The stranger hears you laugh and turns and laughs with you.  "You are not
easily deceived," he says, "as are so many others who are quick to seek
fame and futune by taking some short cut to fulfill their desires and
their dreams.  I see in your eyes that one day when you are ready we will
meet again.  Until then I give you a boon though you have asked for
nothing.  If you should enter a open field in the woods under a full moon
and listen to the wind's song as it blends and caresses the trees' leaves,
then you will have a vision of the way to Castle Mysterium."

Do you say, "You have to be a stand up comedian."

Or do you say, "I'm not into wind and trees. Poetry and
moonlight never meant much to me. I see some pieces of wood over in yonder
field I had best be collecting.  Have a good day."