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Changeling Transcript Three




 This is the third in a series of on-line conversations between me and a girl who is on the other side of the world.  This girl meets perfectly all fifteen traits of mermaid women. 

  Besides having the ability to move small objects with her mind, she can instantly sense any energy or feeling I surround myself with.  So in this and in other transcripts, I “tune into” or create an energy field mirroring someone’s aura and the changeling immediately begins commenting on it in response. 

  Some of the individuals we “tune into” can also immediately sense that we are thinking of them.  I noticed in this manuscript that the advice I asked Noe for in regard to the changeling had already been “heard” and put into practice since it was not something the changeling had previously been doing.



 Changeling: heyy bill

 [8:50:21 AM] Wiliam Mistele: Hi, are you getting any sleep?

 [8:51:14 AM] Changeling: um I was awake for 35 hours haha, then went to sleep for 5, just woke up

 [8:51:34 AM] Changeling: and have been lazing in bed reading e-mails and such

[8:51:40 AM] Changeling: how are you doing?

[8:51:56 AM] Changeling: did you sleep well?

[8:52:03 AM] Wiliam Mistele: pretty good.  Did some fascinating interviews this last week, a photo shoot, and so forth.

[8:52:14 AM] Changeling: great!!!

 [8:52:38 AM] Wiliam Mistele: last night slept well.

[8:53:39 AM] Changeling: ah!  very cool! I’ve been so distracted the last week with my family and crazy schedule. I haven’t been doing very much , just the sea of love, and did some good magnetism and love meditations at a beautiful lake in Switzerland.

 [8:57:21 AM] Wiliam Mistele: You are a whirlwind of social engagement and emotional life.

[8:57:40 AM] Changeling: haha you nailed it

 [8:58:47 AM] Wiliam Mistele: Thank you for chatting. We shall speak more when you are back in a "normal" schedule.

[8:59:11 AM] Wiliam Mistele: I don't want to wear you out.

[8:59:57 AM] Changeling: I don’t mind chatting with you, we haven’t spoken in a while, and its refreshing to speak with you

[9:02:00 AM] Wiliam Mistele: A girl told me, after much patience and coaching, that she and her husband "share the same soul." The 12 traits of mermaid women don't apply to her but she seems like him to be from the "next race" that replaces human beings. They are deeply connected. She says that lifetime after lifetime he incarnates and finds her again so they can be together.  I found that very disturbing that it takes another race to attain such connected love whereas human beings, all 6.8 billion, have not risen to that level among them all.

[9:03:27 AM] Wiliam Mistele: And I found a model, who has strong water, should be a mermaid woman, but also the twelve traits do not apply to. Though she is very receptive to being directed which is quite difficult to get out of even very skilled models so I am exploring that one also.

[9:04:17 AM] Changeling: cool!

[9:04:40 AM] Wiliam Mistele: Noe, the local mermaid woman who is strong mermaid more than human is like a perfect telepath in reading other's minds as in cards: she can tell what cards another person is holding with perfect accuracy if that person has glanced down at their cards. 

9:04:52 AM] Changeling: WOW!

[9:04:54 AM] Changeling: that’s awesome

[9:06:24 AM] Wiliam Mistele: she said in regard to stalkers: if you put a "bubble" around your self to block your energy, then the stalker has no reason to stalk you since your energy is no longer available. And that she also just thinks "invisible" and people have a hard time seeing her.

[9:06:39 AM] Changeling: I’ve been doing that too lately!

[9:06:41 AM] Changeling: It works very well

[9:06:56 AM] Changeling: The bubble and invisible I can do it for other people as well

[9:07:10 AM] Wiliam Mistele: neat

[9:07:11 AM] Changeling: I just think my friend invisible and shielded and she is

[9:07:21 AM] Changeling: using her own energy and some universal

Wiliam Mistele: And also she can "slow time" so that if someone is falling down and she is not near enough to catch that person she can slow time and get there to catch them.  I never heard of that one before.

[9:07:40 AM] Changeling: wow!

[9:08:03 AM] Changeling: i will have to try that one out

[9:08:05 AM] Changeling: the time thing

 [9:08:19 AM] Wiliam Mistele: right.  Sounds like science fiction.

[9:08:29 AM] Changeling: well its never far from the truth really

[9:08:46 AM] Changeling: my right ear just got some weird pressure, are you doing that?

[9:08:52 AM] Wiliam Mistele: not me.

[9:08:54 AM] Changeling: mmk

[9:09:06 AM] Wiliam Mistele: i am just laughing at our train of thought

[9:09:10 AM] Changeling: HAHA

[9:09:12 AM] Changeling: yeah

 [9:09:45 AM] Changeling: okay I’m going to go make some food. I’ll be back in about half an hour if you’re still around

[9:09:58 AM] Wiliam Mistele: ok, take care, love you always, bye



[9:35:33 AM] Changeling: hey Bill, I’m back

[9:35:59 AM] Wiliam Mistele: I feel spoiled you are spending time with me.

[9:36:27 AM] Wiliam Mistele: haha

[9:36:36 AM] Changeling: :) i enjoy spending time speaking with you, naturally!

[9:37:13 AM] Wiliam Mistele: a guy who often writes mentioned that his young daughter, maybe age two or three, wants to spend lots of time in the bathtub. I must have asked you if you did that a lot as a child?

[9:37:40 AM] Changeling: Oh my god I was a freak for baths

[9:37:41 AM] Changeling: I still am

[9:37:45 AM] Wiliam Mistele: he had read my undines book and then he has this child and now wonders if she is a mermaid.

[9:37:51 AM] Changeling: I don’t have a bathtub in this apartment and its really affecting me

[9:37:58 AM] Changeling: and swimming

[9:38:02 AM] Wiliam Mistele: how many hours a day would you if you could spend in the tube?

[9:38:05 AM] Changeling: always wanted to go swimming

[9:38:17 AM] Changeling: 2 or 3 easy

[9:38:27 AM] Wiliam Mistele: Did you swim human style or with feet together mermaid style?

[9:38:41 AM] Changeling:I used to be afraid of lakes though and the ocean, not the water but things that swan in them that could pull me under or grab my feet

[9:38:52 AM] Changeling: uhm both, really

[9:39:18 AM] Changeling: I just liked to splash around and dive

[9:39:22 AM] Wiliam Mistele: okay, here is her energy, the daughter who likes baths:

[9:39:49 AM] Changeling: she’s got a lot of laughter

[9:40:13 AM] Changeling: slippery and playful, mischievous a little but in an innocent way

[9:40:33 AM] Wiliam Mistele: thank you, you are fantastic

[9:40:55 AM] Changeling: :) she’s gorgeous I like her

[9:41:16 AM] Wiliam Mistele: now this is technical so abide with me. "Real" mermaids according to hermetic magicians don't have the akashic body so here is what I sense of her "akashic body" see if you get anything at  all

[9:42:07 AM] Changeling: uhm, like turquoise fuzz. I don’t know its strange.

[9:43:10 AM] Wiliam Mistele: okay, it is a trade off: millions of years as a mermaid in the sea or a soul of a human being incarnating over and over again in human form as part of human karmic history. I am not sure humanity as a race will be here much longer so it is questionable if a mermaid would really want to join this race of beings

[9:43:57 AM] Changeling: yeah, I often wonder why any of them stick around

[9:44:21 AM] Changeling: Idon’t have an answer for it right now, other than their desire to help things reach potential

[9:44:41 AM] Wiliam Mistele: some fall in love with a human male, is that possible from your perspective?

[9:45:31 AM] Changeling: uh huh, there is a longing for a strong masculine energy to help balance the intensely feminine energy that we embody.

[9:46:01 AM] Changeling: I have trouble saying “we” because I’m not completely convinced that I’m 100% mermaid, I’ve been wondering about it lately.

[9:46:06 AM] Wiliam Mistele: kind of like the ocean itself seeks to give and to receive love and it takes whatever race is available and seeks to attain a high level of love

[9:47:26 AM] Wiliam Mistele: I told someone, "God alone knows who is a mermaid and who has what kind of soul." My “commission” is to challenge the imagination to transform the world. It is just a whole lot easier sometimes to say that so and so is a mermaid who is here “visiting from the Other Side on holiday” than to try to say this human woman has these remarkable abilities and feelings that all other women who are human can not even understand.

[9:48:09 AM] Wiliam Mistele: So I am after results and never beliefs.

[9:48:16 AM] Changeling: That’s decent.

[9:48:29 AM] Changeling: Intelligent you are but we already knew that

[9:48:42 AM] Wiliam Mistele: here is the "akashic body" or lack of the merman you know.

[9:49:20 AM] Changeling: sorry, I can’t even work with him right now.  I don’t know what’s up.

[9:49:27 AM] Wiliam Mistele: ok

[9:50:48 AM] Changeling: Even including him in the water meditations lately has been like nails driving into me.. and its coming from both sides his and mine, ..I love him deeply and he loves me buttt ..

[9:51:06 AM] Changeling: there needs to be some separation right now I think.

[9:51:12 AM] Wiliam Mistele: Sorry.  We shall move on to other topics

[9:51:18 AM] Changeling: no its completely ok

[9:51:32 AM] Wiliam Mistele: “Separation” is not a word in your vocabulary. Must be very difficult

[9:51:54 AM] Changeling: its so strange for me, I don’t really know what’s going on, it seems that you should always be able to include anything in love, but sometimes you cant do it the way you think you should.

[9:52:06 AM] Changeling: mwah, I guess I’ll just have to expand my vocabulary then, won’t I?

[9:52:19 AM] Wiliam Mistele: good for you!!!!!!!!

[9:52:30 AM] Changeling: ;)

[9:52:42 AM] Wiliam Mistele: we'll come back to that later maybe

[9:52:47 AM] Changeling: okay

[9:52:57 AM] Wiliam Mistele: here is the girl and her relationship with her husband who she says, “share the same soul.”

[9:53:57 AM] Changeling: Siamese twins, two different bodies connected at the core. sticky.

[9:55:00 AM] Changeling: inside there’s like a glowing pink and purple sort of light, outside it seems a little yellow,

[9:55:20 AM] Changeling: there a low sounding vibration to it, low in frequency not energy.

[9:55:40 AM] Wiliam Mistele: so it doesn't feel organic/natural/healthy love for you?

[9:55:51 AM] Changeling: its strange

 [9:56:13 AM] Wiliam Mistele: she looks very happy as in so right and so secret so as not to make others upset

[9:56:29 AM] Changeling: this may sound strange but the word that comes to mind is neo-primitive

[9:56:31 AM] Wiliam Mistele: they as a race are used to writing their own rules for just about everything

[9:56:42 AM] Changeling: yeah!

[9:57:13 AM] Wiliam Mistele: This couple is I think maybe unique because they were just pursuing this in their own way and their race doesn't usually get into social interactions a whole lot.

 [9:58:13 AM] Wiliam Mistele: compare them to what I imagine is possible for you: in terms of bonding/connecting/flowing through another:

[9:59:44 AM] Changeling: mine seems more "organic" free flowing, and embracing...theirs seems streamlined, efficient, deeply connected and almost competitive.

[10:00:19 AM] Changeling: I say organic, but I mean something else. I can’t think of the word right now though

[10:00:42 AM] Changeling: deeply connected to one or a few people rather then all encompassing

[10:00:53 AM] Wiliam Mistele: yes, yours is subtle, sensitive, gentle, and one hundred per cent attuned and within another while at the same time being also independent like the sea which is never exhausted or finalized in a specific relationship, even though it is so one with the other.

[10:01:10 AM] Changeling: mhm

[10:02:03 AM] Wiliam Mistele: their race doesn't pursue nature on earth even though it is so easy for them to do so. They don't look for outside inspiration since they are so inspired from within and self-motivated.  It is very odd, funny, ironic to be so advanced and yet so unconcerned.

[10:02:49 AM] Changeling: yeah!

[10:02:54 AM] Wiliam Mistele: here is my last model who has water inside but doesn’t have any of the 12 traits, I'll do both her water and her aura

[10:03:41 AM] Changeling: herm. There are walls around her but inside she is soft and  warm

[10:04:29 AM] Wiliam Mistele: like I say, she is a new type: water is there in force but no consciousness of it in her mind

[10:04:55 AM] Wiliam Mistele: and here is her water energy by itself:

[10:06:44 AM] Wiliam Mistele: anything?

[10:08:18 AM] Changeling: herm

[10:08:45 AM] Changeling: its like wringing out a sponge almost, lots of water you just have to extract it a little bit at a time

[10:09:18 AM] Wiliam Mistele: and here is a six year old who Ronda says is a mermaid

[10:10:13 AM] Changeling: she’s got lots of energy, beautiful

[10:10:59 AM] Wiliam Mistele: so back to the guy with the daughter in the tub: is there something you would pass on for the parents as advice?

[10:11:34 AM] Changeling: let her play in the water as much as possible, but also try to get her around friends that can ground her.

[10:12:01 AM] Changeling: she’s influenced easily by others at this age, so she needs strong good balancing people around her

[10:12:16 AM] Wiliam Mistele: how about having aquariums in the house?

[10:12:32 AM] Changeling: sure why not? But she’ll probably end up sticking her hands in then

[10:12:37 AM] Changeling: so no piranhas!

[10:12:40 AM] Wiliam Mistele: haha

 [10:13:03 AM] Changeling: it would be good to get her to help clean the aquariums too, naturally.

[10:13:22 AM] Changeling: she might not like it very much but it will teach her responsibility for a water habitat


 [10:17:49 AM] Changeling: I’m getting tired now Bill. Its late at night my time.

 [10:18:21 AM] Wiliam Mistele: okay, love you lots

[10:18:54 AM] Changeling: love you too,

[[10:19:22 AM] Wiliam Mistele: take care and thanks soooooooooo much

[10:19:33 AM] Changeling: thank you Bill

 [10:19:42 AM] Wiliam Mistele: bye

[10:19:48 AM] Changeling: bye