You have chosen to leave behind your familiar life and follow a complete
stranger into an unknown world.  The risk is great.  The possibility of
deception and treachery are immense.  But this is your choice. 
    By evening the two of you have found your way deep into a forest.  You
make camp beneath a tall oak tree.  A brown squirrel suspiciously stops
and glares at the two of you and then proceeds about his business.
The squirrel checks up on each nut he has buried in some pattern
only his brain can imagine.  
   You place your tongue to the top of your mouth pressed against your
upper lip and suck air in spurts as your tongue lets the air pass.  A
shrill sound is emitted and the squirrel turns around and comes toward you
as if enchanted.  Calling squirrls is an old trick passed down in your
family line.
   The stranger smiles and says, "Learning the language of animals and
trees is one of the skills you must possess."
   You respond to this absurdity and say, "You talk to trees you're
telling me?  So what does this old oak tree have to say?"
   The stranger calmly turns around and recites this poem: Click here for the poem.
   Later you eat bread and cheese and a little dried meat along with some
almonds and raisins.  
    While you eat the two of you introduce yourselves. The stanger says,
"My name is Hirah.  I am named after a warrior in ancient tale."
You say, "My name is ____." (Giving your own name).
   In a short time, inspite of being outside and lying on a pile of
leaves, you fall fast asleep.  But during the night you awake feeling a
twinge of regret that you did not even take the time to say goodbye to
those you left behind.
    Somehow the past has been torn away.  You know you should care more
for those who have loved you for so long but the feelings are not there.
Only the impression that you must go on.

Click here if you are curious about how to talk to
trees and would like a more detailed example.

More coming.