Copyright (C) 1999 by William Mistele

				Swords into Plowshares

This is a little Biblical interpretation of how one of Isaiah's
prophecies might be fulfilled.  Isaiah, as you may recall, lived
around 800 B.C.  He was perhaps the leading prophet of Israel.   He
could speak directly to God and give immediate prophetic
revelations about the fate of nations.  He prophesied the fate of
every nation within 500 to 1000 miles of Israel.  He foretold  the
day, month, sometimes even the hour, when God's judgment would
fall on them.  Isaiah's famous words, echoed by Micah, are
emblazoned on the front of the United Nations building in New
York City.  This is a really interesting saying because it relates to an
ideal of history, the way in which peace, as an ideal, will actually
manifest in history.
	I happen to have Isaiah right here on the line, through the
help of a descendant of the Witch of Endor who, you may recall,
summoned the prophet Samuel. 
	Descendent of Endor's witch, could you ask Isaiah exactly how this
prophecy of his will be fulfilled?  What is that?  He says, "The house of
the Lord shall be established in Zion, and the people shall go up to it.  
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and
they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into
pruning hooks: Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither
shall they learn war any more."
	Ask him the details of how God is going to bring this about. 
Oh, he says, "This is the truth of human history that love is greater
than everything else and that God who is love will see that the
people of love create peace on this planet."
	Okay, can he get more specific than that?
	No, he just says, "The mouth of the Lord speaks through my
mouth on occasion, and that's all.  The details get worked out by
other people."
	Okay, thank you so much. 
	We were just talking to a descendant of the Witch of Endor. 
Now I did some research on the internet and I found someone a bit
more current in the Bible.  Now you remember John,  in the book
of Revelations, chapter 11, who said that at the end times, which is
when Israel is restored to the land of Palestine, which happened in
1947, I believe, the Jews would try to rebuild the temple of
Solomon on the mount, which currently has a mosque built on top
of its foundations.  One thing that is concurrent with these events is
the appearance of two witnesses (Revelations 11:3-12).  They will
have power for three and a half years to stop rain anywhere on
earth, destroy their enemies with fire, call down plagues like Moses
did, and turn water into blood.  However, they are not called
prophets but witnesses, come to prophesy.
	I went on the internet and in searching under the subject,
revelations,  I found the official homepage of the revelations of
John.  There I  got in touch with one of these two witnesses.  And
he is live on the phone right now and waiting.  Excuse me.  Hello,
operator?  Okay, here he is.  Sir?  I understand you are one of the
two witnesses of Revelations? He says, yes, he is.  Can you tell me,
Sir, is it true that you have these powers?
	Here, I'll put him on speakerphone so we can all hear him.
	"Yes, I can destroy people with fire, cause plagues, turn
water into blood, stop the rain, very good at controlling hurricanes,
	By the way, how did you learn that?  Did God just tap you
on the shoulder one day and the Spirit came upon you?
	"Oh, no, this is just standard stuff.  There are probably a
couple hundred of us here on earth.  We all sent in our applications,
and God just picked the two that were the most like his own heart. 
The actual training to control weather and other phenomena though,
that is just basic spiritual training that has been ignored by people. 
The earth, you know, is a very extroverted world.  People are
engrossed in making money, like Bill Gates and Donald Trump. 
They are not really internally focused.  But if you want to, you can
learn these things."
	So you are saying you went to a prophetic school?
	"Let's just say that I am a prophetic school."
	Okay, regarding this revelation, what exactly is your role? 
Let me ask you, because it says right here that there are these seven
seals, and beasts are going to rise, and there will be all these terrible
plagues released on the earth.  Is that all really going to happen?
	"When I read the Revelations of John, I thought, this is a set
of prophecies that should never happen.  Personally, I do not like
demons and all those bad spirits, fallen archangels and that sort of
thing--they are just a minor annoyance.  They have no right to be on 
this planet.  God is sovereign, and if there are going to be any
demons possessing the Antichrist, well, that is because someone is
not doing their job here on earth.  The good people of the planet
who have God in their hearts have to take control of human history. 
If you want people to beat their swords into plowshares, you have to
do it because the men of all goodwill are better than the men of all
bad will.  That is just how it is going to happen."
	I see, so, you mean it is not going to be just how John
prophesied it?
	"Well, you see, I made a deal with God.  If he wants me as
one of these two witnesses, he has to give me a chance to see if the
good people can take charge of history before he allows all these
bad things to happen, you know, the four horsemen of the
apocalypse, the beasts, and all that jazz.  I said to God that I wanted
the power to confront the really bad people of this planet, dictators,
so that the really bad things don't happen.  God said all right, he
would give me a chance and see what happens."
	So if I understand this right, you have these powers to
prevent an apocalypse.
	"Yes, it is like what that Koresh fellow said, over there in
Waco, Texas.  If God lets the FBI kill all of them, there would not
need to be an apocalypse.   But I do not think it is all that simple,
though Koresh had the right idea, that human beings have the ability
to prevent an apocalypse, but we have to really get our act
	I see.  What exactly are you going to do then, if you are not
going to fulfill the prophecies in Revelations?
	"Let me tell you a little story.  It works like this.  Say it is
1926, and you know that a good prophet can see through time.
When you are united with God in your heart, in other words, a good
guy--I have a white hat on, though you can't see it over the phone--
and you want to deal with someone like Hitler, you can go to Hitler
when he was an unknown living in Dusseldorf, without many
	"You say to him that one day he is going to be very famous
and is going to cause a world war.  Fifty million people are going to
die, but in the end he is just going to commit suicide.  That is the
negative path, fate, he has before him.  I want him to know that he
doesn't have to bring on a world war, he doesn't need to cause 50
million deaths.  Instead, he can become a very positive person and
create a common market between all the countries of Europe so that
there is great wealth and abundance and Germany leads the world in
prosperity.  That is his divine destiny.  If he ignores it, though, he is
just going to end up committing suicide.  So I tell him that I am
going to give him a choice.  Either he does something positive with
his life, or in the next hour he will feel inclined to go upstairs and
commit suicide and save the world from 50 million deaths.  That is
the way it is.  I am painting him a picture of what he can do that is
positive, but if he chooses to be negative he will have the exact
consequences that would have happened anyway but much sooner. 
That is how I would have dealt with Hitler."
	Right. But you were not around when Hitler was alive. 
What are you doing now?
	"Oh, well, last Friday, I had a meeting with Saddam
Hussein.  He has enough anthrax to kill everyone on the earth.  I
had a private audience with him, after I went through a few dozen
of his bodyguards.  I told him I had unlimited power, no one in Iraq
can stop me, I can kill anyone with my mind, with fire, and so forth. 
I said to him, 'Here's the deal, exactly twelve years from now, one of
your officers is going to assassinate you.  You won't know which
officer it is.  I have a choice for you though.  You can be
assassinated next week, or you can choose a positive path and do
what your positive destiny is, which I am revealing to you right now. 
I will explain to you exactly how to do it, and I will be your
counselor on a weekly basis. You can create a common market
between all the oil producers on the planet.  You will peg the price
per barrel at exactly the right price to maximize your profits and to
stabilize your economy so that the economies of the world will also
flourish.  And you are going to ensure that  no one cheats.  This is
your destiny, to create great wealth in the Arab world and in
Venezuela and other oil-producing nations.  If you choose the
negative path, you will be assassinated by one of your officers, you
will take 150,000 people with you, and you will allow the release of
anthrax in major cities across the planet.  But since that is the end
result, and you don't have to hurt other people, you can have the
end result all by itself.  You will be dead in a week, by assassination. 
You know what he said?  He said he would do it.  He would
personally take charge of rescue efforts if there is an earthquake or
other calamity in his country.  He would be there to help the
refugees recover, there would be no more killing people with
mustard gas or anthrax, and he would make peace with the Kurds. 
That is how I did it with Saddam Hussein, and that is how I plan to
do it with other people, but you know what?  I am not going to be
on CNN, and no one is going to know about this because I like to
work behind the scenes.  The only way you will see me on CNN is
when I have screwed up.  Then you will have your apocalypse, and
I will have to do what God assigned me, killing people with fire,
causing plagues, and so forth."
	Thank you so much for granting this interview, Witness.  If I
may summarize, you see yourself as fulfilling the Biblical verse,
"They shall beat their swords into plowshares,"  but what you are
doing is having divine power combined with your own initiative,
confronting the bad guys and arresting them like the Lone Ranger.
	"That's pretty much it.  The kingdom of God is here right
now in our hearts, and you either make it manifest because you are
strong enough, or it is in your heart but the world suffers because
you are too weak to make it happen."
          Thank you so much.  We will all pray for your ministry. 
Class, I'd just like to say that I was impressed by this interview.  It is
a very interesting interpretation of how he is going to prevent the
apocalypse.   Let's see if I've got this right:  The good guys who love
are more powerful than the bad guys who destroy.  He is using
diving power to do that. Also he is fulfilling Isaiah's prophecy.  
   Now then, about the second witness.  I hear that in deference to
twentieth century values,
God has appointed a woman.  I checking for her web site now.