Copyright 2009 by William R. Mistele

Entering the White Light


To relive each moment of life again

From beginning to end

As if it is new

Your first time through

Yet the entire sequence

Suspended, frozen,

Standing right in front of you:


The gifts given

The bliss tasted

The pleasure taken


The opportunities I missed

The choices I dismissed

What I lost when I hesitated


The truth?

I step outside the stream of time

The dream is over

Finality, the end, closure

What remains?

The image of this woman?

Can you hear the song her body is singing?


Where do I begin?

Shadow and light play on my skin

Beauty uses me

Look carefully

See what I am

My peace is infinite

My love without beginning or end


Become as I am:

Beyond all fear

Every moment hold dear

Brave the night

Create as I create

A path of love

A path of light