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Changeling Transcript One: Ocean meditations




She responded to my global casting call as a performing artist.She is described perfectly by my essay, Twelve Traits of Mermaid Women.She has telekinetic abilities which I will try to get up on youtube in the next week.

†† If I put up my hand to touch her aura, she immediately senses not only that someone is touching her aura but she knows that it is me and not someone else.She picks up on my state of health during the day even though she is far away, on the other side of the planet.

So if I meditate with her while we talk on-line, she follows exactly the energy in my mind.I write fairy tales.I do not talk about belief or doctrine; rather, my commission is to challenge the imagination to change the world.

†† And yet it appears to me that she is from another race of beings, a mermaid so advanced that at her own discretion for reasons beyond human understanding she chooses to incarnate from time to time in the body of a woman. For this reason, I call her a changeling. Her connection to the water element is most profound.

She also has many ďsistersĒ who dwell among us.††††††




11:07Changeling: Helloo Bill. And good morning to you!

11:08Changeling: I was going to go out with some friends this evening but it started storming!

11:09William Mistele: Be sure to rest up.Your natal astrology daily advice says for today.

11:25Changeling: :) Okay that is a better plan then going out

11:31Changeling: Iím just going to chill out

11:36Changeling: thanks :)

11:47Changeling: How did you sleep?

12:19William Mistele: Pretty good

12:24William Mistele: How about you?

13:10Changeling: nice! i slept well and had a good day

13:28William Mistele: I may have my next video done today. I'll try to get you to watch it.

13:38Changeling: nice! Certainly when you have it done

17:55William Mistele: Do you have four minutes to meditate?

18:20Changeling: sure do!

18:36William Mistele: okay, in ten seconds, this is the Mediterranean Sea.

19:48William Mistele: okay, it is kind of shallow and hot and busy

19:54Changeling: mmyeah

19:59Changeling: its also comforting in a way

20:08William Mistele: And next, this is the Atlantic Ocean

20:20Changeling: haha i got flashes of that during the Mediterranean one

20:29Changeling: figured youíd do that next

21:05Changeling: its deep, cold and harsher

21:16William Mistele: the Atlantic, I notice, I am in love with. Harsher? she is beautiful.

21:29Changeling: maybe not so harsh but intense

21:29William Mistele: bigger and a little dangerous for sailors

21:34Changeling: yeah

21:50Changeling: harsher then the Mediterranean haha,

22:02William Mistele: she is nubile, that is, wants to mate

22:03Changeling: white cap waves

22:18Changeling: gotcha

22:37William Mistele: maybe it is having you in the process, the water becomes more like a woman for me

23:00Changeling: it feels more masculine for me right now

23:05Changeling: probably cause youíre around

23:36William Mistele: yes, the Atlantic is also very strong

23:40Changeling: mhm

24:01William Mistele: Androgynous, I hadn't thought of that

24:06Changeling: I really like the Adriatic and Mediterranean

24:27Changeling: usually it feels more feminine, but this time its masculine

24:36William Mistele: neat. here is the north pole, the arctic in all of its ice and surrounding water

26:33Changeling: its familiar, Iíve been using it to do the cold meditations I think. There a lot of sadness to it though that I hadnít really felt before. Love but also sadness

27:31William Mistele: this is a warm period geologically;if I missed covering most of the earth with ice I would probably feel sad too

27:40Changeling: Yeah

27:46Changeling: thatís what I figured

27:53Changeling: and yes not as cold as it usually is

28:14Changeling: i have a lot of candles around me right now I think its interfering a little with my water meditations

28:19Changeling: probably just a mental thing for me.

28:21William Mistele: here is the Pacific Ocean

29:42Changeling: its warmish, gentle and playful

29:57William Mistele: more sensual than the Atlantic, what is the word, like a young woman zoning it is called, maybe for you a young man?

29:59Changeling: at first I felt a maternal sense, then more of an adolescent, not sure.

30:09Changeling: yeah!

30:11Changeling: something like that

30:16Changeling: no this one was very feminine

30:26Changeling: there was the mixture of maturity and youth

30:42Changeling: sensual is a very good word.

30:47William Mistele: now, the Nile River

30:51Changeling: okay

31:41Changeling: oh interesting!

31:53William Mistele: very dreamy peaceful

32:05Changeling: yes, but not so happy these days.

32:31William Mistele: i recall ancient Egypt

32:39Changeling: me too brings me right back there

32:48Changeling: it was strong, dreamy peaceful steady

32:54William Mistele: here is the Amazon River

33:07Changeling: and now it feels like an old soul pulling the sludge of human race along

33:08Changeling: mmk

33:21William Mistele: is that sarcasm?

34:19Changeling: no, that was about the Nile

34:37Changeling: no sarcasm, I got the feeling that its being abused a lot

34:48Changeling: like most water bodies and nature these days

35:19Changeling: the amazing, large, strong, elements of intensity and danger just beneath the surface.

35:45William Mistele: very energetic with vegetation along it

35:48Changeling: yeah!

36:07Changeling: Crocodiles, snakes! haha

36:15William Mistele: okay

36:43William Mistele: I forget the north Atlantic current in the Atlantic that keeps the earth cool, a minute on it.

36:55Changeling: okay

38:11Changeling: hermm

38:15William Mistele: a conveyor belt of water keeping the earth from the next ice age

38:18Changeling: chaotic right now

38:19Changeling: yeah!

38:30Changeling: i got caught in the rotation

38:38William Mistele: here is the moon attracting the oceans and creating the tides

38:47William Mistele: the gravity that is

39:51Changeling: yeah i feel the gravity and the moons rotation

39:59Changeling: does it expertly

40:28William Mistele: like two lovers embracing without distraction, the earth and the moon

40:35Changeling: yeah :)

40:58William Mistele: that is the poet in me

41:00Changeling: the dance they do is beautiful

41:21William Mistele: okay, and now all the waters of the earth at once

41:29Changeling: oh man, here we go

42:39William Mistele: feels really good to me

42:52Changeling: I love it

43:03Changeling: the candles in my room are going crazy right now! haha Iím surprised they didnít go out

43:10Changeling: hahah

43:29Changeling: that was really great

43:43Changeling: it didnít occur to me to meditate on each water body

43:50Changeling: i will do this more often it feels great

43:53Changeling: thanks bill :)

44:16William Mistele: open ocean wind blown wave crests a billion years on and on the waves roll

44:31Changeling: :)

44:54William Mistele: okay, here is the magnetism in all the waters and slowly adding in the magnetism of the entire planet, the magneto sphere

45:15Changeling: kj

46:52Changeling: its nice, it feels familiar

47:02Changeling: safe and powerful

47:05William Mistele: and adding to it the astral body of the earth

47:12Changeling: mmk

47:56Changeling: coolioooo

48:50William Mistele: feel okay?

49:00Changeling: feel good, Iím a bit tired though

49:10Changeling: I like these meditations

49:11William Mistele: I don't want to wear you out

49:25William Mistele: it is fun having you there as I do them

49:41Changeling: :)i think i will make this a daily thing

50:00William Mistele: just do it when you are at the top of your energy cycle so you don't get worn out

50:26Changeling: okay!

50:34William Mistele: shall I let you go?

51:05Changeling: yeah, i will say goodbye for now, Iím going to watch a movie then go to sleep

51:12Changeling: thanks for the mediations bill

52:02William Mistele: great to work with you. I will go off and finish up my watery meditation stuff.You can ignore it but I usually send out ocean love to lots of people once a week.But don't tune in.And take care.

52:19Changeling: :) thanks bill lots of love

52:29William Mistele: love, bye