The Game Begins

You are son/daughter of a woodcutter.  You deliver wood to three small
   One day upon the road you meet a stranger.  His eyes have
the blue of the sky and the glint of lightning flashing upon the horizon.
His voice is soft but you hear when he speaks the songs of seven seas and
dunes' red sand curling and swirling in the wind. 
   Striking up a conversation, he tells you rather matter of fact that he
is on his way to Castle Mysterium.  
  You ask him about this destination for no one has ever once mentioned
its name or hinted that such a place exists anywhere in this terrain. 
  He tells you, "It is a place of wonder and enchantment. Its  magick
is older than mankind and its purposes are all divine."
Do you turn aside from delivering wood to accompany
him on his journey?

Do you ask for a map that one day if you are free and
inspired, you too might make this journey?

Do you fall over laughing at the absurdity of his ideas?