††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Copyright © 2009 by William R. Mistele


Undine Conversations


I want you to be the sea

To flow free, to be infinite peace


This I already know

The sea has always been in my dreams

Love has always been my reason for being


I want you to hold the world within your heart

To make this your art


Are you not listening?

The ecstasy that flows through me

Embraces every living being


Very well,

But there is one last thing--

Each moment contains a stillness

That embraces the universe

It is not an idea or a doctrine

It is a secret hidden in sensuality

Can you share with me this mystery?


Gazing into my eyes

She smiles, laughs, and says,

My hands on the sand

The water on my feet

The sunís heat on my skin

The sound of the waves

The play of the wind

Taste each sensation of sensory perception

And then let go


To be at home

Is to embrace

The darkness from which light shines

The emptiness from which all things arise

And this also:

The open expanse of a heart

That treats each moment

As a creator whose purpose is to create love.


You may ask me to be whatever you need

But to be free

You must pass through my soul

Otherwise my beauty you will never know