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3/5/2011 Body Awareness Mistele Yoga This is a repost of an essay on body awareness. Bardon practice presumes and requires that you actually be able to directly perceive the vitality and health of your body, muscles, organs, and the balance of life force between upper and lower body, chakras, etc. This simple stretching and focusing on vitality exercise is one way of doing that. Yoga itself and Bardon body breathing in itself will not do this for you. Furthermore, if you combine an awareness of the surplus vitality in your body with akasha which is in effect Shiva you can combine the Shiva Shakti kundalini yoga goal in your body with far greater ease. See my Kundalini for Dummies farther down. 3/3/2011 The River Mermaid The Top Ten Reasons Sauron's Ring of Power is Not the Magician's Quintessence of Wisdom Top Ten Reasons Mermaids Fall in Love with Men Top Ten Signs of a Genuine Spiritual Community On Trolls Top Ten Reasons Magicians Try Not To Fall In Love With Mermaids Top Ten Reasons Bardon Students Do Not Master Chapter Three of Initiation into Hermetics 2/21/2011 Ten Questions from a Christian For a homework assignment at a college class, a Christian sent me ten questions. I tried to answer them in a framework she could grasp. 2/20/2011 Reading Five Auras Yesterday in one sitting I read five auras and wrote on the cosmic letter M on the akashic level. I work this way about once every week or two. I read auras only for my writing or reseach. A Challenge to Bardon Magicians 2/16/2011 See the Merman Brian Leonard's Light Card Slide Show of Under Water Images for Healing and Meditation 2/14/2011 A Master Student Dialogue With a touch of Monty Python (read humor) I bring to you a dialogue on shiva, shakti, kundalini, and tantra. I can barely sit down in the morning and begin to meditate when some little piece of art starts demanding that I write it down and upload it to this site or to facebook. 2/7/2011 Some Recent Posts from facebook A magician calls many realms his home and many races consider him one of their own. --Franz Bardon 2/2/2011 The Battle Hymn of Those Who Create Peace A Rewrite of the words to The Battle Hymn of the Republic 2/1/2011 On Magical Bonds with Mermaids 1/31/2011 Response to getting headaches from practicing Bardon exercises The Mint Tea Dream 1/30/2011 A Tribute to a Mermaid Woman (more pics added) 1/29/2011 From Letters to Mermaids--On N. Korea And a little music to accompany the mermaid letter. 1/26/2011 The Exact Way to Tell When You are with a Mermaid Woman 1/23/2011 When I Meditate 1/21/2011 Warning: Serious Dangers Involving Mermaid Meditation This four page essay is similar to my 33 page essay on Kundalini For Dummies. After decades of Monty Python, I tend to throw in a little humor when I present a "serious" topic. 1/18/2011 And the Dead Shall Walk 1/12/2011 A Request Concerning North and South Korea From time to time I request assistance regarding dangers to be overcome in current world affairs. This is one of the best uses of magic--to solve problems that nothing else can solve. Questions and answers on above practice 1/8 and 1/10/2011 and 1/11/1011 Mermaid Women--Rachel Interview, Part I Mermaid Women--Rachel Interview, Part II: on bonding and flowing her aura through other people Mermaid Women--Rachel Interview, Part III: on being free of human need and feeling alive 1/4/2011 The Mermaid Assassin The Mermaid Assassin, a story from the third book in the mermaid series called, Mermaid Wars. 1/1/2011 Iran and N. Korea working together I suspect those who fail to act are as guilty as the perpetrators of destruction. 12/27/2010 Kundalini (the Serpent Power) for Dummies This is a thirty three page essay I wrote today on a meditation I did with kundalini. It is meant to be humorous and light and is more of an introduction to spiritual anthropology and the chakras rather than a serious study of kundalini. 12/22/2010 On Love--A Short Video 12/13/2010 A Brief Summary of the Traits of Mermaid Women A Poem by the Merman Ermot 12/4/2010 A Mermaid Queen's Question 12/4/2010 Twenty-Seven Poems of Love and Magic 27 poems posted on facebook. Mostly new. 11/28/2010 A Brief Summary of My Mermaid Project 11/26/2010 Note: the show below has been canceled due to technical difficulties. On Sunday 11/28/2010 I'll be interviewed on The Truth Collective at 6 PM Los Angeles time. I'll have more information up soon. Traits of Mermaid Women (new version) I uploaded a new version of my traits of mermaid women. 11/22/2010 Saturn and the Idea of a Referee Some individuals have been after me to present a more coherent explanation of how to be a referee. It needs work but this is a basic introduction to Saturn and the idea of a referee. 11/20/2010 Tantra, Androgyny, and Magic A brief nine page essay which I have written about a number of times in different forms. This is your basic electric/magnetic fluid meditation as derived from meditating on a man and a woman's gender energies. Note: I post to my facebook page nearly every day. Those poems are more experimental and I delete them after six hours if no one responds: Facebook is all about social interaction. Some of the facebook overflows to my blog on See 10/28 below for the link. 11/8/2010 Women and the Sea--Homage to Femininity 11/2/2010 Interviewing the Perseian Woman A few notes and comments on a two hour interview I did last week with a Persian woman--a member of the race that replaces human beings should we become extinct. 10/30/2010 10/28/2010 My Myspace page I am experimenting with setting up a myspace page and blog. Some of the poems and comments from my facebook page will overflow here. Some relate directly to Bardon practices like the one I have just uploaded under the topic Hermetic Shaman. 10/23/2010 An Undine's Prayer 10/16/2010 Medvedev, Chavez, current events From Facebook: I am getting too old to play the role of Ghost of Christmas Future. I got you through the U.S. and Russia, the Iron Curtain fall, Pakistan and India. I played my part. I played it well. But it is now up to you younger folks to carry the ball. I made a few mistakes. I never learned how to heal or to inspire, only to destroy the destroyers. But that is part of my learning process. A Selection from the Manual of Saturn, Chapter Two My brief, humorous yet also dead serious commentary. 10/14/2010 This is a new version of an old video. The Text of the Beatitudes 10/13/2010 Ronda Starkey Ronda is now on I have written a past life experience of hers in Atlantis and a short biography, Growing Up Mermaid, under Mermaid/Undine Archives. 10/12/2010 Ondine Movie SPOILER: The girl the fisherman finds in his net appears to be a selkie--a seal that becomes human by shedding its skin. But it turns out she has history--she was carring drugs and ended up in the sea. But the idea that she is not human is too much for poor Syracuse (Colin Farrell). In the end, she is accepted as human and not selkie so everyone can get on with their lives. But then the events in the plot, namely, that she can call fish for him to catch can not be accounted for. No one is that lucky and the movie is not about luck. The events in the plot indicate she is a mermaid who revives the drowned body of a human woman and then (exactly like real mermaid women) she lives among us disguising who she really is. But the movie never touches this possibility. On Despair--By A Mermaid Life Coach 10/10/2010 On Depression--By A Mermaid Life Coach 10/6/2010 The Gate A very short piece about the early days of Atlantis when a poet was trying to decide whether to share mermaids with the human race. 10/5/2010 Take A Break--Part II. A brief meditation in the Mermaid Life Coach series. It is also a simulation for the Bardon practice of concentrating with one, two, or three senses. "Listen to the stream" means "hear" it with your imagination, feel the sensations of the water, see it in your mind so you can replay the video. Become water without any reference back to your ego. A brief email reply A brief email reply regarding karmic limitations in connecting to the mermaid realm. 10/3/2010 A Blessing--by a Mermaid Life Coach 9/30/2010 Mermaid Women 5 9/28/2010 An Open Letter to the Dalai Lama More Saturn Type Poems Here are two short poems I put on facebook among a number of others. These also follow Saturn themes. For the illustative pictures, see my facebook page September 26, 2010 Take a Moment--By a Mermaid Life Coach

Take A Moment--By A Mermaid Life Coach from pagios on Vimeo.

Sepember 23, 2010 Morning Wake Up Call--By a Mermaid Life Coach September 12, 2010 Traits of Mermaid Women (latest version) This takes the former ten page essay and extends it into thirty-six pages. This was quite difficult to write. It took me a week and a half going over my notes and revising and editing. It is especially valuable for individuals practicing Bardon's system in regard to working on magical equilibrium. For the general population, I will have to put some novels and screenplays or independent films to get the idea across. With some luck, these things should be within reach. The Changeling In case you did not read this story in the Undine Empathy Course, I added it here and under the Mermaid/Undine Archives. September 7, 2010 The Department of Absolute Truth September 4, 2010 A Merman Poem September 2, 2010 Words from the story, "Pastor Bob and the Mermaid." See Mermaid/Undine Archives.

Pastor Bob and the Mermaid from pagios on Vimeo.

August 23, 2010 Pastor Bob and the Mermaid Sometimes I think to myself that it all might have been different. I might have become a Baptist minister if things had gone another way. But then again I think, Not! August 22, 2010 St. Columba and the Undine Iona--Isle of the Druids. Like the bards of old, St. Columba had trained for seven years in darkness. The archangel Michael fought by his side in a battle in which none of his soldiers were killed. On Iona each day as he sat upon a hill, angels would visit him. And in the end, he found what he sought--he saw God's face. And at night, his disciples saw that there was no need of candle light--his hut was radiant with the light of his presence. August 21, 2010 This is an older video short I did of a scene from a movie I will one day get around to editing. On my facebook page I have it as an example of rule 3 under Ten Rules for Spiritual Beginners. See Essays on the index page. The model for me is the incarnation of Prajnaparamita, the mother of all enlightened beings. That is the vibration of her akashic or spiritual body. But in our world there is no User's Manual next to the crib when you are born. So she has grown up in a Western world that offers no support for the enlightened mind or for someone whose inner spirit is the embodiment of pure akashic penetrating emptiness. August 20, 2010 On Mermen I often am asked about mermen, the male equivalent of mermaids. In this essay, I briefly descrbe the four mermen Bardon has in his book on evocation and then go on to describe a merman who has now incarnated as a human being. August 16, 2010 Gender Issues and Mermaid Women Robert Phoenix asked a question about gender issues and mermaid women during his blogtalkradio show. Here is a more complete answer. August 13, 2010 The Custodian of the Mermaid Archives This is the fourth in a series of stories/fairy tales I have written to give an account of how mermaids move from their realm to incarnate as human beings. These stories are in effect past life readings based on video taped interviews I have conducted with women in the last year or two. August 10, 2010 Mermaid Women 4 August 8, 2010 This is the blogtalkradio interview with me and Robert Phoenix. You have to wait until ten minutes into it before the discussion begins. Scroll down on Robert's archive site to the picture of the mermaid. Blogtalkradio August 8, 2010 Question and Answer This was a response to a question on Robert Phoenix's blog radio site from a woman who was concerned I was obsessed with beauty in its outer form rather than in spirit. August 7, 2010 Mermaid Women 3 This is hopefully the final version of this picture/music video--a tribute to mermaid women. I shot almost all of these pictures in one day. Watch the model shift her expression and energy, for to water alone is granted this mystery--how to be one with another; to put it midly, she is a study in how to be fully alive in each moment of time. Download adagio in G minor free mp3 at: August 6, 2010 Mermaid Empathy or the Sea of Love Meditation--Voice over from a mermaid women. August 5, 2010 Exploring the Mystery of Undines with William Mistele Blog Talk Radio this Sunday with Robert Phoenix and William Mistele That is for 7 PM San Francisco, Pacific Time. Call in number is: 374-308-8995 This is a good time to ask questions. August 4, 2010 My Publisher's account of our meeting together on Kauai. And I thought I was a good observer of human behavior and able to recall conversations. This guy is incredible. No wonder he is a publisher. July 30, 2010 A Mermaid's Dream July 29, 2010 The Airplane Pilot Mermaid, Or, Writing the Modern Fairy Tale This experience occured a few weeks ago. I take you into the writing of a fairy tale moment by moment as the story unfolds. July 28, 2010 Author Book Interview July 25, 2010 This is my second in a series of videos relating to the theme of mermaid women. July 24, 2010 This is my first of a series of videos on mermaid or mermaid type women. What makes them different is that from birth they are hard wired with both extreme empathy and a profound connection to nature. See the brief biography below of "Mermaids Among Us" for the story of this woman. Also, I will have her "fairy tale" back story up soon. Enjoy. July 22, 2010 The Human Experience This is the third biography listed here of a "mermaid type woman." The back story I wrote as a "fairy tale" of how it is that she is so watery orinted in conventional terms or "how she acquired a human soul" in fairy tale terms--see the story "Caelius Aurelius Luscus and the Mermaid," in Chapter Seven of my On-line Undine Empathy Class. See main page for the course files. Since I write in a altered state I often have to study my own writing to apperciate what is being said. These women are not just feminine and very watery. The research indicates that twenty per cent of human nature, of what it is to be a human being, has been kept secret from the human race. This is in part so that we do not use it to destroy ourselves and also so that we do not abuse the astral plane of the planet on which we dwell. Now, however, in order to avoid becoming extinct through our own destructive tendencies, we will have to gain the trust of the mermaid realm or else embody their capacity for empathy and love--imagine in a microsecond being able to flow into the soul of anyone else on earth and sense them directly from within and to have them in the same moment acknwoledge your connection--to flow energy in and through each other; to love freely without barriers, boundaries, or inhibitions. It is not just sweet, romantic stuff; fail and you cease to exist as a species. That is what the mermaids seem to be saying to us. July 14, 2010 Zen Poem In my dream this morning, I was visiting a Japanese family. I wrote poem while still asleep. July 12, 2010 This set of themes has been quite difficult to articulate. Here is another try. The idea is that justice and peace require a union of nature, human, and divine. July 11, 2010 Mermaids Among Us This is a short biography of a hard core mermaid woman. That is, if you could meet a woman who had a mermaid soul, then this woman would be a good example. See also below--"Growing Up Mermaid" as another example. I'll have a few more similar biographies up soon. Balaam--A Gentile Prophet This is a story that goes with a video I am uploading on referees. Balaam was perhaps the first referee as mentioned in the Bible. I turn my artistic imagination and empathic skills on his life to get inside his mind to discover what motivated him. June 23, 2010 ANNOUNCING: July 6th publication release of "Undines: Lessons from the Realm of the Water Spirits," by William Mistele, from North Atlantic Books. See Distributed Random House. It only took fifteen years for me to free up the time to focusing on editing and publishing. Note: If you enjoyed reading the book, please write a review at search "undines." Thank you. June 14, 2010 A short video. My inspiration for the day. June 13, 2010 Growing Up Mermaid This is a nine page brief summary of Ronda's experiences growing up more mermaid than human. It happens. I have a number of similar video taped interviews I am workng on with other men and women. See also below, April 20, Interview with a Hard Core Mermaid Woman. They tend to move in groups of three so when I meet one I usually end up being able to interview the other two as well. If you practice chapter nine of Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics, you can meet the undine queens he describes in his books. Or, you can meet women who possess undine souls or who were once undines. They have similar auras and feel and think in similar ways. With six plus billion people on earth, it is not hard for me to imagine that there are a few souls in human form who are from the Other Side. June 10, 2010 Facebook Site I have a series of picture poems at facebook under my profile. See May 19, 2010 An Alchemical Dialogue--On Bardon Breathing This is another light, playful dialogue between a "student" and a "master." It follows the breathing as practiced by a spirit of the earthzone in 8 degrees Leo who specializes in breathing and accumulating vitality. May 17, 2010 An Alchemical Story This is a story relating to the breathing exercises, See "On Attaining Physical Immortality, Part I and II." I took five breaths breathing in the energy of Emedetz of the solar sphere who specializes in vitality according to Bardon. (See my essay below on Emedetz.) And then I wrote the poem and the dialogue to go with it. That was yesterday. May 11, 2010 Undine Empathy Course, Chapter Ten This is chapter ten of the free, on-line Undine Empathy course. It is about 168 pages with about twenty-two pages of email questions and answers at the end. Other than the Introduction and email the material has all been posted here under What's New. I started this course with two remarkable women with mermaid personalities. Now, after many more interviews, I can present a new and completely distinct personality type never before described in literature or in human history. These mermaid women have always been among us. But in order to survive among human beings they have had to become absolute masters of disguise. Fortunate for me, once I meet one or two they give me many referrals to others like themselves. The book, "Undines--Lessons from the Realm of the Water Spirits" has gone off to the printers and is out July 6th. See or North Atlantic Books for pre orders. May 9, 2010 The Master and the Student Another brief, humorous dialogue between a master and a student regarding what else? A mermaid woman. May 6, 2010 On Attaining Physical Immortality, Part II This is the second installment of my essay on Bardon's breathing exercises. Scroll down for part I under April 13. Consider it a first draft. I am not presenting anything that is not already in Bardon's books. Other than a few comments, I am just clarifying the practice and the possibilities. I like to write like this because I sometimes write from an altered state of consciousness. In a way, rereading this essay for me is like reading it for the first time. I am curious about what I will come up with. The essay does not get into practical tips as much as I wanted to. But it is a start. Enjoy. May 7, A few new additions to this essay on e.g. at the end. April 30, 2010 The Knight, the Merman, and the Maiden Franz Bardon says of the merman Ermot that he specializes is creating love between human beings. All streams and rivers are his home. In case you are interested in how this works for me, my empathy feels another's aura pass through me. Specific sensations and feelings arise. I focus on them and words and images appear which I put into a poem. And the poem, of course, not quite knowing where it belongs, asks me to give it a home. And this I do by writing a story so it can better understand from where it came and where it wishes to go. As for the girl? Like fate and destiny, art and reality often strive with each other in a wild dance of ambition and surrender. Who can determine in advance the outcome? One of these days my poetry will turn into real songs with notes and melodies and the stories hopefully into movies. April 28, 2010 The Master, the Student, and the Mermaid Woman I was out for a week going over the proofs for my book, Undines--Lessons from the Realm of Water Spirits--out in July from North Atlantic Books. Its already listed on Now then, on the lighter side, this story/dialogue is meant to be humorous. Then again-- I watched this girl for two hours as she was speaking to a guy who was not a close acquaintance. I took a break and when I came back she was gone. And so I am left without a photo of her to share with you since I was unable to ask her to do a photo shoot. But I did get the poem and this story that is written for her. As the story notes, mermaid type women are one in four thousand women. They are very rare and absolute masters of disguising themselves to appear like other women when they are not at all like other women. April 20, 2010 Interview with a Hard Core Mermaid Woman The "hard core" mermaid women have very strong ties in one way or another to the realm of mermaids. In addition to the twelve traits of mermaid women, they have three traits specific to them: 1. They have telekinetic or highly mesmeric abilities--it is not just that the energy of nature is reflected in their auras--they are a part of nature in their very being. 2. They heal and perceive at a distance. And 3. They see fairies as children and as adults and easily speak with dead people. This is around 50 pages, actually 35 pages if you collapse the spacing. April 18, 2010 Another video. This one is an attempt to create the astral or feeling energy associated with Franz Bardon's breathing exercises for me. See related article below--On Attaining Physical Immortality-- Masculine voice but feminine message, solar energy of breath, yet passionate love--spoken by one madly in love with the beauty of the universe. For the Words to the Video
April 16, 2010 On Men: Excerpt from an Interview with a Mermaid Woman This is a straight forward and brief selection from an interview with a "mermaid woman" for whom I wrote the story, A Double Changeling. Undine queens consider her to be their sister. Several psychics have described this girl without having met her. They said she would be involved in my artistic work. April 15, 2010 The Master's Three Students A short nine page story on three students who in the same day each in his own way requests that the master resolve problems concerning personal love and the path to perfection. I wrote this in one sitting. I hope you enjoy it. I was upset for two days after talking to this girl who said she and her hushand shared the same soul. See below for Prose Poem for the Next Race that Replaces Human Beings. This humorous story is my response. No more upset. Go figure. April 13, 2010 On Attaining Physical Immortality This is a brief introduction to Franz Bardon's breathing exercises from Initiation into Hermetics. It is a work in progress. For some reason, the formating is screwed up. I am getting some help and will continue to work on it. April 10, 2010 Changeling Transcript Three This is a third transcript of a brief on line conversation with a girl on the other side of the world. She is in Eastern Europe and I am in Hawaii. We are pursuing the nature of mermaid/water women/mermen and issues regarding love and being connected. April 7, 2010 A Water Exercise This is a basic water meditation similar to Bardon's in chapter one of IIH. It "reverse engineers," that is, it reproduces the kind of water energy that mermaid women all use when they heal. I practice this every day. A Prose Poem for the Next Race that Replaces Human Beings I had an interesting conversation last night with a Persian, a member of the next race that comes in to replaces us after we go extinct. I thought at first she was a mermaid women because of the magnetic field surrounding her. But she did not embody the twelve traits that are typical of mermaid women. However, the Persian women tend to all have magnetic fields as their auras. They just do not usually use that magnetism as we would use it. Instead of using it for love and empathy, they use it to maintain an inner emotional support for attaining their designated goals. This woman, however, is an exception. There are only about five hundred or so Persians on earth. I find it more than a little disturbing that two of them can attain a higher level of love than 6.8 billion human beings. I have to ask myself, "Why did the human race never learn how to love in this way?" You can bet I am going to spend some serious time exploring that question. March 31, 2010 Changeling Transcription, Part Two This is another brief, edited transcription of talking to a girl who is an extreme empath to the extent she is "like" a mermaid in the form of a woman. I would like to believe that the human race is capable of producing women like this, but I have my doubts. It is much easier just to say that she is from the Other Side and is visiting "here on holiday." March 30, 2010 The Cosmic Letter B The letter B is the power of uniting the electric and magnetic fluids. On a physical level, it vastly enhances healing. On a mental level, it grants insight and power into changing the planned karma of oneself or of others. I am studying this letter in relation to an essay I am writing on Bardon's breathing exercises. It adds in the electric and magnetic fluids which the breathing exercises do not directly address. March 28, 2010 Changeling Transcription One--The Oceans I have been interviewing with camrecoder and in writing a number of mermaid type women and a merman as well. Just to give a sense of how this works sometimes, here are some meditations I did with one mermaid woman. For this woman, see the "Another Poem for the Changeling" below and the poem at the end of the story about Karl, the Master, and the Mermaid. The Cosmic Letter C Like the previous cosmic letter L, this letter also relates to Bardon's breathing exercises and is meant to enrich the essay I am writing on them. March 27, 2010 A Magician's Prayer
March 23, 2010 The Cosmic Letter L This essay on the cosmic letter L is actually a supplment or part of the appendix for another essay I am writing on Bardon's breathing exercises called, "On Attaining Physical Immortality." When you have a near death experience, you sometimes have the option of bringing back a gift from the Other Side. I am working on "assemmbling" this gift so it is up and running and fully operational. March 19, 2010 Another Poem for the Changeling The poem wrote itself while I went for a walk. A Video for the Website A little mood piece for Bardon. It is 8 KB in size, a WMV file. I'll see if I can get it up on so it is easier to play. Note: new version being uploaded.
March 17, 2010 Global Sea Meditation This essay is written in part in response to a mermaid woman's question, "Why can human beings not love as we love?" Good question. For the answer, to put things in perspective, you have to look back at Neanderthal and forward to the race that replaces us. And then we are ready to ask the underlying question, What is the purpose for which this planet exists? March 15, 2010 My Physical Therapist--A Mermaid Woman A seven page essay on my physical therapist. March 2, 2010 Karl, the Master, and the Undine Let's just say I have a little insider's knowledge on this topic. In fairy tales, a changeling is a fairy placed in a crib that looks human while the real child is taken away to the fairy realm. In my fairy tales, based on psychic and first hand observations, a changeling is a fairy such as a mermaid that enters a human baby when it is born. An exchange may or may not be made. The child grows up in the form of a woman, its mermaid's soul intact. But she most likely or usually does not know she has a mermaid's soul. She only knows she is different. In fairy tales, we are sometimes told that if she marries a man she acquires a human soul. That is sheer nonsense. It takes a full and powerful magical action to give her a human soul. She must choose, when given the choice, if she wishes to return to her own realm when she dies or continue to incarnate as a human being. Bardon himself warned one of his students not to marry an undine because she would distract him from pursuing his magical training. This story has a similar ring. February 25, 2010 Social Conflicts Between Mermaid Women and the Men They Love In this essay, I continue my spiritual anthropology by exploring through interviews with women and psychic meditations with undine queens the difference between the way mermaids love and the way human beings love. As a mediator, you might say, I get to hear both sides of the discussion and so I offer my own suggestions as well as note that I will continue researching this topic. As I have mentioned elsewhere, upon minor points such as these may depend the survival of our species. February 22, 2010 Chapter Nine of the On-Line Course for Undine Empathy New articles on The Magnetic Fluid Exercise, Part II--Istiphul's Empathy, Sixteen Traits of Undine Queens, questions and answers and a new version of Twelve Traits of Undine Women; also, the masculine mysteries on the salamander Amtophul I have added to this chapter to contrast the feminine to the masculine in terms of methodology. For the rest of the chapters, see The On-Line Corresondence Course on Undine Empathy February 12, 2010 Guardian of the Gate This is a new divine mission for a sheriff/judge to watch over human-undine interactions investigating abuses by human beings. I have had a complaint brought to my attention in this regard. Human beings already have a terrible reputation with undines, oh, for the last ten thousand years or so anyway. Time we took responsibility for what we do. vI also added an update under the divine mission for Referee as to methods for dealing with abuses of power, both temporal and spiritual. January 27, 2010 The Salamander Amtophul and the Masculine Mysteries This essay is part of the next chapter in my on line course in undine empathy. It provides a very brief description of the use of fire in nature as a contemplative and magical practice for developing will power. This should be taught to young men so they can understand the power inherent within them just as undine empathy should be taught to all young women so that they understand from within the creative power of the feminine. January 2, 2010 Twenty-Five Earthzone Spirits Temporarily, I offer this manuscript in the interest of getting a few individuals to make comments and suggestions. It will be another year or two before I get a chance to go over it and prepare it for publication. Fall of Atlantis--a Screenplay Here is an unedited manuscript of a screenplay I am working on. It was fun to write. Most of the dialogue, well, a lot of it anyway, I have heard spoken in real life. The story is of course fiction. But the magic is real. Enjoy! For more on Atlantis, see some of my stories under my on-line undine empathy seminar. December 19, 2009 Absalom--a Mars Spirit This brief description is of a Mars spirit who relates to 1-10 degrees in Capricorn. Like other Mars spirits, he inspires mastery over one self and mastery over the powers of creation. September 8, August 5,7,10,13,21, Dec. 3, 2009 Chapter One: Active Listening Chapter Two: Magical Empathy Chapter Three: Perceiving and Feeling as an Undine Chapter Four: The Ocean of Love Exercise Chapter Five: The Magnetic Fluid Exercise This chapter is 46 pages long. The chapter includes at the end a twelve page story, all dialogue, of characters from the legendary civilization of Atlantis who debate the pros and cons of revealing the magnetic fluid and the mysteries of the undine queens to the world. Chapter Six: Mermaid-Human Interactions This chapter contains the stories: The Changeling, The Double Changeling, and A Mermaid's Story. Send in your comments. Chapter Seven: Review Contains the story, Caelius Aurelius Luscus and the Mermaid. And the Essays: 12 Traits of Undine Women, The Race that Replaces Human Beings What Do Mermaid's Do? Selected Writings Chapter Eight: The Undine Isaphil Contains the story, The Undine Isaphil. Also the essays, Isaphil's Four Bodies and The Five Elements--A Review. Enjoy! July 28, 2009 Chapter One of Undine Empathy Seminar I posted the introduction and first chapter for the seminar/correspodence course on Ordinary, Magical, and Undine Empathy July 26, 2009 Prajnaparamita Poem This is a poem for the akashic level of the cosmic letter U. I meditate on this every day so it is apprpriate for me to write poems about it. It embodies one aspect of the cosmic feminine. Though rather abstract, it has some practical applications. July 24, 2009 Seminar: Ordinary, Magical, and Undine Empathy I will begin posting the curriculum for an on line correspondence course on Ordinary, Magical, and Undine Empathy. It is also a study of the magnetic fluid and an introduction to several undine queens. Like stone soup, your correspondence, questions, and comments will enrich the process. Other than confidential and personal information, I would like to use the ideas of participatnts to build the material into a book and training seminar. July 23, 2009 The Gate A brief story about how undines found their way into that ancient civilization of Atlantis in its early days. July 20, 2009 Seven Aspects to the Genre of a Modern Fairy Tale As I read different writers describe the nature and definition of fairy tales, it appears to me they are just describing their own approach, style, and assumptions. In this spirit of complete subjectivity and autobiographical perspective, here is a summary of my approach to writing fairy tales. July 17, July 19, 2009 An Undine Possession--a New Story This is another variation on an undine entering a woman's body to marry a man. Ordinary, Magical, and Undine Empathy This is the heart of my work on undines. Whether one "believes" in fairies or not, these skills ascribed to them are easily taught to human beings and so: 1. Learn them and human destiny changes. 2. You now have the power to eliminate wars on earth. 3. Contact with undines/mermaids becomes extremely easy should you desire to do so. 4. The human race acquires what is missing from its collective conscience--fail in this endeavor and you as a race may end up losing your planet. A Question and Answer on Beginning Practice and Undines This is an email response to a question put to me this morning. It comments also on the above story and essay. June 21, 2009 Happy Summer solstice A Mermaid's Story The problem with the Brothers Grimm or W. B. Yeats when they collected folk tales and fairy tales was that they did not conceive of this endeavor as a magical action. They only passively collected their stories. To get the best stories you have to go half way to the Other Side or better yet seek duel citizenship and apply for a duel passport. You can write about the mysteries and you can read about the mysteries. But this is the difference between smelling the wine and actually drinking the wine. The idea with a fairy tale is to allow the mystery to flow through your soul. And so I offer to you the opportunity to drink rather than just to read. This story is a continuation of the "Interview with an Undine in Human Form," scroll down. June 1, 2009 Another Divine Mission This mission relates to the rediscovery and confirmed, real, and unmistakable artifacts of Atlantis along with gaining access to its knowledge and magic. May 30, 2009 Interview with an Undine in Human Form About a year ago, May 28, 2008, I started my Undine Project to help promote my book on undines. A major publisher is wrapping up negotiations for this book. For me, it is astonishing how little actual literature there is on undines/mermaids in either folk traditions, fiction, fantasy, or occult writings. I intend to at least double the entire body of world literature on undines. On April 9, 20009 below I added a transcript of a session with a medium I work with who channeled the undine Istiphul. Today I am adding a transcript with an introduction of another psychic I work with. This continues the Undine Project in which I originally stated my intent to work with psychics, mediums, high adepts, performing artists, models, actresses, etc. The goal is not just to talk about undines in terms of legends and fairy tale like stories. The idea of the project is to discover the extent to which real women in a real world can acquire the immense undine powers of empathy and magnetic love. These powers are not romantic in nature. They are the primal powers of creation moving through human personalities. May 20. 2009 The Merman Ermot This is from a revised edition of my future Undines book. Ermot specializes in rivers and streams. Sensing the flowing energy, he applies his wisdom to the energy that flows between lovers. He is like a muse and an artist when it comes to flowing water and to love. May 14, 2009 Sylphs, Gmomes, and Salamanders--A Brief Summary I read literary discussions that seek to define what fairy tales are. I ask, How can you attempt to define a fairy tale unless you have actually met fairies? It is like a theologian trying to write about God who has never spoken to him. In that case, you do not get knowledge or experience, only speculation. In chapter three of Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics, he has the student imagining he is within a sphere of one of the four elements. The element surrounding one is imagined as filling up the entire universe. This is an exercise in how to perceives as a nature spirit, an elemental being. For those who practice these exercises my description of nature spirits will present no problem. In a sense, you have already, at least in your imagination, entered these realms and become one of these beings. This essay is from my revised book, Undines, to be offered by a major publisher in 2010. May 11, 2009 Another Mission Added Under Divine Missions This mission has no requirements. It is to disclose the mystery, that is the divine light, hidden in another's life. It is about listening. May 9, 2009 Very short Undine Screenplay Dion Fortune wrote The Secrets of Dr. Taverner; Aleister Crowley wrote Moonchild; Colin Wilson wrote Space Vampires; Peter Beagle wrote The Last Unicorn; Patricia A. McKillip wrote The Forgotten Beasts of Eld; and of course J.R.R. Tolkien wrote about Middle Earth and The Hobbit. I do not know who writes better about magic: the fantasy writers who love art or the magicians who love wisdom. Franz Bardon mentioned the example of a magician he knew who married an undine. The undine was in the body of a woman. I always look for that moment in a photo shoot when the model, the setting, and the vibration turn into pure magic--the piece of art capturing part of the greater universe. Do undines walk among us? Stay tuned for future updates and reports. May 1, 2009 Happy Beltaine Another mission added under Divine Missions This one relates to a "Master of the Four Elements." Actually, you can just take one element at a time. No hurry here. Good luck. April, 22, April 18, 2009 An addition to Divine Missions Section Several new job positions available. Hey, I just write them up. Middle age men like me have this authority--we can ask about what is missing from life. What young men can not sense and religious leaders do not desire, we feel in the pit of our bones. I sense a whole lot missing from life. And so I added this section not to complain but rather to celebrate life unfolding. April 9, 2009 Channeling an Undine As I promised on June 30, 2008 under casting calls and in my undine project notes, it was my intent to work not just with models but also with adepts and mediums in order to create a body of literature celebrating the knowledge and the gifts of the undines. In this channeling of the undine Istiphul, I use a medium I have worked with before. The medium is in a Ph. D. program. She is a published author. She is a professional psychic and a magician. But when she channels none of that matters. She does not even remember what she has said when it is over. April 8, 2009 Advice to a Young Model Just Beginning Her Career At the risk of boring some of my readers to tears, I will also relay something said at lunch after the photo shoot. My sense of humor tends to correct for my unmittigated zeal. So stay tuned for my eventual short, independent film in which I make fun of myself and of everything else. April 4, 2009 A Quick and Easy Guide to the Five Elements This thirty six page essay with an additional seventy page addendix is a study of the five elements in terms of their vibrations on the four planes. Life is composed of the five elements so the study and learning have no end. See also addition to divine missions from above seminar. March 27, 2009 Istiphul's Personality Istiphul is one of four queens of the undines mentioned by Franz Bardon briefly in his work, The Practice of Magical Evocation. This twenty page essay is a study of Istiphul's four bodies, physical, etheric, astral, and mental. I have spent a fair amount of time working with Istiphul in the past. Since I am involved in communicating to the world the wisdom and love of the undines, I often find her at my side as I work in a photoshoot, a brief movie, or carry on a discussion with someone about undines. March 26, 2009 Four Planes--A Study of Asmodel of the Sphere of Jupiter This spirit inspires spiritual communities. Like all of the higher Jupiter spirits, he has a vast wealth of resources to draw upon and almost beyond human understanding ways of bringing things into being. March 20, 2009 The Nile River--a Poem I write poems to describe my meditations the way the Sierra Club ties ribbons on trees to mark their path during a hike in the wilderness. See also Divine Missions for another quest. March 9, 2009 A Conversation with the Undine Queen Isaphil Similar to my conversations with spirits, I spoke with Isaphil about a number of things. Franz Bardon says about the sylphs, the spirits of the air, that they are so aloof and hard to manage that it is easier to go to the earthzone spirits who will give you the same information and more. The greatest elemental beings of our planet are not at all like those spoken of in mythology. These masters of the elements oversee the entire biosphere of our planet. Their powers, grace, beauty, and magic are far in advance of human science and knowledge. One salamander such as Orudu could postpone for a few centuries the eruption of a supervolcano such as the one under Yellowstone National Park. One sylph such as Cargoste could postpone the onset of an ice age for twenty years. One gnome such as Mentifil could advance our knowledge of medicine by a hundred years quite easily. So it is no wonder that an undine queen might hold the keys to inner peace, empathy, seeing the future, and love far beyond our current experience. The spirits of the lunar sphere are far easier for me to speak with and to meditate with. Isaphil's powers are astonishing. All the same, an undine is closer to us than a lunar spirit. She is almost like a human woman in the way she looks, talks, and acts. She just has remarkable powers of femininity that draw upon the magic of the waters of the earth and the seas. March 6, 2009 An Essay on Saturn's Influence and on the Chief Judge of Saturn I describe the influence of the sphere of Saturn on the akashic, mental, astral, and etheric/physical planes of our planet. It is astrology but as direct observation from within the vibration of the planet. I add briefly also to my study of the Chief Judge of the Forty-Nine Judges of Saturn which Franz Bardon mentions in passing. I am not sure if you should take this as humor or as serious commentary, but if there was an ancient civilization of Atlantis that destroyed itself through abusing its spiritual powers, then this might have been a good essay for those mages to have studied back then. But wait, Plato used the story of Atlantis to discuss the future destiny of Greece. People like me worry about the future and its conflicts. They seem to vibrate within us. March 5, 2009 An Essay on the Jupiter Spirit Ambriel Ambriel as I mention under divine missions comprehends all scientific and intellectual development on earth. What I am doing with these spirits is similar to an interview. One individual used to have tea once a week with the head of a magic order. It started as a casual, social kind of thing. But after doing it long enough, he himself become the next head of the magical order. You hang out enough with these spirits and it is no longer writing an essay but a way of changing the world in some way. But by saying, "hang out with" I don't mean that it is a completely casual kind of thing. What I and I think Bardon intends by mental wandering as it is called is that at some point you internalize the spirit's vibration inside your self. In so doing, you acquire some of its powers and wisdom. The wonder and beauty of these spirits are so great I hope that something of it comes through my writing and can benefit others. March 2, 2009 An Essay on the Mar's Spirit Anator Franz Bardon likes his students to develop connections to at least two spirits in each of the planetary spheres. Since I meditate in the sphere of Saturn every month, I have to fill in for the previous planetary spheres I am weak in. Anator has my same sign: Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius as I mention in the essay is not easy to work with. But I must say it is really nice to have Anator's point of view on Aquarius, on will power, on mission, and the arts of war and peace. February 28, 2009 I added another mission under divine missions. Missions Also, another Eva Cassidy Poem, Eva or scroll down to see the video of the song, Fields of Gold" along with the first poem. February 18th, 19th, 21st, 24th, 28th, 2009 Divine Missions--Positions Now Available I was meditating with Ambriel of the sphere of Jupiter today again searching for a spirit who might help in resolving the global economic meltdown. Ambriel seemed to think it a good idea to post something along the lines of a divine mission bulletin board. The original idea comes from a spirit Bardon called Cigila. A spirit of the earthzone in Pisces, this spirit offers divine missions. He is interested in reducing suffering on earth. In 1979, I placed Cigila's vibration in an electro-magnetic volt according to Bardon's instructions and immediately received a dream about a possible future nuclear war. I have been involved as what I call a "referee" since that time. February 15, 2009 Emedetz--An Evocation of a Spirit of the Sun This is a twenty-three page essay on a spirit from the sphere of the sun who specializes in health and vitality. It is like a brief interview. I am studying here to learn because it is an area in which I am weak. February 12, 2009 More Poems from the Merman Ermot I have added some more poems from this wonderful merman named Ermot. Instead of writing prose descriptions of his etheric, astral, and mental bodies, and so forth, I just let his voice speak through me with words of poetry. Ermot is described briefly by Franz Bardon in his book, The Practice of Magical Evocation where he also describes three other mermen and four undine queens. See my book, Undines, at, search undines, for my experiences with the undine queens. Note: in case you wonder how a spirit of the earthzone sometimes works, after meditating with a spirit who inspires poetry, I have written nine poems in the last eight days. You can decide if there is any value there or not. February 10, 2009 Poem by a Female Gnome Magician For those who waken in the dead of night because they can not sleep. February 9, 2009 A Song for the Forty-Nine Judges of Saturn I ask you, Where are you going to find a bard who sings songs to Saturn? The motto of Saturn is perhaps a question, Strip away everything false and temporary and what is the essence that remains? Show me the jewel that shines in the heart and mind with the light of eternity? I took the liberty of presenting these questions to six men from history. Their lives are like melodies before the Judges' eyes. February 7, 2009 Saturn Meditation and the Idea of a Referee A brief meditation on the akashic plane of the sphere of Saturn and the idea of a referee--something I often pursue in writings. It concerns justice and political evolution on earth. It falls under the primary purpose of this website, which is dedicated to the enlightenment of the world. There is also a disclaimer in the above essay which refers to the below piece of humor. February 6, 2009 I started a on-going commentary on the spirit, "the patron of poets." See below. February 5, 2009 Poem by a Female Gnome Don't ask me where this came from. I'm on a roll. Well, the model inspired it. Stay tuned. I'll see if she is willing to play the part of a female gnome for a shoot. She sure has earth energy. Note: this is creative writing as in fiction. It is playful. I did not evoke a real gnome to write it. Like I say, the model I am working with on a good day could double as a female gnome if she changed her focus in a slight way. February 4, 2009 An Earthzone Spirit who Inspires Poetry This spirit represents the fifteen degree of Gemini on the akashic plane of the earth. He specializes in poetry. I don't really write poetry as an artistic endeavor. I wrote things that look like poems but which for me are "gates" that take me into an experience. When I reread one of my poems, I reenter the moment when I had certain feelings and visions. Its magical shorthand, like a sigil. I have spoken with modern poets, I mean I was "in their face" and they absolutely state that magic has no place in poetry. "Fools" say I. All language is magical. Every attempt at communication partakes of a mystery. I often write models I have never met and say, "I pay for you to tell me the story of your life. The way I see it, your life is a secret kingdom and you are the gatekeeper, the only tour guide, and the custodian of its mysteries." Well, that's me. However, one of these days I will actually attempt to write decent poems as well as songs. And to that end I will share with you here a chapter from a book on 25 or so earthzone spirits that I'll get out some day soon. This chapter describes "the patron of all poets on earth." When I reread what I wrote it often feels to me as if someone else wrote it. I, like you, have to make an effort to understand the words and the meanings. I do understand every word. It is just for me it is sometimes a long journey back to encounter the source that inspired the writing. I'll be working with this spirit over the next two months off and on. Additional Notes on this spirit who inspies poetry February 3, 2009 A local coven was kind enough to let me join them for the ceremony of Imbolc, the day of midwinter. It is the return of the Maiden, as the earth grows warmer. The goddess celebrated is Brigid, who is also the Goddess of poets. During this celebration, the high priestess had each person take a card from the Tarot deck of Archangels to determine that individual's spiritual path for the coming year. I drew the card, Aengus--Twin Flame. Aengus, or Aengus Og, is the god of youth, poetry, and love. The high priestess looked at my 61 years and asked with a voice of pure puzzlement, "Are you looking for a twin flame?" I replied, "A bard is always looking for a twin flame." I should have said, "A good bard is always looking for a twin flame. A great bard finds a twin flame in every women he meets." The next day a model emailed from Arizona saying she was coming this way. I looked at her on site portfolio and so write the poem below, for Jillian, but just after the ceremony, I wrote the poem below on the magnetic and electric fluids. A Dialogue between the Electric and Magnetic Fluids or between a man and a woman Short and sweet. A Poem for Jillian To view the picture of the model, see the instructions in the file. I lived for six months at the Grand Canyon, not far from Page, Az., in a old cabin out in the woods. The plateaus and canyons are part of my nervous system. January 25, 2009 A Study of Water and the Magnetic Fluid--A Supplemantel to Bardon's Basic Exercises It can be helpful if students of Bardon offer details on how they have experienced working with the exercises. Original contributions enrich the tradition bringing it to life by putting on display the wealth of insight hidden within it. The essay addresses such isssues as "the essence of the feminine spirit" and "how to feel like a merman or undine." January 17, 2009 The Venus Spirit Pomanp A brief thirteen page essay describing another of the spirits of the sphere of Venus who teach the mysteries of human and divine love. January 15, 2009 To Eva Cassidy--a Poem Eva Cassidy died in 1996 at age 33. For me, the first vocal part of the song below is an encounter with an archetype. Eva died young. Her voice is pure gold. It is pure affection and prophecy--"You'll remember me ...." I wrote the poem for her. A psyche who is very skilled interacting with the departed read what I wrote and immediately channeled Eva who explained to the psychic--"People think I am very special. But I was just doing my thing. Tell Bill that he should not try to contact me too much because he is not a medium and gets exhausted easily." A long time ago I wrote in regard to the boundary separating life and death, "I know these boundaries. I have crossed over them, entering darkness with no guide to search for another's heart." And like Orpheus I return with poetry on my lips but without the woman to kiss. The thing I notice about great artists is that they put their whole heart and soul into their work. When Eva sings, living or dead, her spirit is present. Her soul is in the very vibration of the sounds she sings. Even death does not stop the flow of such love. For Eva Cassidy, Poem II January 13, 2009 The High Priestess Elena I was meditating today on a spirit Bardon names as Emnepe, the head of the fifteen lunar mansion. As I sometimes do, I vibrated this spirit's aura directly into my mental body. This poem was one result of that action. January 1, 2009 Master Wu--a Poem I was improvising along the lines of Taoist mediation, or the cosmic letter OE if you prefer, and these words came to me quite spontaneously and so I will share them with you. December 28, 2008 Perfect Contentment--a Story Poem Even great wizards should beware of the magic of water, lest they lose their will power. In Franz Bardon practice, beginners do exactly what the wizard Shamal did--you concentrate your wish into water and then imagine absorbing that wish into your self as for example by drinking the water. I suppose, after twenty or thirty years of practice, changing your astral body to a specific vibration in an instant is within anyone's ability, if you are consistent with your practice: Imagine something like perfect contentment, say the words, concentrate for a moment, and you are one hundred per cent inside of the experience. But I won't assert this as a fact. Rather, for the sake of art, I give this experience to a wizard in my story, a story that belongs to the book Mystical Fables. November 29, 2008 Harahel, the 59th spirit from the sphere of Mercury Comments on the sphere of Mercury, economics, the global financial crisis, and investing. November 28, 2008 A Woman Dreams She is the Sea--a poem I awoke last night and wrote this poem, one of a series of fifteen poems on undines. Not the best poem I agree but still it speaks to me. This poem is for a female actress/model to illustrate in a five minute video which I'll have done in another month or so--I found a woman who can embody the soul of the sea. I honestly thought it would take me five years (if I was lucky) to figure out and then find women who can embody mermaid/undine consciousness within themselves. But the spiritual world said to me, "Naw, it is not at all difficult. You just need to know where and how to look." November 14, 2008 The Spirit governing the 9th lunar mansion Like the spirit of 26 degrees Virgo in the earthzone, this spirit specializes in healing obsession, mental illness, seizures, etc. It brings an individual's focus back to the physical world overcoming disturbances to consciousness. October 31, 2008 The Spirit of 26 Degrees in the Earthzone specializes in offering clarity and health for those with difficulties with mental stability These are some brief notes on a spirit of the earthzone relating to mental health. Bardon mentions that this spirit has a great range of abilities including the abilities to expand consciousness and concentration. I discuss briefly some of the karmic aspects of magical intervention in offering assistance to others in this area. October 30, 2008 A Poem for Deb--the White Knight and the Fair Maiden She emailed me yesterday after a number of months. We have never met. I only get about three emails a year from women so it is something to take note of when it happens. But as I wrote a reply I noticed the words were in the shape of a poem which I now share with you--for those of you who strive as I do to find and unite with one's opposite. Note: How long have I been pursuing the essence of the feminine spirit? Thirty years ago I was asking, What do women want from men and what do men want from women? I initiated a study of femininity using models to represent the sensuality of undines who I have worked with extensively in my book on Undines. However, Achaiah, the seventh spirit of the sphere of Mercury, gave me some tips. His point was that the opposite of a man is not a woman but the feminine energy in himself joined with the feminine energy or magnetic fluid in nature. Similarly, the opposite of a woman is not a man but the masculine energy in herself joined to the realms of light and the electric fluid found in nature and the inner planes. This completes my quest, at least on a personal level, for being able to establish inner peace with the universe. Teaching this still requires art, performing artists, models, mediums, etc. But there is now no urgency. I'll write a story about it--The White Knight's Tale. The really great videos, however, of women doing the dance of the universe I'll have to think about how to share. Time, however, for me to move on to other things. Stay tuned. Septermber 3, 2008 The Goddess, the Merman, and the Cup A non magical meditation on the water element previously presented under Audio with the word file included. August 30, 2008 The Knight and the Dragon This is a children's story under Audio. August 25, 2008 The Goddess, the Merman, and the Cup. Audio Files This is as it says--a meditation for a religion without priests, temples, or rituals in which love, power, wisdom, and justice are equally honored and pursued. The goal is to unite the four qualities of spirit within oneself in order to make the world new. This meditation is a summary of my work with undines. August 13, 2008 Audio Files I added a new section to the web site on audio files. These will be poems, stories, children stories, and meditations. Last additions: St. Columba and the Undine, St. Patrick and the Undine Queen July 3, 2008 An Angel Appears to Jacob--a poem I do short poems. But this is a long poem. Several individuals have been after me to answer questions about Iran and possible preemptive strikes. What can I say? You can get anything you want if you pay the price. Just make sure that what you want comes from the core of your being. Otherwise, it is very easy to get distracted. This poem relates to another two, Jacob's Angel, and The Cosmic Letter U, in the book, Song of the Universe, Also see my article on the cosmic letter U. June 30, 2008 Undine Poems I added a few poems and prose selections relating just to undines. I will continue to update this section periodically. These poems are also a kind of "casting call" for those models/actresses/mediums/psychics/initiates who can connect the performing arts to magical or mystical awareness. May 28, 2008 I published the book, Undines, at Search "Undines" Available as an ebook to download or a print to order in 8.5" by 11" size. February 9, 2008 Ten Rules for Spiritual Seekers A brief summary of the ten sephiroth of Quabbalah put in simple terms with a loose correlation to Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics. December 9, November 18, 2007 The Cosmic Letter CH. This is the complete four plane meditation on the akashic plane of CH. The CH speaks of a feminine space, a deep hidden stillness, in which body, soul, mind, and spirit enter in order to join with one's opposite and be reborn into new life and being. Of the cosmic letters, I think this one is about as far away as you can get from male consciousness and from Western civilization. October 28, 2007 The Cosmic Letter U. This letter reveals the original purposes of anything, how to change your karma, how to adopt any astral vibration, and how to perceive physical matter from the point of view of akasha. It is both difficult and in many ways very familiar. October 14, 2007 The Cosmic Letter J--astral and physical planes. I finished up this brief introduction to the cosmic letter J. Basically, the love and oneness of Divine Providence on the akashic plane now expresses itself through the four attractions of the astral plane and through pure physical sensations on the physical plane. October 6, 2007 The Cosmic Letter A, Part II: I already have a short, earlier version of the cosmic letter A. I am adding a few more notes and a story of the sylph Parahim.

August 27, 2007 The Cosmic Letter J: I added the mental plane to the previous posting on the akashic plane of this letter. The mental plane relates to the ecstasies of the four elements. I have also explored the relation between the ecastasies of the four elements and magical equilibrium. Together, these two topics form the basic of what Bardon might refer to as "a genuine cosmic religion." At the same time, a discussion of the nature of a magical community or a cosmic religion falls under my series on Problems in the Study of Magic, Part V.

August 18, 2007 The Cosmic Letter J: This is the akashic plane for this letter. I wrote about 11 pages over the couse of a four hour meditation.

August 11, 2007

The Cosmic Letter W: This letter is part of the JHWH formula which relates to manifesting things. It is a water letter and is used to contain and direct the very masculine and electric H letter in the above formula.

July 4, 2007

Problems in the Study of Magic, Part IV: Magic and the Electric Fluid. I added a third section to the Problems in the Study of Magic on the Cosmic Letter G. The cosmic letter G refers to experiencing abundance on all planes and securing the blessings of Divine Providence. The Cosmic Letter G

June 10, 2007

Problems in the Study of Magic, Part IV: Magic and the Electric Fluid. I added another section, a Part 2 to the previous essay. It is another thirty pages. It includes a Check List at the end. I also present a few simple exercises on the electric and magnetic fluids and a brief commentary on the DVD The Secret.

May 18, 2007

Problems in the Study of Magic, Part IV: Using Magic to Make Things Happen--A Study of the Electric Fluid. Note: I have been switching and reformating computers so the layout is not the best.

Oct. 10/Nov. 5/Dec. 24 2006

Visiting the Planetary Spheres. A personal journey through the first eight planetary auras. Note: I added sections on the four elements in the body and wihtin nature to clarify some of the preliminary practices that are requisite for entering the higher spheres. I also added more on Saturn and a brief description of the sphere of Uranus. And finally I added a brief description of the sphere of Neptune.

April 9, 2006

Talk Show Radio, Week 4 addition. Psychic Alchemy and lots of humor

April 5, 2006

Pop Quiz, Part XIII--includes guardian angel stuff and battle of sexes stuff

March 15, 26, 2006

Talk Show Radio--on undines, sensuality, magnetic fluid, etc. plus week three transcripts Pop Quiz Part XII

March 5, 2006

More Dialogues Two more dialogues: a guided meditation and another discussion on the magic of touch and the magnetic fluid. See Part X again, under Later That Night and A Few Days Later.

Feb. 15

Problems in the Study of Magic, Part 3 This is on the magnetic fluid which is less developed in Western Culture than is the electric fluid. About a hundred pages.

Feb. 27, Feb. 20, Feb. 13, January 28, January 12, January 11, 2006, December 25, 2005,

Pop Quiz for Magicians, Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, FAQ, and Bio This is on the lighter side as in humorous. But be careful what you wish for. Due to increased length, it is now a take home test. Note: I keep adding to this every three or four weeks for the last several months. I added to part VI, and also added a field trip and an interview with a clerk in the Deparment of Akashic Records. More on undines, prophecy, a debate on astral equilibrium, a Mid Term Test on akasha, and 10 greatest religious fiascos. Continues with more.

August 19, 2005

Body Awareness Exercise This is a short introduction to some basic body awareness that takes Franz Bardon's ideas in a slightly different direction. It is a basic and non-magical version of practicing the alchemy of the cosmic letter OE on the physical level.

December 18, 2004

The Electric and Magnetic/Four Feminine Archetypes/Eros and Psyche This essay is a response to a question concerning the Matriarch and the Patriarch. It covers a summary of the electric and magnetic fluids in magic, four feminine archetypes, and the above as told through the story of Eros and Psyche, perhaps the one great story in Western literature to survive that speaks to the nature of feminine personal and spiritual growth.

October 26, 2004

Judaism and Christianity This is a response to a Jew who wrote me asking about the spiritual wisdom underlying Judaism. I had first to try to articulate the spiritual wisdom underlying Christianity--not an easy task.

March 20, 2004

Problems in the Study of Magic, Part II This continues my previous essay on problems that arise in studying and practicing magic

October 6, 2003

McKee Psychology If a spirit of the earthzone who specializes in story telling were to incarnate on earth I imagine he would be almost exactly like Robert McKee. I am just sharing a little essay I did on McKee's story telling as it might be applied to psychology.

August 22, 2003

Problems in the Study of Magic This is the first of a series of essays on the various problems and difficulties students of magic may encounter.

May 16, 2003

The Cosmic Letter "OE" While traveling, I wrote this brief set of meditations on the cosmic letter OE.

January 30, 2003

The Cosmc Letter "A", A Poem I woke up in the middle of last night and started writing this poem. There are 26 basic building blocks of time, space, matter, energy, consciousness, and spirit in the Quabbalah. This is the first one of them. It is light blue in color and has a weightless sensation. It is both a state of mind and an energy. It is referred to as the cosmic letter "A" which relates to enlightenment. I could write like other modern poets about the present moment, the bread crumbs from the burnt toast that fall to the floor and are rubbed into the carpet as the dim light from the window and the gray sky filter through the curtains and remind me that I sometimes feel trapped and alone. But I am not a modern poet. My mind sees stars and galaxies and I am overwhelmed by their beauty. I eat toast in the morning but my imagination is like the taste of mead.

January 28, 2003

The Song of the Universe I haven't posted anything for a while since I have been editing several books and getting them ready to submit to publishers. Here, however, is a collection of most of my poems from various stories and books. As I mention in the introduction, an earthzone spirit found me a muse which resulted in my writing these poems. In a sense, the poems do not belong to me but to the characters in the mythological stories and fables that I write. I want to thank profusely Daren who took the time to set up the script, layout, and links between the table of contents and the individual poems. Thank you so much.

April 13, 2002

How a Womanizer Became Enlightened This is an on-going story about a character from the mythical kingdom of Ubarim named Kamhia. The story/essay pursues questions about the part that sensuality and desire have to play if one is to acquire wisdom and attain enlightenment. Kamhia is one of those characters who has a flair for combining opposites.

January 15, 2002

Nith-Haiah,the 25th Spirit of the Sphere of Mercury Franz Bardon calls Nith-Haiah the "guardian angel of all magicians on earth." The file is 80,000 bytes long or about 14 pages.

January 4, 2002

An Interview Regarding Fairy Tales This is an interview I did with a high school student for a year long project she was doing for her advance placement English class. It is about 39 pages long or 313,000 bytes. In it, I discuss fairy tales from literary, psychological, and magical points of view.

October 19, 2001

The Witness This is the final story from the book, Mystical Fables. It is not completely done because it is one of those stories that is on-going. It took me three months to write it. But then again, it has a life of its own.

July 16, 2001

Kamhia, A Story in Five Parts This is another story from the book, Mystical Fables. Kamhia was a priest in an ancient mythical kingdom called Ubarim. In that kingdom, the religion was centered around a Great Rite that united the different provinces and the different temples as well. They had a nature based religion centered on the Goddess of the Earth but God was free as well to put in an appearance when He wanted. Kamhia was a highly gifted individual who was full of contraditions.

May 11, 2001

A Few Questions and Answers I have had requests to post the responses I give to the questions I receive through email. Here are a few questions and answers. Often questions come with a lot of personal information. I am presenting the shorter version of the questions.

March 5, 2001

Aduachiel--A Spirit of Sagittarius in the Sphere of Jupiter This is a brief description of a spirit that Franz Bardon describes as one of the twelve heads of the planetary sphere of Jupiter.

March 3, 2001

The Presence of God, Part III In this brief essay, I continue describing my experiences with the Presence of God in the sephira of Chockmah and Kether.

January 12, 2001

The Presence of God, Part II In part II of my essay, The Presence of God, I continue to describe the Presence in four additional sephira. I also add a few notes on how to pass through some of the spiritual levels that relate to entering God's Presence. These essays are first drafts and only part of the book I am working on.

December 11, 2000

The Presence of God This is a continuation of my essay, God Presence and Hermetic Metaphysics. There is of course a high level of difficulty in trying to describe personal, first hand, and direct experience with God. Mystics usually rely on poetry or art. Priests rely on symbols and rituals. Magicians try to employ a high level of will and concentration so that through a state of consciously directed trance they can enter God's Presence. But as Bardon would say, establishing union with God is the sum and substance of the entire training course. In this preliminary essay, I discuss some of my experiences in the last few weeks. This essay is 26 pages or 161,000 bypes in length.

December 5, 2000

Lugnas the Peacemaker A story for the holiday season. This is the story about a man inspired by Aziel, one of the 78 spirits of the Mercury zone. Lugnas had a flair for inspiring people to make peace with each other. From the book, Mystical Fables as told to the warrior magician Hirah by the goddess Dawn.

November 30, 2000

The Prophet A'ia This is another chapter from the book, Mystical Fables. In the mythical kingdom of Ubarim, the prophet A'ia was considered a minor prophet in part because he was not a formal priest in any of the eight major temples. All the same, A'ia has some things to say about the nature of the spoken word, the origin of true love, and why men fight over land.

November 29, 2000

Another Question on the Philospoher's Stone Meditation I received this question by email relating to how to incorporate the masculine and feminine energies into the above meditation. I realize that this topic is slightly controversial and can easily be misinterpreted. In response, I would say that to be enlightened is to see the world as it is. To be a magician is to understand how the universe works and to accomplish actions in harmony with its laws.

November 28, 2000

Komio the Thief This is another chapter from the book called Mystical Fables and it relates to the part of the book dealing with the mythical kingdom of Ubarim. The story of Komio is meant to be light and humorous but it also mimics the kind of humor and perspective that characterizes the gnome magicians Bardon recommends.

November 9, 2000

The Philosopher's Stone In this 14 page essay, I summarize some of my thoughts on strengthening and refining the vitality within our bodies. I am pursuing this topic as a meditation that is consistent with Franz Bardon's training regarding increasing vitality in his book, Initiation into Hermetics. See my comments on chapters 1 and 2, physical level on this web site under Basic Training for related material.

September 14, 2000

St. Columba This is the only story from the Christian tradition in my book, Mystical Fables. I have rewritten and made additions to it. Mystical Fables will be available in early Novemeber. In these stories retold from history, legend, and from beyond, I search for the reason as to why the human race is so violent, what our destiny is, and how the quest for power, love, and wisdom can be reconciled within the human heart.

August 27, 2000

An Interview with the Author This is an interview I did for another website. The Earthzone as a Spiritual University This is the rewritten Introduction I did for my book, Twenty-Five Earthzone Spirits.

August 12, 2000

Introduction This is the Acknowledgment and Introduction to my book, A Travel Guide to Life, Part I. The book is not yet published. It contains the psychological system I use for navigating between the worlds.

July 2, 2000

Isaphil This is a brief account of some further meditations I have done with the undine Isaphil. It is also on my web page on undines and under the undines section of this web site. You can read it on line or else download it and open it with a web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer or with a word processing program such as Word. Emvatibe Emvatibe is the head of the fourth lunar mansion. He specializes in magical protection. This is part of the essay on him from my forthcoming book, Spirits of the Planetary Spheres. Emnasut Emnasut is the first spirit of the Sun. He specializes in maintaining balance in the fire element throughout our solar system. In this essay, I discuss briefly his nature and the relation of the fire element to will power and, in particular, to political evolution on our planet.

June 21, 2000

25 EARTHZONE SPIRITS Over the past quarter century, I have had the great pleasure of becoming acquainted, getting to know, and in some cases becoming friends with a number of spirits of the earthzone. Since I have studied with great teachers in all of the major religions, it is natural also to study with the great teachers who dwell within the sphere of akasha that surrounds our planet. Franz Bardon, in his book The Practice of Magical Evocation, briefly describes each of these spirits qualities and mission in two or three paragraphs per spirit. In my book, I am able to spend more time with a few of these spirits giving my personal experiences and delving further into their nature, abilities, and powers.

April 30, 2000

I have posted here three weeks of my magical journal for April.

A Magician's Journal.

Also, here are the first 25 exercises from my forthcoming book, Mead for the Soul.

April 16, 2000 I started another web site which is just on undines

April 7, 2000

This is a description of the spirit in the earthzone called Cigila, 28 degrees Pisces. He assists an individual in developing divine virtues such as concentration, clarity of mind, and inner stillness. He also points out things which can be done to reduce human suffering. I have been working with Cigila off and on since 1979. Cigila

March 23, 2000

I have added a few more "one minute meditations" for those who find Bardon's exercises excessively boring or difficult. I am working toward a book of such meditations called something like Mead for the Soul

March 21, 2000

This is a set of short exercises designed for those who find themselves too busy to do the practices in Franz Bardon's book, Initiation into Hermetics. I find some of Bardon's exercises extremely boring even though they are so important. If it was not for the fact that I feel compelled to work on this material, I would have a very hard time getting through Bardon's book on Initiation. But you do what you need to do to get the job done. At the same time, the importance of play, love, and delight should never be ignored when it comes to sustaining your motivation and commitment. These practices are called Mead for the Soul

March 14, 2000

This is a 16 page essay on the cosmic letter K in Franz Bardon's book, The Key to the True Quabbalah. The cosmic letter K is central to discussions of faith and conviction, war and peace, and our ability to attain our highest purposes in life. It also relates to an individual's ability to acquire rare wealth or unusual treasures of life. I was told decades ago that I needed to master this letter yet for me it has been one of the most difficult problems I have had to work on in magick. I hope this essay might be of benefit to students of magick and those who wish to serve Divine Providence. See The Cosmic Letter K

March 10, 2000

The Song of the Universe This book is a collection of 59 poems I wrote under the inspiration of a Muse the earthzone spirit Zagriona found for me. These poems explore human and divine love. There is sensuality, sex, eroticism, passion, pain, regret, loss, and also ecstasy and bliss. There are personal experiences with love, metaphysical experiences with tantra, and the host of magical experiences. 19 of these poems were written while meditating with various nature spirits--undines, gnomes, salamanders, and sylphs--and also with various spirits of the earthzone and other spheres. I consider them steppingstones and reminders of where I have been on my spiritual journey.

January 31, 2000

This is a story about a conversation between the Archangel Micheal and the wisest of the Neanderthals--a species now extinct which once lived here on earth for perhaps a hundred and fifty thousand years. I use poetic license when I write but the questions I raise seem so fundamental it is as if they are written into our DNA. See The Neanderthal Note: I plan to offer several books on this site for download or by disk or manuscript through the mail. These will be the edited and complete version of stories and conversations you now sample here. Some writers prefer to self-publish and internet commerce enables us to do this in a fairly straight forward and reasonable manner.

January 4, 2000

This article reviews a brief contact I had one day as I visited a number of spirits in the earthzone. I do that occasionally. I sit down and visit some of the spirits I have worked with before and also drop in on some new ones. I once visited on old professor I had studied with in college. He gave me some useful information but he was not really friendly. These spirits seem to be always friendly. Visiting the Earthzone

December 21, 1999

This article is entitled God Presence and Hermetic Metaphysics Training in a system such as Bardon's involves a great many practices pursued in a rigorous and step and step manner. However, it is also true that underneath and behind all this elaborate training program is the Presence of the Creator. In this article, I share the words I use to describe this Presence.

November 30, 1999

This is part two of my article on transcendence which I place under basic training. In it, I share a few of my thoughts on initiation, training in magick, and where you might consider beginning. I also share a few personal comments about what transcendence means to me. Transcendence, Part II Now, for something a little more playful though also serious, tongue in cheek yet also at the center of the discussion of justice and peace--an essay, an imaginary set of interviews actually with one of the two "witnesses" spoken of by the Apostle John in chapter 11 of his Revelations and also Isaiah who prophesized that they shall beat their swords into plowshares. Swords into Plowshares

November 8, 1999

This short piece is a summary of some recent meditations on the cosmic letter UE in the Bardon system. The cosmic letters are basic building blocks from which matter, spirit, space, time, and consciousness are formed. The Cosmic Letter UE

September 7, 1999

Here is the second part of my commentary on the transference of consciousness for the mental level of Bardon's chapter 4 exercises. This exercise deals with transferring of consciousness into other people. Chapter 4, Mental Level, Part 2

September 1, 1999

This is a twelve page commentary on the exercise for the mental level of Chapter 4 in Bardon's book, Initiation into Hermetics. Chapter 4, Mental Level This commentary gives examples of transference of consciousness into objects and animals, viz., a coin, a tree, a hurricane, and a bird, a wolverine, and a humpback whale. I had a request for an evocation I did on Alosom, a spiirt of the earthzone, so I am posting that article here also. Alosom, A Spirit of Silence

July 12, 1999

Here is a summary and short commentary on the mental level exercises for the third chapter in Franz Bardon's book, Initiation into Hermetics--Chapter 3, Mental Level These exercises, besides being extraordinarily difficult, are also perhaps the most fun and enjoyable of all the exercises in Bardon's books. Then again, when you train on this level you are doing what most religious and also academic teachers from around the world would consider impossible. But if you stick to it, it is not really all that difficult in the end.

July 8, 1999

I have posted under Basic Training a brief commentary on the psychic level exercises for chapter 3--Accumulating and Dissolving the Four Elements. See Chapter 3 Psyhic Level Also, Ugolog, 25 degrees Pisces in the earthzone, specializes in prophecy relating to the perfection of the individual's physical, astral, and mental body in the short and long haul. Occasionally, for my peace of mind, I take the time to engage that prophetic/clairvoyant vision we all possess to understand the love which underlies and supports us through life's struggles and difficulties. Ugolog is a special teacher in this capacity. See Ugolog--A Spirit of Prophecy

May 10, 1999

Achaiah is one of the 72 spirits of the sphere of Mercury. He is especially good in the area of world peace meditations. This is an area of magick in which I feel comfortable and at home. I offer one such meditation and method for influencing national leaders and accelerating political evolution on this planet. It is all good and fine for the prophet Isaiah to proclaim that "they shall beat their swords into plowshears and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation neither shall they learn war anymore." He said that about 2800 years ago. But it seems to me that this prophecy is one of those things for which you have to want it, will it, and make it happen. Otherwise, it remains unfulfilled. See Achaiah

May 8, 1999

Here is a brief description of one of those fabulously beautiful spirits who inhabit the sphere of Venus. Obideh is one of the 83 spirits of Venus described briefly by Frnaz Bardon in The Practice of Magical Evocation. I also discuss briefly the concept of a magical incarnation, the woman who seems to embody some of Obideh in herself, as well as some of the requisites for working with Venusian teachings and practices regarding love. Obideh is one of the first eight spirits of Venus relating to Aries who specialize in sexuality, sexual magick, and the use of the polarities of masculine and feminine energy for making charms, etc.

March 22, 1999,

I added a ten page meditation on the kind of power and will which some of the salamanders which Bardon describes possess. Aphtiph, for example, embodies that kind of absolute will and faith which from time to time appears in human history in a great prophet, sovereign king, or revolutionary. The essay is a product of my meditating with Aphtiph on how to translate the energy of his aura into something we can use and learn for ourselves. If there is any one energy the spiritual world has commanded me to master, it is this one. I have been at it for over two decades and it still is not easy. The Salamander Aphtiph. Here is also a poem, an elegy, for someone I knew who died recently. She was one of three Americans murdered in Columbia in early March. An Elegy

February 2, 1999.

This is an extension of the commentary on the physical level exercises in chapter 2 for Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics. These exercises explore some further aspects of basic lung and pour breathing. Pour Breathing Explorations

January 15, 1999.

I am adding a review of the three exercises in Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics, chapter 3, physical level. I also have a commentary on the first of these exercises. Bardon expects his students to attain to a supreme mastery of the life force, at least as much as what you may observe in some of the great Swamis and yogis of our planet. This exercise is second step in that direction. Chapter 3, physical level.

January 14, 1999.

I had a request concerning the spirits of the sphere of Mars. Idida I have been working with lately. His Virgo energy is kind of natural for me. Gibsir is a spirit governing Mars in Aries. I worked with him a number of years ago. Mar's spirits are rather difficult to understand unless absolute power has touched your life or else forced you to wrestle with its might. But when you have grown up in the 1950's and watched thermonuclear explosions on TV you are witnessing the sphere of Mars being invaded by human beings. For Idida For Gibsir

January 6, 1999.

Continuing with a commentary on Bardon's Initiation Into Hermetics, I have included some notes on the exercises for the physical level of the second chapter. Chapter Two, Physical Level Exercises I have also added a brief description of an earthzone spirit named Romasara. Since Romasara specializes in pranayama and drawing vitality into the body through breath, it is appropriate to introduce some of his ideas as they relate to Bardon's physical level exercises. Romasara

December 19, 1998.

Emrudue, the head of the seventh mansion of the moon, specializes in granting wishes and bringing happiness, success, luck, and fulfillment. He is perhaps one of the most remarkable spirits in this regard of the over 550 spirits which Franz Bardon describes.

November 30, 1998

These are some of my notes on evoking Ebvep, the Head of the Eleventh Mansion of the Moon. Wiccans often evoke goddesses of the moon. In the Western Hermetic tradition, there are twenty-eight moon mansions. Franz Bardon lists the head spirits of these twenty-eight mansions. Ebvep is certainly one of the more difficult spirits of the lunar zone to work with but this is not because he is aloof. He works with the entire matrix of life and the dense vibrations of energy through which the earth and the moon connect. Part of my interest in Bardon's system is philosophical. I have received what I consider extremely impoverished theological and philosophical systems from my Western and Oriental heritages. Consequently, a great deal of what I do is exploratory in nature. I want to understand the relation of body, soul, mind, spirit, nature, history, and human destiny. I want to understand love not just as a moral, ethical, personal, and spiritual virtue. I want to understand love in the way God used it as a means for creating the universe. A spirit such as Ebvep goes a long way toward leading me to where I can understand this through direct experience.

November 5, 1998

I added my commentary and suggestions for the basic exercise relating to attaining magical equilibrium in the second chapter psychic level of Initiation into Hermetics. See Chapter 2, Psychic Level Exercise

November 4, 1998

I added some essays relating to the basic practices on the psychic level in Chapter 2 of Bardon's book, Initiation into Hermetics. An essay on Transcendence relates to a ritual or pathworking which I would like to suggest for beginning Bardon magicians who wish to keep their devotional life in focus. An essay on The Shadow in Psychology and Magick points out some basic psychological and spiritual principles relevant for those who are working on attaining magical equilibrium. An essay on Negative Spirits is about one of the dangers possible in the Bardon system of practice. Since Bardon's work has such a strong emphasis and disclosure of Divine power and will, it is perhaps inevitable that those practicing his system will be closely monitored by negative spirits. But, after all, that is their job. They naturally notice and of course test those who seek to develop unusal levels of will power especially of a magical nature. An essay on Jvar who is a spirit of the earthzone--3 degrees Leo--who specializes in magical equilibrium. Jvar has been of assistance to me in the past in working through personal difficulties and I would share some brief descriptions of what he is like. I also have posted some information on Bagoloni a spirit of 12 degrees Gemini in the earthzone who specialzes in telepathy. I have added some new material on Jachil a spirit of 3 degrees Gemini in the earthzone who I have been working with recently. And finally I have a description of both the positive spirit and negative counterpart in the earthzone of Tagora. Tagora is a spirit in Scorpio who specializes in personal love and who is adept in all aspects of pleasure, sensuality, the nervous system, and the chakras. The sign of Scorpio knows a lot about the intensity and depths of desire and it is always nice to work with a spirit who has keen insight into this aspect of human experience.

August 26, 1998

I sometimes think that Moses could have told 30 different stories of creation if he had had the time. This story of creation was inspired by meditating with Lurchi, one of the spirits of the earthzone which Franz Bardon attributes to the sign of Aries. Since I live in a universe of 200 billion galaxies, the angels who work with God in creating have to pull more weight and exercise more initiative than perhaps previous ages imagined.

August 23, 1998

I continue my work with the archangel Gabriel. I added five pages covering some side effects, processing, and more material on the mental, astral, and physical planes.

July 22, 1998

Here is some old and some new material on the archangel Gabriel. Bardon only occasionally mentions archangels but traditionally Gabriel relates to the sphere of Yesod or the moon so I am including him here under the planetary spheres.

June 25, 1998

I added nine pages of commentary on the second chapter mental level exercises from Bardon's book, Initiation into Hermetics. These are concentrations on the five senses. My comments relate to my own experiences and review some of the psychological, spiritual, and psychic aspects of sensory perception and magical practice.

June 23, 1998

I added a nine page essay on the cosmic letter M.

June 10, 1998

I added two essays which relate to my previous request for assistance in meditating on world peace in regard to specific nations and difficulties. It is important to do crisis management by telepathically and magically encouraging others to work out their problems in a peaceful manner. This is short term stuff. In the long run you have to introduce a higher awareness of karma and the need to pursue political ends which serve the far future and not just immediate gains. Along these lines, I have posted Finding Akasha in Yourself and Finding Saturn in Yourself. The two essays are closely related. Since I am interested in making available to the public the wisdom of the planetary spheres, I need to meet a requirement by the spirits of Saturn to take responsibility for the consequences of this action. The chief Justice of Saturn is also an appropriate spirit to work with in introducing a higher awareness of justice and planetary interests into the goals and actions of nations and their leaders. To this end, I have summarized briefly the Chief Justice of Saturn's aura as a four part meditation.

May 30, 1998

I added A request regarding world peace. This is an open invitation for assistance in meditating to help resolve a difficult world situation, viz., between India and Pakistan. Also, related to the above, I have placed under Earthzone Spirit Evocations Melamo--Development of Will Power. Melamo is one of those earthzone spirits, like Anamil and Bialode, who specializes in the use of divine and magical will for the service of mankind. The use of will to prevent dangerous situations from happening is not quite the same as encouraging or inspiring others to work out their karma in a peaceful manner. To that end, I will post another meditation work called Finding the Saturn Spirit in Yourself which can be used for a variety of situations but especially for developing peace in political and international areas of conflict.

May 4, 1998

I addedIntroduction to Faery Tales and Elemental Beings. This is actually the introduction to a book I am putting together on my dialogues and encounters with elemental beings. The essay borrows from several other short pieces I have posted here. Constructive feedback is appreciated. Also,Introduction to Fire This is a little piece I wrote a while back.

April 23, 1998

I added Introduction to the Psychology of the Four Elements. I also placed this under Basic Training since it relates to establishing what is called a magical equilibrium within oneself. This essay arose out of meditating with the earthzone spirit in Leo named Jvar who specializes in overcoming weaknesses and attaining inner balance.

April 21, 1998

I added a home page for salamanders. This includes parts of essays/stories/dialogues with Orudu, Pyrhum, and Tapheth. An essay on Itumo I already had posted. With Tapheth, I continue the spiritual psychology I am developing which relates to internalizing the nature of elemental beings within oneself. For example, with my essay on Tapheth--Finding the Salamander in Yourself--it is not necessary to do an evocation or practice clairvoyance and so forth. At this point, we are just doing a kind of advanced transpersonal or spiritual psychology. Fire--primoridal and nuclear--is part of my life. I have had clairvoyant dreams for forty years about these flames and so it actually a relief to work with them in a conscious manner.

April 11, 1998

Under Stories and Poems, I added a 20 page or so story called the Fall of Atlantis. I know, I know, there are tons of Atlantean fables trying to pass as the "real thing" in order to capture the minds of the innocent. But I am writing mythology not fact. The purpose of mythology is to tell you how to resolve conflicts and also who we are and what we are meant to be. By the way, the word of power I refer to is from Bardon's third book, The Key to the True Quabbalah. And the poem in the story, You are My Soul--you could say I made up this entire story just so I could figure out a world in which that poem could find a home. Actually the undine Isaphil had a lot to do originally with showing me this vision on the astral plane. For The Fall of Atlantis

April 7, 1998

I added a commentary on the physical level exercises in Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics. Click Here

April 5, 1998

I have started a new section called Basic Training. This section presents my commentary on the mental. psychic, and physical level exercises in Bardon's book, Initiation into Hermetics. I will try to follow each chapter beginning with chapter 1. You will notice I am better at some things than other things. I do not think it is a big deal to do a commentary. Everyone who works with the Bardon system will have their own thoughts and comments to share based on their experience. I plan also to place here anything I present in a question and answer format. Best of luck to everyone. Click Here

April 1, 1998

I added Finding the Gnome in Yourself based on the gnome Erami's qualities Click Here Also Introduction to Fairy Tales. This is the introduction to an unpublished manuscript of stories I have written told to me by four elemental beings. Click Here And St. Patrick and the Elves--A Poem Click Here

March 26, 1998

I added Finding the Undine in Yourself, Part 1, Isaphil's Meditation on Water. Click Here

March 13, 1998

I added a Prologue to the Magical Game/Quest though you have to wander around a bit to find it. I mean, it is not easy writing a genuine prologue to a myth.Click Here

March 11, 1998

A Meditation for Creating Spiritual Community relating to Asmodel of the Sphere of Jupiter--See under Spirits of the Planeary Spheres. Click Here Also: A Tantric Alchemical Meditation in Six Steps for Individuals and for Partners--designed for human beings by the gnome magician Erami--see under The Home Page of Gnomes. Click Here Also under Poems and Stories--A Wolverine Poem Click Here

March 8, 1998

Added The Home Page of the Fifth Element--Akasha Click Here My Favorite Stone Circle on Mull Island Back to Home Page