A World Peace Meditation Relating to India and Pakistan

Since we have a crisis occurring between India and Pakistan, I am working
on crisis management and not a long range solution.  The working out of
karma individually and on a global level is a rich and complicated topic. 
At this point, I will settle for trying to advert a nuclear confrontation
between India and Pakistan.  The karma can be worked on later. 
    The basic meditation I suggest goes like this:  We focus on Nawiz
Sharif, the prime minister of Pakistan, and also the prime minister of
Indian, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.  The reason to work with these two
individuals is that they are the focal points for political and national
decisions.  They do not need to respond to telepathic suggestions or
energy/inspiration sent to them.  The energy/thought form goes to whomever
is receptive to it but these two individuals serve as transmitters for
that energy.  They are like the major pressure points for their nations. 
   To begin, visualize these two individuals.  I have included their
pictures and more information about the conflict can also be found on the
web sites of India and Pakistan among other places.  For example,
http://www.yahoo.com/regional/countries/India/ government/politics/
 and http://www.yahoo.com/regional/countries/Pakistan/government/

You visualize Nawaz Sharif and Vajpayee in front of you. You introduce
some akasha: the sense of penetrating through space and time so you have a
real psychic contact with them in this moment.  And then, to put it in its
simplest terms, you develop/create a thoughtform of this nature as you
imagine you see these two men before you or you can also imagine you are
these two men projecting inside of them.  The thought is:  "We are
reducing the tension of our conflict. We are de-escalating.  We get along
perfectly with each other." 
   You visualize what this would be like as if it is true right now in
this moment.  You get a feel for it and imagine it concretely as an
overpowering reality.  As you do this, you sense that all tension and
conflict is vanishing into thin air. 
   The problem is that there is an immense amount of pressure on these two
individuals right now.  They are being bombarded by all kinds of thoughts
and emotions from others.  There are all sorts of unresolved hostilities
and hatreds extending back into history, all of which are attempting to
become active and to be the deciding factor influencing these men's
decisions right now. 
   To overcome the "tension in the air" or the psychological, psychic, and
karmic pressure being exerted on these men and their nations as well, we
create a counterbalancing set of thoughts.  The thoughts or "volts" we
create, like lightning rods, serve to dissolve and banish the tension,
hostilities, and negative energies.
   For backup, you might like to visualize Melamo's sigil, contact Melamo,
or, for that matter, evoke or imagine you are Melamo as you project your
thoughts/wishes/will into this situation.  Melamo is a spirit of the
earthzone relating to Capricorn. Melamo is
briefly described by Franz Bardon in his book, The Practice of Magical
Evocation.  I have posted information about this particular spirit under
Earthzone Spirits. 
    There is a great deal to be said about methods and motivations and
karma, but this is a very basic introduction.  Many magicians will
understand what I am about and know how to proceed using their own
intuition.  For that matter, prayer is nice too.  I will take whatever
assistance I can get.  I will also post more relating to karma and my
experiences in the area of world peace meditations but this situation
requires a lot of energy from outside if it is to be resolved peacefully. 
    Yours, William Mistele

Pictures of Nawaz Sharif and Atal Bihari