William R. Mistele

Re: in regard to the question of karmic limitations on discussing the mermaid realm.


The limitations are very interesting. In the story, A Modern Undine, in the book, I have that reference to the guardians or protectors of the realm of mermaids and the explanation of why Western civilization has not had access to this realm. We mentioned that before.
   It takes freedom from ego to get past the barriers to the mermaid realm.  But with a community of magic practitioners with whom working with all four elemental realms is part of the basic training, it is possible to freely share one's experiences in that context of mutual learning and support.  Bardon mentions that it is possible to publish all sorts of things about the mysteries and have the books in the bookstores but they are still protected because most people just do not get it. 
 But there is another side, presenting a "divine enchantment" to draw people's attention in a really good way when there is a divine purpose intended.  The empathy of the mermaids is about as far away from what people are interested in learning as it is possible to get.  But by presenting women who actually have this mermaid empathy, whether they have human souls or actual mermaid souls, with the stories that go with them, people can then find their own way to move beyond ego and personal identity to connect directly to water and the seas and rivers and lakes through their own experience.  
  I can't put someone in front of the sea and tell them, Now let go and feel the sea as if it is your own soul.
  I have to say to them, As you sit here in front of the sea, you are sitting with an entire spiritual community of individuals who have found beauty in their souls, timeless peace, an inner oneness with the universe, and a capacity to feel one with each other without restraint.
  That "religious" type experience with the sacred is within the capacity of human beings to experience, celebrate, and share.  It is common and perfectly natural for human beings at this time to need music, art, photography, drawings, dance, and ceremony to go with it in order to feel comfortable with the basic exercises relating to undines.  
 I am tempted to organize a photo shoot for two hours some day on an isolated beach near my house with my model Rachel and six or so photographers to try to capture "mermaid" style women.  It is a "baby step" toward creating a public celebration of mermaid beauty. The mermaids can come up and watch and give me feedback on our progress.

  And I keep suggesting to myself that I once again start a group that only does listening—you attend and you practice basic and also extremely advanced listening skills founded on active listening to the hundredth power.  You go there to be debriefed on the flow of your life as well as to be a “listening space” and magic mirror for others’ lives. That is mermaid empathy in the first step.  

Yours, Bill