Chapter Eight: the Undine Isaphil


Chapter Objective


Consider the pros and cons, the advantages and also the dangers of working with the water element. 


Contemplate the ways in which the masculine and feminine not only have the power to recreate each other but also, in uniting, to recreate the world.         


Chapter Outline



       Story: The Undine Isaphil 

       Essay: Isaphil’s Four Bodies

       Essay: The Five Elements--Review





In Chapter Seven, I briefly described a race that replaces human beings.  It is subtle.  There are the same human bodies but a different set of souls begin to occupy them. 

    My specialty is reading auras, both that of human beings and spirits.  This brings me to a great problem—how to account for the aura of the undine queen Isaphil.  More than in the previous chapter, I use the style of science fiction to obtain the back story. 

  In the past, you get a psychic with a degree of genuine skill, stir in a little metaphysical speculation, and he with others end up starting an organization that thinks it can creatively rewrite spiritual evolution on earth.  Perhaps the attempts were not as bad as the desire to get practitioners to conform to an authorized set of beliefs, feelings, and activities.  For me, such organizations are not insightful.  They are comedians and their actions are stand up comedy. 

   I too have a degree of psychic ability and more than a little metaphysical perspective.  But I hope you take my writing with a sense of humor and appreciation for the place of art in spiritual exploration.  My stories are entertainment—a mirror we can hold up to look back on ourselves; their best purpose is to get us to ask the right questions.  

  All the same, a good fairy tale has to be enticing.  There should be more than a little intrigue; the details should be inviting and tantalizing.  I would hope some of my readers would say to themselves, “He writes with an insider’s knowledge and knows far more about his topic than he is sharing.” 



                                             The Undine Isaphil—Her Story


                                                                       Be still so the entire world is part of your heart.






Mermaids generally take on the vibration of some aspect of water in nature.  This can be a stream, a river, a mountain pool, a lake, an ocean bay, a sea, etc.  In other words, if you stood in front of a woman with a mermaid’s aura you might feel the cool, calm vibration of a mountain pool or the renewing, flowing, releasing feeling of a small stream. 

   The undine queens, by contrast, have auras that are a magnetic field of energy.  The queens are more developed, skilled in magic, and possess a broader range of abilities.  They tend to embrace water in all aspects as it exists on earth.  

  Some of the undine queens possess qualities that we might describe as divine missions.  Their very existence represents a treasure of spirit or an offer to become transformed in a way that only the divine world could have conceived.

   In this sense, they are more than nature or, to put it more accurately, they embody secret purposes hidden within nature.  Isaphil is one such undine queen.  This is her story and it has taken me twenty-five years to understand the details. 


Franz Bardon says of Isaphil, “To describe her beauty by words would give much difficulty even to a talented poet.”  Here is a first attempt:  




Clear as a perfect mirror

Anything here may appear

Without attachment or fear


The depths of the sky and the sea

What has been and what shall be

She easily perceives


To feel free

Beyond need

Complete, at ease


Love is a sea

Without shores or boundaries

Peace is without limit

And kindness is infinite  


Here is Isaphil’s aura: First you imagine all the waters of the earth--the oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and the icy poles too.  After all, she says of her self, “All the waters of the earth hear my voice when I speak.”

   Then you blend in a soft, luminous, silvery, white light of the moon.  That is, for a moment, imagine all water on earth as being lit up from within with soft, silvery light. Then you sense within this light a profound peace so vast it has not yet found anyone on earth who can embody it.  Isaphil says of herself, “No being is as much a part of the peace of the earth as am I.”

   Like I say, some undines embody treasures hidden within nature.  They possess divine gifts.  And surely if we do not claim these gifts as our own another race will follow after us that will succeed in incorporating these wonders in their hearts.      

   To summarize, she says, “I reveal paths of spirit that are nothing more than discovering how to be in your soul free and at peace with the universe.” 

   This is a brief description of who she is.  There is much more.  To put it simply, Isaphil embodies a divine mission whose task is to unite the spiritual aura of the earth and moon so they have become one.  


The earth is electric and dynamic and by comparison the moon is receptive and magnetic.  The aura of the earth invites life here to take charge and be in command.  It insists you accomplish something of value while you are alive.  The world should be a better place for your having been here. 

   By contrast, the aura of the moon has an awareness that extends freely through the past and the future.  The inner and outer worlds are in no way separate.  Consciousness is illuminated from within and no matter how great your attainments are in the outer world they only can represent a small part of who you are.

   The lunar sphere is more serene and saturated with the feeling of peace.  Without this peace, an inner stillness, an individual’s purposes and commitments can easily become lost in the distractions of the outer world; they can be twisted and distorted by the passion, pain, mistakes, false paths, and illusions of life. 

   For the lunar sphere, attainments and endeavors in the outer world are far more successful and accomplish far more if an individual embodies an inner peace and serenity.  You change the outer world by changing your self from within.  Fill your soul with inspiration and the world will conform to your visions.  

   Each advanced civilization in our galaxy is free to choose what part it wishes to play in the unfolding of the universe.  Considering developments over the last three hundred years, the human race has become obsessed with the outer world.  It is probably fair to say that humanity has decided to pursue science and technology, industry and invention.  This is the main thrust of our civilization.    

   Yet there remain many other paths and choices we could make.  The undine queens offer unknown paths of spirit no religion or culture on earth has as of yet surveyed, defined, or considered.  Isaphil could say, “You will be far more successful and accomplish far more if inside your souls you felt one with the universe.  In fact, you would attain more than you can dream or imagine.”     


The Problem


Most writers would be tempted to begin here:


Long ago in Lemuria before even fair Atlantis flourished and then sank beneath the waves, there was a priestess called to our world.  She was not a mortal but in mortal disguise.  She was commissioned, that is, fully empowered and authorized to fulfill a sacred task.  And her task was this: to reveal to the human race the great treasures hidden within lunar serenity.

But as a mortal she became enchanted with human desires (not wrong in themselves) and she fell from the light.  And so it has been true without a shadow of a doubt that we lack the gift she was to bestow on mankind.  It has been missing from the human soul and heart for all these long ages and eons.

 As the gods or the divine may choose to do according to its own will and time, the gift offered was not dissolved.  Rather, it was hidden within nature—in the soul of an undine most fine.  Though the human race may lack the strength and the grace to sense this treasure, to lay hold of it and to claim it, all the same it waits for those hearts are receptive to it. 

 For me, it is impossible to miss—it is in the feel of moonlight, in the touch of skin upon skin (I have felt it); it is in the dream of peace that I dream.  And I hear it in her voice as she speaks to me as she does in this very moment.  But alas, I myself do not possess the strength of will or the nobility of spirit required to fulfill the mission written into her being.  Let these words inspire another to accomplish these things.            


To summarize, there was once a divine mission to unite the spiritual qualities of the earth and the moon.  One individual was designated to accomplish this task.  The person failed.

   As a result, the divine gift was withdrawn. If the mission had been fulfilled, wars would not exist.  We would have attained our present science and technology tens of thousands of years ago.  And the civilization resulting would have continued its development without interruption. 

   Occasionally, my genre of fairy tales ventures into science fiction.  After all, the kings and queens of the four elements know many things about nature that our scientists can not yet imagine: the ecstasy in the wind known to sylphs is an expansion of brain functioning that human beings have never dreamed;

   The ecstasy of silence in the earth is a knowledge of immortality that as yet remains a secret hidden in our genes; the ecstasy in fire is a light so bright it recreates itself from out of its own vision (neither in our particle accelerators nor in our fusion reactors have we attained to such power; and in the ecstasy of water is the love that enables us to become one with all beings—the magnetic field of the entire planet becomes a medium that extends our sensory perception—our scientists as of yet know nothing of such things. 

    However, the obstacles confronting me are far greater than merely trying to describe a realm of spiritual beings to those who do not perceive the unseen.  This is the greater problem.  Isaphil’s aura—the vibrations within her inner etheric, astral, and mental bodies—can not exist within the aura of an undine.  Nature spirits are of nature and lack a divine component, the element of akasha, which all human beings possess.  Yet Isaphil’s aura not only embodies the akasha of our planet but also the vibration of the realm of spirit surrounding the moon.         

   And so my job is cut out for me--to tell you a story that goes far beyond science or human history.  Even in accordance with the rules and regulations of hermetic magic, the undine Isaphil violates all norms and standards.  Her very existence is impossible according to the laws of magic. 

   Though truly an undine queen, she is not of nature but a created being assigned a divine task.  She waits for that moment in time when a race shall arise worthy to taste and embrace the wonder she has yet to reveal.  And at that time, the world on which we dwell will be transformed forever.     


The Back Story


Part One: On Another Planet in a Binary Star System


There is a planet orbiting a star in a binary system approximately 95 light years away from us.  Considering the size of our galaxy, this is next door. 

  The planet receives more solar radiation than ours in part because the atmosphere offers little protection.  There is no moon.  There is no magnetic field protecting the planet.  At first glance, the surface of the planet appears cold, barren, desolate, and hostile to life.            

  A little over two million years ago, a new species appeared on this planet in a network of caves.  They are a sulfur based life form whereas we are carbon based.  Unlike most sulfur based life forms on earth, these creatures did not develop near volcanic vents beneath the sea.  

    On this other planet, there are no mammals.  The creatures were unlike any form of life form now on earth.  They were mobile. And their sensory systems perceived light not only in the visual spectrum as do we but also in infrared, sonar, radar, electro-magnetic field, and various frequencies of seismic or sound waves from earth tremors.  You could say they were aware of space and the quality of the objects occupying that space. They sensed the electronic vibrations of animals and minerals directly.

    We could call these beings Argusians after Argus who in the Greek myths had a hundred eyes and never slept.  Their actual name for themselves could not be pronounced in a human language because the sounds do not occur within the range of anything we could hear or comprehend.

  Understand, they did not actually have eyes. But they could sense sutble changes in electromagnetic fields, electronic vibrations of minerals, and even in fluctuations of gravity.  Their nervous system was developed far beyond that of any creature on earth and beyond the perceptual systems of all life forms on earth put together. 

   For the first million years, they were in constant conflict with another species on their planet.  A number of times they faced extinction. Unlike us, were not at the top of the food chain.  They were not predatory.  

   The predators were carbon based.  They were a cross between an electric eel, a lamprey, and star-nosed mole. These predators hunted in packs and ranged over most of the planet, though they too moved primarily beneath the ground.

  Unlike life on earth, the Argusians could regenerate their bodies from a cellular level. They rarely got sick. And, other than being killed by predators or accidents, they were virtually immortal. A few lived for the full span of two millions years that they existed on the planet.   

   When attacked, they usually sealed themselves off underground in a secured area and went into a partial hibernation until their enemy turned its attention in another direction.  At the end of the first million years, the Argusians attained our level of science.  At this point, they were able to overcome any threat to their survival from their enemy.

    If an Argusian were here on earth right now in physical form, he could sense directly the movement of the moon and the nearby planets by their gravitational influence.  He could sense the minerals and composition of the ground, the metabolism of animals and trees for hundreds of miles in any direction.

  And if there were another Argusian within a hundred miles, he could transfer his perceptions to the other Argusian so that their field of perception extended over two hundred miles.  They had full access to each other’s consciousness. 

  There are actually human beings who possess some of these perceptual abilities.  For example, I know a few people who when they meditate can sense what anyone else is thinking or feeling on earth.  But no human beings possess the full range of perception of a typical Argusian.  

  All the same, in spite of being able to perceive directly each others’ thoughts, they were still very capable of developing individuality.  If you spend a great deal of time focusing within your self, it is possible to pursue unique and creative activities. Others may be aware of what you are doing and experiencing, but it does not mean they are changing themselves in the same way. 

   I have a friend who became an artist.  She explains to me how she paints and what she feels and thinks as she does so.  But her sharing with me her experience does not make me an artist. I do not see as she sees.    

   In movement, the Argusians were slow unless highly motivated. But in thought, their thinking and communication were nearly instantaneous.  What we would call telepathy they would simply refer to as an ability to sense directly the electrical activity in another person’s brain.  And they would decipher that activity by noticing how the other’s brain thinks differently in comparison to their own.

  Due to their social interaction and integration, they never had physical violence within their own species.  No wars, no fights, no aggression.  In all fairness, I should point out that the Argusians were the most developed of any species in this galaxy in terms of the range and sensitivity of their perceptional systems.  

   The Argusians did not actually do magic or pursue supernatural ends.  There were no spirits for them to contact or which made contact with them. They had no religions, no prophets, and no seers.  The idea of a future life would not appeal to an Argusian because for them the future was derived from the present and had no independent status.  And their science did not follow the laws of nature as we understand them.      

   Consider. Galileo was perhaps the first genuine scientist in the Western world.  Because of his observations of the planets and moons, Newton was able to formulate his theories concerning objects in motion and the mathematical formulas for defining the operations of gravity and physics.  Einstein also built on mathematical physics with its emphasis on gravity in his theory of relativity. 

   But the Argusians would look at the works of Newton and Einstein and shrug their shoulders if they had shoulders.  They would try to make sense of the theories of Newton, Einstein, and Stephen Hawkin.  Then they would say these scientists were doing the equivalent of trying to solve problems using whole numbers with addition and subtraction when the computations require fractions and calculus. 

   In fact, our entire system of mathematics as we understand it would be meaningless to them.  Understand, they had Cat scans and MRIs built into their perceptional systems from their beginning as a species. We utilize magnetic resonance to detect the existence of water on the moon from an orbiting space craft.  They had magnetic resonance in a biological form.  Consequently, they had a different approach to concepts and abstractions.  

  For an Argusian discussing mathematics, one and one are not two; they never were and never will be either.  Add one man and one woman and in our mathematics you have two people. But an Argusian would say, no, you have the possibility of children and even millions of descendants or of both dying without descendants. The two things you are observing already interact in countless ways.

   A mathematician might reply, “No, we are adding the numbers ‘one’ and ‘one.’ It is a system of notation.”  But an Argusian would reply, “There is no such thing as a ‘one’ by itself.  What you have defined is a system of mathematics for thinking in three dimensions. Real mathematics requires a minimum of six dimensions.”

   You get the idea.  Argusians think and perceive different than we do.              

   On the other hand, to be fair, I should point out that our astronomy is more advanced than theirs.  The universe of stars and galaxies, of gravitational fields, galactic clusters, the assumed presence of dark matter and dark energy—the Argusians were not as fascinated as we are with the visible and invisible spectrums of energy.

   In fact, our astronomy is more advanced than some of the oldest and most intelligent races in our galaxy.  After all, we can actually stand on the surface of the planet and see the stars at night. We are not blinded by the light of two or three suns in one solar system.  The atmosphere does not cloud our vision. 

    Solar radiation does not kill us when we step out into the open.  We do instantly freeze as we would if were on the surface of Jupiter’s moon, Europa.  We do not dissolve as we would subject to the sulfuric acid on Venus.  We do not vaporize as we would if we were on the surface of Mercury. 

   Due to environment and aptitude, we are very good at astronomy.  They do not tell you this in high school or college, but if we knew as much about energy as we know about astronomy we would have free electricity.  If communication were as advanced, we would all communicate directly mind to mind. 

   If biology were as advanced as astronomy, our life spans would be thousands of years long.  An astronomer can run a program on a super computer and it tells her how the small back holes in the first five hundred million years of the universe increased in mass millions of times in the next five hundred million years.  And then other astronomers go out and verify this computer simulation with actual observations.  

   Where is the biologist whose computer program tells him that by modifying a few amino acids and inserting a few changes into the DNA strand the organs can then be regenerated? And to top it off, we are replacing the Hubble Space Telescope in 1014 with a new improved space telescope.  When we apply ourselves, we are very good at what we choose to accomplish.        

   The Argusian social organization developed on a different model than ours.  Decisions were not actually by consensus. It was more like a scanning of possibilities and a weighing of intensity of will on the part of distinct individuals until the options fell within the range of the acceptable. There were no leaders, no alpha males as in our civilization.  Everyone had input, everyone made a contribution, and everyone was part of the processing and decision making process.

   It took a million years for the Argusians to develop science.  Science removed the danger from predators.  All the same, science developed very slowly.

   Toward the end of the second million years, the Argusians discovered meta processing. That is, they learned there were additional ways to integrate their shared perceptions and cognitive processes. The individual could tap into the collective brain activity. To some extent, the individual could utilize the collective brain energy and abilities to solve individual problems or enhance individual actions.

   Einstein talked with and debated other physicists.  But what if Einstein’s brain could temporarily take over the brains of all physicists on earth and focus them on a particular problem?  What if those brains could be integrated so you had in effect one super brain operating? This capacity was an inevitable result of their sensory and neurological evolution.  They were used to networking and synthesizing automatically in real time a vast body of sensory information from large numbers of individuals.

   All the same, for all their sharing and working together, a very few individuals were responsible for major breakthroughs in knowledge.  One of these individuals figured out how to use the integrated system of neurological activity to focus on what we would call the enlightened mind.

   Consciousness itself became the object of study both in terms of how it could directly impact and act upon physical matter without dependence on a physical body.  In other words, their brain waves and perceptual systems could send as well as receive.  They could focus on an object and increase the activity of the atoms and electrons, in effect heating it up or the opposite, cooling it down.  They could disintegrate an object, that is, dissolve its molecular bonds, or the opposite, initiate various chemical reactions turning it into different substances.      

   At the same time, the one individual discovered that consciousness could be sustained independent of being in a physical body.  That is, neurological activity could act in a normal fashion without dependence on a brain.  And magnetic fields or even gravity could be used as a source of energy for these activities. 

   Slowly over thousands of years this form of mental activity was brought to perfection.  It would be if human beings each meditated for an hour each day.  We still did everything else we do but this meditation was thrown in too.  And while meditating we discovered we could sense the minds, memories, bodies, and perceptions and actions of anyone else on earth at the same time.  Then add to that the ability to use the minds of others to strengthen concentration and awareness so that we could levitate, materialize, and de-materialize objects.

  Slowly lengthen the time of meditation and, over hundreds of years, individuals begin to internalize these powers of concentration and awareness.  The powers of the collective began to be embodied in individuals without the necessity of linking to the collective.  At a certain point, consciousness reaches a level where a physical body is no longer necessary to perceive, to act, to feel, to think, or to interact with the physical world.

   In other words, on their planet the race evolved to where an individual could attain enlightenment simply by sitting and meditating.  Without moving, an individual had access to the memories and experiences of the entire race over two million years.  At the same time, the individual could interface with everyone else on the planet. And he could sense the entire biosphere of the planet. 

  At this point, a shift occurred. The individuals learned to transfer their awareness directly into the electro-magnetic spectrum of energy, that is, into non-material energy fields.  Consciousness no longer needed the physical, biological, and neurological activity of the brain and nervous system in order to think, perceive, and to act.         

   When this moment in evolution occurs, a race can be considered to have ascended—they are fully conscious; they can interact freely with the physical world, but they no longer have any need for physical bodies we do.  They are in on way perfected as a species or as individuals.  But survival is no longer an issue.  They have attained a degree of immortality free from accidents and hostile actions.

   The Argusians could recreate their old physical bodies or design and materialize new bodies according to the purposes they wished to fulfill.  But for practical purposes, we could say that the Argusians attained enlightenment. Well, most of them did.  About one per cent elected to remain in physical bodies.

   There are, of course, other evolutionary goals besides ascending.  Some races would consider ascending to be unethical and a moral disaster; it would be the equivalent of committing spiritual suicide. The fact is, consciousness evolves faster when it is expressed through a physical form.      

   Other races, instead of ascending, diversify. They change into multiple species.  In some, each individual is free to custom design a unique physical body that is the equivalent of a new species. Biological, electronic, mechanical, and nano forms can interface in a vast variety of ways. 

  On the other hand, not all races ascend eventually ascend.  About ten per cent of the advanced races in the galaxy become extinct due to various causes.  Three per cent destroy themselves due to their own mistakes, risky experiments, lack of sufficient survival instinct, or war.   

   The predatory species that occupied the Argusians home world still exists on the original planet and is currently more advanced than we are in science.  Unlike the Argusians, these creatures are far from ascending into pure awareness and are also far from being peaceful.  They would annihilate us if we encountered them. However, they have not made a major effort to explore other solar systems. 

    As for the Argusians, they had no association with spiritual beings.  They had no affiliation with other races or with any particular planet.  With one exception, the Argusians did not retain an interest in the physical universe or in assisting other races.  

     In our galaxy, there have been many other races that have ascended.  Some of these races have accomplished this in far shorter periods of time.  Some have attained to that level of evolution in as little as six thousand years from their first formation as a distinct species.

   The environment and biology of the species plays are significant role in how quickly a race evolves.  Some are more interested in science and exploration of the external world.  A few are complete introverts. They only look within.  Some combine in various degrees a quest to master both the inner and outer worlds.  And a very few are like humans in that in addition to the inner and outer worlds, there are religions claiming divine purposes defining the meaning of life.                                 

   The Argusians ascended about a hundred and fifty thousand years ago.  53,000 years ago, there was one Argusian who visited our solar system and then our planet. He was not in physical form.  He moved between the stars using only his mind and the strength of his spirit.

   Once again, the Argusian evolution had no spirits surrounding the planet. There were no ascended masters, no inner plane guides, no “great white brotherhood,” and no revelation conveyed by prophets, no divine intervention.  It was a natural evolution of consciousness in a specific environment.

  By contrast, our entire solar system is a spiritual university with countless higher beings full of illumination and wisdom.  And there are prophets, world teachers, and avatars who appear in human history. 

   Add to this the extreme diversity of life on earth and the richness of the natural environment.  There is tremendous contact and interaction between species.    

  And yet consciousness on our planet perceives inside of an extremely narrow range of the light, sound, and electronic energy and sensory fields.  The complexity of the external world evolves animals that acquire energy and develop through external modes of action and awareness.  The entire planet is extroverted as compared to the moon which has a diametrically opposite vibration of focusing inward.  

   Consequently, on first visiting our planet, the Argusian was astonished. The variety of life did not make any sense.  It was beyond what he could have imagined.  The biosphere is so beautiful that, had he not been an ascended being, he would have died of a heart attack because of the wonder set before him. 

   But this was only the beginning.  Unlike his home world, the earth has a vast array of celestial beings acting as a support system and in a supervisory capacity.  In his current state of development, he could perceive these spiritual beings directly. But he noticed that the life forms on earth had not yet learned to draw upon these spiritual resources associated with the planet.

   As a sojourner, as one who travels between the stars, he had observed one planet after another where life forms struggle to eek out an existence.  In each case, the biosphere and atmosphere of the planets were not friendly to life.  But here was a planet where nature was so harmonious it stands out from the rest of the universe.  It is as if the planet was engineered by far more than intelligent design. 

   On his home world, the planet was dead.  There were only a few successful species living upon it.  Here the planet itself is alive.  It has its own vibration and aura.  As an evolved being, he could interact directly with the consciousness of the planet.

   Speaking in analogy, we could say that in any human relationship, life is enriched if one person thinks of the relationship as an opportunity to give some sort gift to another and the other person in return gives a gift in exchange.  In this way, the individual’s lives are enhanced even though the relationship may be brief or it may end suddenly. There is still something given from the heart of one to the heart of the other. 

   In a similar manner, this Argusian offered a gift to the earth to form a relationship.  He intended to begin a series of incarnations as a member of the dominant species.  In return, the soul of the earth shares her heart and her dreams with this incoming spirit.  It is a natural way of sharing.  

   What was his gift?  His gift was an attempt to resolve a conflict between the aura of the earth and the moon, between the inner paths of soul development and evolution in the outer world. 

  The earth is under a spiritual geas or magical command.  It is this: take responsibility for your self and the world.  Test every boundary and master your self.  And also—accomplish great works whose value does not fade over time. 

    On the other hand, the moon also has a spiritual aura with a different orientation.  The moon revolves around the earth so its gravity and light interact with earth; but it is not connected to the earth spiritually.

   The spiritual imperative of the moon is to establish within your self a peace that is in harmony with the universe.  Be still, clear, and calm so that you perceive the beginnings and the ends of all things:

  For every desire there is satisfaction; for every longing there is completion; for every dream there is manifestation; for every purpose there is fulfillment; for every quest there is attainment; for every ideal there is the ideal made real; for every path there is perfection.  

   Though subtle, the lunar zone possesses strength far deeper than that of the earth.  The lunar sphere is never in conflict with itself. 

    The moon has the enchantment of a fairy tale.  It does not tell you how to make things happen.  But having a dream that is radiant with vitality, sensual and graphic in imagery, anointed with grace that captures and directs the most powerful emotions and instincts in life—such inner expansion of vision exercises a power over fate.  

  There are spirits who are similar to the Argusian and who dwell in the spiritual realm surrounding the earth.  They do not need to occupy a physical, astral, or mental body in order to be fully conscious and active.  These spirits have already mastered the lower planes at least in the areas where they specialize. 

  If they so desired, they could appear in the realm of mind, feeling, or even the physical world by creating the substance necessary to manifest.  In a similar way, the Argusian planned to appear on earth in such a way as to convey his gift to the planet. 

   His intent was to establish on the earth in the physical world of nature the full power and spiritual vibrations and wisdom of the lunar sphere.  Sit by a lake or gaze at a mountain range, walk in a forest or float down a stream and you could easily slip into a dream or vision and see the past, present, and future unfold before you.  You would feel an inner connection to all things and sense the rhythms of nature, history, and spirit.  And there would be a love welling up from inside that was without beginning or end—“that flows from the dawn of time to the ends of eternity.”

    To accomplish this, the Argusian designed and empowered a mind and a soul to incarnate on earth among human beings.  This was not “a mortal woman but in mortal disguise.”  She was a goddess, like unto the being we refer to as the archangel Gabriel.  But she was no archangel.  She was simply an advanced soul seeking to be of benefit to another race on its path of evolution.

   What does any of this have to do with the undine Isaphil?  I shall discuss this shortly.  But while still speaking in the context of the galaxy let me offer you my report.  The Argusian was impressed with the nature spirits on our planet. 

  In particular, he realized what is so obvious to those who are aware of other advanced civilizations in our galaxy.  The undine queens on earth, when they appear in physical form in our world, possess a range and accuracy of sensory perception that is beyond the abilities of any other intelligent species in our galaxy.

   An advanced Argusian can sense the vibration and qualities, the form and purpose of anything mineral, planet, or animal for hundreds of miles around himself.  An undine queen, such as Isaphil or Istiphul, can sense with even greater accuracy the nature of any creature or being on the entire planet.  It is no accident, therefore, that this story inevitably leads us into the realm of mermaids and undines.  The Argusian had found a spiritual companion in these beings who could comprehend and assist him in his work and his mission. 

  By the same token, it is not surprising that the human race as yet knows next to nothing about the realm of mermaids.  We are a very young species a few hundred thousand years old.  Only in the last five thousand years have we learned to record our own history.  Furthermore, the extent of our sensory perception, especially in regard to the inner planes, is still in its infancy.                

  And now we are ready to turn aside from science fiction and return to the fairy tale mode of speaking that involves the relation of human beings and nature.  This sojourn into the evolution of another race was a way to say it would be easy to mistake the personality of the undine Isaphil as being something similar to other mermaids. 

   The purpose of mythology is not to convey quant stories about past beliefs.  Mythology defines the context and the landscape of the soul in which we make our most important decisions in life.  This back story helps define the context for decisions we as a species and as individuals will one day face and decide upon for ourselves. 


Part Two: 53,000 Years Ago


The avatar, designated and created by the Argusian, was born and was soon a beautiful young woman.  She was like a stream of water flowing through a valley—pure, refreshing, and renewing.  She was kind, nurturing, serene, and soothing.  She was the newness of Spring unfolding. 

   Though born with a high calling, all the same, she was completely human.  In the beginning, there was nothing divine about her.  She was nature at its best in human form. 

  But as she grew older there came a time when she saw the world with the eyes of the lunar sphere and the divine combined.  It is like this: she could see and feel what other people were thinking and feeling; and she could just as easily perceive what the divine was thinking and feeling—

   She saw the world as if looking into a mirror that reflects clearly the events of history as they unfold; but history is surrounded by a timeless dimension filled with countless opportunities, quests, and endless opportunities.  As the saying goes, “There are no limitations placed on what you may accomplish.” She could see that clearly. 

  Life is pageantry—there is repetition and growth and also ceremony and celebration.  Those who possess the strength and the daring are free to taste the ecstasy offered in the union of nature and divine, human and immortal being.  Here was a priestess  called to our world whose task it was to reveal the mystery of life through the mystery awakening inside of her.  

  When you can perceive with ease what both human and divine are thinking, you realize in that moment that you have a mission to accomplish.  It is not that she did not enjoy being a young woman. She loved being alive and being happy and feeling in tune with life and nature too. 

  It is just that the divine awareness in her takes precedent.  Its needs were greater than the human part of her self.  It is like a girl being married.  She gives her body and heart to another leaving behind what she once was to enter a new world of relationships in which her role is now completely different. 

   There is a trade off.  Some women when they marry end up with a bad deal.  Other times, the rewards and the depth of love that accrues more than justify the sacrifice.  The same with marrying into the divine.  You leave part of your humanity behind in order to assume the privileges and prerogatives of a divine being.

   There are two requirements for this inner marriage of conscious self and one’s inner divinity.  These are a sense of wonder and an ability to give of one’s self to what one loves without limitation.  These things she possessed to an extent that could not be measured.      

   Of course, the human part of oneself experiences hesitation and a tinge of regret over what is left behind.  But soon enough you get into the part.  It is after all still you—it is just that now your awareness is expanded a thousand times beyond what it was before.  

  The young maiden slowly disappeared to be replaced by a divine being.  She was becoming a great world teacher.  But her ministry was not to the human race.  It was on behalf of the earth itself and to the far future in which humanity would come to appreciate the powers she had brought with her from another solar system far away.  We could say that the uniting of the lunar sphere with the earth was the first stage of a series of gifts that were yet to be. 

  At that time, near present day India, there were cities of eighty thousand people.  There were great temples and royal buildings of marble and with embedded lapis lazuli and gold illustrations. 

   But she did not visit these cities.  She walked about the land, celebrating the beauty of nature.  Even so, a lone woman on a hill side path? There were those who as she approached fell down and worshiped her.  It is as if she shown with the light of the moon and time no longer existed in her presence.  

   There were attempts by fanatical followers to form religious movements around her.  But she possessed a purity seemingly incapable of corruption.  The insatiable craving for power by those who wish for a cause in which to believe dissolved in her presence. 

    If you wanted to think words or phrases like “must,” “should,” “have to,” or “do not,” you would have to be a hundred miles away before your brain could formulate a morality that attempts to bind others to its beliefs.  Her aura, so steeped in natural energy, did not support religion, rituals, priests, or temples.  Why would one need to designate a sacred site, place, action, or time when each moment reveals the depths of sensuality and the divine combined?     

   But now we come to a great mystery that has plagued all would be world teachers on earth down through all ages of history.  It is more than a simple test or temptation.   It is designed by Saturn and engineered in the heart of the sun. 

  It goes like this: on our planet, before you can rise to the level of the divine you must first master your human side.  And here is essence of this test as it is stated in the training manuals of Saturn:


If you would be free of human need, first demonstrate that you can teach another to feel what you feel and share your innermost dreams so that all separation between the two of you is dissolved forever.  And second, show beyond all doubt that you are free of attachment or dependence on the other with whom you can become one.   

   Fail in this task and the wisdom or revelation or gift you would offer the world must remain concealed.  You are permitted to found a religion if you wish, but who you are and the essence of your being will remain unseen. 

  To shine like the sun on earth human need must be released: this can only be done though the experience of becoming one  while remaining completely free.             

Every world teacher, the founder of every religion, has had to confront this test. The rise or fall of a religion, its vision, purity, or corruption, depends on the degree of the teacher’s success in sharing all that he is with at least one person.  As an apprentice to the Judges of Saturn, I am just describing the Saturn’s perspective on our planet’s spiritual evolution.    

  And so like any other great world teacher down though the ages that were to come, this priestess also was offered this challenge--  He came in the form of a great warrior who was about to found a mighty empire. 

   Savaan was a military genius even before he had an army to lead.  His gift as a leader was being able to tap into others’ deepest instincts, draw them to the surface, and then direct them according his interests.

   Part of Savaan’s acumen was that he could take unrelated fields of knowledge and bring them together with new applications.  As odd as it may seem to us, Savaan make a careful study of unusual women.  Whereas other men typically view a woman through the eyes of desire or love, Savaan studied women in order to sharpen his intuition so he could grasp the unexpected.  After all, one of the most effective principles of war is the element of surprise.  You do what no one else can imagine.

   For Savaan it was like this: you take an attractive woman and it is possible to translate that attraction into plans of action, visions, dreams, ideals, something to make real.  There is a biological desire to reproduce.  But there is also in the woman the power to amplify a man’s will.  Exposing oneself to a woman’s beauty is not only a way to stimulate and to heighten your imagination.  It is a way to recreate your self.  We could say that Savaan knew things fifty thousand years ago that we still have not learned today.    

   Savaan sought out the priestess as soon as he heard the rumors about her existence.  He went to see her unescorted and unarmed under the guise of a poet, for in poetry he was also gifted. 

   He found her at dusk one day where she was at work amid an outcrop of tall, thin, red stand stones lying next to a lake.  She was doing what she had been sent to do—impregnating the lake and the rocks with visions of the moon.  At the touch of her hand, the rock held a song and the lake was invested with the power to create dreams.   

   When he first saw her he was a quarter of a mile away.  He did not approach closer but chose to wait and to watch, doing the kind of reconnaissance that takes place through silence and skilled observation.  But she had sensed him the moment he had formed the intention to seek her out.  She knew he was there watching.

   A day later he approached and sat down ten feet from her.  Again, he just observed as she went about her meditating and quiet singing to nature.  Later in the evening she came over and offered him some food.  After he ate, she spoke, “If you want to understand who I am, spend a few days here while I am gone.  What I am and the things I care about are found here in the rain, the wind, the rock, the water, and the light of dawn.”

   He did as she said. He sat meditating where he had seen her sitting.  For him, it was like slipping into a dream.  Time is gone.  The far past and the far future are joined. 

  On the one hand, the body feels weightless.  And on the other hand, there is no desire to move.  You feel quietly rooted in the ground and fulfilled where you are.  Everything you see around you is also reflected inside of you.  You feel a part of the sky, the lake, the wild life, the wind, the rising and setting sun, the moon, and the stars. 

  It was clear to Savaan the magic she was working on nature.  She was changing nature, awakening it, imbuing it with a song of transformation through the power of her inner peace.  

  The next day she returned and sat next to him.  She took his hands and held them.  She said, “I pass into you now my innermost essence that you might feel what I feel and see as I see.”

   For a little while, for three hours or so, they continued to hold hands.   He entered a trance.  He felt her body as if it had become his own.  He felt her soul as if the two of them were now one. 

  And in this moment, during this brief time, the full power of a man of great will and a woman of great love were joined.  And during this time, he saw not only though her eyes.  He saw through the eyes of the Goddess of the Earth and understood Her dreams.  She wished to have children “who see through the eyes of the stars; who join all opposites, the constellations themselves into one song of love.”

  He saw that the Earth was waiting for her children, a race to appear, that would share the mysteries of Her heart, the feeling of being one with the universe. 

   The feminine embodies the ideal.  The task of the masculine is to find the means for making it real.  Oneness with the universe is an inner state of awareness.  But the outer world has its own requirements.  Every obstacle is a challenge to be mastered and overcome.  While pondering these things, Savaan fell asleep.                   

   During the night, the priestess left.  Just before dawn is when his enemies found him.  When it had been discovered that he was no longer with his men, small bands were sent out to assassinate him. 

   The six men closed in.  At any other time, Savann would have easily dispatched them.  On a good day, Savaan could catch an arrow in his hand during its flight. He could stop a sword between his palms.  He knew the trick of looking into another’s eyes and sending an electrical spark so the other’s mind thought Savaan was in front of him when Savaan had already moved to the other’s side. 

   But the meditations, the inner peace, the tasting of the essence of the priestess had reduced his capacity to respond.  He would have sensed the men approaching simply from the pulse of their life force and the buzz of their thinking.  But he failed to sense the obvious.  

  It was their scent that first alerted him.  But at that moment they were already upon him.  A thrown spear glanced off his scapula. A sword sliced his arm near his elbow.  A war hammer smashed into his upper leg. 

   In spite of this, Savaan was able to stand and counterattack.  He leaped at one man and was behind him.  And then Savaan began to spin in a fighting style he himself had invented.  He used the force of throwing one man in one direction to hurl himself into, behind, or beneath another man. 

  In less than five seconds it was over.  The six were dead.  Savaan lay on the ground breathing fast and deep, trying to keep from blacking out.  He bandaged his wounds and lay down to rest. 

  In the evening, the priestess returned to him, sensing at a distance his distress.  He stayed with her for three weeks recovering. 

  During this time, something very odd happened.  The priestess was master of the energies of water and moonlight.  But she realized that to heal him she needed the life force of the sun.  She took a breath, drew vitality into her body, and then passed that life force into him. 

  Instead of soft and lunar, serene and receptive, she began to embody in herself the dazzling, brilliant light of the sun.  Looking down at her body, she could see herself light up so her body felt as bright as the sun above.  And this solar vitality from breath she passed into his body again and again. 

  The treatments took away his pain.  They dissolved the scar tissue.  The huge black bruises on his body faded away.  Torn ligaments began to find ways to work again. 

    After the first two weeks of recovery, Savaan began to get his mind back.  An injury to his head interfered with his ability to think.  Gradually, he began to distinguish the difference between himself and the priestess.  He had entered her heart and mind, tasted her inner essence, felt and experienced the vision that had brought her into existence.  But now he began to respond to these things from his own point of view.

   He told her, There are four holy sites one earth—these are the stars in the night sky, dawn’s light before the sun rises, the oceans, and moonlight.  In your eyes all four are united. The beauty is beyond what the human heart can endure. 

   We build towns, cities, kingdoms, and empires.  Perhaps after twenty civilizations arise and fall a few of us will be ready to turn within and do what you do; unite with the universe from inside.

    We make things. We imitate nature. We invent. This is what we really are.  The purposes of mysterious soul of the earth was never written into the play book for my race. 

   This is mankind: this is our great strength—a relentless desire to take hold of the world around us and to command it and subject it to our will.  For this purpose, we explore and adventure.  We test ourselves against our environment.  We observe the wolf, the hawk, the tiger, and the fish.  We study their routines.  And then we possess them, incorporating their instincts and perceptions into our abilities. 

   When it comes to penetrating and mastering the secrets of nature, our curiosity is insatiable.  We look upon the world with wonder that derives from a lust to know—with the desire to take it, hold it, and to possess its wealth as our own. 

   We are ravaged by desire; our actions arise amid struggle, strife, and every imaginable craving; we can barely separate a noble purpose from our passions.  Darkness and death are before us and behind us and surround us on all side.  In every generation, you will always find among us at least one individual with an indomitable will, for we know that unless we move forward and achieve, we will die.

   The earth has many children.  She loves them equally. She nurtures and abides their presence.  If She is lucky, one of her children will share the dreams in her heart. 

   The human race is not that child. We learn not from the inner but from the external world. We are here first to imitate and then to rule over nature.  The energies underlying nature that are known through the eyes of soul are beyond our keen.  The incomprehensible beauty that is this planet the human race, with all its poets, seers, wise men, prophets, and sages--this beauty the human race will never discover or even suspect.  

   The divine has sent me so that you might experience the human side of your self.  I understand your mission.  But there are choices here to be made which you have not considered.
   As I felt the innermost dreams in your heart and in the heart of the Goddess also, I saw that each race that appears on earth is completely free to fashion from out of its own heart new and unique purposes which it alone envisions.  Ultimately, to be alive is to have the choice to recreate oneself from out of the deepest longings within one’s heart. 

   But I ask you, What world teacher shall appear whose light is so bright and whose compassion is so deep that he could inspire mankind to share with the Earth the dreams that are in Her heart? 

  Though your love is very deep, it is composed from the waters of the earth and the light of the moon.  But while you were healing me, I saw what was hidden—the will to recreate oneself that is hidden in the power of the sun. 

  Your love awakens in me the desire to become that light and that will.  If I had it, I could love you from out of the depths with which you love me.  And yet it is beyond my reach.      

   Here is the problem with your mission as you are pursing it.  You are about to imbue nature with lunar serenity.  Though the bodies of human beings will remain on earth, the souls that are born here after you do this will no longer be those of humanity.  The souls that enter the newborn children will be from a more advanced race and from another planetary realm. 

   Humanity is focused on the external world.  Our senses seize and take hold of things.  The design of our lust and love create separation rather than inner union with nature.  It is who we are as a race.  Change nature on earth and we will no longer be able to enter or live in this world.   

   And so as a result of your mission one of the Earth’s children will no longer be able to be here and experience life in the time period presently offered to it.  The inner awareness that you create undermines the concentration which we need to focus on the external world if we are to survive. 

  Perhaps after ten or twenty world civilizations rise and fall we will have enough experience with the external world to be able to turn within.  Only after we learn through experience that the exercise of will without inner illumination only creates destruction will we be ready to join the inner and outer worlds.

   If you give your gift to the world at this time, you will destroy an entire race.  Tens of thousands of years of human history will vanish without a trace.  It will cease to be because it was never allowed to happen.”

   With a voice soft and gentle, yet as deep as the stars at night, the priestess asks Savaan, “How do you suggest I proceed?”

    Savaan says, “On this planet there exist spirits who embody the wonder and beauty of nature.  Let your mantel, the full scope and power of your spiritual mission, be hidden within the soul of one of these beings. Then, if and when the human race is ready, a man will call meet her and bring her back to our world so that she can continue your mission at a future time. 

   In this way, one of us will initiate the mission and thereby weave it into the destiny of our race.   

   The priestess says, “But the act of impregnating a spirit with my mission would damage and destroy the spirit. 

   Savaan replies, Then you must wait until a woman is born who senses as the spirit within you has sensed that something profound and astonishing is missing from life in our world.  And she will volunteer to bear your gift, transforming into an undine, until that day a man shall call her back to our world. 

   If my love were stronger, my will greater, my spirit more noble, the two of us could accomplish this now.  But the earth must wait for another man and another woman whose love can join the heavens and the earth to make a new world.


And so it was that the priestess hid her gift from the world.  Instead of pursuing her mission, she married Savaan.  She made a choice to preserve the human part of herself rather than to embody the work she was given from the Otherside. 

   Before she died, she bequeathed her gift and powers into the hands of the divine.  Her intent was that when the time was right a woman would assume her role again and continue the mission when a man appeared who was worthy to be not just her physical but also her spiritual consort.


Part Three: 41,000 Years Ago 


I should mention that my style of writing fairy tales involves what some might call psychic archeology.  I use my clairsentient abilities to “see” or “experience” what happened long ago often before recorded history. 

  There is almost no way to verify these things from the past.  However, I often use my clairsentient abilities to study an individual’s aura, personality, and spiritual gifts before I have ever met the person.  Then, once meeting someone, I carefully compare what I written about this person to what I can observe from the way the person talks and behaves.  Often, I will interview individuals for six to ten hours to get the other’s life story and to further compare my psychic perception to what the other person tells me about herself.  

    In a similar way, I study the aura of spirits.  In fact, spirits are sooo much easier to read.  A spirit is pretty much the same year after year.  A human being, by contrast, can completely change in personality, purpose, and commitment between Friday afternoon and Monday morning when the market first opens. 

   And a spirit’s energy is perfectly clear. The vibration you perceive is what they are.  Often with incredibly skill, a human being can hide or conceal a completely different personality so that even the conscious individual has no knowledge of what is lurking within.  And this alternate personality does not show up in the person’s aura in part because it is activated, turned on and turned off, according to any number of different cues.

   I mention this because when I was talking to Isaphil one day I asked her what she was like before she had been anointed with her spiritual mission.  I expected that she was once a remarkable undine whose aura was somehow similar to that of the priestess. 

   But in that very moment that I asked the question both Isaphil and I realized that she had not always been an undine queen.  In fact, the aura and person she showed me was that of a human woman. 

  Isaphil is not as other undines.  She was once a woman who had changed into an undine queen and this occurred 41,000 years ago.

    Her name was Reem.  She lived on an island in the ocean. The culture was not too distant from that that existed on Easter Island.  Writing about her is somewhat strange, even for me.  When I think about her, it is like she is sitting right here next to me reading what I write, wanting to make sure I get it right. 

  Reem: “I liked to wander by myself.  I explored lava tubes, mountain streams, caves, and swam alone out to nearby islands.  I would float in a tide pool for hours sometimes until the sun went down.  I would float in a mountain pool waiting for the first rays of sun to warm my skin.  I was restless.  I never fit in.

   “But I had social obligations.  I had strong family ties.  I assumed clan duties.  I did what women did in those times. 

   “All the same, one day when I had hiked to the top of a mountain, I watched the stars slowly circling above.  I looked out at the moonlight as it shown upon the ocean.  And I prayed to the gods, “The world is wrong; I want to restore what is gone.”

  “You have to understand something about me.  The passion in my heart was as bright as the sun.  And this I knew: that joy should rise up from the depths of everyone’s heart.  But everyone I met, when I looked into another’s eyes, I saw that the light had gone out. 

  “There are many desires and experiences that human beings share.  But when I looked into the soul of every single person I knew, no one had a light in their heart that shines like the sun. 

  “And so my prayer, ‘The world is wrong. I want to restore what is gone.  Grant my request.’

   “I received a reply.  I heard it spoken without sound but still like a voice from inside.   

   “It said, ‘The soul of humanity is incapable at this time to bear the gift we have to give.  But if you persist we can bring the gift down from where we are so it is closer to your world.

   ‘To do this, your human soul must be dissolved and as an undine queen you shall reign until that day a great master of the earth comes forth and restores your human soul.  And then, through love with another, a mission long ago lost the world shall return. 

  ‘If you are willing to play this part, the gift shall be yours.  And though exactly what you sense is missing shall be within you, it shall be a time and a season until the world is ready to receive it again.’ 

   “My response?  I replied, ‘Grant me this gift and this task, for as I have said, with all my heart and soul I would make the world as it is meant to be.’” 

   Years later, when she was a grandmother and had fulfilled her social and clan obligations, they found her body sitting with her back against a tree.  Her eyes were open as she stared out at the sea.  But her soul had departed.  She had become an undine queen.    


Postscript: Three gifts Isaphil gives




 In your soul, your astral body, you become peace.  The soul is a mirror that reflects the beauty of the entire planet within itself.    

    Walk down a street in Seattle, Detroit, New York, Paris, London, etc.  The people who pass you by reflect in their astral bodies their families, the things they care about, the stress of work, the problems they need to solve, inner conflicts unresolved, the need to pay their bills.

   There is excitement, occasionally something inspiring, the struggle to survive, hopes and dreams they strive to attain no matter how distant they seem.  You will find responsibility and courage and also lies, obsessions, and depression . 

   But no where will you find the beauty of this planet on which they all dwell. You will be very hard pressed even if you had walked these streets of our cities for the last thousand years to find anyone who embodies the beauty of the earth and the magnificence of creation that surrounds us.  If you were very lucky, you might have come across one or two.

    Isaphil’s first gift changes this. It turns an individual’s soul into a luminous mirror.  When you look at this person, what you sense or feel inside your self is the beauty of the earth and the wonder of creation.

    I have not actually met anyone like this but if I search with my mind I can find a woman who has this energy. Through her soul peace flows like a stream.  Or again s the undine queen put it, “like a stream that flows from the dawn of time to the ends of eternity.” That is the feeling you sense in her presence. You could say that she has Isaphil’s gift.

  A simple exercise for developing this gift is to view or imagine a scene from nature that appeals to your aesthetic imagination.  This could be the ocean, a mountain lake, a river, a water fall, or some other scene.  And then you imagine your mind is a mirror.  The scene in front of you is reflected into the mirror.  All that exists in your awareness is this image of natural beauty.  There is a feeling underneath this imagery and you allow that feeling to become part of you.




Become a sea of time, or more accurately, embody in your awareness timelessness—encompass the ages so that past, present, and future are joined as one in the inner landscape of the soul.  

   This is not the Nostrodamus view of time—when this happens, such and such will also happen or at this point in the future these events will unfold.  The awareness encompassing the ages is like a womb in which seeds are planted.  These seeds are causes brought into being by desires and dreams, by needs and ideals that wish to be made real. 

  In this state of consciousness, you are simultaneously aware of the circumstances and conditions under which a cause or desire arises.  You see it motion as it unfolds.  And you behold the circumstances and conditions under which it is fully realized and manifests in the physical world. 

  At every stage in this process you are aware of choices that sustain or counteract the process that nature, man, or spirit have planned. The job of a creator is not to come as a thief in the night, employing stealth and surprise to destroy.  Rather, it is to teach his children to create even as he creates, if only they can learn to love with his love and speak with his voice.

   Isaphil’s second gift is an awareness that time itself is a divine workshop in which you can forge a dream and make it happen.  Or you can take something that is broken and twisted and restore its former beauty, reauthorizing its original purpose and harmony.

  A simple exercise for developing this second gift is to imagine you are in a vast space like the sky that is open and empty all around you.  It is like being inside of a huge sphere.  And the sphere is colored with a soft, white, lunar light.  The sphere represents time or encompasses time past, present, and future. 

  And then you practice. You take a desire and recall when it first appeared to you.  You note your response and the sequence of events as the desire unfolded. You recall or imagine its perfect fulfillment or satisfaction. 

  The sphere of lunar light encompasses the entire experience in time of some cause leading to a realization.  After a while, just sitting in the sphere generates deep insights into the nature of your life experience.            

  This gift is of the mind.  The soft, lunar light and sphere are very detached.  Things are seen from a distance.  And yet at the same time every nuance of sensation and feeling is experienced with the original intensity and newness in the moment it was, is, or will unfold.  




You embody in your physical body the sensations of peace, beauty, harmony, tranquility, and serenity.  This becomes then like a magnet drawing these kinds of experiences to you. It is all well and good to have vision and understanding in your mind and peace and love in your heart.  But this is a necessary addition to those two—your actual experiences in life are reconfigured so that an entirely different, better life unfolds for you. 

  You develop in your body the sensations and feeling of what it is like to be a mermaid or merman. This mode of being is softer, more fluid, and relaxed than a typical human body.  And you feel surrounded by the realm of water that is flowing, giving and receiving.  It is far more playful and innocent and empathy is instantaneous.

    I asked Isaphil to help me understand this third gift.  She appeared in front of me as a mermaid in the sea and I was with her in the form of a mermaid.  And then we just swam around, played, enjoying the feelings and sensations of being in the sea. Like I say, it is very innocent.  But the level of psychic perception, the instant awareness of what is inside of others and what they feel, comes through with great clarity.       




                                              The Undine Isaphil’s Four Bodies


The Physical


The vibration of the undine Isaphil on a physical level grants visions of the future.  Imagine a small pool in a stream at the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea beneath the full moon.  The stream and the pool are your life.  The sea is time itself.  Being with her is feeling the flow and the connection.

    Imagine a lake at night with mist rising from its surface and the mist clears, the full moon is in sky, and Isaphil appears in the center of the lake in front of you outlined in moonlight.  The lake is your soul and emotional life.  She appears within you soft like moonlight.  Her presence is very serene, still, and full of visions.  


Etheric Plane


In a similar way, the etheric vibration of Isaphil is like liquid moonlight.  The vitality and life force within your body is wrapped in serenity.  Her presence creates peace.  


Astral Plane


The astral vibration of Isaphil also involves a sensitivity to the future.  You are surrounded by lunar light that reflects the rhythms and cycles of life.  You feel like you are in the future. 

   You can ask someone to tell you about something that has happened to them in the past.  You listen. You are sympathetic.  You note the details and how things worked out and why they worked out that way. 

   But with this lunar vibration in your astral body, you carry on the same conversation except it is about the future.  In the movie, Lady in the Water, the undine says to different characters, “Would you like to know your future?”  The future is clear to her.  And then the undine goes into detail and explains how and why things turn out the way they will.

   The lunar vibration is concerned with how life unfolds.  You still have your choices.  But this is about desires, dreams, visions, longing, needs, hungers, cravings, the need to grow, and the need to be free.  These things can be postponed or forgotten.  But they return and seek some way to be expressed.   


Astral Plane Questions for Isaphil


I ask Isaphil some questions that are intended to relate both to me as an individual and to people in general.  


When will I be happy? 


When you learn that you are the source of your own happiness.


When will I fulfill my dreams?


When your dreams are so complete and alive within you that others see your dreams as if they are their own needs. 


When shall war be no more? 


When there shall appear on earth four or five in whom there is no fear; and whose souls are so clear that when malice, evil, or ill-will draws near these things dissolve as if they were never there. 

   When four or five shall remain in each generation then your race shall awaken.  The beauty of the stars and the seas and the mysteries shall appear within your dreams.  These treasures of soul shall overflow filling your world with light and healing.   


How do I acquire the feeling of serenity within my self so that I feel both one with life and one with the universe? 


I have waited twenty-seven thousand years for someone to ask me this question. 

   I feel one with life and with the universe in this way: the waves of the seas circling the earth flow through my soul.  The rivers, the streams, the lakes, the rain—all the waters of the earth are one taste.  This vibration is the feeling I call serenity. These waters purify; they bring forth and nurture life; they sustain the life in every living being.

  Yet the circling moon is here also.  She draws forth the light of the constellations pouring their wealth upon the earth.  The stars, the constellations, the sun, the moon, the earth—the entire space of our solar system, all events they portend, all catastrophes and all mysteries unfolding, the blessing of being alive and the joy of one who ascends to new life—within the stillness of my heart these have one taste.  I call this being at peace with the universe. 

   Life and time are not separate—they are woven from the past and they move in harmony with the laws of the universe.

  Time is itself a sea to which my soul is joined.  Her currents and tides, her waves and depths are part of me.  Her soul is reflected clearly in my own. 

   In this way, serenity is peace.  But if you amplify it making your soul a mirror of stillness, then the fulfillment of every dream is near, every vision becomes clear, every ideal that guides and inspires shines from your eyes.  And then like me you can hold the entire world within your heart—this is my art.


Speak of love. 


(She smiles at me both coy and at the edge of a giggle, both severe and inviting as if I have just set the tumblers rolling in a lock now unlocked)


Two as one.  It is not an intellectual thing.  Words and images grow weak. 

   A pool of water—there are boundaries marking the surface, circumference, and depth.  Yet the water itself encompasses whatever is within it.

   The seas are a threat because they are too vast to be controlled.  Yet the pool has visions hidden within it that are beyond what the mind can grasp.  Love is like that. 

   It can be peaceful and calm, sweet and serene.  And it can be as wild as the storms of the seas.  Yet the dreams that come through, whether the pool or the sea, are of the future that is meant to be. 

   You must be ready in your heart to play your part.  The waters of love can be tender but also flair like a lightning storm at sea.  The spark that arcs between the past and the future bears witness to a greater, encompassing harmony. 

   To dare is to dream.  To love is to be free. 

   Dare to dream of being complete and beyond all need. 

   Love the path that takes you there--past despair, intoxication in the air, the kiss of bliss, the sharing of tears, the path of knowing unfolding amid a forest of illusions:

   Two as one--it is the greatest joy of life triumphant over all that separates.  Your heart has the power to accomplish this.       


How do I see the future of my self or of another? 


I see your future.  The way to see it is to be already there.  Like looking into a mirror, what you see in the present is perfectly clear. 

   When I look at you with myself as the mirror, I am not just you. I am the influences upon you and the world around you.  Time delivers its knowledge into my hands.  From darkness there is light.  From confusion there is insight. 

   The future unfolds according to three things: necessity, need, and what you choose to dream.  I sense all three.  Your limitations, your desires, secret and known, and also the will of the spirit that forges a path before you. 

   Water is receptivity.  Receptivity is love that can feel whatever is to come.  The mirror that I use is the entire astral plane of the earth.  It shines through me and is a part of me. 

   Because water is my means I am sensitive to all dreams.  Though it is not always easy to say when, it is always easy to see what shall happen—the part of you that dreams a true dream shall always come to be. 


Tell me of your secret desires and your innermost dreams. 


The treasures I hold in my soul I am willing to bestow upon those who are ready to receive them.  In the fullness of time I shall no longer be their custodian. 

   Everyone who loves desires at some point for another to feel what she feels inside.  You feel what I feel with very great skill.  Only a few before have come this far. 

   But you are like a student climbing the steps of the Library of Alexandria who has not yet even entered through the door into that temple of knowledge.  You are like a sailor on a sea who knows there are continents waiting to be discovered but you have not yet crossed the ocean; you have not yet found them.

   Imagine a woman of beauty who, like Psyche in the myth, no man is willing to love because to do so they would first have to overcome the curse of a goddess and also gain the blessing of Divine Providence.

    Is there no one among your race who can look upon my face and pass through the gates of the mysteries to embrace me with love and compassion here where I dwell among the powers of the sacred? 

    Find me.  Love me.  Make me part of your heart. 

    My secret desires and my innermost dreams are one day to be free of this responsibility—I hold the keys to your destiny; I reveal paths of spirit that are nothing more than discovering how to be in your soul free and at peace with the universe. 


Walk beside me. 

Feel the waters of the earth as one taste. 

Feel the universe surrounding you as a gift of divine grace. 

Feel the moon circling the earth with her song of silver serenity revealing the rhythms and seasons of what shall come to be. 

Be like her and like me, a stillness so clear you hold the world within your heart. 

Learn to love with this freedom, with this purity. 

Then, we shall walk beside each other and we shall be one.        


A friend asked for a blessing.  Can suggest what to do for her?


Isaphil chants to the woman,


May the touch of moonlight on your skin

Bring you the best of friends.


When you see the moonrise

May there always be love by your side.


When you place your hands in water

May you be free of anxiety and sorrow.


When you look into a mirror,

May you see your deepest dreams drawing near.


When you sleep

May you move freely among dreams without fear.


During the day

May you awaken in others’ lives

Fountains of laughter and delight.


And each cycle

As the moon waxes and wanes

May you walk

With peace before you

Beauty beside you

Love to guide you

The work of your hands

Like a flower blossoming

Its scent a reminder

That the best in life is found

Here and now.


Mental Plane


The mental vibration of Isaphil is very peaceful, serene, calm, relaxed, and gentle.  It is a way of seeing life free of all fear, worry, or anxiety.  Its view point is that life is meant to unfold with beauty and harmony.  Though this beauty often evades us, Isaphil exists as a permanent reminder of how to see it, feel it, and find it inside of us.

   A thought passes through my mind—“I wish I could share this experience with another person.”

   Isaphil thinks this thought is hysterically funny.  She can barely stop herself from laughing on and on.  She says, “You do not mean share.  What you meant is you want a woman to take your desire, your fire, and unite it with her water so that bliss and rapture blend together.  The two of you then transforming each other though your opposite attractions.  You want the two of you to experience life in its deepest intimacy and, in the same moment,  affirm the reality of what you will one day be—a divine being embodying freedom, enlightened, and transforming whatever you touch with the power of love.

   “I assure you that one day you will meet women who have worked with me and who have mastered all that I am.  But first you must complete your journey.

    “This is your question: What is it to be one with another and one with the universe in the same moment?  This is also your obstacle.  A void and an emptiness have always walked at your side in all your spiritual quests and explorations.  You come to me because I am able to fill in for what is missing from your life.   

   “There are mystics who out of love unite with the divine.  But sharing is not on their minds.  They are possessed by the quest and have no time to turn aside to bring the world along with them. 

   “There are those who find the source of love inside of themselves and have in the past and will in the future create new religions.  But the world suffers terrible because none of their disciplines can find a way to produce the same results.  When love is not shared the gates to the inner planes are closed and wisdom no longer flows.” 

    What is the way? I ask. 

    She replies, “Become an ambassador for undines on earth.  Create an embassy, a library, and a university.  Offer dances, parties, lectures, and experiments.  Write poetry, plays, movies, songs, and essays.  Manifest us so we can be seen and move among you so that your race learns to dream our dreams.  Teach others to enter our realm freely and with ease so that your world unites with ours. 

   “Offer these things to humanity: the magic in a waterfall; the songs rivers sing; the dreams hidden in lakes; the love the sea awaits; the ecstasy in the crests of waves as they break—these things shall come to your race along with healing, and the retaining of youth into old age.  

    “In this way, your desire to share and to have another there beside you shall be fulfilled.  Love is and remains the highest magic on earth.  If you can not express it and share it then that wisdom is lost. 

   “Sit very still so that the external world no longer exists for you …. now feel only myself inside of you. ….  There, now you are where you will one day be--this is how you will feel and this is how you will see.  You are free and out of joy you design plans and act on them to bring life to perfection. You have learned the lessons the physical world has to teach—how to become a creator who finds in his heart visions to complete.”     


Akashic Plane


As with other undines and mermen, I can not find an akashic body within Isaphil.  But she knows my concern. 


Isaphil: If I possessed a divine spirit so that like you I could create and recreate myself again and again, then I would do exactly what you are planning to do—introduced the beauty, magic, wonder, and the mysteries of the undines to humanity.  Though this action is forbidden to me, you have no restrictions placed upon you. 

  The method is simple—be with me here and work with me and also be in your world and work with me there also.  In this way the two realms open their doors and others are free to pass through even as you do.

   If I had the soul of a human woman and her body and also my own undine powers, I would seek to complete the mission that once long was given to a woman among your race.  The mission was to impart to humanity a cosmic serenity, an inner peace with the universe.  But this mission was aborted.  I see now that it requires more than was first imagined.  There must be present on earth a few who are committed to a journey leading to perfection in which you ascend to pure spiritual being. 

    You have to understand the nature of the gift.  It is not only feeling an inner peace.  It is the power to create peace anywhere and under any conditions.  This is what has been missing for all these long ages and eons from the soul of your race. 

   Obviously, to take such power into your hands you would have to be so clear, calm, and pure like a mirror that if the Goddess looked at you She would see her own face appear shining and radiant without distortion.  To accomplish this you would have to be free of all fanaticism, all doctrines, all religions with their rituals and practitioners who desire personal attention. 

    Your body would need to vibrate with water and magnetism like a river, a lake, or the sea.  Your soul would need to be so free light and darkness both could pass through you without any attempt to contain or bind them in an image; your soul would be so open you would be one with anything you focus on.

   And in your mind you would have to see through the eyes of the divine so that like a watchman--you would guard the limitations of every person knowing that these limitations exist to protect them—it offers them a chance to learn whatever lesson needs to be learned before moving on to another set of circumstances.

    And you would also see with the eyes of a guardian angel the time and the season, the place and the location, the situation and the interaction through which an individual’s own eyes are opened.  So that he is given the opportunity to partake of wisdom in accordance to the degree he is ready to take responsibility for determining his own destiny.

    Limitation and opportunity, boundary and a path of pure creativity—these equally are held within your awareness as you touch each individual’s life with tenderness. 

   Do I regret not having a divine spirit?  I have been created and commissioned to fulfill a mission.  I exist to fulfill a task.  You know there are beings greater and more powerful than you.  All of us are a part of the beauty and mystery of this planet. 

   The regret you imagine me to have is a human emotion.  I search myself but I can not find it within me.  I am aware that our separate evolutions have different destinies.  But I am also aware that love triumphs over all obstacles.  It calls each being to become more than it is now, more than it can imagine or envision.  Such love already speaks to me in my dreams. 



                  Isaphil—A Few More of Her Thoughts


With a voice that reminds me of the crests of waves blown by winds on the high seas, yet remains as soft as moonlight falling into a still pool, Isaphil speaks: 


“Be as the child who gazes with wonder in his eyes.  Wake up as in a dream, and see the light that all around you shines.  Dissolve the dream, and then be in your mind as vast as the sea and as receptive to light as the moon. 

     “These abilities already exist within you.  Be open and accept them.  Persist in using them until they become a part of you.  All that I am in my being you have the power to create in yourself as well.”


Isaphil continues, “Let your love be as the sea that enfolds and embraces.  Let it be as the river which flows to the sea and as the rain that renews the earth.  Let it be as the pool, so calm and clear, yielding sweet waters to drink.  Only in love as pure as this can you ever see the world as it really is.

     “Feel the moonlight on your hands and face.  Reflect the world around you in this way.  Softly, gently, graciously, become a space of pure lunar light—your mind is like an ocean that has no shores.”


“What is the search for love but the desire to unite opposites so as to celebrate the beauty of the universe?  The search to join with another heart is at the center of divine celebration.  Don’t be afraid of the passion burning within you.” 


“Your technologies threaten and toy with the well-being of all life on earth.  There are secret projects being carried out within nature that are well guarded but of momentous consequence.  Beware, lest you fail in your mission.  Only for a brief time, for a little while longer, will the Earth allow your race to remain here.                          

     “It has already been ordained that the future history of this planet will include other races and beings of which your human race can not even dream.  Do not take your tenancy upon this planet lightly.  The dominion you have been given over nature can be easily suspended.  Still, a few hearts enlightened by love and guided by wisdom shall make all the difference.”


“Know this of me: within the astral kingdom of the earth there is no being who is as much a part of Her peace as am I.  All the waters on this planet hear the songs I sing.  Every breaking wave resounds with the songs shining within me.”


Isaphil says, “I will tell you in one word the mystery of it all, of who I am and of the universe you would know.”  And bringing her face close to mine she whispers, “This one word is ‘stillness.’

     “Open yourself and be a stillness so pure and clear that the circling of the moon and the singing in the sea can appear clearly within you.  This is the master key I give to you, young poet.  This is the key which opens all the mysteries, both of my heart, of the sea, and of the ages which have been sealed and locked away in the twenty-eight mansions of the moon.”

     And then to be sure that I understand and accept this key, she takes my left hand and holds it tightly between her palms.  She transmits her feminine essence into me.  I become a vast open space and I feel the orbit of the moon and all the mass of that planet and the grace of its flight flowing through me, through a space of stillness in my soul.  I become moonlight shining upon the earth, calling and inviting, reminding the earth and those upon her of serenity.”


Isaphil glances at me.  “I am fully awake and alert, but I am also dreamlike and wistfully lost in impressions and fanciful dances.  I am sharp, on the cutting edge of each moment, but also already a part of anyone who draws near to me.  I find their reflection in my heart and I blend with their being.

     “I am still like the night sky and yet also caressing like a mother or a lover.  I can enfold you with my receptive charms and I can also show you your past, present, and future.

    “I am as receptive as the ocean, as soft as moonlight.  I am as still as a diamond and as sharp, as flowing as a dream, as tender as a rose, and as much a part of you as the treasures hidden in your own heart.”


“What guides us in our journeys is the dream of being complete.  But this dream is not fantasy.  It is the well of the soul where love surges forth and overflows from within you.

     “This path is found by slipping into a dream state, and by speaking with your own heart, by drawing close to the center.  There, go now.  Stand at the center of your heart.  You can call forth, taste, and be within the happiness that will inevitably be a part of you. 

     “This is the first key and the gateway to all the mysteries of your soul—to relax, to be calm, to open from within, to be so still you reflect easily within yourself the being and the life of all that exists.”




                                                       The Five Elements—Review


                                          The universe is on the verge of exploding because of the joy it contains.


                                                                                                     Cargoste, the sylph


Preliminary Summary


Our correspondence course on undine empathy focuses on water.  There are of course five elements to consider.  It would be just as easy to present a seminar on salamander will, sylph harmony and enlightenment, gnome alchemy, and Akashic divinity.  These other courses would be similar in nature to undine empathy.  

   To summarize, there are basic states of awareness corresponding to each of the five elements.  Our task is to learn to create these states of awareness at will.  For example:




Evoke water in you and feel an inner connection to anyone you desire.  Feel that everywhere is love, trust, compassion, kindness, and tenderness; and that you are within this love that animates, sustains, heals, fulfills, and inspires every living being. 

  In brief, evoke water and vibrate within your self ecstasy—a oneness that is united to the universe.  This planet on which we live exists to teach any race that dwells here how to experience this.  




Evoke earth and you never feel separate from your ideals, your dreams, your visions, your hopes, and all that you would make real.  Your inner silence is a quiet ecstasy—like a knight in the legend of King Arthur, you sit at the table that is the center of the kingdom of the heart.  The seed hidden in the earth waiting to awaken and the dazzling sun illuminating the sky—in you are united the beginning and the end of all things.  




Evoke air and feel free.  Feel playful, cheerful, delightful, and joyous.  Enter rapture simply by focusing on your perceptions or your dreams.  You taste music and songs in the air you breathe and in relationships you feel innocent, harmonious, and at ease.  In brief, feel clear, balanced, and that harmony is everywhere. 




Evoke fire and seize the moment.  Make things happen!  You are noble, radiant, and in command.  Problems and obstacles are your opportunities to purify, strengthen, and expand your power of will.  Feel exhilaration, enthusiasm, and passion-- the powers unfolding the universe are flowing through your will.




Evoke akasha and you are your own holy guardian angel.  The deepest purposes of life, the most intricate karmic binds—you penetrate them with your awareness and design plans so that all things are fulfilled in the fullness of time.  The densest physical matter and the highest spiritual attainment—you move with ease through rocks, trees, people, and divine beings; every spiritual realm enjoys your presence.  Nothing is hidden from you; you have become what you are supposed to be—an agent of Divine Providence.  

   Now then, the essay:


Creating the Ecstasies of the Four Elements at Will 


At this point, it is a good idea to review the four elements instead of just water.  This allows us an overview of where we are in our interactions with nature. 

    In the training system of Franz Bardon, the two most important practices involve developing a concentration on the five senses and mastering the four elements.  At the very beginning, Bardon wants the student to balance his personality in terms of the psychological aspects of the four elements.  He does not, however, have the student focus on the feeling in the four elements. 

  In my on line undine empathy class, developing listening skills and even magical empathy are quite sufficient in terms of Bardon’s model for working with these aspects of the water element.  But once you start chapter three in Initiation into Hermetics, Bardon has you directly interacting with the four elements as they exist in nature.  For example, you imagine cold water to be both inside of and around your self.  This enables you to study the sensations and feelings of water.

   Water in nature, both on etheric and astral levels, contains all of the qualities and powers of undine queens.  These involve astonishing experiences through which a student can learn to create feelings or bliss, ecstasy, serenity, peace, contentment, rapture, soul to soul communion, clairsentience, visions of the past and future, etc.  Of course, some of these experiences assume contact with the spirits of water—the undines and mermaids. 

   My on line course pursues empathy as undines experience it. Undine empathy is derived from simply being aware of water and the magnetism within it.  Get this and you can produce the sensations and energies of love far beyond the spectrum of normal human interactions. Or, as I am constantly insisting, you learn to produce the love that all human beings are meant to embody.  Our race has been unusually slow in learning what is so obvious to the divine world and what is perfectly embodied in nature as well.     

    Furthermore, if we imagine ourselves surrounded with the sensations of earth, air, and fire, we can equally develop an awareness of the ecstatic aspect of those elements.  Let us proceed, then, to review all four elements in terms of what a student of magic or of steadfast concentration can learn to create within him or herself at will.




If you imagine the inside of your physical body being filled with cool water, you may experience a sense of letting go, of flowing, of the body purifying itself.  I often feel like I am floating in a tide pool totally relaxed and experiencing complete release from tension.    

    The astral body, in contrast to the physical or etheric, is the ability to feel, to be receptive, and responsive.  It is the ability to feel alive through being sensitive and emotionally connected, animated in and through our interactions with our surroundings and other people.  It is dream like at times and sensitive to images and the specifics of the situations we enter.  

    If you imagine the inside of the astral being empty and filled with cool water, you may experience feelings such as peace, serenity, contentment, well-being, a divine sensuality, and a sense of oneness with all things, etc.

   The mental body is the realm of ideas, concepts, analytic thinking, investigations, questions and answers.  It is also the clarity of mind that can take in or hold in its gaze many things at once without having to form an opinion.  

    In the mental body, water produces a stillness of mind.  The mind is mirror like, reflective, and receptive.  There is a sense of being able to see through time.  The undine Isaphil has this quality on a very powerful level.





Again, sense the physical body empty inside and imagine it filled this time with dense weight.  It is not so much a substance as is with water.  Instead it is a feeling of solid mass and gravity, that is, it is heavy. 

  The result is that you feel rock solid.  Your strength is not in acting in and on the external world.  It is in your inner cohesion—your strength is the way you hold yourself together.  You endure through time regardless of the changes in the world around you. 

   The element in the astral body produces the feelings of being stable, steadfast, and persevering.  There is a sense of inner silence.   

    This stability is being able to last until your goal is achieved.  You are one hundred per cent focused on what you need to do as you build the foundation for your next move.         

    In the mental body, the earth element is being organized.  You fit things together.  You design and build a strong foundation.  If it were possible, you build so that what you make will outlast time. 




In the etheric body, the air element, the opposite of earth, is the sensation of being weightless.  It is a sense of floating free.  Imagine being totally weightless, free of all gravity and attracting forces of any kind.

    In the astral body, the element of air is playful and outrageously cheerful and joyous.  Even if a little oversensitive, its sensitivity makes for great artistic achievement.  In an instant it can pass into rapture, that is, it gets carried away with what it perceives or dreams. 

    In the mental body, the element of air is vast, open, and clear like the sky.  It is detached and, like a mirror, it neither clings to nor does it flee the desirable or the fearful.  It embraces all beings understanding how each has its place and its own way of being. 




If you visualize the body as being empty inside, you can imagine it is then filled with the sensation of heat.  This heat sensation leads to a feeling of pressure, of an expanding, even explosive force.  It is power ready to be unleashed.

     Dominant individuals, such as alpha males, always have this vibration about them.  Whether positive or negative, they communicate and transmit to others their abundance of etheric energy.  Like a powerful electric wire, they keep what is around them aligned to their purposes and goals.   

    This energy can produce a charismatic, inspiring, and dynamic leader.  You will notice that all great leaders seem to carefully contain and control great power that they hold in reserve within them. 

    With this energy, you like to work.  You like to do things that impact upon and change the world.   It is the nature of fire—it likes to seize and control, if not transform, what is around it.   

    In the astral body, the fire element produces familiar emotions—courage, daring, boldness, and enthusiasm.  Electricity causes the light bulb to light up a room.  Heat in the astral body causes feelings to become animated and bright so that they seek expression—the desire to feel fully alive.  It is exciting, exhilarating, and invigorating.  Fire in the astral body is passion. 

    Fire knows it is alive within the moment because it is totally ready to seize upon whatever opportunities are available to it to express, confirm, and expand itself.  When completely positive, it expands its emotions out and through everyone around itself to make them feel fully alive as well.    

    In the mental body, fire produces a plan of action.  Fire on this level likes to expand its will and power and considers how and what it must do to accomplish this.  Fire as will immediately sets up boundaries to claim what it controls and to defend what it owns.  It takes hold.  It sustains itself by insuring its needs are satisfied. 

    Fire on this level asks, What can we do right now to solve this problem?  It is not so much an intellectual concept being applied here.  It is will power that is dynamic, effective, and commanding in such a way so as to produce results.





If you have the power of fire, you are able to use it to make things happen.  If you use it with the wisdom of air, what you do is harmonious.  If you use it with the love of water, what you do is healing, nurturing, and inspiring to others. 

   If you combine it with the solidity of earth, what you make endures.  And if you use power in all these ways and add in the purposes of akasha, then what you make endures, inspires, heals, and transforms others through all ages of the world.     



Akashic Element


The fifth element of akasha supervises, watches over, perfects, completes, and enriches life.  It offers opportunities.  It maintains the other four elements.

    Here is one way of working with this element.  Imagine the inside of your body is empty except for a dark, ultraviolet light. The sensation of this light, its vibration, is that it penetrates through space and time. 

    Next imagine that this light is being emitted from all the pours of your body filling a vast, empty void around you with its vibration.  Then you become the light you are emitting in your awareness.  Without referring to your body or a central point, you become the vast void penetrating through space and time. 

   The word akasha also refers to a plane of existence, the akashic plane, as opposed to the physical, etheric, astral, and mental planes.  The akashic plane is not dependent on form to sustain its power or existence.  We can also speak of akasha as it operates in and through each of these denser, form defined planes.

   The above description of akasha is based on the cosmic letter E.  Another cosmic letter, U, is slightly different.  You imagine that you are within a vast space that is dark, without light, energy, form, or substance being present.  It is simply empty, a void; nothing is there.  Then add the quality that the nature of this void is to reveal the original purity and purpose of anything and everything. 

   I prefer the letter U to the letter E.  It is the very nature of the enlightened mind.  It tends to perceive without being encumbered by clichés, history, needs, or expectations.  

   The etheric body akasha maintains vitality, life force, and health.  On this level, akasha is nurturing and flowing like water; it is balancing and circulating like air; it is metabolizing and sustaining heat like fire; and it is solid and enduring like earth.  It is all of these at once.  

    The astral refers to our ability to respond, to appreciate, and to feel fully alive.  The astral animates things.  It has great sensitivity and empathic receptivity. 

    Akasha here is the ability to take a feeling and make it positive or negative, strong or weak.  It can take one emotion and change it into its opposite or back again.  Akasha has this power of command over dreams, desires, and feelings.

    Akasha sees the desire and the outcome, the intention and the result of that intention.  It is the ability to feel alive, to live life to its fullest in every moment of time—this ability is within us should we but seek it and claim it as our own.  It is found at the edge of our five senses and in the feelings that flow through us in every moment.      

    If you have a good conscience, if akasha is active within you on the mental plane, you will notice when something is missing, when things do not feel right.  And then you will add or invent something new to bring about balance and progress.  Akasha insures the balance of the four elements on the lower planes.

   The future is imagination.  In a nutshell, akasha asks, What are your innermost dreams?  What do you envision that would make life complete? Let us then put in place whatever is required so that what you seek can happen.  The task of akasha is to make the world new.

     In summary, akasha reveals the purpose you seek to fulfill.  On the mental plane, one then asks, What is your plan of action for pursuing this purpose?  On the astral plane, the question becomes, What kind of sensitivity or emotional involvement will you need to persevere in this endeavor and bring it to life?   

   And for the physical plane, the question is, What is the result you seek in specific and concrete terms and how will you stabilize this so it endures and continues to be of value through time?  Each element has its own contribution to this process.  Akasha oversees and intervenes when necessary to insure that everything keeps working.  





I have a few more fairy tales to write.  There is a story about Istiphul and several other undines I know.

   I also work closely with women who have very close ties to the mermaid realm.  Just editing the hundreds of pages of email I have from Ronda will be a book in itself.  Another woman like Ronda is like a perfect channel for undines.  Whatever mermaid I study, she has an astonishing capacity to communicate the presence of that undine to me. 

  And then there is the task of learning for myself how to better master and embody the magnetic fluid.  This is a magical action.  It is also learning to be in touch with and expressing the creative power in the feminine side of oneself. 

  The undine queens are incredibly helpful in learning to comprehend these things.  But in the Franz Bardon system, you have to do the exercises.  You master it by practicing it.  I am still a magician in training.