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Radina, 26 degrees Scorpio,  a Master of Magical/Quabbalistic Healing, 

Reason for Evocation:  I would like to develop some healing abilities,
recover quicker from illness, and, if possible, lend assistance to others.
Though I maintain a healthy life style, I do not have a natural ability
for healing.  I do not carry around within me a surcharge of energy.  I
bestow no blessings on others due to the bright and radiant qualities of
my aura.  Like a typical Aquarian, I am more concerned with the future
rather than with capturing other's attention with a charismatic presence.
Though I can accumulate a great deal of energy when I concentrate, this
energy serves other purposes than revitalizing the physical body. 
   I am, however, very sensitive to the energy.  I only need a small
sample of a spirit's aura to write pages about that spirit's qualities.
Once I almost went back to college to get a Ph.D. in physiology.  I
thought it would be great to join meditation and to biochemistry and the
medical understanding of how the body works.  
    My area of specialty is more geopolitical and researching the wisdom
which guides the future of humanity.  A magician does, however, try to
compensate for his weaknesses and healing is an area I have long

Scorpio in Earthzone:  Scorpio builds and maintains a high charge of
energy.  It is a master of primal energies and it calmly wields a great
deal of power.  
     If Scorpio were a human being,  he could be kind and affectionate
like a Boy Scout director or a camp counselor.  You might think he is
sweet like a Cancer and as dedicated to others as a Pisces.  But this
would only be his personality.  Behind his gentleness is secret power.  In
his profession, he could be the captain of a nuclear submarine or, more
likely,  the field commander of special forces.  In civilian life, Scorpio
would be a  brain surgeon or the head the National Center for Disease
Control.  Scorpio combines control of hidden powers with the capacity to
protect and to assist others. 

26th Degree of Scorpio in the Earthzone.  To put it simply, this is a
penetrating and formless state of awareness in which you create things in
order to restore health and harmony to living beings.  In magical terms,
this is a Quabbalistic volting power which conjures up from out of nothing
healing power by virtue of the spoken word. . 

Radina's Domain in Akasha:  This form of intuition can see everything
going on in the body and heal through the power of akasha.  This is an
extremely penetrating awareness. 

Radina's Sigil:  This sigil increases your ability to heal.  You develop
power over the physical body.
    After this evocation, I tried using the sigil again.  To work on one
of the first exercises in Bardon's book, Initiation into Hermetics, I draw
Radina's sigil in front of me in the air on three planes.  I concentrate
into this image the idea of magical healing.  In the exercise, the idea is
to practice gathering vital energy into one's body from the air. 
    By meditating with this sigil, I get a very nice accumulation of
brilliant white light in my body and, indeed, it feels like healing
energy.  I quickly reach what seems to be the maximum amount of
accumulation which I can endure.  It is also easy to move the energy from
my body into my hands and then into my fingertips.  The 26 degree of
Scorpio, which is Radina's station in the earthzone, is one degree off of
my natal Jupiter.  This seems to give me a strong tie to this spirit. 

Radina's Inner Source of Inspiration:  Those who understand light, akasha,
and the spoken word are free to heal at their own discretion. Creation is
celebration.  Magical healing is an act of Divine Providence.  You can
heal and restore health and harmony even when there is no basis for the
healing.  It is your creative will which authorizes and initiates the
    In other words, if being sick serves a karmic purpose, the healer
himself provides an inspiration and an empowerment which in the moment of
healing transmits a new spirit into the sick person.  There are many laws
governing matter, history, and consciousness.  One of these laws is that
you can make things new in accordance with the love and the inspiration
that is within you.

Radina's Outer Aura:  Like Scorpio, Radina's aura is very intense and
highly charged.  Feeling Radina's aura is like holding your hand above
water which has a great deal of magical power within  it.  This is
somewhat similar to what is called a magical volt--there is electrical
fluid contained within a field of magnetic energy.  That is, there is an
element present which is incredibly dynamic and arousing.  It stimulates
and revives.  And there is a power which is very soothing, comforting, and
nurturing.  It removes tension and tranquilizes.  Radina employs both with
great skill.  There is, then, a gentle and affectionate touch which is
connected to an immense power of transformation. 

Inner Aura:  Radina has an akashic awareness which can control the blood
cells, muscle tissue, hormones, endocrine glands, metabolism, and
physiology of the body.  He can command the body and it responds to his
will.  He has that Scorpio ability to take something which is dark and
impure and then transform it so it is new and clear.

Akashic Plane:  On the akashic plane, Radina embodies an austere and noble
power.  It might be easiest to see him as Bardon says,  "All theurgic
(i.e., Quabbalistic) methods for healing on this planet are under this
head."  It is possible, then, to visualize Radina as inspiring and
watching over all methods which seek the direct intervention of God,
divinity, or akasha in order to effect a cure.  He embodies the power of
the spoken word as it is used for healing. 
     Let us consider a few examples.  Tibetans have healing yidams such as
the Medicine Buddha and Green Tara.  Among other things, they use pujas
and ritual ceremonies to heal.  
   Chanting is used for healing in all traditions.  For example, the
Navaho with their sand paintings, Blessings Way, and so forth, bring the
spirit within individuals back into harmony.  There are also the shamans
who leave their bodies to search on the inner planes for the part of the
soul that is missing.  There are entire churches which pray directly to
God to heal one of their members.  
   One of the qualities of akasha is that it commands all that exists.  It
is more penetrating and more powerful than anything in physical
manifestation.  The use of faith and conviction, the soul journey, the
ritual evocation, and trained visualization--these are ways of applying
the power of akasha to heal an individual.
  There are, however, different kinds of faith, conviction, belief, and
trust.  There is the trust which says,  "OK, I am putting this in your
hands God.  Thanks in advance for whatever you do.  I accept the outcome
as your will."  This is trust, no doubt about it.  But such trust in
itself does not enter akasha.  
     We come a little close to akasha through an act of faith which knows
without any doubt that it is joined to a sovereign God and that this is a
two way link.  It senses intuitively that the physical world can be
changed.  It embodies within itself a fire of will which gathers force and
brings change about.  This is not stealing something from the sovereignty
of God.  This is more responsible.  It is willing to make of itself a
vehicle.  It practices to become a conduit for the power of divinity.  
    The idea is not to take your body into a church or temple in order to
worship God.  The idea is that you are God's temple and you meet Him
within your body.  It is your will which calls forth the fire of divinity
to burn within your heart.  The Holy of Holies, the Ark of the Covenant,
and the Holy Grail are within you. 
      Radina is a supervisor, or better, a priest within akasha who guides
you to develop this faith, exercise this power, and assume this spiritual
will.  The power of the spoken word vibrates within and around Radina.
    The spirits of the zone of Mercury think of themselves as embodying
the highest aspect and first light of divinity as it manifests within
creation.  Radina has this same feeling about him.  You sense absolute
faith and a conviction that nothing can hold him back or interfere with
his work.  If you are going to apprentice to Radina to any extent, you
need to become comfortable with this level of intensity and purity.  
    On the other hand, this is just Scorpio at its best--it takes poison
and corruption and transforms it into life that is rich and fulfilling.
There is a lot of will, power, and conviction hidden in Scorpio.   Again,
Radina embodies these things.
    12/16/97: Tues.  The spoken word relates to the throat chakra to which
Hindu's assign the fifth element of akasha.  To create from out of nothing
involves being within a space of emptiness.  This state is so rigorous and
penetrating it can dissolve matter and the conditions which exist.  It is
like a miniature, magical chamber containing the powers of creation.  It
works with incredible pressures.  It is able to focus on an image of what
is desired and take that vision and fill it with energy until it becomes
   Some teaching hospitals have their own miniature cyclotrons.  They
manufacture their own radioactive isotopes for diagnosis and research.
Radina can manufacture the primary energies of life to restore an
individual to health.  His level of accomplishment in this area is truly

Mental Plane:  Magical healing requires embodying within yourself an
equilibrium and health which is in harmony with the universe.  Then, when
you are with another person, there is a body to body transmission of
healing life force.  You are like a battery that gets another individual's
energy pumped up and circulating again. 
    This not to say that you pass your own life force directly into
another person.  Instead, your presence acts with a power similar to a
magnet which realigns the magnetic field of a piece of iron near it.  A
Quabbalistic magician who specializes in healing can begin leading another
person back to health through the command of his voice or through his
power of visualization. 
    On the mental plane, then, we do something different than what we were
doing on the akashic plane.  We move away from the symbols of ancient
Israel which explored faith, holiness, and power of akasha.  We are more
concerned now with the systematic organization and clarity of concepts
similar to the thought of the ancient Greeks who tried to elevate the mind
to its highest level.  But our interest is not merely intellectual.
Though diagnosis works with observation and scientific inquiry,  our task
will be to perceive directly the quality of energy in the body and to
reconfigure it mentally. .
     To do this we have to perfect ourselves in terms of harmony and
elemental balance.   We learn to concentrate, for example, with the power
of elemental beings.  With the penetrating awareness of a gnome, we learn
to probe with our minds and act directly upon the density of muscle and
bone.  The mind becomes familiar with molecular vibrations and chemical
bonding and so the matrix of matter is opens to our gaze. 
     Consequently, for Radina, it is possible to visualize with such power
that calcium deposits around the spine dissolve.  The calcium molecules
forget how to cling together because the mental vibration and image
imprinted upon the spine is more powerful.  The student learns to do this
because his spirit is at home within and can change the vibrations of
physical matter.  Gnomes are enthusiastic teachers of this kind of
concentration.  It is helpful to make them your friends. 
    In a similar manner, there are basic abilities to learn from the other
elemental beings.  From the salamanders you learn about heat, electricity,
and the explosive force of fire.  From undines, you learn about magnetism
and the healing properties of water.  From sylphs, you learn about breath
and oxygen and the magick in sounds and tones.  
   Add to this training an ability to condense and dissolve the colors of
the visible and invisible light spectrum.  In other words, there is a
basic training on the mental plane which involves extending the range of
vibrations which the mind can perceive and also change. Then the student
meditates on the body and becomes acquainted with each of the organs and
their functions as well as the progression of illness and their natural
    You may choose to use cosmic letters as recipes like herbal formulas.
When you concentrate, virus, bacteria, blood and nerve cells, muscle
tissue as well as the entire metabolism respond to your suggestion.  Your
concentration penetrates the atoms, molecules, and chemistry of the body.
The images of health you employ gather and store life force and accelerate
the healing process.
    Consider an example.  A woman I knew was in India when she was bit by
a serpent.  Her arm was terrible injured and she was near death.  A friend
of hers went to a Tibetan lama.  She asked him how her friend could be
   The Tibetan lama replied that if, on behalf of her sick friend, she
went to several monasteries and had them perform specific pujas this
woman's life could be spared but she would still lose her arm.  The
friend, however, was very insistent.  She demanded that the arm be saved
as well.  The lama replied that yes it could be done, but she would have
to go to several more monasteries and also get all the monks to perform
additional pujas to this end.
   In other words, a puja or Buddhist ritual ceremony centered on say the
Medicine Buddha could be used for removing the damage caused by venom.
Another puja was required to restore the muscle and nerve tissue that was
injured.  A third puja was needed to regain over all harmony in the body.
A fourth puja was to remove the damage to the liver and kidneys.  A fifth
puja would deal with the emotional shock to the astral body by removing,
let us say, the "evil spirit" which the poison embodied.  
   A group of skilled meditators can create a mental vibration which
directly influences an individual's health.  A number of lamas have
pointed out to me that it is a whole lot easier to use a group of
individuals to meditate rather than have one individual attempt this on
his own.  Even medical doctors have noted that statistically there is a
better and quicker healing process when an individual is being prayed for
by a group of individuals.  But through training with Quabbalah, your own
body becomes powerful enough to act with the concentration of entire
groups of people. 
   There are, of course, a number of skilled psychic healers who can
effect healing influence on others.  There is always the danger in this
type of practice of becoming exhausted and also of having the other's
illness leave a residue of negativity in your own aura. The idea is to
train sufficiently enough so that this does not occur.
   A further example is acupuncture.  A skilled acupuncturist uses needles
to stimulate and tranquilize various meridians by working with particular
acupuncture points on the body.  This is a physical procedure which uses a
diagnostic system.  Some methods relating to acupuncture do not use
needles but the healer's own body to harmonize each of the meridians
through touch instead of needles.  This is called Jin Shin Jyustsu.
Taoist healers also can place their own chi directly into the patient's
body using their knowledge and vitality to restore the other's system.  
     But there is also a more magical side to this same activity.  Some
individuals who have meditated for years with Taoist yoga can influence
the acupuncture points and the meridians directly through visualization.
They can project their minds and practice their Taoist yoga within the
other individual's body circulating vitality and establishing harmony
through a trained will and imagination. In this case, the patient can be
thousands of miles away.  Distance makes no difference.  This is an
approximation of Radina's method of healing.  
   On the mental level, you take a system similar to what Bardon has
outlined it in The Key to the True Quabbalah and practice mastering color,
sound, and the elements in your own body.  In this case, however,  the
practice is guided by Radina's inspiration and emphasizes the physiology
and health of the body. 
    The cosmic letter A, for example, is light blue, the color of a clear
sky.  It relates to the lungs and to the air element.  In condensing this
energy of sky blue in your own body, you would concentrate also on the
expansive freedom and clarity of the sky and the moisture and pressures
within air.  You would then learn to associate these with lungs and the
anatomy and physiology of breathing, oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange
with the blood.  You would master the vitality and psychic awareness
hidden within breathing
   And you would study in a psychic manner illnesses relating to the lungs
and what happens physiologically during the healing process.  There is
often a strong astral component to illness.  The lungs and breathing
represent on an astral level a feeling of moving into the future with
freedom and harmony.  Anxiety, apprehension, and fear influence the way we
breathe.  Habits form as a result. Our posture is affected as the body
responds and molds itself to the emotional outlook.  If you are going to
heal someone, you have to speak to the body, the heart, and the mind. 
   If part of an individual's spirit is lost, if the individual has given
up on life in some way, then healing the illness pertaining to the lungs
will only restore a partial harmony.  Some individuals smoke cigarettes
because it is the one way they know to detach from the world around them.
Holding that cigarette in their fingers creates a bubble around them in
which the anxiety and the confusion of life are suspended.  They feel
insulated.  They know that being able to do this, even for a few minutes
each day, preserves some aspect of their soul which is otherwise
   A magician, therefore, needs to become a master of absolute clarity,
perfect peace, and the beauty of freedom.  You do not just restore the
body but the spirit as well.  To be healthy you need good health which is
maintained by a flame of inspiration.  You must be enthusiastic about
being alive and cherish the life force within you.  A healer, therefore,
trains with a system in order to address every disharmony within the body
as well as the soul.  All twenty-seven cosmic letters mentioned in
Bardon's book, The Key to the True Quabbalah, bear upon this.
     When you combine the akashic and mental planes when working with
Radina, you gain a marvelous sense of harmony in yourself.  You develop
Scorpio qualities.  You develop an independence from the world which is
necessary for regeneration.  And you engage the world transforming
yourself and others through the power of your spiritual will.
   Radina's aura also has a natural purifying effect.  You can practice
Guru-Yoga with him as you can with all the spirits of the earthzone.  In
Tibetan practices, the student projects his mind directly into his guru.
Working with Radina, you also can project your mind into him on one or all
of the four planes.  You then study your own body and health from his
perspective.  You ask questions about various imbalances and it is fairly
easy, even for someone like me who has little skill in healing, to see
immediately a way of restoring harmony.  
    For example, Radina takes some of my own observations and amplifies
them so that I know more.  He says in regard to excess tension that the
problem is not physical but spiritual. I just need to practice more some
of the things I am already familiar with.  But just sitting within
Radina's aura is a way of becoming acquainted with what it is like to
experience health and harmony on all four planes.  
   12/16/97: Tues.  To summarize Radina's mental plane energy, you might
think in terms of a great harmony.  Consider all the opposites in human
experience and within the body and imagine these are perfectly balanced
with each other.  
    Consider the opposites of masculine and feminine; the stages of
life--childhood/old age,  youth/maturity,exploration/consolidation, etc.;
the four elements--will, feeling, intelligence, and consciousness;
conscious, unconscious, superconscious;  desire and satisfaction, dream
and reality, vision and fulfillment, fate and destiny;  the planets--Mars
and Venus, Saturn and Jupiter, sun and moon, Uranus and Neptune, etc.; the
zodiac--aries and libra, Taurus and Scorpio, etc.;  
    And of course the body--lungs/liver, heart/kidneys, brain/bone,
sympathetic/parasympathetic, adrenaline/endorphins, testosterone/estrogen,
red/white blood cells, oxygen/carbon dioxide, inhalation/exhalation.  
    Take all of these aspects of soul and body and conceive of them as
being in complete equilibrium so that health is maximized. On the mental
plane, Radina's aura is like a mandala reflecting the harmony of the
microcosm and macrocosm.  Meditating with him and reflecting his aura in
yourself is like taking a divine vision of harmony and experiencing it
within yourself.

Astral Plane:   Radina's presence on the astral plane is somewhat similar
to the influence of the undine named Amue.  Amue attunes herself to you
with great empathy and feeling.  Her aura reaches through every cell in
your body and synchronizes with every movement and eddy of life force.
And then she automatically senses how to restore and renew your health.
The nature of her being is healing.  Like the sea, she loves to sustain
and nurture life. 
    Radina operates in a similar manner.  There is a fabulous tenderness
in his touch.  I have the impression he has experienced every desire, felt
every pain and pleasure. He knows the paths of life which lead back to the
heart.  He knows the turning points and the decisions that must be made.
His method is the mystery of love that restores and makes new again.  I
have to pause at this point to regain my composure.  Radina's beauty, like
the archangel Gabriel's,  is breathtaking. 
    Like Amue, it is easy for Radina to scan the inside of another's body.
Radina has a natural capacity to extend his mind so he is one with another
being.  As he gazes at you, he can see your spinal cord and determine the
chemical and molecular quality of the spinal fluid.  Your entire nervous
system is completely open to his perception.  Your physical, etheric,
astral, and mental bodies--the entire life within you--he can feel as one
vibration and also alter it at will. 
   So far we have seen that on the akashic plane Radina embodies the
akashic power of the spoken word to create and to dissolve.  On the mental
plane, he is the great harmony of opposites joined in equilibrium. On the
astral plane, Radina is the empathic side of love that accepts and unites
with others.  And then, as an act of creation, he turns up the power that
restores harmony, inspires enthusiasm, and leaves the individual with a
radiant and blazing aura of health.  To sum up the three planes, we could
put it this way--the creator (akashic plane) who celebrates harmony
(mental plane) loves with a transforming power (astral plane).
   I ask Radina, "Could you say something about this power you use to heal
on the astral plane?  It has the Scorpio's intensity.  Its like water with
a electrical or magical charge yet its effect is soft,  inviting release.
Its rejuvenating power is strong but hard to observe.  There is a
combination of masculine and feminine energy like an embrace similar to
Jachil, Anamil, and Tabori, but your application is completely different
than theirs."
    Radina replies, "There is a will that joins the density of matter and
the darkest desires with the freedom and light of spirit.  There is a
power mysterious and radiant like a star which probes the secret dreams of
the universe.  In his heart, he crosses the abyss separating what is and
the unknown destinies of beauty he would call into being.  
   "I love with this will and this power.  The life force blossoming in
spring and leaping from the roots to the leaves of the tree is contained
in me.  The breasts of the sea that ache as the tides rise, the earth
quakes, and the tsunami breaks--I am passion at its peak captured and
sustained in the crystal stillness of serenity.  The roots of the
mountain, the molecular vibration of lead and uranium, and the zestful
ribbon of the jet stream--I am free to heal because I perceive the
specific qualities and the greater harmony concealed in every vibration.
    "I weave the volcano's raging, exploding power of fire into a tapestry
of tranquil peace.  I take the cold touch of death and the endless void of
despair and fill that emptiness with dazzling songs of delight and wonder
like the stars at night.  You must understand, nothing is beyond the reach
of my hands, the power of my voice, and the joy in my heart.  Death,
darkness, destruction, and chaos are a wilderness where I have lived,
survived, made into a home, and filled with new life.  
    "If courage and faith are the soldiers of an army, then I am their
captain.  I command them.  They respond to my voice. They believe in my
cause.  Their strength is of steel.  Their will is divine intervention.
Like Scorpio, I embody the qualities of Mars and Pluto.  The will that
distills the essence of passion and the implacable command causing matter
and spirit to unite--this fire you see in my eyes.  
    "Love is not weak. In its heart, it contains the secrets of the void
and the stars.  Fusion bursting into flames of radiant light, the bird
sings at dawn, the flower blossoms, and the fruit feeds and emancipates
its seeds.  Each breath is new.  In me the will to survive is united with
the oneness of life."

Physical Plane:   On the physical/etheric plane, Radina's healing power is
more direct and immediate.  You can maintain your health through
preventative means.  You exercise, eat well, live right, and sustain your
inspiration.  You can restore an individual to health by changing body
chemistry, employing surgical procedures, delivering high doses of
nutrients, counteracting poisons, and utilizing a protective and peaceful
environment which accelerates the recovery process. 
    As diagnosis and medical science advance, we become more skilled in
producing results.  The healing process is quicker.  The methods are more
effective.  Invasive procedures are more accurate.  Biochemical and
pharmacological agents are more efficient. 
   Since Radina's level of concentration employs all four planes and can
influence biochemistry and physiology directly, he can produce miracles on
the physical plane.  He is just speeding up the natural process of
healing.  One day surgeons will be able to repair damaged tissue and
perform complicated procedures without breaking the skin or probing the
body with a physical apparatus.  They will have electronic means for
producing physical effects anywhere in the body without physical entry.
It is just a matter of technological development. 
   You could say Radina uses methods several hundred years ahead of our
medical science.  But the effects he produces, though similar to
electronic medicine, is a function of his concentration.  He can control
light, sound, and molecular vibrations directly with his mind. 
   I am sure if you had several magicians and psychic healers working
together you would be able to produce miracles in healing in a similar
manner.  This is just a matter of training.  It is a matter of desire and
understanding the possibilities which are available.   
   Working with the four planes is the way a creator celebrates harmony
and loves, transforming according to the purposes of the universe.  There
are no limits on this form of magical healing.  No karma may interfere
with a divine healer for he captures the demands of Saturn with his
imagination and weaves them into a new process which accelerates healing. 
   The process is, again, like the Navaho sand painting ceremonies of
healing.  It takes the individual with his specific life history and body
and restores him to harmony with the universe.  Radina's aura carries
these images.  You can almost hear the chanting, the magical drawing with
colored sands, the drum beat echoing with the heart of life.  The song and
voice speak:  "Here is your spirit.  Here is the will of spirit which
renews.  Here is your mind and your thoughts.  Here is the sacred journey
of life magnificent, wondrous, full of beauty capturing every opposite
into a greater harmony.  
    "Here are your feelings and your heart.  Here is the passion of love
that heals the broken heart.  Here is your body that cloaks your spirit
and gives form and expression to your life.  
And here is the ecstasy, the bliss, and the love in belonging to a
community, knowing you are needed and that your gifts and spirit are
celebrated among us."
    The Navaho medicine man does not just heal through his own voice and
power.  He joins his spirit to the spirit of his people. He calls into
himself the sacred powers of life which then speak through his voice,
shine in his eyes, and flow through his touch.  
    The power of individuals to heal is in part dependent on the resources
they can draw upon on the inner planes. These sacred energies are
sustained and nourished by a community.  They thrive through their rituals
and ceremonies.  They are made alive in the way we love and honor each
other's spirits.  Magical healing will be more powerful and prevalent as
we form such communities among us. 
   Radina, as one of the guardians of the earth and of all evolutions
which dwell upon it, is free to manifest in physical being.  As we call
him into our world so he becomes a part of our communities, then our
temples, churches, groves, circles, ashrams, and synagogues will become
places of great healing power.  There are no limitations or restrictions
on what may be accomplished in this area other than the basic
requirements--a willingness to learn, a pure heart, a spiritual will, and
a desire to be in harmony with the universe.

Common Difficulties/Imbalances:  The basic difficulty with working with
Radina is that his methods of healing are purely magical.  There are many
natural modes of healing.  There medicines and herbal remedies.  
   There ways of working with body chemistry and changing the subtle
electrical currents within the body through different kinds of ancient and
modern acupuncture.  There are ways of using aromas, water, chanting,
hypnotism, diet, and various physical manipulations and exercises to
increase the harmony of the four elements within the body and organs.
There is the entire medical knowledge belonging to the modern world.  Of
course, the more you know about science and medicine the easier it will be
to develop your intuition into a specific problem.  But Radina's methods
are not like any of these. 
   Radina's concentration can alter the nature and vibration of the four
elements on all four planes so that there are instantaneous changes in the
physical body.  An individual's spirit, mind, soul, and the physical
matter of the body are completely transparent and open to his gaze.  His
will is such that he can reprogram the brain and persuade the nervous
system and cells of the body to perform in another way.  Physical matter
in his hands is malleable, fluid, and ready to change. 
   In a sense, to study with Radina is to cross beyond the boundaries of
our human culture and history and seek wisdom belonging to our future
evolution.  There are small and large tests placed in the way of those who
would attempt this.  But all the obstacles you confront and the abyss you
cross when you enter akasha reduce to one question:  to what extent are
you prepared and willing to establish harmony within yourself?  
   If you seek to master the four elements in yourself and study their
activity in the body, soul, mind, and spirit, then you will be receptive
to Radina's inspiration and his suggestions will always make sense to you.
But without this deep appreciation of the fundamentals of magical
training, the results you get will be hit and miss.  
    Some ideas will come to you and you will solve a medical problem.  I
once told a chiropracter and, at a different time, a medical doctor that
the health problems I had come to see them about were gone.  I found the
right meditation and my spine, in the first case,  and my arrythmia, in
the second case, disappeared instantly.  The body had changed because I
had taken away the ability of the symptoms to appear. 
    In other cases, your concentration is not strong enough and your
intuition is not penetrating enough to make the smallest difference.  The
energies involved are beyond your understanding.  You are in the same boat
as everyone else when it comes to solving a specific problem.  So again,
the emphasis is on life long training and not quick solutions. 
One Method of Practice:  Let me just summarize in a nutshell a procedure
for working with Radina.  Part of basic magical training is being able to
visualize a picture or image for five minutes without the slightest
distraction.  Gradually over time you extend your concentration to a half
  One thing you can practice visualizing is Radina's sigil.  You visualize
it in the color red in the air in front of you shining on the physical,
astral, and mental planes.  Along with the visual image, you can condense
more red light into the sigil by imagining yourself surrounded by a vast
sea of red light which then is drawn into the sigil.
   At this point, we have a visualized sigil and some energy in the sigil.
It is starting to act as a transmitter and receiver of spiritual
vibrations.  Next, you imagine within yourself Radina's qualities on the
four planes.  With as much reality as you can conjure up, you imagine you
are a perfect master of akasha who can create out of nothing and make
things new on the akashic plane.  On the mental plane, you imagine you
have taken the trouble to embody all the opposites of life within yourself
so that you are a perfect embodiment of harmony . 
   On the astral plane, you imagine with all your heart that you possess
the spark of inspiration which can restore beauty and love to anyone.  The
mountains cry out to you as your friend.  The seas believe in you.  The
winds search to sense your breath.  And the light of the sun and moon are
an illumination you possess.  Within your touch of gentleness are
explosions of fire awakening enthusiasm and zest. 
   And on the physical plane, your vitality is so dense and vibrant it can
physically influence another's body, rejuvenating them from within.   In
meditation, you hold this image of having mastered these four planes
within yourself.  The visualized picture is not complete until you can
imagine concretely exactly what it feels like to be this accomplished so
that you possess these abilities. 
   Finally, you concentrate these qualities and powers within the sigil as
well.  Draw the sigil a number of times again imagining you are Radina's
own inner source of inspiration--that within you is the will of Divine
Providence to make things new.  As you draw the sigil, imagine it is not
your hand but Radina's hand which is signing his own signature and placing
his spirit into the sigil. 
   At this point, you see, you are ready to begin a specific practice you
would like to improve upon.  You do not have to spend a lot of time on
this.  The point is to raise your power of conviction and employ your full
imagination right from the beginning.  
    As I mentioned at the beginning of this article in describing Radina's
sigil, I wanted to work on accumulating vital energy in my body through
breathing.  Having drawn the sigil and concentrated into it Radina's
qualities, I practice breathing in vitality as if I have already mastered
this exercise.  I  do this while remaining very relaxed and placing my
mind in a clear and receptive state.  
   The net effect for me is that I can feel not only the vibration of the
sigil influencing me.  I can feel a current of energy flowing directly
between my body and Radina as if temporarily there is a subtle stream of
energy circulating between us.  This connection takes my own mental
imagery and intuition and heightens them so I have far better results in
my practice. 
    Some individuals will point out immediately the flaw with this
procedure.  There is the danger that I or someone else will become overly
influenced by Radina so that, with enough exposure to him,  both thinking
and feeling are bent to his perspective.  When you apprentice to anyone,
there is the danger of losing some of your individuality and your own
sense of direction in the process.  
   The remedy is, like I say, to become involved in a life long training
system which universalizes your consciousness on all levels.  And you work
with a number of human and spiritual teachers.  One Tibetan lama I know
was sent around to forty-five different masters in Tibet in addition to
working with his two root gurus.  In other words, you keep your options
open by extending yourself into different areas. 
   As I have suggested in regard to the mental plane, it is also
advantageous at some point to become familiar with the elemental beings.
Each elemental being has a different kind of concentration and magick
power specific to its element.  These powers expand human nature so that
we are better prepared to work with spirits of the earthzone like Radina. 

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