Copyright (C) 1999 by William Mistele

Ugolog--A Spirit of Prophecy,  Earthzone 25 degrees Pisces 

Reason for Evocation.  One of my personal reasons for working
with Ugolog is to understand better those I care about by seeing in
advance the difficulties they will go through.   Ugolog sees all of an
individual's incarnations and all human and divine activity from the
perspective of divine mercy.  For Ugolog, underlying life is divine
light and love is everywhere and in everything.  
     Ugolog's clairvoyance reveals paths of liberation and high
creativity in every circumstance.  As I look back at the darkest
periods of my life from Ugolog's perspective, I can see how cosmic
wisdom was waiting silently for me to discover its presence.
     Ugolog's aura integrates consciousness.  Without entering a
trance or altering your state of mind, Ugolog enables you to sense
your guardian angel and the spirit within you.  You feel at peace
with all desires, longings, and cravings hidden within all your
chakras in their densest vibrations. 
     Franz Bardon says of Ugolog: "The magician applying this heads
methods will learn to read the past, present, and future thoughts of
any human being, his astral development from its origin to its
perfect maturity as well as the physical fate of past or future
    If you look at the 360 spirits of the earthzone as teachers in a
divine university, I think it is fair to say that Ugolog is chairman of
the Department of Prophecy.  It is a great honor to work with him. 

Pisces in the Akasha of the Earthzone:  Pisces resonates with the
sacred energies of life.  Inspired by Pisces, your heart opens and you
feel guided by higher purposes.  You wish to be of service because
serving others draws you closer to these renewing and vitalizing

The 25th degree of Pisces: This degree contains the ability to
understand and assist Divine Providence as it guides life on earth.

Ugolog's Domain:  In this domain, you learn to see how the deep
and mysterious purposes of spirit play a part in shaping history and
producing the physical circumstances in which we live. 
Ugolog's Sigil: Ugolog's sigil gathers your energy into your third eye
so it feels like a bright star. 

Ugolog's Inner Source of Inspiration:  Ugolog shows you how to
understand and work with the purposes of Divine Providence.  For
Ugolog,  it makes no sense for Divine Providence to watch over, to
inspire, and to guide history unless you can be aware of these
purposes, find them in yourself, and work with them creatively.
Ugolog's aura offers ways and means for the highest light and
inspiration to be present and active within you.

     Ugolog's Outer Aura:  Ugolog's aura makes the highest akashic
light accessible to our intuition and manifest in acts of tenderness.  It
is one thing to see the past, present, and future accurately.  It is
another thing to see them through the eyes of love.  In the second
case, you can see ways fate can be reshaped so that even the most
difficult of circumstances can be anointed with beauty and love. 
   There is also a remarkable ecstasy in Ugolog's aura.  About twelve
years ago, I was working with a young psychic.  When I tuned into
Ugolog, she noticed that my aura was reshaped.  There was now a
cylinder of dark violet light in the center of my body stretching from
the top of my head through my feet. 
     From the densest physical desire and instinct to the highest
spiritual awareness--all my chakras had become joined into one flow
of vitality and light.  This energy configuration opens a gate so that
your consciousness can sense all planes and be receptive to all
vibrations. High prophetic ability requires not just being clairvoyant. 
It requires being able to saturate your whole aura with akasha.
   In a sense, the major experiences of life activate our chakras and
serve as the medium through which akasha enters our
consciousness.  There is, for example,  the experience of sensual
affection and emotional support in the second chakra.  Developing a
social identity strengthens the third chakra.  Our experiences with
the sacred open our heart chakra and so forth.  
    Such experiences gradually join the highest light and the densest
aspects of matter into one circulating flow of energy.  In other
words, the body, personality, soul, and spirit become aware of each
other and work together.  No one aspect of the self is subordinated
to any other aspect.  Each has its legitimate part to play.  Each is an
essential rung in the ladder leading between the physical world and
    Ugolog heightens our ability to move freely between the planes
and from chakra to chakra. Your life unfolds through specific
experiences and yet you also develop a wider perspective.  Ugolog's
clairvoyance requires we perceive life in the full spectrum of feeling,
thought, and spiritual intuition.  
     For example, to feel at home in akasha--a formless state of
awareness--an individual also needs the experience of bonding with
another on a deep level of sensuality and pleasure.  To see through
time the mind must also know how to probe the atomic vibrations of
the elements in the periodic table.  To speak of love an individual's
commitment to truth must be absolute.  Ugolog's clairvoyance arises
from weaving all aspects of life experience into one crystal of vision. 
For prophetic ability to be accurate, nothing can be repressed, held
back, or left out of the joining.
   There is a downside to being saturated with akasha to this extent. 
In circulating a high voltage of energy through all the chakras,
unknown instincts and cravings may be stimulated. You may then
feel as if a destructive spirit is influencing you.  Such negative spirits
say, "We exercise authority and power where cravings which are
wild and blind.  You must pay us homage and tribute for this is our
due if you would pass through our dark domain of desire and pain."  
    But all instincts and desires can be worked with in a positive way. 
After all, demons only exist to test you.  What they are really asking
is, "Is there any way I can get you to doubt your ideals and spiritual
commitments?"  Like some human beings, they hate it when they
see someone moving about with a freedom they are denied.  But if
your purpose is clear and your commitment absolute, they will leave
you alone.  Demons can not stand bright light.  Expressed in a
humorous vein--Question: What do demons hate most?  Answer:
Having hell scared out of them.
    In summary, Ugolog's outer aura is a joining of pure perception
with compassion.  It sees through everything.  By extending mercy
and blessing, this insight liberates by granting us freedom to respond
to our life circumstances in new and creative ways. 

Ugolog's Inner Aura:  Ugolog's inner energy is like a vision from the
planet Neptune which rules the constellation of Pisces.  Whatever
shall be the future history of the human race, whatever terrors and
destructions shall befall us, Ugolog's heart vibrates with our final
destiny--there will come a time when we discover boundless light
and love in our hearts.  We shall find this light and love in every
other heart as well.  At that time, the human race collectively will
attain enlightenment.  Ugolog knows this with absolute certainty. 
He holds this vision of future history within his heart.
   Others also see in this way. The prophet Isaiah had this dream
within his heart--he saw that love shall one day govern the nations. 
And the current Dalai Lama also is a representative of this vision.  It
is more than religion or ethics for him.  He speaks with the voice of
the constellation Pisces when he says, "As long as suffering remains
to sentient beings, I will remain to serve."  I like to paraphrase that
sentence in this way:  "The universe will not end until every heart is
found and every soul becomes pure light."

The Akashic Plane:  On the akashic plane, Ugolog sees several
things at the same time.  He sees the accumulation of karma and
past, historical actions which make things the way they are.  And he
sees complete freedom. 
   If you want to go beyond your culture and society and initiate a
new tradition or if you want to change your life pattern, you can do
this.  There is a cost but you have to remember that institutions and
personal habits change of their own accord and in their own time. 
That is, there are natural processes of change suitable for yourself
and for the world.  You have to be careful that you do not try to
alter something that is more powerful than you.
    You may be able to break wooden boards with your hand
through force of skill and will, but not bars of steel.  Even during
times of upheaval and civil wars, stability and order are preserved. 
If you want to intervene and alter history, you have to see that the
underlying purposes and deep soul needs are fulfilled.  Otherwise,
the revolutionary who speaks of freedom ends up instigating an even
more severe totalitarian order.  The reason is he has less ability than
those he overthrows to master the forces controlling his society.
    Personal habits and life goals are a different matter.  In this case,
you may have to confront your family history.  For many
generations the fathers and mothers have followed codes of
behavior and lived with traditions which have enabled them to
survive.  Oftentimes, their lives have been driven by desires they
could not understand but only honor.  
   To transcend personal history and not just seek its opposite by
rebelling, you may have to come face to face with what the tradition
could not name.  To transform yourself, it may not be enough to
abandon the tradition and go in another direction.  You may have to
take what drives the tradition--and all its fears and hopes--and
transform them into pure light in your soul.  In this way you do not
exchange one set of desires, goals, or ideals for something else just
as blind and dark. You fulfill needs and purposes which have been
hidden from everyone else. 
   On the akasha plane Ugolog enables you to see all the factors
influencing various situations.  One of those factors is the light of
Divine Providence which you are free to draw upon at your own
discretion.  If you want something enough, you can get it. But the
cost is you have to become a conduit for the energy required to
change history.  You have to become the vehicle providing the will,
the insight, and the power needed. 
     In the process, you are transformed in a profound way--into a
spiritual being who bears responsibility for maintaining harmony in
all aspects of the situation you are altering.  This is what akasha
does.  It preserves the world and maintains balance while also
enabling the highest purposes to be fulfilled. 
    Ugolog's vision of what shall be derives from the highest light. 
Seeing the future may seem to be a denial of freedom.  It is the
    Human beings can seek truth in a manner appropriate for their
own nature and desires.  Akasha contains variety and multiplicity as
well as oneness--and it is forever new in every moment.  Human
beings will find and discover their own unique visions of love from
out of their hearts.  And yet it is possible to see the way individuals
will make future choices without interfering with their freedom or
devaluing the significance or the originality of their experience.  In
seeing the future, a prophet offers reassurance that the desires of the
heart and the purposes of love will be fulfilled.
    I ask Ugolog to assist me in seeing the future of someone I know. 
The choices this person will make are fresh and new.  The feelings
and insights she will experience have not been present in her life
before.  Still, it seems I can see her experiences in advance with
complete clarity.  The reason for this is that this individual's
problems require her to pass certain kinds of situations in order to
gain self-understanding.  
    Her process of growth can be slowed down or accelerated
depending on her choices.  But for her to generate the critical
insights she needs to change herself, she needs to accumulate
experience.  Given her personality and personal history, her
circumstances, and the influences on her life, I can see when this
will happen.
    I also consider another individual I know who has problems with
marriage.  He has a rich social life.  He is very professional and
successful in his career.  And he is wise in advising others on their
problems.  But his difficulty is with intimacy.  For a woman to feel
close to him, he needs to learn a new skill.  
    Part of his emotional life is rigid like a stone when he actually
needs to flow like water.  He needs to provide emotional support
that fosters intimacy.  Then a woman can feel close to him and
experience peace in his presence.  Without this, he is bound to
suffer loss again and again until he changes.  It takes women a while
to catch on but in the end they all have a powerful gut reaction
which makes them leave him.
    Ugolog might point out the above to this individual and then say
something like this:  "You know one or two people who could teach
a four to eight hour seminar on how to help others work through
their feelings. You would have to say to a teacher or counselor, `I
want to learn a method for giving pure emotional support to others
without engaging in any kind of problem solving or interpreting of
their experience.  Set up a seminar.  I will pay for it and be there.  I
want to know this so well that in any situation of emotional conflict I
can pause and reestablish rapport. You are going to teach me a skill
which enables me to create in others the feelings of being loved and
cared for." 
    In this case, Ugolog would like this individual to confront his
karmic difficulty head on.  He wants him to master it to such an
extent that he can establish the intimacy he previously expected the
woman to provide.  I can see in this moment how over and over
again he is going to run into a stone wall when he tries to live with a
   The first time he will crash fast.  The second time it will be slow. 
The third time it will be even harder.  But if someone lays the
solution out in front of him and the part he can play, he can act to
dissolve the whole problem so none of it remains.    
The Mental Plane:  On the mental plane, Ugolog offers
encouragement and guidance.  Being around Ugolog is like sitting
down with a gentleman who happens to have known the parents on
both sides of your family line reaching back thousands of years.  He
knows their thoughts, feelings, and decisions they have made.
   He offers you some options you may not have considered.  He
says you are free to choose any one of them.  He explains them so
well that when he is done it feels you have already lived through
    Still,  it is surprising how much power Ugolog wields though his
only interest is in assisting you to make your highest and best
decisions in life.  It might seem that prophetic ability is a passive
activity like a report on what shall be.
    But Ugolog's active side is that he can save you many years of
wasted time. He says things like, "This is what you might like to do
because it is what you care most about.  You can do this now that I
have shown it to you or you can spend years searching in the wrong
places or motivated in ways which have nothing to do with what is
in your heart."
   On the mental plane, then, Ugolog teaches you how to think in
terms of the needs of your soul and to make plans which fulfill the
purposes of your spirit.  Again, as a counselor, he has the great
advantage of being able to show you exactly what happens when
you choose a course of action.   Seeing it is not the same as
undergoing the experience.  But seeing it in advance and knowing it
will work out are tremendous help when you are considering paths
of life you have never explored before. 
   Ugolog likes to go into details when discussing the future.  As you
construct a picture of what you want, he keeps showing the blanks
which need to be filled in.  He reviews what you will need to do to
accomplish your objectives.  He will not tell you what you should be
doing.  He will only show you what you already feel in your heart
and work with you so that it becomes a rich and complete vision.  
    Ugolog has a tremendous respect and appreciation for history. 
He likes to help you understand the world you are in.  But he will
also show you things that can be done which can only be found
through divine vision.

The Astral Plane:  Since the astral plane is close to the physical
world, you see more about actual events on the time line.  I had
several dreams last night after working with Ugolog.  One dream
posed to me a question about how I wanted to work with a personal
desire.  Another dream showed me a dangerous situation I would
need to avoid in the future.  I saw a person, a location, and heard
the words that would be spoken.
    Meditating with Ugolog in this moment, however, I recall a time
of severe depression when I was back in college.  Though I was a
serious student of theology, I noticed there were things religions
were not teaching.  They had not the faintest conception of how to
write sacred literature like a psalm of King David's.  They cherish
the past and ritualize the sacred but forget that the sacred reveals
itself anew in each moment.
     On the astral plane, Ugolog's presence is like attending a seminar
for writing psalms and also enrolling in a school for prophetic
clairvoyance.  To write a psalm you must be able to follow any
feeling into the mythical, archetypal, primordial, and mysterious
landscapes on the astral plane where it originates.  Without fear, you
must be able to follow your feelings to their source.  Any sage or
priest can only accompany you part way because they only know
part of the truth and this is something you have to do for yourself.  
    To do so, you must be free to enter those places of fear and
terror, of darkness, evil, and despair, the black holes within wisdom
which cause cultures to die.  And when you are there you sense the
presence of the light of a love that shines everywhere.  This solitary
passage is a way of opening your eyes.  
    The highest love is present in the places of deepest despair and
desolation.  Those who experience this first hand often express the
experience through an affirmation of faith.  Job in his suffering
when even his friends turned against him said, "For I know that my
redeemer liveth and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the
earth; and though after my skin, worms destroy this body, yet in my
flesh shall I see God."   King David who fled a number of times into
the wilderness and lived in desolate caves to survive said,  "Though I
walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil."  
   Words such as these speak of a place on the astral plane where all
support from the external world is cut off.  But in this place we can
still sense that love in which "we live, move, and have our being." 
This is a place within the soul which no image can reflect and no
words express.  The philosophy, concepts, and science of the mental
plane offer no reassurance.  And the physical world offers no
protection.  It is beyond the reach of all cultures and religions.  It is
the place within ourselves where feelings detect the invisible forces
shaping the world before they manifest as physical events. 
   To write a psalm is to step inside the cold and implacable heart of
Saturn and sing a song of love so beautiful the forces turning the
wheel of time halt.  They stop in order to listen to a voice which
speaks with greater authority.  When they begin to move again, they
revolve around a different center.  To speak with such a voice,
feelings must be free to appear without hindrance and flow without
resistance through your astral body.  The reason evangelists are not
prophets is that when they speak you can hear, in every single
instance, fear vibrating within their voices. 
     There is a vast sea of energies on the astral plane.  Part of this
energy of feeling flows through our lives. We share with another a
cup of affection and establish a marriage.  We nourish generosity
and the desire to service and form communities.  And yet, there is
always something new emerging, something that was there all along
in the shadows--an unknown river breaking through from beneath
the ground or a flood surging down a dry river bed lying empty for
a thousand years.  By sensing the subtle energies present on the
astral plane, we can see in advance the ways tomorrow will be
different from today.
    Consider a few more examples of the necessity of dealing with
darkness and seeming chaos when you enter the astral plane to see
the future.  I knew a woman who read Tarot cards.  One day she
read for three teenagers.  She told them they must not ride in a car
on the following Saturday or they would die.  They did not believe
her and inspite of all she did to convince them, they road into town
and died in an accident. 
    After that she stopped reading Tarot cards for a number of years. 
Seeing the future and not being able to change it was too much for
her to bear.  Imagine then seeing an airliner crash or a natural
disaster or a major military conflict.  Imagine understanding that it is
possible to alter the future but not being able to convince anyone to
change. Or else imagine you possess a degree of magick but not
enough to place causes on the inner planes which would protect the
life which is endangered.  You have to ask yourself how much you
want to see and what divine principle you will utilize to guarantee
your own emotional stability. 
   Consider now the Apostle John who wrote the book of
Revelations while banished into exile on the isle of Patmos.  People
are still fighting over how to interpret his prophecies and to which
time his words apply.  John was the only disciple of Christ who did
not suffer a violent death.  Pause with me a moment and envision
from John's perspective the future of his religion as if you were him
and could see through the veils of the future.  
     I am not interested in criticizing Christianity.  Rather, I want to
use John's historical situation to illustrate the astonishing twists of
fate and whirlwinds of emotional confusion which lie in wait to
destroy the faith of those who would be a prophet or clairvoyant.  
    There are many reversals in Christianity which separate it from
Judaism.  After all, God had delivered Israel from bondage in Egypt
through incredible miracles and demonstrations of divine power yet
Moses was only a prophet.  And under Solomon God had granted
Israel peace and honor among the nations so that a temple could be
built without the king having blood on his hands.  Surely, in
comparison to these things, if a Messiah were to come, even the
Roman Empire could not stand against him.  
    But this is not the way it happened.  Yet Christ demonstrated to
John his power over life and death--he raised from the dead and he
was also resurrected.  He could control nature--he walked on water
and the storm and sea would calm with a word from his lips.  Even
time served this master.  Christ took John and two other disciples
upon a hill and let them speak face to face with Abraham, Isaac, and
Jacob.  And Christ prophesied the fall and total destruction of
Jerusalem which occurred in John's life time. 
     But this was the crunch--the kingdom of God is not to be of this
world.  God had a greater gift to bestow.  The Holy of Holies would
not be secluded in a back room of a temple which the high priest
would enter once a year.  Our bodies are to be the temple of God
and each man would know God within his own heart.  For John and
many followers of Christ in the first century, the vision is
spellbinding and the experience of faith more precious than life.  
     And so, upon Patmos, in the role of a prophet, we hear John's
words, "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a
great voice, as of a trumpet,...."  John was on the astral plane
wrapped about within the eye of Divine vision.  His first concern
was the seven churches.  He saw the spirit of Christ warring to
preserve light on earth.  Yet imagine the level of difficulty--with this
degree of vision, you can see so clearly that a day or thousand years
makes little difference.  
   It was not going well for the church.  During John's life, there
were persecutions and contrary movements developing.  Heresies
were flourishing.  The forces pitted against the church seemed
staggering.  A prophet like John gazing into the future wants so
badly for love to triumph, but human beings seem to make every
other thing their priority.  In doing so, they fall from the light and
the Word of God no longer guides them.  The forces of fate and
destruction then reign over them.
    Things were so bad that even as early as the second century,
church bishops were beginning to tell their followers not to seek
Christ in their own hearts and through their own experience but to
rely on the doctrines of the bishops for guidance.  Only later on in
the third century would persecution end when the Roman Emperor
adopted Christianity as the state religion. Then bishops would have a
free hand to forge and enforce a set of doctrines threatening exile or
death to those who would dissent.  
     For John, it is not completely clear if the victory of Christianity
over the Roman Empire is triumph of spirit or a curse lasting for
millennia.  Political power is substituted for trust in God.  Israel
never leaned this lesson to trust in the Spirit to sustain its existence. 
Would Christianity follow the same path of self-destruction?  But
this was not even the worst of what was to come.
    Rome would be sacked again and again.  Europe would be under
such threat that only in Ireland would writing and scholarship be
preserved.  The light of learning almost died.  In the sixth century,
St. Columba would have to fight a war over the right to make a
single copy of the Gospel of John.
    And there are other forces John could see clearly.  But was it the
Black Death of the middle ages that he saw in which one out of
three individuals in Europe would die of the plague?  And what
would John make of the Crusades?  John proclaimed with his own
pen that "the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us."  What
would he think of the need to have a "holy land" to visit on
pilgrimage to renew your faith rather than knowing the spirit within
your heart?  Would "the Word" and the Holy Spirit flee the earth
and would men be so spiritually impoverished that they would be
left with only a few ruins and the dust where Christ walked?   When
men are separate from God they fail to realize that the wasteland
and destruction are their own creation.
    Wasn't the whole point of the incarnation to get beyond temples
made with men's hands which could be destroyed by other men? 
So what would John think of these huge medieval temples sprouting
up all over Europe?  Were men trying to equal the temple of
Solomon or to surpass the temples' architecture of Greece and
Rome?  Or was art trying to reflect the sacred it found within the
heart?  Perhaps John would reflect that even in the wilderness
Moses gave the people a tabernacle where the peace of God was
more real to the five senses.
     Did John see that after the Reformation, in the name of Christ
and by Christ's power and authority, the Christian church would
burn alive at the stake millions of individuals?  The dead would be
far more than the million individuals who populated Rome in John's
own time.  But how is a prophet to deal with the fact that his
religion would, without remorse, commit the worst atrocity in the
entire history of religion on our planet?  Monsters appear within the
church.  You can tell by their works and by the fear in their voice
and the hatred in their eyes.  The counter reformation and its wars
will occur, as will St. Columba's battle, as a conflict between
authority and the right of individuals to read the sacred texts with
their own eyes and to decide for themselves by the power of spirit
the meaning. 
     Did John also see the First and Second World Wars?  Would he
see forty years of nuclear brinkmanship on the edge of an abyss
risking planetary annihilation?  And did he see a small dictator at the
end of the twentieth century with 2,500 liters of aflatoxin loaded
into warheads and bombs with enough capacity to kill every human
being on earth?      
    On the astral plane it is a little bit difficult to measure time
because time is suspended.  Yet John wrote what he saw:  "And I
looked and, behold, a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was
Death, and Hades followed with him.  And power was given unto
them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with
hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."
   Whether John was speaking in metaphor or not, the actual angel
of death appeared during Passover just before the Jews fled Egypt. 
It was not by whimsy that the angel struck dead the first born male
of the Egyptians.  The Pharaoh had earlier decreed that the first
born male of the Jews be thrown into the Nile.  Moses himself was
perhaps the only survivor of that plague of death.  It is no surprise
that Moses returned this curse upon a Pharaoh who would bind this
people to slavery in this foreign land. 
   The angel of death appeared again when Sennacherib, the king of
Assyria, was besieging Jerusalem. On behalf of king Hezekiah, the
prophet Isaiah "prayed and cried to heaven." And the angel
destroyed a large portion of Sennacherib's army in one night so the
siege was lifted.  
    The angel of death, a dangerous and terrifying spirit, has an inner
source of inspiration.  It is this:  there are times when living beings
and what is must be destroyed so that life may flourish and
transform to attain greater ends.  The point is that, though John's
visions are excruciatingly horrifying and encounter dark forces
shaping history,  he kept his eyes open and reported what he saw.  It
is up to reader to determine on his own behalf the significance of
John's words.   
      Whatever John saw in his vision, he personally felt protected.  It
does not matter how much confusion and chaos there is to be in
future history.  John felt the light of God was with him illuminating
his vision.  For John, God's presence is unmistakable and
     After all John's visions of the powers of destruction which shall
befall the earth, John, like Job, David, and Isaiah, could affirm a
final end which resolves the conflicts of history:  "and there shall be
no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any
more pain; for the former things are passed away."   To work with
prophecy, you must be convinced from the bottom of your heart
that love with its power to transform history is at the center of the
universe and that all things turn upon it.  Without such absolute
conviction, the depths of the astral plane are an abyss of terrifying
    Akasha itself speaks with a voice to those who would be
clairvoyant. It says, "If you wish to walk this way and to see as we
see the things that shall be, then you must be as one of us--your
faith must be absolute and your heart must be pure;  and at the core
of your being you must know that love is sovereign so that you exist
beyond all fear." 
     In my own experience, I have had what I consider a few
prophetic visions.  Within a dream I awake and am presented with a
clear, detailed picture of some event which is about to happen.  In
one case a few days later,  I met two other individuals who had had
this exact same vision.  
    In the vision, there is both a detachment and an urgency.  It is as
if a voice is saying, "I have spoken with a billion souls this night. 
And though a few have heard my words and seen what you have
seen, not one has decided to do anything to change what is to
come."  The voice implies that the future is negotiable.  But to
change great historical events, you have to be willing to pay the
price--to become in your own soul a conduit that channels energies
sufficient to lay a foundation for a more benevolent future.
The Physical Plane:  When Ugolog enters the etheric\physical
world, you experience events of the future in a more physical way. 
By working with spirits such as Oramos or using the cosmic letter
UE you can also see the future.  You walk around in the
clairvoyanht vision among "actual events" which later happen.  You
do not see everything.  There is too much going on to take it all in. 
But you can at least focus on a few things which are of major
concern to you.
    Ugolog says to me, "You desire to be happy.  But your happiness
has a divine vision hidden within it.  I will show you this vision.  It is
for you to decide on what level you wish to be satisfied."  Ugolog
proceeds to show me a future I had not considered.  I can close my
eyes in this moment and step directly into it. 
    When you work with the future in this way,  you build a bridge
between the present and the fulfillment of your desires.  It is not just
that you know what to look for and expect it to arrive sooner.  The
end you desire is already alive within you.  Ugolog assists you to
cherish and nurture this life so that you feel fully alive in the present
moment as well.  In regard to desire and fulfillment, Ugolog is not
only a seer.  He is a fabulous counselor whose psychology
illuminates the mysteries of history and time.
    In the cosmic language, the letter UE relates the most to
prophecy.  Practicing this letter in your aura develops your ability to
see how the future unfolds from the point of view of akasha.  I
wrote this poem to express the "voice" of UE:

I am the benevolence of Divine Providence
I create, I inspire, I guide
I make all things new in the fullness of time

I am the wish-fulfilling gem 
I satisfy your deepest cravings 
And reveal your highest path to perfection 

I am the mysterious nexus:
Through my soul pass
The most obscure forces 
Holding history in their grasp

Amid your worst nightmare, 
Your greatest fear,
Your obstacles 
Impenetrable and severe
I open the gateway to freedom 

Who Celebrates these things: 
The beauty of the earth and sky uniting
The tossing and turning of the seasons in wild passion
And this also: 
The vast, unknown reaches 
Within a heart without hope--
Swirling cosmic dust
Giving birth to stars
Out of the dark womb of infinite space

My wealth is the joining 
Of matter and spirit without limit 
And my consort is the fire 
Illuminating the world with universal love.