more important, let us return to the quote I offered earlier in its fuller



You need to feel the pressure of the vital force like compressed steam in

yourself, and imagine the compressed vital power coming out of your

body like heat waves from a radiator. With every breath the forces of

pressure and radiation increase, spreading out and strengthening by

meters. After repeated exercises you must be able to emit your

penetrating power even for miles. You must actually feel the pressure

and penetration of your rays. Practice makes perfect!


In my essay on the solar spirit Emedetz,


I describe a spirit who specializes in life force and vitality. If Emedetz were

present physically in a city, everyone in the city would feel healthier. He

emits “heat waves” of vitality “for miles” in all directions around him.


I conclude from my experience with Emedetz that Bardon in effect is

asking some of his students to reproduce in themselves the qualities and

powers of this great solar spirit. These spirits are divine beings. They are

certainly immortal. And they are united from within to divinity. Creativity

on this level is wild, original, and unique. From the point of view of

Emedetz, attaining physical immortality is a small beginning. There is much

more to be accomplished.


This Introduction to On Attaining Physical Immortality begins the process by

which I intend to expand upon and offer practical insights into exactly

how a student can use the breathing exercises to move from where he or

she is now step by step to these levels of divine energy that are present

and yet hidden within all of us.


There are also other interesting spirits who specialize in life force. For

example, see my comments on the earthzone spirit “Bileka” and “Romasara

from my manuscript:


Bileka’s Inner Source of Inspiration: Life force and vitality are sacred. The

light of Divine Providence is within them and animates them. It is the nature

of Divine Providence to offer the energy you need to accomplish your

purposes. This supply of energy is limitless and immortality is one of its side



Romasara's Inner Source of Inspiration: The energy of God, without

beginning or end, self-originating, and beyond all understanding, can be

found within our bodies. It is within our breath. It is met in the perfection of

our health and vitality.


Romasara acts as a tour guide introducing students to an infinite sea of

vitality which is within our bodies and which extends throughout the



Levels of Health on a Scale of One to Ten


To present a quick yet concise definition of vitality in terms of how it

operates, we might consider health on a scale of one to ten from a magical

view point:


Zero is being dead, that is, having no vitality. This is not entirely correct.

Even dead people have vitality. It is just not based on bio-chemical energy.


Some dead people, such as masters from various traditions such as Swamis

or Taoist masters, manage to retain a higher level of vitality in their astral

bodies than many living people. We can say that they breathe energy from

the astral plane. Some of these individuals are quite capable of interacting

with our world.


And then there are beings on the astral plane, such as the kings and queens

of the various elements, who have far more vitality than almost all human



I have first hand reports from individuals who tell me things such as “When

I am asleep at night and on the astral plane, I feel far more alive than when I

am here in a body in this world. Human beings are half dead by comparison

to this experience.” But this is an individual who knows instinctively how to

draw energy directly from nature to energize her astral body.


Level one describes critical patients in a hospital.


Level two is health that is barely functional, just above being sick.


Level three is not feeling great but you make it through the day.


Level four is normal health for most people—fully functional in work, play,

sleep, and sex.


Psychic healers often live on level four along with other normal people.

They just happen to be able gather and send energy to others. This is a gift or

professional ability. They often do not take care of their own health very well

in spite of helping others with their health.


Level five are public figures who are dynamic and successful, carefully

maintaining a life style that maximizes their efforts and energy. Also,

personal trainers often have a radiant level of health and vitality. After all, if

you are in the gym all day and eating carefully as part of your job you will

tend to be in better shape than most others.


Level six are outstanding or exceptional athletes, “they walk and do not grow

weary; they run and do not faint.” Personal trainers or most figures in

exercise videos are not Olympic athletes and so do not rise to this level.


At this point, we can note that our scale has been shaped by observing

external makers of physical health. There are also other factors that produce

health that are not so easy to measure. These are easier to describe on the

next levels.


Level seven are, for example, eighth don Aikido masters, your outstanding

Tai Chi Chuan masters, and remarkable yogis. Some only need to sleep three

hours a night. They are resistant to temperature changes. They do not feel

the cold or heat like other people do.


If it were possible to generalize, we could say that Bardon expects or

strongly suggests that his students within the first ten to fifteen years get up

to level seven—that is, have unusual abilities of some kind in regard to

feeling healthy. These are produced not through physical exercises of any

kind. This is not the same kind of fitness that belongs to Olympic athletes or

Aikido masters.


Rather, the capacity to generate excess vitality or life force becomes equal

or greater than these masters. Such abilities are, on this level, almost purely a

function of the individual’s mental and spiritual training. All the same, being

in outstanding physical shape is a kind of requisite for this kind of health and

vitality. Your life style has to become a study in self-mastery and discipline.


Health can be strengthened using internal exercises beginning at level two

or three. There only needs to be a minimum amount of extra vitality in one’s

body in order to begin using the mind and spirit to refine and strengthen it.

Even when sick, if you have the basic training, you can use mouth and body

breathing to reduce pain and accelerate your own healing process.


Level eight belongs to the range of masters like the former Swami Rama who

could stop his heart at will and then restart it or enter delta brain waves—a

state of deep, dreamless sleep—at a moment’s notice while still remaining

fully alert and conscious of his external environment. In other words, vitality

and health become subject to conscious volition and are maintained by a

massive reserve of light and spiritual energy that exists within the individual

on the inner planes. However, having this ability or gift does not mean the

individual will choose to use it.


Such individuals are already creative and active in a number of other

spiritual realms. They are not like someone who daydreams and so is only

partly aware of their surroundings. Rather, they are fully engaged here and

also fully engaged in the next world.


Consequently, when these individuals feel their work is done here on earth

and that they are no longer needed, they may simply move on. For example,

if their students stop asking them really good questions and if no student,

person, or spirit places a demand on them (that is, through force of will and

vision, binds them to a spiritual task to be fulfilled in our world, kind of like

saying, “I, speaking for Divine Providence, require your attention”), then

they may feel their services are no longer required on this level of



Somewhere between level eight and nine, an individual stops growing old

and attains physical immortality. The individual acquires an ability to

regenerate his body on a cellular level. Again, the Akashic awareness of the

individual is such that the physical body and metabolism respond directly to

the individual’s will and imagination. Or, as I mentioned earlier as an

example, in C-L formula in Bardon’s cosmic language, when food is

permanently impregnated with this formula, one will stop growing old.


At level nine, then, an individual has the full use of akasha, that is, of divine

consciousness to maintain his health. You are basically operating as a full-

fledge spirit of the earthzone who happens to be in physical incarnation, but

who retains his abilities as a divine being. Rising to this level, the individual

is no longer a human being. He has advanced beyond the characteristics that

define our species as Homo sapiens.


All the same, if you look very carefully you may be able to meet individuals

who are naturally gifted with siddhas or abilities that belong to this level.

They are in human form but their souls, that is, astral bodies, are of a

different race of beings. Whether they fully activate their natural gifts is

another question. Not having been born with an “owner’s manual,” they may

only know that they are in some way different from other people. Even for

them, it is necessary to practice in order to fully activate their inherent



What then is level ten? This too is an objective for Bardon. Again, it is After

repeated exercises, you must be able to emit your penetrating vital power

even for miles. As I pointed out earlier, this is precisely what a spirit like

Emedetz of the solar sphere would do if manifested on a physical level in our

world. Everyone for miles around would automatically feel healthier due to

the vitality his aura naturally transmits.


Level ten, then, is a level beyond attaining physical immortality. It offers

the quality and power of life force you need in order to fulfill various divine



All the same, these levels of health are not fixed. We all move up and

down. When crossing a street you may get hit by a Toyota Prius coming

from behind you with its silent engine and a driver briefly distracted by her

cell phone or text message. You can suddenly die from physical injuries. I

knew an Aikido master who was killed by a car while riding a bicycle. It

happens. Being protected in the physical world requires other skills than

those associated with health.


Also, like a Tai Chi Chuan or Aikido master, you have to exert an effort to

maintain your level of health, that is, you do not stop practicing. As one Tai

Chi Chuan master points out, if he lived in China it would be expected of him

that he regularly attend scrumptious banquets with mayors and notable public

figures in honor of his accomplishments and lineage. But the food would be

too greasy and rich to maintain his level of health.


Changes in life style and stress can lead to rapid reduction in levels of

vitality. And as Bardon mentions, you have to rigorously maintain your

practices to sustain some of these miraculous levels of health or siddhas as

they are sometimes called.


Breathing Exercises as Experiences with Energy



When you get your Bardon breathing exercises working well, they can act

like Tylenol. Imagine aches and pain on a scale of one to ten. If your pain

level is a four, you can bring it down two notches to a two just by sitting and

breathing vitality in and out. At this point, you have the beginning of the

Bardon breathing exercises working to the point where condensing the

energy or simply breathing reduces aches and pains, and balances and

increases your vitality. This is a really great accomplishment. You may not

be able to heal others at this point but you increase your daily performance

maybe ten to twenty per cent.


As you continue on with the exercises, you may notice that simply breathing

in and out may lead you to say to yourself, “Oh wow! That feels sooo good.”

At this point you find yourself with enough excess energy that it feels

completely natural to send others healing energy each day. It does not detract

in the least from your own ability to function. And, having worked through

the exercises and acquired the skills slowly, you have become conscious of

exactly how much vitality you have in excess to give away at any given



On the next level of development, you feel a sense of power as you breathe

in a few breaths. After even five breaths, you can sense your body is

radiating “waves of vitality.” This development greatly enhances your health

and the performance of your work related activities.


For some individuals, anything you can do within your own body you can

also do with 80% of the same efficiency within others’ bodies, even at a

distance. I met one woman at a Taoist seminar long ago who simply

practiced the meditations involving vitality in other individual’s bodies as

easily as if their bodies were her own body. This is the idea in healing at a

distance—you do the exact same exercise while placing your consciousness

in another’s body.


You have to understand that our world—our culture, our religions, our

psychological systems—are all completely and helplessly brain dead when it

comes to practicing even the most basic aspects involving transference of

consciousness. A serious Bardon student will have no difficulty in this area

simply because he or she makes personal observations, practices rigorously,

and relies on direct experience. In other words, vitality is like money—for a

small expenditure of energy, you can “wire” it to others around the world.


This does not mean you can go around radiating vitality and healing others

at will. You still have to maintain a carefully balanced lifestyle. It is always

easy when acquiring new levels of energy to overextend oneself. It is even

easy as Bardon suggests for those who regain a youthful level of vitality to

lose their wisdom as instincts and teenage drives again come into play. It is

up to you, under these circumstances, to reassess and to maintain your

commitments to your ideals.


Conclusion to Introductory Essay


I present this brief introduction for those who are interesting in following

some of the projects I am currently working on. To do justice to the topic, I

need to teach it and work closely with other individuals who can provide

feedback and insight into each step of the process.


The topic of health and vitality encompasses all branches of healing

including medicine as well as various esoteric practices. All the same, Bardon

is pursuing vitality not in terms of specific lineages or esoteric traditions but

as a universal and cosmic form of energy.


The exercises he presents are very clear and concise. And yet each of them

can be expanded to include volumes if we were to delineate individual’s

experiences and pursue many of their life enriching applications.


Below are a summary of Bardon’s practices with breathing from Initiation

into Hermetics. In all cases, it is invaluable to follow Bardon’s actual course

as presented in his book. At the same time, in order to focus on breathing, I

am limiting myself to this specific set of practices. I am not suggesting that a

student focus solely on breathing. I am suggesting that the breathing

exercises in themselves contain an immense wealth of wisdom and healing

power as Bardon himself mentions.


The breathing exercises, for example, involve drawing in, accumulating,

and dissolving vitality in all the bodies—physical/etheric, astral, mental, and

akashic. In many ways, Bardon’s other practices automatically take this into



If you practice breathing in the four elements, then you are enhancing astral

breathing. If you practice placing your mind in different parts of your body

as you breathe in, then you are strengthening the mental body and mental

breathing. If you practice affirmations as your breathe in such as “I am

master of my vitality. I radiate vitality in all directions around myself,” then

you are practicing the equivalent of placing a cause in akasha.


As I add to this basic introduction, I will be exploring the various nuances

and variations involved in the breathing exercises. I think it is helpful to

have a clear idea of where you are in the practice and to understand how to

sense directly the process through which you are developing your energy.


Notice the metaphysical nature of vitality and life force as Bardon discusses

and works with it in the following section as well as in his various books:


Vitality responds directly to imagination and concentration. You can gather

life force and vitality without even breathing—drawing it into your self or a

specific location just by “willing” or imagining it happening. This requires,

of course, familiarity with the basic exercises.


Life force can be stored outside of the body and used to enhance one’s

own and others’ health and performance. Any form of healing you

accomplish in your self can be accomplished in another person nearby or at a



Life force is a universal medium. It receives thoughts, ideas, feelings,

intentions, and can act to manifest various purposes and goals. Life force in

slightly different vibrations is present in each of the various bodies—

physical/etheric, astral, mental, and akashic. You greatly increase your

healing abilities by placing your consciousness directly in different parts of

your body and practicing breathing from those locations. There is an kind of

awareness that develops as you directly observe the interaction of the

physical body’s anatomy, its physiology and biochemistry, and the activity of

vitality and etheric energy. The air and vitality in breathing can be easily

transformed into any of the five elements—earth, air, fire, water, and akasha.


Bardon’s Breathing Practices, from Initiation into



Chapter One, Physical


All we need for our life, and what preserves our life, to wit, breathing and

food, is tetrapolar, four elements plus a fifth, the vital element or akasha

principle, as we have said in the theoretical part about the elements. But the

air we are breathing has a finer degree of density than the grossly material

food has. But according to the universal laws, both of them have the same

nature, being tetrapolar and serving to keep the body alive. Let us therefore

return to breathing.


If we put a thought, an idea or an image, no matter whether it s concrete or

abstract, in the air to be inhaled, it will take in the akashha principle of the air

concerned and convey it through the electric and magnetic fluids to the air

substance. This impregnated air will play a double role when it is conveyed

to the lungs through the blood vessels. In the first place, the material parts of

the elements are destined to preserve the body; secondly, the electromagnetic

fluid, charged with the idea or the image, will lead the electromagnetic air

colored with the idea from the bloodstream through the astral matrix to the

astral body, and from there to the immortal spirit through the reflective

mental matrix.


And this is the solution of the secret of breathing from the magic point of

view. Consequently it is quite evident that it is not the quantity of inhaled air that

matters, but the quality respecting the idea impregnating the air substance.


Sit down comfortably, relax the whole body, and breathe in through the nose.

Imagine that with the inhaled air, health, tranquility, peace, success, or

everything you are aiming at, will pass into your body through the lungs and

the blood. The eidetic image of your idea must be so intense that the air you

are inspiring is so strongly impregnated with your desire that it has already

become reality. You should not allow the slightest doubt about this fact. To

avoid weakening, it will be enough to start with seven inhalations in the

morning as well as at night. Increase the number of breaths gradually to one

more in the morning and at night. Do not hurry or exaggerate, for everything

needs time. In any case, you should not proceed to the imagination of another

different desire before the first chosen one has been completely

accomplished. In a pupil endowed with talents of a high order, success will

manifest itself, at the earliest, after seven days, all depending on the degree of

imagination and aptitude. Some one else will need weeks, even moths for the

realization of his desires because the kind of desires will also play an

important role. It is therefore desirable not to form egotistic wishes to begin

with, but to confine them to the above-mentioned ones such as tranquility,

health, peace and success. Do not extend breathing exercises to more than

one-half hour. Later on, a standard ten minutes will do for you.


Chapter Two, Physical


The tasks of the magical training of the body according to Step I must be

retained and ought to become a daily habit, such as washing with cold water,

rubbing the body from head to toe, athletic exercises in the morning, magic

of water, conscious breathing and so forth. The second step training of the

body orders a change of the breathing exercises. In the previous step, we

have learned how to breathe consciously and convey the desire inhaled

together with the air (through the akasa principle) to the blood stream via the

lungs. In this chapter I am going to describe the conscious pore-breathing.


Our skin has a double function, i.e., the breathing and the secretion.

Therefore we may consider the skin as a second piece of lungs and as a

second kidney of the body. Everybody will understand now, for which

important reason, we have recommended dry-brushing, rubbing, washing

with cold water and all the other directions. First of all, this was intended to

exonerate our lungs completely and our kidneys partially, and secondly to

stimulate the pores to greater activity. It is certainly superfluous to explain

how very profitable all this is for the health. From the magic point of view,

conscious pore breathing is of the utmost interest for us, and therefore we

shall immediately pass on to practice.


Sit down comfortably in an armchair or lie down on a sofa, and relax all your

muscles. Try to think that, with each inspiration, not only your lungs are

breathing, i.e., inhaling air, but the whole body is doing so. Be firmly

convinced that, together with your lungs, each single pore of your body

simultaneously receives vital power and conveys it to the body. You ought to

feel like a dry sponge which, when dipped into water, sucks it in greedily.

You must have the same feeling when breathing in. This way the vital power

will pass from the etheric principle and your surroundings to yourself.

According to his character, each individual will feel this entering of vital

power through the pores in a different manner. When, after a certain amount

of time and repeated exercises, you are skilled in inhaling through the lungs

and with the whole body simultaneously, connect the two breathing methods

to your desire-inhaling, i.e., breathing in health, success, peace, mastering of

passions, or whatever you need most urgently. The fulfillment of your desire

(imparted in the present and commandment moods) is to be realized not only

through the lungs and the bloodstream but through your whole body. If you

have attained a certain skill in this experiment, you may also influence

exhaling magically by imagining that, at each breathing out, you are secreting

the opposite to your desire such as weakness, failure, trouble, and so on. If

you have succeeded in exhaling and inhaling through your lungs and whole

body, this exercise is completed.



Chapter Three, Physical Level


The pore-breathing of the whole body now shall be limited to certain single

organs. The beginner must be enabled to allow any part of his body to breath

at will through the pores. One begins with the feet and finishes with the head.

The practice is as follows:


Sit in your usual position and close your eyes. Transfer yourself with your

consciousness into one of your legs. It will not matter whether you start with

the right or left leg. Imagine your leg, like the lungs, inhaling and exhaling

the vital force together with your pulmonary breath from the universe.

Consequently the vital power is inhaled (sucked in) from the universe and

exhaled (secreted) back into the universe. If you have succeeded in doing so,

after seven breaths, turn to the other leg. Having been successful herein as

well, start with your hands, taking one first, then the other hand in order to

breath, and later with both hands at the same time. If you have achieved the

desired result, let us step up to the next organs. Such as the genitals, bowels,

stomach, liver, lungs, heart, larynx and head.


The purpose of this exercise will be accomplished if you have got each organ

of your body, even your smallest, to do the breathing. This exercise is all the

ore important as it gives us the opportunity of controlling each part of the

body, charging it with vital power, healing and restoring it to life. If we have

managed to all this on our own person, it is not difficult to act on other bodies

by transference of consciousness, which fact consequently plays an important

part in the magnetic power transference in the magic art of healing. Please

pay the greatest attention to his exercise.


Another exercise of magic body training is the accumulation of vital power.

We have already learned how to inhale and exhale the vital power through

whole body pore breathing. Now let us pass on to the accumulation of vital

power. Its practice is as follows: Sit in your customary position and inhale the

vital force out of the universe into your body, through the lungs and the pores

of your whole body. This time, however, do not give back the vital power to

the universe, but keep it in your body. When breathing out, do not think about

anything at all, and breathe out the consumed air quite regularly and evenly.

With each new breath you feel how you are inhaling more and more vital

power, accumulating and storing it in your body.


You need to feel the pressure of the vital force like compressed steam in

yourself, and imagine the compressed vital power coming out of your body

like heat waves from a radiator. With every breath the forces of pressure and

radiation increase, spreading out and strengthening by meters. After

repeated exercises you must be able to emit your penetrating power even for

miles. You must actually feel the pressure and penetration of your rays.

Practice makes perfect! Begin by inhaling seven times and increasing by one

inspiration each day. Each single exercise should be limited to twenty

minutes at the most. These exercises have to be practiced mainly in such

tasks and experiments as require a great and intense expenditure of vital

force, say the treatment of sick people, telepathy, magnetizing of objects, and

so on. If the vital power is no longer wanted in this accumulated form, the

body must be brought back to its original tension, because it is not advisable

to walk about in everyday life in an over-dimensioned tension. It would

overstrain the nerves and cause nervous irritation, exhaustion and other bad

side effects.


The experiment is broken of by giving the accumulated force back to the

universe through imagination while breathing out. By doing so you will

inhale pure air only, and breathe out the tension of the vital force until

attaining the sensation of equipoise. After a longer practice, the magician will

succeed in rendering the vital force to the universe at once, as it were in an

explosive manner similar to a bursting tire. This abrupt elimination should

not be practiced before your body has got a certain resisting power. Having

acquired a certain skill, you may go on to achieve the same experiment with

the single parts of the body, slowly and step by step. Mainly specialize on

your hands. Adepts do the same with their eyes, too; thus they can fascinate

and get under the spell of their will not only one individual, but a great

number of them, sometimes even crowds of people. A magician who can

manage all this with his hands is then known for having blessing hands. The

mystery of blessing or laying on of hands depends on this.


The exercise of this stage will have answered its purpose if you have learned

how to accumulate vital power not only in the whole body but in each single

part of it, and to emit the rays of this accumulated force directly to the

outside. When you master this exercise, the third stage of the magic physical

training will be completed.


Appendix to III


In the material world, he will persuade himself that he feels healthier, fitter

and sort of rejuvenated. His vital force will far surpass that of his fellow men

and he will achieve a great deal in everyday life by means of his emissive

power. For example, he will be able to free any room he is living in from

unfavorable influences. He will be able to treat sick persons successfully,

even at remote distances, because he can emit his rays for miles. Besides, his

emissive force allows him to charge objects with his desire. The scholar then

will find out for himself when and where he can best utilize his magical

faculties. But he should never forget that magic powers can be used for the

good as well as for egoistic purposes. Remember the quotation: “Thou shall

reap what thou hast sown”. Always let your final goal be to do noble things

and to make mankind better. The technique of magnetism presents all

possible variations, of which we are going to show you some.


Space Impregnation ~


Through pulmonary and pore breathing of your entire body, you inhale vital

force, pressing it with all your imagination into your whole body so that it

becomes as it were dynamically radiant. Your body is something like the

radiant energy, an individual sun. With every inhalation you enforce the

compressed vital power as well as the radiant energy, and fill the room you

live in. With the aid of this radiant power, the room must be literally sunlit.

With repeated and persistent exercise, it is even possible to illuminate the

room in darkness or at night to such a degree that objects can be perceived

not only by the experimenter by also by laymen, because it is possible in this

way to materialize the light of the vital force in the form of real daylight,

which properly speaking is a simple imagination exercise.


This phenomenon alone will not of course satisfy the magician, who knows

that vital force has a universal character, being not only the carrier of his

ideas, thoughts and desires, but also the realizer of his imagination, and that

he can attain all things through this vital power. As for realization, it depends

on the plastic imagination.


If the experimenter has filled his work room with his radiant energy, he ought

to imagine what he wishes to attain, e.g., that all astral or magic influences

existent in the room shall disappear and dissolve, or the magician shall feel

safe and sound in the room as well as all people coming in. Besides, the

magician may impregnate his rooms with the desire of being benefited in all

his works by inspiration, success, etc. Advanced magicians screen their

rooms from unwelcome people by rendering them restless and uncomfortable

as soon as they enter the room so that they leave, unwilling to remain in

there. Such a room is loaded or impregnated with protective or alarming



But it is possible to load any room in more subtle ways so that anyone who

enters the room without permission will feel sort of paralyzed and repelled.


You see, a magician is offered a lot of possibilities, and with the help of these

instructions, you can find out other methods.


The magician can give back the accumulated vital virtue to the universe,

when breathing out, leaving the radiant or illuminating force in the room only

with the aid of his imagination. But through this same imagination he can

also suggest the vital force from the universe directly to the room without

accumulating it by his physical power, especially if he ahs got some practice

in accumulating vital force. This way, he can impregnate a room even with

his own desires. Imagination combined with willpower and faith and firm

conviction knows no bounds. These experiments of the magician do not depend on

one definite room; he may impregnate two or more rooms at the same time, and load

an entire house with his vital force and radiant energy, according to the

aforesaid method. As imagination knows neither time nor space, he can do all

this at the remotest distance. As time goes on and his technique improves,

he will be able to load any room whatever and wherever. But with regard to

his ethical development, he will never make the wrong use of his faculties,

but do noble things only, and his power will be unlimited, for practice

makes perfect.


Appendix to Step III


   Biomagnetism ~


 Let us deal with another specific property of the vital energy that is of

particular relevance for the magic work. As we have already seen, each

object, each animal, each human being, each form of ideas can be charged

with vital force and the corresponding desire of realization. The vital force,

however, has the property of accepting any -- also strangers’ -- ideas and

feelings, influencing or combining them. The concentrated vital force would

therefore soon mingle with other ideas, a fact that would reduce the effect of

the impregnated idea or even scuttle it if the magician did not provoke a

reinforced tension by frequent repetition, thus reviving the desire or the idea.

Bu this often means loss of time and is not very favorable to the final success.

The desired influence will persist only so far as the tension is effective in the

desired direction. Then the vital fore will dissolve, mingle with other

vibrations, and the effect fades away by and by. To prevent this, a magician

ought to be well acquainted with the laws of biomagnetism. The vital force

accepts not only an idea, concept, thought or feeling, but also time-ideas.

This law respecting this specific property of the vital virtue must be

considered when working with it, or later on with the elements. Therefore,

when impregnating desires with the aid of vital energy, remember time and

space. In magic work you have to consider the following rules above all:

Working in the akasha principle is timeless and spaceless; in the mental

sphere, you operate with time; in the astral sphere, you work with space

(shape, color); in the material world, you work with time and space

simultaneously. I am going to explain the functions of biomagnetism in the

light of some examples. With the help of your vital force, charge a room with

the desire that you feel well in it. Enthrall this force with the desire that, as

long as you live in the room, the influence should persist, continue renewing,

and keep doing so, even when you leave the room and are absent for some

time. Should anyone else enter your room ignoring that there is an

accumulation of vital force, he will feel very uncomfortable in your dwelling.

Now and again, you can reinforce the density and power of your radiant

energy in your room by repeating the desire. If you live in a room influenced

in such a favorable way, the stored vital force will always exert a good

influence on your health, and consequently on your body. The vital force in

this room has the desire-vibration of the health. If, however, you intend to do

occult exercises in this room which have nothing to do with health, following

another thought vibration, you will not book the same good results as in an

unloaded room or in a room that you have charged with a desire responsive to

your idea. Therefore it is always advisable to load the room with the thought

vibrations corresponding to your respective work and experiments. So for

instance, you might charge a ring, a stone or any other object with the wish

that the person wearing it should be favored by fortune and success. Now

there are two possibilities of fixing and timing. The first method consists in

fixing the vital virtue on the stone or the metal with your imagination and

your concentrated wish, timing it so that the force shall remain forever in it,

drawing even further from the universe to bring fortune and success to the

person concerned as soon as she will wear the object. You may, of course,

load the object you choose for a short time only if you like, so that the

influence is broken off as soon as the purpose aimed at is attained. The

second possibility is called universal loading, which is operated in the same

way, including, however, the concentrated wish that as long a time as the

object (ring, stone, jewelry) exists, the bearer of it should be benefited by

fortune, success, etc. Such universal loadings performed by an adept will

keep their virtues and their effects for centuries. As we have learned from the

history of the Egyptian mummies, such fixed forces continue acting for

thousands of years. If a talisman or an object destined and individually

loaded for a definite person falls into the hands of someone else, he will not

experience the least influence. But if this object returns to the true owner, this

influence will go on acting.



Now let me describe another field where vital force is active, namely that of

healing magnetism. If a magician treats a sick person, no matter whether

personally by magnetic strokes or by putting on hands, or at a distance, i.e.,

by imagination and willpower, he must the law of time exactly if he wants to

be successful. The routine manner of magnetizing is as follows: The

magnetizer, with the aid of imagination, makes his vital force flow out of his

body, mostly from his hands, into the sick person. This method supposes the

magnetizer to be positively sound and to have a surplus of vital force, or else

he will bring danger into his own health. I am sorry to say that I have seen

bad cases where the magnetizer, by excessive transfers of his own vital force,

suffered such heavy damage to his health that he faced a complete nervous

breakdown, apart from other side effects such as diseases of the heart, and so

on. Such consequences are unavoidable if the magnetizer spends more force

than he is able to restore, especially if he is treating several patients at once.


This method presents another disadvantage, namely that the magnetizer uses

his own force to transfer his own psychic vibrations and character traits onto

the patient, influencing him indirectly in a psychic way too. Therefore, every

magnetizer is supposed and required to be of a noble character. Yet if a

magnetizer has a patient whose character properties are worse than his own,

he will indirectly draw the evil influences of the patient on himself, which is

disadvantageous for the magnetizer in any event. The magnetizer who,

however, has been trained in occultism does not give the patient all of the

vital force of his own body, but draws it from the universe and makes it

stream into the patient’s body directly through his hands, together with the

concentrated desire of health. With both methods, magnetizing has to be

repeated often if one wants a quicker success, for disharmony or diseases

suck in and consume the transferred force very rapidly and are greedy for a

further supply of force, so that the treatment has to be repeated soon to

prevent the state from getting worse. It is otherwise with the magician. The

patient feels relieved only when the magician has been psychically opened,

i.e., if he has accomplished a dynamic accumulation of vital force in his own

body and emits light rays of vital force. The magician can employ many

methods successfully, but he must always maintain the imagination combined

with the desire concentration, wishing that the patient gets better and better,

hour by hour, from day to day. Some methods will follow, the use of which

will help a magician in the treatment of diseases.


Above all, he must be well versed in the diagnosis of diseases and their

symptoms. He will gain this knowledge through a careful study of the

respective literature. Anatomical knowledge is absolutely indispensable. He

will not be so careless as to treat diseases necessitating a rapid chirurgical

intervention, or infectious diseases. But in such cases he will be able to

accelerate the healing process and contribute to soothing the pains, besides

the medical treatment. He can manage doing so even at a distance. It would

be very serviceable if physicians specialized in this field and, besides the

allopathic art, learned to employ the magic practice. Therefore the magician

should only treat such sick persons as are recommended for this kind of

treatment directly by a physician, or work together with a physician to avoid

being regarded as a quack or a charlatan. He should follow his calling from

pure love of his neighbors and not for the purpose of earning money or as a

means of enriching himself. Do not climb upwards on the credulities of

mankind. Hold on to the ideal of goodness, and blessing will not fail. Ideally

colored magicians will help sick persons without them knowing anything.

This kind of help is the most blissful. Let me add some of the most

conventional methods a magician can make use of without endangering his

health and nervous system.


Before approaching a sick person’s bed, do at least seven breaths through the

lungs and pores; accumulate an enormous amount of vital force, drawing it

from the universe into you body, and let this vital force shine like brightest

light of the sun. By repeated inhaling of the vital force, try to produce a

radiant energy of at least ten yards around your body, which corresponds to a

vital force of ten normal persons. You ought to feel as if your accumulated

vital force were lighting up like a sun. If you approach a patient with such a

radiance, he will instantly feel a relief, a sensation of ease, and if not afflicted

by too painful an illness, he will feel an immediate alleviation. You transfer

the accumulated radiant energy quite individually to the patient and it is up to

you to act as you like. A skilled magician needs no magic strokes nor laying

on of hands, all that being only auxiliary manipulations, supports for the

utterance of his will. He may keep his eyes open or closed during this

operation. If he wants, he may look straight at the patient, but he need not do

it directly. Here it is exclusively the imagination that is working. But during

the whole act of power transference, the magician may also sit with the

patient without contacting him personally. Imagine that the radiant energy

surrounding you will stream forth into the patient’s body and be pressed into

it, penetrating and illuminating all the pores of the sick person. Let your will

power order the compressed radiant energy to bring about the recovery of the



All the time you have to be absolutely convinced that the patient is feeling

better from one hour to the next, that he does look better every day, and you

must also order the radiant energy not to escape from the body before the

patient has fully recovered. Loading the body of a patient quantitatively with

the radiant energy which in a sound person means a range of one yard, you

will be able to bring about recovery in a surprisingly short time in proportion

to the kind of illness. Repeat the loading after a while; reinforce the tension

of the concentrated radiant energy, and you will be very surprised indeed at

noticing the wonderful success you have accomplished. First of all, the

radiant energy cannot escape because you fixed it, ordering of to renew itself

constantly. Secondly, you fixed the time so that the body should feel better

from hour to hour, from day to day, and thirdly, you have proportioned the

power to the space corresponding to the circumference of the body. At his

point, it should be recommended to fix the power of radiation at about one

yard outside the body, which is equal to the radiation of a normal human

being. With this method you have now fulfilled the main condition of the

material law of time and space.


While using this method, the magician will notice that his radiant energy

which he transferred to the patient does not diminish, but keeps on lighting

up in the same intensive manner as before. This is to impute to the fact that

the vital power accumulated in the body renews itself automatically, similar

to communicating pipes, instantly replacing the radiated power. Therefore it

is obvious that a magician is able to treat hundreds of patients without ruining

his mental strength or his nerves.



A different method has to be used if the magician is pressing the vital power

directly into the patient’s body or into the sick part of the body, only by way

of the pores together wit the imagination of renewing itself constantly from

the universe, till the moment of complete recovery is reached. Here the

imagined desire of complete recovery is limited to tie and space as well. But

this method is only practiced with patients whose nervous system is not yet

wholly exhausted, and can consequently bear a certain pressure of the

accumulated vital power. With a well-trained magician, of course, the

accumulated vital power is, as it were, materialized already, meaning that it is

condensed material power that can be compared to electricity. This method,

in comparison with the others, is the most popular because it is very simple

and exceedingly effective.


A very peculiar method is to let the patient inhale one’s own radiant power

emanation with the help of the imagination. Presuming the patient to be able

to concentrate, he can do so himself; otherwise, the magician has to perform

the imagination instead of the patient. In practice the occurrence is as

follows: Your radiant energy is emitting up to a range of 10 yards. As you are

near the patient, he is actually swimming in the light of your radiation, which

has been impregnated with the desire of recovery. The patient on whom this

power has been concentrated will be firmly convinced that he is inhaling your

radiant energy with every breath, and will get well. He must imagine

intensely that he will go on feeling better and better, even when the magician

will no longer be near him. Presuming the patient to be unable to concentrate

or, in the case of sick children, you imagine yourself that with every

inhalation the patient accepts your own radiation of vital power, conveys it to

the blood, and will bring about a complete recovery. Here also you will have

to concentrate on the wish that the force inhaled by the patient should keep

on working positively in him. This has been an example of vital force

transference from the magician’s to another’s body by breathing.


We can rely on the word of the Bible, when our Lord Jesus Christ was

touched by a sick woman in the hope of recovery. Our Lord felt the

diminution of his vital power and he remarked to his disciples, “I have been

touched!” Working with vital power and magnetism, one has to consider time

and space. With a view to this fact, I have quoted several examples

concerning the treatment of diseases, and I could still mention quite a number

of methods for treating sick people from the magnetic standpoint. For

example, the magician is able to take up a connection with the mind of a

sleeping patient and to realize various methods of treatment in the patient’s

body. Apart from treating the sick with vital power, he can also cure them

magically with the help of the elements, magnetism, and electricity. The

detailed description of all the methods and possibilities of treatments would

certainly fill a very voluminous book. In this work I am only going to point

out single procedures of treatment with regard to time and space, that is

magnetism. High adepts and saints who have trained their imagination to

such perfection that all their imageries are realized immediately in all planes

do not need methods any more. Such people have only to express any kind of

desire and it will be realized at the very same moment.


Chapter Four, Physical Level


Introduction: The power of radiation has to be enforced, deepened and must

become more expansive, meaning more dynamic, which has to be

accomplished by imagination and deep meditation. The magician has to learn

the practical use of the radiant power for any purpose and in any situation. He

must reach such a degree of perfection that any desire that he is transplanting

into the radiant power is realized instantly. In this manner he will be able to

help suffering people in cases of illness and accidents, and thus bring great

blessing to himself.


Chapter Five, Physical Level


Introduction: The scholar can of course deepen the exercises to obtain a

better success. It is impossible to describe the entire practice of magic that a

scholar could master eventually, because it would require another volume.


Supposing the magician intends to enforce someone’s memory or any other

intellectual faculty with the help of an elemental, the procedure is as follows:

The magician imagines a universal ocean of light, from the luminous matter

of which he shapes an enormous ball of light, compressing and accumulating

it more and more with the help of his imagination until this ball has the size

of approximately 12-20 inches. By this accumulation of light, the ball has

become similar to a radiating sun. Now the magician impregnates this light

ball with the desire and the firm conviction that it will exhibit the same power

and quality as is supposed to revive and reinforce the desired mental faculty

such as memory, eloquence, etc., in the respective person. As soon as the

magician has shaped this mental sun or ball, he must give it a suitable name,

say Lucis or the like. Besides, he is fixing the time when this ball is to affect

the mental sphere of the person with terms like these: “You ought to work in

the mental sphere until the person concerned has attained the desired faculty

in such a way that this faculty has become a habit!” Having fixed the time,

the magician orders the elemental to dissolve in and return to the ocean of

light as soon as it has fulfilled its task. Expressing it magically, the birth and

death of the elemental are fixed in exactly the same manner as Man’s or any

other being’s fate is.