Top Ten Signs of a Genuine Spiritual Community


10. A community member can tell who you were meditating on, what kind of energy was in the meditation, and how effective it was on that individual. (Cosmic letter M)


9. Someone “listens” to the story of your life in order to relive everything you have experienced in this incarnation in order to walk by your side through both darkness and light. (Cosmic letter U)


8. Community members from the Other Side consider you “one of their own.”


7. You feel that when you die you will be just as much if not more alive as you are now carrying on the same work as in “heart to heart and soul to soul, in life and in death, we will never be separate.”  (Cosmic letter E)  


6. Community activities include reshaping and redesigning human destiny from out of the infinite possibilities that surround us. That is, the divine power of blessing is part of the basic training of all community members. (see the cosmic letter G)


5. Strip the religious connotations from the metaphor and in a pinch there are others who fight beside you as if you have taken vows like the Knights Templar whose charge was dreaded by all enemies--their courage and daring are such that in battle for such things as establishing justice on earth--“They have sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat.“ (Cosmic letters H and S)


4. There are others in your community who sense automatically when your energy is off and spontaneously send you healing energy in response.  (cosmic letters B, CH, G, M, N)


3. There are members of a variety of races, both in human form, in astral form, and in divine form who are equally accessible to all members of your group. Some are Perseians--the advanced race that replaces human beings; some are other race from other solar systems; some are elementals in human form; some are higher spirits in human form from this and other planetary spheres in our solar system.


2. Special “in house classes” available to community members are attaining astral and physical immortality, how to embody the four elements in the core of your being, instant soul mate, the Perseian advanced race soul upgrade, how to connect instantly to anyone else on earth, how to create love from out of nothing where it does not exist, and the other 74 Leaves of the Book of Wisdom, etc. (Cosmic letters L, W, M, A) (I know, it sounds like a lot but Bardon’s third book was based on the teaching of one earthzone spirit.  Any decent Bardon student could write many books on a variety of other earthzone spirits thus producing as many “Leaves” as is actually needed.)


1. Everyone in your community knows that love is the essence of their being and to fulfill its purposes is why they are here on earth. There are no doctrines promoting this and no faith, for it is not a belief. Love is the energy that exists at the core of their being. (Cosmic letter M)