Notes from the Other Side


Notice the picture.Look at face and the eyes.Notice the confidence, the internal silence, and the inner knowing.

†† Consider the picture a symbol--this is your Franz Bardon magician who has totally and absolutely mastered the first four chapters in Bardonís book, Initiation Into Hermetics.††

†† In the future, these are his accomplishments:

†† He has eliminated war, injustice, and political corruption on earth.

†† He has eliminated oil as a source of energy.

†† He has eliminated poverty.††

†† He has eliminated cancer and heart disease.

†† He has eliminated the destruction of the natural enviroment fromindustry, business, pollution, and poor urban planning.

†† He has eliminated federal and state income tax and sales tax.

†† And these are but a few of his accomplishments.


Notice again the picture--the confidence, the internal silence, and inner knowing.

It may take him 50,000 years to do these things.

It may take him 5,000 years.

Or, if he half tries, it will take him 1,500 years.

But with a concerted effort, if he goes for it now, all these things he will accommplish in 150 years.

†† What are you waiting for?