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Seminar: Ordinary, Magical, and Undine Emapthy

Here are the first few chapters for a correspondence course on undine empathy. I encourage you to send in comments, observations, and questions.

Chapter One: Active Listening

Chapter Two: Magical Empathy

Chapter Three: Perceiving and Feeling as an Undine

Chapter Four:The Ocean of Love Exercise

Chapter Five: The Magnetic Fluid Exercise Includes the fourteen page story, all dialogue, at the end from the legendary civilization of Atlantis. The story debates the pros and cons of revealing the magnetic fluid and the undine queens to the world.

Chapter Six: Mermaid-Human Interactions Contains the stories: The Changeling, The Double Changeling, and A Mermaid's Story.

Chapter Seven: Review Contains the story: Caelius Aurelius Luscus and the Mermaid And the essays: 12 Traits of Undine Women The Race that Replaces Human Beings What Do Mermaids Do? Selected Writings

Chapter Eight: The Undine Isaphil Contains the story, The Undine Isaphil and the two essays, Isaphil's Four Bodies and The Five Elements--A Review

Chapter Nine: The Magnetic Fluid Part II: Istiphul's Empathy Includes Sixteen Traits of Undine Queens, The Magnetic Fluid Exercise, Part II, a revised version of Twelve Traits of Undine Women, the Salamander Amtophul, a divine mission, a few questions and answers, and a glossary.

Chapter Ten This chapter is about 168 pages with 22 pages or so of email questions and answers at the end. It includes more water meditations, transcripts of conversations with hard core mermaid women (women who appear to be actual meramids in the body of women), and some humorous stories. The course started with two remarkable women as my "research subjects." Now, after many more interviews, I am presenting a new personality type never before described in history. For the book, Undines, scroll to the bottom.

Questions and Answers

Questions on Magical Empathy Exercise Question: Looking Back on Beginning Practice Question: Warnings about the Future Note: A completely revised edition of Undines will be published by North Atlantic Books in the summer of 2010. The ebook and print to order edition below will be available through August of 2009. May 28, 2008


My book, Undines: Lessons from the Realm of Water Spirits, comes out July 6, 2010 from North Atlantic Books, distributed by Random House. You can preorder from North Atlantic Books or
Note: These undines are not cute, sweet, smiling, little mermaids. Their beauty and magic are astonishing. I have had some really nice compliments that the words I write "are the real thing." But there is no point in my writing a book about undines unless human women can learn to embody the undines' qualities and powers. (the same for men and mermen--see my merman audio meditation under Audio). Focusing on the words but not the experience is like having a key but not using it to open the door, feeling compassion but never expressing it, or being in love but never consumating it. A book needs readers so I am promoting this book. That part is normal. But this book also contains a quest. The undines believe that human women are quite capable of embodying the undines' qualities and powers whereas many who practice magic or are capable of exploring the realms of fairy know nothing about these possibilities. Consequently, see The Undine Project and Global Casting Call below.

The Undine Project

Note 1:Video Poems--this section is being transferred to the seminar on undine empathy. Note 2: The video and photography relating to mermaids and undines are now complete for all practical purposes, though I am still happy to interview women with strong ties to the undine/meramid realm. On a humorous note, my editor said she did not want any actual pictures of real women in my book she was publishing. She did not want to offend people who have their own mental preconceptions of what mermaids look like. I told her that was really funny. She did not see anything funny about it. I told her "This may be your last chance to use pictures of this model." She still did not want pictures in the book The model is one of two women in human history who have transferred into the realm of mermaids for an extended period of time. Of the two, only this woman has returned. When I said "your chance," I meant "you the human race." It turns out human beings can not do tantra on an astral level. It involves basically a direct heart to heart connection with the model and the capacity to interact with her from within the realm of mermaids. There is art and there is divine art. And I mean this in all fairness to everyone involved, perhaps another race will appear on earth that already has its feet in the starting blocks and is ready to seize an opportunity when it occurs. The model/mermaid has worked with hundreds of photographers yet she says no one takes pictures of her like I do. I take genuine symbolic pictures. I do not know of any modern photographers who "see" energy so they can take a picture that captures the aura of the model. But then again, like I say, to see requires the viewer to be within the realm of mermaids. Western photography can not conceive of this. I am compelled by my work to share everything I experience. Writing stories enables me to do this. Doing photograhy for a few initiates is not part of my work. This section of video poems pursues poetry, still pictures, and video as an artistic study of femininity. In terms of magic, the magnetic fluid or the field of magnetic energy that extends throughout nature, is the embodiment and essence of the feminine spirit. Obviously, women have a closer tie to the magnetic fluid than do men. The magnetic energy itself, however, extends far beyond anything known by women in our age and in our society. It is not that women can not embody this energy. It is rather that no one asks them to, points them in this direction, challenges them, or trains them. Our world simply has too many other distractions. Nonetheless, experiencing the magnetic fluid first hand grants inner peace and oneness with the universe--infinite peace, absolute contentment and perfect serenity, pure receptivity to any being or spirit, and a divine level of compassion. Still, women can, without a great deal of effort, symbolize and express this feminine energy that extends though nature, human, and divine realms. Women are, from one perspective, in the image of God/Goddess, the Creator. This section on video poems attempts to explore this symbolism and capacity for artistic expression. Warning: contains nudity and is for mature individuals who are over age 18 only. Warning 2: I can easily understand how nudity can be construed as offensive to spiritual practitioners. I can also easily understand how using women as models to portray undines in some aspect is also offensive to some individuals. I carry the burden of opening a gate into a magical realm previously keep secret from humanity. To reveal something new to the public requires spiritual will, power, and purpose adequate for the task. I would state, for the record, that one reason that this particular knowledge of the inner worlds has been kept hidden is that previous masters and bards were unable to deal with the idea or experience--they could and many can not accept women being able to unite the pure, unconstrained sensuality of nature with a divine level of empathy and love. Such fear does not constrain or worry me. The undines' love and empathy are required for the work I seek to accomplish.

Global Casting Call

One Suggestion for Movements in a Shoot I should clarify that the movements described below as suggestions or a rough outline subject to individudal interpretation are meant to be performed nude and to be videotaped. Undines are perhaps the most politically incorrect creatures on earth. In an instant they can get inside you, sense you from within, and intimate what it is like to be one with you. They have no barriers or boundarires much less social identities to maintain. What I am looking for is a really deep meditation in which the woman becomes an image of the sea, an embodiment of the magnetic fluid. I don't consider this to be just about art. I consider it to be necessary for the survival of the human species. All the same, I also write comedy to maintain perspective. In magic, you have to know when to maintain your boundaries and also when to over come them.