The man says, 

I speak with trees.  
They answer my questions.  
They share with me their secret dreams and visions.
They are not without passion.

(The man turns to the tree and asks):

Do not your roots as they probe and search the earth 
To quench their thirst for nourishment
Find peace and satisfaction?

(The tree responds):

	Even as lovers taste and celebrate each other.

Do not your needles and your leaves 
As they drink in the sun's light
Delight in the interaction
Joined to such power and might?

	With lips and fingers 
        The lover searches the beloved's skin
	In bliss they  fuse
	Their hearts merge
	The joy is rapture

Do you not stand alone Firm and enduring amid the changing seasons Because
in you a greater will has found its home?

	Fire is woven into wood as are water, earth, and light
	I am not afraid.
	In my soul is the song of creation.

Is this why your seeds depart upon wind and breeze
Risking death and annihilation
Because of the the song that has called them?

	Isolation and pain fade with the night 
	As birth and new light sing ecstasy into life. 
	Every season is the flower of beauty unfolding. 

The man stops his dialogue with the tree to see your reaction.  
What is your reaction?  Is there a trace of the bard in your soul or
perhaps going to sleep is more on your mind?

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