Franz Bardon Hermetics, Fairy Tales, and Transpersonal Psychology

The following articles and dialogues with nature and divine spirits derive from 35 years of study in the Western Hermetic tradition of Franz Bardon. We have just come out of two thousand years of having had "authorities" tell us what to think, feel, and perceive. To compensate, the material on this site is almost completely derived from direct, first hand, and my own individual perceptual experience. Consequently, there is no authority or master to be found on this web site. Everyone can experience what is described here in their own way and in their own time. This web site is dedicated to the enlightenment of the world.
Note: Magic is a study of how to make the best choices in life. It seeks to see the world as it is and to know oneself from the very depths. I enjoy hearing from those who practice Bardon or who have related experiences. For William Mistele's Biography, For Franz Bardon's Biography, For Rawn Clark's Incisive Discussion of Bardon

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A Blessing

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The Training--A Magician's Prayer

The Breathing

Mermaid Women

Mermaid Women Two

On Love--The Five Elements

The Department of Absolute Truth



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