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The River Nile


In the third year of the reign of Ramses III

The high priest of Egypt, Pinudjem,

Is meditating on the Nile River


He feels the waters in his soul

He is one with the flow

The riverís journey through the desert

Its enchanting, cool depths††

Its waves the shores caress

Even before the river reaches the sea

In his mind he ceases to be

A human being


Is there anyone with whom I can share these things?

Pure sensuality without limitation

The ability to dream the world as I wish it to be

Without any restrictions placed upon me


I see the ages of the world unfold

The ocean of time

Its currents and tides

In waterís vibration

There is no separation


The earth is waiting for her children to awaken

To share with us her dreams:

The universe is a sea

She embraces the stars with ecstasy

With whom can I share this vision?