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                         The Cosmic Letter W


Note: I am currently working on the cosmic letter W because it is part of the JHWH formula for manifesting things.  The JHWH formula has a kind of Ka Boom effect: it make things happen in a sudden and dramatic way.  It is analogous to the sign of Aries (and the first spirit of the sphere of Mercury relating to Aries: Vehuiah) that gets things going so that all the other constellations of the Zodiac have an opportunity to follow through with what it has begun. 

   In the JHWH formula, the two water letters, J and W which represent the magnetic fluid, must be strong enough to contain and direct the two fiery letters of H which represent immense will and power.  Naturally, you have to become one with the magnetic fluid or feminine principle in order to keep the electric masculine principle operating in a positive and creative way. This is what high magic requires: that we perfectly join masculine and feminine creative powers to accomplish our purposes. 

    See my discussion of other cosmic letters such as G for an explanation of my method.    


Akashic Plane


On the akashic level, the task is to identify with a boundless state of light and energy.  You become a vast ocean of lilac light, a cold watery sensation, and the sound of G.  This is not difficult for me.  Getting a specific set of feelings and impressions that accompany this is difficult. 

   After practicing for a half hour, what I sense the letter says is this: “It is my job to make you feel alive.  It is my job to find a satisfactory solution to any problem in life.  My awareness encompasses all of life.  I illuminate life.  I animate life.  I sustain its quality and vigor.  I maintain its vitality.

   “You could call me cosmic quality control for experiencing life.  In fact, you could say I am the state of awareness, the original principle, that designed and brought life into being.” 

   The image I get is that of one of those great Swamis who sits up their on a stage in front of a huge audience of people.  And he/she has that very bright and luminous aura that just sends out waves of energy that inspire and animate those in the audience.  

     For each person, life is a different experience.  But this energy, this cosmic state of awareness, can say to those in need, “You may have lost your way.  You may be more and more cut off from feeling and being alive.  Here, let us start over in a new way.  By the cup of life I give you to drink you are now a new person.  Your vitality is different.  Your feelings are different.  Your mind is different.  You have become new.   Is this surprising?  I, the original designer of life, am now within you.”

    I get images from the Old West.  A young gunslinger is just on the edge of breaking the law.   His sense of self is negative.  He lacks any purpose or goal. 

     And then this man rides up one day and says we invite you to join up with us—become a Texas Ranger.  And though the pay is terrible, the hours are long, the work strenuous, and the danger constant, the nobility and purpose of bringing law to a lawless land suddenly overshadows everything else.  In place of poor motivation and a bad attitude, there is now courage, self-worth, dignity, group affiliation, and honor.  And he serves the greater good and helps to lay the foundation for a new land. 

    “Don’t be distracted by the little things,” says the cosmic letter W.  “Come.  Here is the original design and purpose life.  Become an agent of this principle.  Be imbued with the highest inspiration that stands behind, underlies, and inspires everything that is alive.”  This is the cosmic letter W on the akashic level. 

  I sometimes tell the story of how in 1976 I met a Hopi Indian medicine man.  He said that he would never teach a white man or white woman his methods of healing.   And I never asked him to teach me.  But one day when the two of us were alone, I asked if I might meditate with him for a few minutes. 

   And then I evoked one of the images of the goddess of the earth.  This was a woman whose aura heightens and renews the life in any living being.  She is dressed in white and she sees right through the body of any creature as if its body is completely transparent to her vision.  After this brief meditation, the Hopi Indian began immediately teaching me about how to make herbal remedies to heal others.  Now that this Hopi India is dead, I still retain a strong connection to him.  

     You could say that the goddess of the earth is an embodiment of the cosmic letter W on the akashic and astral levels.  I figured that for someone like a medicine man who heals and lives close to nature, the goddess of life would offer an irresistible appeal. 


Mental Plane


Bardon describes the W on the mental plane as producing a high level of Samadhi, the ability to concentrate free of distractions.  For me, it certainly does this. 

   To bring the original awareness that produced life down through the planes you need to be able to use your mind in this way: to focus on something so that nothing else exists in your awareness.  

     I know a lot of Westerners who are certainly the match for any Oriental master when it comes to concentrating.  But, at the risk of generalizing, concentration is used in different ways.  The Westerner concentrates in order to solve a problem—to figure out how to splice genes in a new way, to solve a problem in cosmology, to figure out how to get 300% returns on his investments each year, to build a better tire, operating system, or communication device. 

   The Oriental master usually takes his concentration in a different direction.  He wants to study how to make the mind enlightened, how to apply the system of acupuncture in a new way to heal, how to align and upgrade his chakras, how to identify with a guru or yidam, etc.  The Oriental master often has a great advantage in concentrating as a state of trance because his brain energy is cooler—it is supported by all that yogi or internal meditations he practices. 

    Or it is supported by his or her monastic lifestyle.  He reduces life to its absolute simplicity along with reducing his exposure to the events of the external world.  I know one Tai Chi Chuan master who simply does not use brain energy to solve problems.  Thinking eats chi (vitality) and he likes to maintain his body at the highest level of chi.  If there is a problem to be solved he prefers to have one of his disciples do the problem solving and present the possible solutions which he, the master, then selects in a few moments of time. 

   On the other hand, the Westerner’s concentration is often supported by his emotional enthusiasm.  He loves what he is doing—changing the world in some way.  He is stirred up, aggressive, and competitive.  A Buddhist master’s complaint is that a simple merchant will be so alert he acts as if his hair is on fire.  The merchant throws his whole being into making money.  A monk, by contrast, often falls asleep he is so bored and inattentive to the spiritual practices. 

   But the Westerner’s brain heats up because blood is flowing constantly along specific synaptic channels between specific parts of the brain.  This tends to lock awareness into narrow modes of thinking.  You end up being good at a few things and brain dead about many other things. 

   But there are exceptions such as Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. He enthusiastically and intensively studied all the martial arts he could gain access to in Japan.  And then from this knowledge he experienced a trance and vision from which he originated Aikido. 

     Ueshiba utilized a powerful magnetic field of energy in order to harmonize and balance any aggressive energy thrown at him.  From what I can tell, none of his subsequent students ever reproduced in themselves his aura.  One student took it in the opposite direction and embodied the electric fluid in his aura.  He used a powerful yang energy in his throws.  But Ueshiba was soft—once another person entered Ueshiba’s aura or immediate space, Ueshiba only needed to gesture at times in order to throw the person off balance.  The other person was caught in a psychic if not palpable riptide of watery energy. 

    The cosmic letter W on the mental plane cools the brain.  It does not matter whether you are focusing outward or inward, to solve problems or to refine your consciousness.  It simply enhances concentration. 

    Bardon also mentions that on the mental level the W vastly improves your ability to feel and to reproduce in yourself the vibration of any idea or principle.  Simply put, if you focus on something so that nothing else exists within your consciousness, what you are focusing on becomes your mental vibration.  You feel its life and are easily able to identify with it. 

    This is similar to the psychological idea of simply imagining you are another person in order to understand that person’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  It helps to be empathic or use your imagination to do this.  Like I have said before, this is part of the job of writers and actors.  They turn this into an art and life long practice.  They put a lot of work into it and ask themselves all sorts of questions when they are seeking to understand another’s mind. 

    On the other hand, I have met individuals whose auras are like a chameleon.  They can instantly change their aura to match or reproduce in themselves the vibration or aura of another person.  I often use this ability.  It is an automatic subconscious skill.  But though I can reproduce to some extent the vibration of anything within myself, it does not mean I understand this vibration.  I have to work at it to become aware of what it is. 

     In just about everything I write I am using this skill: I produce a vibration of an element, a spirit, or a cosmic letter; I study its sensations and qualities; and then I come up with images, experiences, and words to describe it.  If I then concentrate using a specific vibration to enhance my powers and produce a specific result, I am doing what is called magic. 

     This method is also taught in psychology in the art of focusing in Eugene’s Gendlin’s book, Focusing.  I just take it and spend hours instead of minutes focusing.  The sensations and feelings I am working with are far more complex than those of an individual trying to solve an emotional problem.   


Astral Plane


Bardon describes W on the astral plane as producing religious mysticism, mystical devotion, a temple atmosphere, and rapture.   Now I have been in a great many different Christian churches not to mention a fair sample of Buddhist, Taoist, and Hindu temples.  Where have I seen religious mysticism, devotion, and rapture?  Sure, some of the above occasionally have a degree of these things.  But the real thing? 

    Decades ago I went to a few rock concerts—Lead Zeppelin and the Doors.  I had a vision during the Lead Zeppelin concert never matched by the visions I have had on churches or temples.  And Jim Morrison briefly embodied archetypal energies when he sang.  You were in the presence of ancient and primordial powers striving to thrive, to survive, and to devour new sensations so that they could experience the raptures of life. 

     And when it comes to a temple atmosphere think computer games.  Playing Diablo I could start at eight o’clock at night and be surprised when it became light outside because the sun was rising and I had not even moved for ten hours from my chair.  That kind of detachment from the world is an aspect of religious mysticism.  Religions and psychologists have not been very quick to understand the changes that are occurring in our world.    

      You can get a sense of awe from the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Sedona, the Egyptian pyramids, the Parthenon, St. Peter’s Cathedral, or the Taj Mahal.  You can go to Jerusalem or other holy sites.  I will grant that there is a degree of awe and wonder that accompanies natural wonders and historical sites.  There certainly is a group dynamic—when others feel awe and wonder in a certain location for hundreds or thousands of years a residue of those emotions accumulate in the stones and bricks.  Yet when I visit some of these sites I don’t sit there for eight hours a day for three days in a row meditating on what is in front of me. 

    But this is exactly what I do when I visit a small stone circle on Mull Island off Scotland.  (See Set there amid cow patties, the stones for me each contain a different cosmic letter from the Bardon system.  Someone placed cosmic energies in these stones for future generations to discover.  Now that is one of the great wonders of the world.  When I sat there for three days only one couple came by and they only stayed a few minutes.  The problem is you have to be psychic and magically trained to appreciate the magnificence of an otherwise nondescript stone circle.

    The cosmic letter W produces in you what I would call an emotional Samadhi.  On the mental plane there is a state of concentration like a natural trance.  On the astral plane the equivalent is the feeling of rapture.  But the W does not require a specific symbol, temple, or object to produce the rapture.  It is the state of rapture itself.

    The mental plane Samadhi is sometimes thought of as the goddess Kundalini, the serpent power, entering and ascending your spine and uniting with her lord in your brain.  The entire nervous system and set of chakras are penetrated and woven together into one vibration. 

   The astral rapture is different.  A different serpent, an actual bow constrictor, can coil around your body and squeeze in just the right way to increase your blood pressure so your heart stops beating.  But imagine another kind of pulsation occurring—one that massages all the muscles and organs of your body so as not to kill but in order to produce dopamine and endorphins.  There is a natural exhilaration and tranquilizing effect at the same time.  You don’t need the Grand Canyon, the Grateful Dead, the guru, or the temple to experience this.  It is an energy, a vibration, and the letter W is one way of reproducing this emotional state of rapture.    

     In terms of application, the letter W in effect can be used to produce the specific emotional energy that mirrors what you wish to be in the future.  By internalizing and emanating this vibration, you accelerate the manifestation of what you desire. 

     Feel as if what you want you already have.  It is nice to say that.  But if you begin transmitting like a radio tower the very vibration of what you desire it will race toward you.  The dream becomes real because the dream is imbued with power.  The letter W on the astral plane is not just rapture—it can also be the intensification and transmission of the specific thing you are after.                   

  I have mentioned in my essay on the planetary spheres that the aura of Uranus has the color of lilac, the same color as this cosmic letter.  I mention also that to take hold of the opportunities and gifts from Uranus you have to enter that vibration—think its thoughts, feel its feelings, see with its eyes, dream its visions, and make a place for it in your life.  It takes an effort because what is new must tear a part something of the old before it becomes alive.

     To really ask and answer the questions—What can and what should be?—you need to possess an inner serenity.  Otherwise the weight of daily life will steal from your imagination your insight.  The letter W is very peaceful and gentle.  It easily suspends the concerns of daily life.  But because it is peaceful it might be easy to underestimate its power. 

     Uranus is very intense.  It is exuberant, full of promise and delight.  Uranus is keeper of the treasures life has not yet revealed. They are yours for the asking. You only need to pay a little price: just take into your hands a small portion of the powers of creation.

    On the astral level there is something amazing, miraculous, and magical that occurs within the life of our feelings.  If we feel the future as being real right now, if we enter its vibration and make a place for it in our soul, then like I say the dream has a way of shifting so that it makes the transition from invisible to visible and real.  This is Uranus in action on the astral plane.  It is marvelous see it when it is alive and active in someone’s aura.  But the deepest dreams arise from one’s heart and such dreams are a part of the art of creation.  Use wisdom to choose what you desire.


Physical Plane


Bardon says of the W on the physical level that it increases one’s ability to differentiate between what is universal and what is temporary.  In other words, you understand fads.  You understand how individuals are temporarily enthralled with a game, a singer, a life style, clothes, dress, or a religious or political leader. 

   You understand what and why something holds another person’s attention and has emotional appeal.  Some argue that in a post industrial and democratic society, individuals have far more choices about how to live their lives than has been present in other societies.  The consequence is that there is a greater need for entertainment. 

     Entertainment allows individuals to temporarily suspend their anxiety and relax.  And as with movies, it serves as a mirror that focuses on how others are dealing with life.  Seeing others success or failures better places our own lives in perspective.  You are not reading from a text written thousands of years ago about the choices individuals made back then.  You are seeing a rendition of the choices individuals are making right now.  And an artist can take an event that occurred long ago and bring it to life interpreting it in a new way so that it places the modern world in a better perspective. 

     The sensation that accompanies W is watery cold.  Water is fluid.  It flows and molds itself to its environment.  But when it freezes it fixes in place what is caught within it.  Consciousness is often like this.  It can focus in many different directions and ways.  But something catches a person’s attention and his mind can no longer flow or adapt.  It is like his thoughts become fixed as if frozen in place. 

    The W is meant to keep us flexible and aware.  There is a time to focus with undivided attention and another time, perhaps the next moment, to flow and let go.  W is the empowerment of water to feel alive and also to dare and to transform ourselves at the same time without getting trapped in obsessions, fascinations, or the enchantments and vices of one’s own generation. 

    Also extensive concentration on the W develops one’s ability to work with the water element and in particular magnetic forms of healing.  The three sense concentration enhances the psychic and magical mastery of the water element.  You can get it colder and make the energy you create denser so that it is easier to produce physical results from your magic.   


Questions for Better Relating to the Letter W


Working with your own ideas and experiences gives an individual a better chance to make these cosmic energies personal and user friendly. 

For each of the four planes, try answering the following questions in your own terms:


Akashic Plane:  What is the original, deepest, and most enduring purpose of life? 


Mental Plane: What is Samadhi, that is, deep, meditative trance? How can such a trance enable us to identify with an ideal, a person or spirit, or an idea so we embody that vibration within us?  And how does the Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Sufi, Shaman, Jewish or Christian mystic use Samadhi in specific ways according to their traditions? 

   What is clair-feeling for you, that is, the ability to extend the sense of touch so you can sense things not physically present and also feel things that are not physical such as auras, spirits, or even thoughts and ideas?


Astral Plane: What are mystical devotion, rapture, and a temple atmosphere?  How powerful is it when you embody through your feelings something that is not yet real but rather belongs to the future?   

Physical Plane: To what extent can you use the sensation of touch to heal?  How well are you at concentrating on the sensation of cold water? If part of religious rapture is feeing the presence of the sacred, of the eternal, transpersonal, and spiritual, to what extent can you differentiate these from what is temporal, transient, and whose value is fleeting?    


Conclusion: I just spent five hours concentrating, meditating, and contemplating in order to write the above.  It is a very brief introduction.  I can see why this form of magic, that is, using the cosmic language, is not going to be very popular.  It requires a deep introversion—focusing on one’s own sensations, feelings, intuitions, etc.  And above all else it requires the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time. 

   Then again, you know, China’s economy is driving the world economy.  China has been growing at over ten per cent a year.  Their need for basic commodities such as zinc, iron, coal, oil, lead, nickel, copper, etc. has renewed and invigorated the economies of countries around the world from Brazil and Peru to Australia and Japan, from Europe to the U.S.  

   But in my humble opinion, this world is a better place because a few individuals are using the cosmic language to assist mankind in its development.  This magical activity is doing more for our world in terms of improving the world living standard and furthering human evolution than the Chinese economy. 

     One of the mysteries of our planet is that the unfolding of human history has been a function of science and technology as well as genuine magic.  This is most peculiar: these two very different explorations of consciousness will remain with us as long as we exist.  In our age of the world, they appear to work independently of each other.  Obviously science is totally unaware that magic even exists even when it is conducting its own, successful experiments with telepathy.  But in the end science and magic will join, for this is our destiny.  

    In life, we all have choices to make about where to invest our time and energy in order to bring about the best results.  The cosmic language has a lot of prerequisites.  It takes a lot of commitment and skill.  It requires a lot of experience with both the physical and spiritual worlds. 

     And there is no glamour attached to it.  It has no blogs.  It has no churches or temples dedicated to its practice and use.  It transcends any religion, tradition, race, or group of practitioners.  On the other hand, it is what the higher spirits use to accomplish their purposes.  And this is the point of Bardon’s system, for all its errors—for an individual to learn to operate both as human being and as a divine spirit at the same time.