"Within my soul is a stone circle. All my journeys and all my paths 
through space and time lead back to this one place of Divine Celebration."


Coming over on the ferry from Oban, (W coast of Scotland)  Saturday, April
20, 1991, I bought in the shop on the ferry a number of books, maps, etc.
of Mull and Iona.  One description was of Moy Castle, a small stone
pre-Christian fortress.  The last paragraph on the castle, however,
mentioned that the best example of standig stones was walking distance
from the castle. 

Trying to follow the rough directions for locating the castle,  I 
stopped by a small house and asked the man in the yard where  the 
castle  was.   He  said  to park there and walk  down  the  path.  
Shortly,  a dog began accompanying me, barking furiously whever I 

I  found  the old small castle and peered in through a window  at 
the  pool in the floor which is said to always remain at the same 
level.   Then I went off to look for the circle.  Not having much 
luck  and realizing this is,  after all,  a spiritual journey  (I 
have  never seen a stone circle before) I walked over to a  large 
rock and asked the rock for directions.  

About sixty seconds later,  a car came by with the man I'd talked 
to about the castle.  He said the dog was his, and, in his gentle 
friendly manner,  said he really shouldn't tell me this, but if I 
go  back through the estate and down the drive and past the  bull 
in the field, it would be off to the right at three o'clock.  And 
the dog would follow me back to his house. 

So off in the field,  cow manuer everywhere, were the nine stones 
in a twenty-two foot circle.  Outside the circle to the South was 
a  nice  nine foot stone.   Asking permission,  I touched it  and 
asked  what  it's energy was.   This stone said to  me  that  the 
organizing  principle  here  was  to unite with  the  dense  deep 
magnetic  life force of the planet earth --which I  stepped  into 
briefly to get the feel of. 

Then,  I proceeded around the circle clockwise.   Each stone  had 
it's  own specific energy.   The first stone on the left was  the 
energy  for  me  of  a masculine  occultist,  very  intense  yang 
controlling  energy.   The second stone,  by contrast,  (which  I 
skipped the first time I went around the circle),  was very yin--
it was the embodiment of softness.  

I  contacted  the  feeling of the stone  and  then  spontaneously 
projected  that feeling as a female image.   And then  we  talked 
back and forth.  I think this stone of them all was the one I was 
most  in  need  of as a balancing  energy.   The  soft,  flowing, 
watery,  all-acceptance,  deep  as a bottomless lake,  gentle  as 
forest  pool,  flowing as a mountain stream.   Just the  kind  of 
emotional  quality the fiery,  desert scorced quality of my  life 
with  Mars directly opposite Pluto in Leo has rarely  encountered 
in an abundance. 

Even now,  as I write this,  I can reach out and touch this stone 
psychically  and hear her voice saying that in my Soul there is a 
stone  circle  where  the  beginnings and the  ends  of  all  the 
mysteries of life are present and celebrated.   And that in  this 
quiet, seemingly abandoned spot, half a world away from beauty of 
Hawaii  or the violence of Detroit where I was born,  this circle 
has  in it's own way been waiting for me.   For it has both  been 
there  for  thousands  of years and yet is also  somehow  a  real 
marker  on the inward landscape across which I travel to meet  my 
inner self. 

The third stone had the feeling for me of a needy woman,  loving, 
and  yet somehow torn within as if in great need.   Perhaps  this 
was to foreshadow my next job which is currently counseling woman 
who  have  been  battered by men and training the  men  in  anger 
management   and   unlearning  power  and  control   tactics   in 
relationships.   Talking to her, she tells me that her gift is to 
be  a  true soul friend but that when violence  is  present,  her 
feminine beauty becomes wounded and is torn. 

The next stone, short and round, is like the akashic awareness of 
the  earth element.   This stone seemed to carry an awareness  of 
the valley, the mountains, the seasons, the pastures, of the land 

The  fifth  stone  had the quality of a  warrior  woman,  strong, 
martial, and confident. 

The  sixth  stone,  for  me,  had something  of  the  quality  of 
enlightenemnt,  feminine  and  yet bright like the sun rising  up 
above the horizon at dawn. 

The  seventh stone was somehow the compliment to the  first  one.  
Whereas the first had the control and occult knowledge,  this one 
was  like a female Bardic magician.   She is full of  enchantment 
and  magic  and  knowledge of and stories  about  the  mysterious 
forces  which  move  in the human soul and the way  these  forces 
manifest  and unfold within the passions of  every  person.   

Her  insight is not into how this cause produces that effect  but 
rather  how every thread and desire in a person is an  interwoven 
tapestry whose design is only faintly and occasionally  glimpsed.  
It is not the knowledge of power but the presence of beauty which 
in her mind is the real guide and guardian of life's journey. 

The  eighth  stone is like a Lord of solar light,  a presence  of 
great  radiant power,  who in order to be present in the  circle, 
cloaks most of his light so as not to disturb the harmony of  the 
circle.   When the light is too bright, it is not possible to see 
anything  else  in  the world,  so this one  must  be  approached 
carefully  lest  the  every day work and tasks of  the  world  be 

The ninth stone, for me, is like the goddess kundalini, intensely 
energetic,  wild,  ecstatic,  primal.  Serpentlike, blissful, and 
dangerous.  This stone was the second most attractive to me after 
the flowing,  watery stone.   Her knowledge is of the  sensations 
and  experiences which arise as primal energy passes through  and 
opens up the nervous system and chakras throughout the body. 

To  the  east side outside of the circle was a small stone  which 
was like a spiritual guide, very clear in it's energy. 

As I meditated more, I came to realize that the stones had within them 
the energies of different cosmic letters.  Franz Bardon mentions
that the druids also possessed the cosmic language. Long ago some
man or woman from some tradition placed within these stones
these cosmic energies perhaps as a message or as an inheritance
for a future generation to discover.

Following the stones in  the same direction clockwise, the letters are
K, M, J, E, N, C, L, R, and H. 

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