(If you have not practiced concentration for 40 years, perhaps imagine you are reading Tolkien or Rowling).


When I meditate

There is no William R. Mistele present

There is no trace of him. He is gone.

No memory, no recollection.


If Stalin and thirty of his generals

Had felt what I feel now

Hitler could not have entered Russia

And two million women would not have been raped

When the Red Army invaded Germany in retaliation.


If Roosevelt, Churchill, and de Gaulle 

And thirty of their advisors had felt what I feel now

Possessed even half of my Kundalini

A third of my clairsentient ability

A quarter of my akashic emptiness

Hitler could not have taken Poland 

A hundred thousand Poles

Would not have died that first week

A thousand Poles every day during that occupation.

And thousands of concentration camps

Would not have been created in Europe


If the Dalai and thirty of his advisors

Had felt what I feel now

And were not as timid as rabbits and field mice

Mao would not have taken Tibet

Moa would never have considered it,

Wanted it, or planned it

And so a million monks and nuns

Would not have been slaughtered 


If there were thirty people on earth who feel what I feel now

Who are more dove than any dove

Who know that peace does not arrive from above

Who are more hawk than any hawk

Who understand you have to walk the talk--

That your will to love must be stronger

Than anyone’s will to power

Then Iran would not have spent

Six hundred billion dollars

On a nuclear weapons program

And Kim Jong Il would not be feasting

On the people of North Korea


I am not without a conscience—

I can feel what these dictators feel

Their thoughts pass through my mind

I stand watch inside of their hearts

The stink of rotting corpses, the napalm burning flesh,

The rape in the Balkans and Africa,

The unmitigated hate,


In the future

Millions of people on earth will feel what I feel

But for now thirty will do

The heart of malice that harms others

To acquire and to sustain power

It will slowly dissolve and quietly fade away

It shall be as if it was never there in the first place

Justice will fill the earth

As the desert explodes with flowers

After the rain.    


When I meditate

My aura passes through every dictator one earth

There are no national boundaries, 

No sovereign nation that can hide its atrocities

We are all one

Each others brother and sister, student and teacher

And the treasures of love and wonder

That exist within us

Are numbered as the stars in the sky