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Just for fun: A Trailer for movie, Ondine Ondine Movie Spoiler Blogtalkradio show with Robert Phoenix interviewing William Mistele. The show starts ten minutes after the recording begins. Go to the link below and scroll down to the picture of the mermaid. Blogtalkradio Beauty--A Poem Poem--Neptune's Dream I was teaching a young woman "undine empathy" in two stages. I walked her through the first exercise and she said, "But I already do this every day." I told someone in email yesterday that eventually women will discover the power that is within them. Because right now this world is in a state of absolute failure in regard to appreciating or understanding that feminine power is an equal, co-creator in everything. It will happen like this: one day a woman will say to me, "I see that you are healed of your pain and loss. I am glad I could be of help. Now then, would you like me to dissolve the negativity in the aura of the Ayatollah or Kim Jong Il II? I can do that tomorrow night if you like." love freely without barriers, boundaries, or inhibitions. The first exercise for undine empathy is imagining a sea of water and that you are at the center. Then imagine that this sea has the astral or emotional quality of love. Then, as the sea, flow through someone from head to feet healing, nurturing, and bringing to fulfillment every desire and need within him or her. As I mentioned, some women already practice this instinctively. But you will not find any master on earth in any tradition who has a clue as how to teach this or who would even bother to teach it if he knew how. I next had her do the exercise for visualizing a magnetic ball of energy, that is, for mastering the magnetic fluid. She practiced this on another person and then on me. When she imagined that I was part of her aura, that is, part of an intensely cold, magnetic sphere of blue water that is nurturing, protecting, healing, bringiing to completion, etc. I felt like I had become the god Neptune. species. That is what the mermaids seem to be saying to us. I felt one with the oceans of the earth, as if they were part of my aura. To experience god consciousness is an astonishing thing. But I notice that as the god Neptune, I felt I was a part of the history of the oceans of the earth whereas the human race knows nothing about this--that is, with identifying with the magnetic fields of the sea. Within this psychic identification with the waters of the earth, I could barely take an interest in a race that is oblivious to the beauty and mysteries of nature. We make antimatter in our labratories. We create particles in our accelerators that are hotter than exist anywhere else in the universe. We rewrite DNA. We are now working with wireless electricity and many other technological marvels. But when it comes to perceiving the energy that constitutes our own consciousness we are still in the stone age. My contention in regard to the water element is that if we teach young women the feminine mysteries, a group of them, maybe thirty or fifty could eliminate all wars on earth. You see, beauty is more powerful than antimatter or hydrogen or neutron bombs, or malice and hatred. And it is more wise than all the masters of the religions of the earth. Its celebration is one of the purposes behind the creation of this universe. June 14, 2009 The Poem: The Double Changeling The Poem--Once Before The Poem--Undine Conversations Happiness--A Poem Interview with an Undine in Human Form Poem--One Day May 20, 2009 The Merman Ermot--a Description This is a study of a merman's personality. He specializes in rivers and streams, and the love between human beings. He is a muse and a poet. I'll have some pictures to go with this hopefully in a week or two. May 9, 2009 A Very Short Undine Screenplay There are reports of undines who take over the bodies of women after the women die and keeping the body alive live in the form of a human being. Do undines walk among us as the short video suggests? Stay tuned for reports and updates. I haven't shoot this film yet but its in the works. Poem: The White Light A Poem for Wendy Stream Memories from the Future This is another poem I wrote as a picture poem. A model, Reven, shot the picture out in Colorado. I wrote the poem for the picture. She put the poem and the picture together as shown. I imagine Homer might have said, "Sometimes the gods do things to us because they are bored, wish to be entertained, to express their humor, or else because they wish for humans to explore what they can not--to experience life with a pure, unfathomably deep sense of wonder. How? Take a young woman. Give her a slow start. But place within her soul the prophetic abilities of an Isaiah, Daniel, or Nostradamus. But to do it right, to make her part of her age, give her an interest in microbiology so that she might make contributions through science to humanity. Oh yes, and give her a sense of empathy worthy of undines. Now sit back and watch how her life unfolds. Or, as the Sith Lord said in Star Wars, "We'll be watching your career with great interest." I puzzle over these things. I contemplate them. I listen when akasha offers a message in the form of a person. Channeling the Undine Istiphul This is an edited transcript of a medium I work with who channeled the undine Istiphul. Advice to a Young Model at the Beginning of her Career I actually said these words to another model who I did a shoot of last week. She also showed up out of the blue so I haven't had time to write a poem for her yet. But the advice I thought was interesting. Personality Profile of the Undine Istiphul This is my study of Istiphul's personality as expressed through the vibrations of her physical, etheric, astral, and mental bodies. I list under Divine Missions the task of persenting her knowledge to mankind. It is one of the feminine mysteries to which the human race has never been exposed. February 5, 2009 A Poem by a Female Gnome These are notes for a shoot I hope to do. I have the model but will she come through? This section is for undines but the model has earth energy. Still, who would refuse to witness beauty? February 3, 2009 A local coven was kind enough to let me join them for the ceremony of Imbloc, the day of midwinter. It is the return of the Maiden, as the earth grows warmer. The goddess celebrated is Brigid, who is also the goddess of poets. During this celebration, the high priestess had each person take a card from the Tarot deck of Archangels to determine that individual's spiritual path for the coming year. I drew the card, Aengus--Twin Flame. Aengus, or Aengus Og, is the god of youth, poetry, and love. The high priestess looked at my 61 years and with a tone of pure puzzlement in her voice asked, "Are you looking for a Twin Flame?" I replied, "A bard is always looking for a Twin Flame." I should have said, "A good bard is always looking for a Twin Flame. A great bard finds a Twin Flame in every women he meets." The next day a model emailed from Arizona saying she was coming this way. I looked at her on site portfolio and so write the poem below, for Jillian. But just after the ceremony, I wrote the poem below on the magnetic and electric fluids. A Dialogue between the Electric and Magnetic Fluids or between a man and a woman Short and sweet. No picture here. A Poem for Jillian I used to live at the Grand Canyon for six months out in the woods, not far from Page, Az. The plateaus and canyons are part of my nervous system. January 15, 2009 To Eva Cassidy--a Poem, to Fields of Gold Eva Cassidy died in 1996 at age 33. For Eva Cassidy, Poem II

Novemeber 28, 2008

Words from the undine Amue

September 21, 2008

A Sailor's Poem Some have mistaken this young woman to be "just another model" and therefore of no consequence. I would argue contrary to that position that most wise men on earth will never in their entire lives as they walk this planet meet a woman who has her natural affinity for the sea--they will not sense it; they will not dream it; they can not even imagine such a thing to be. But you see, I read auras and I study the innermost dreams at the core of the woman's being BEFORE I do a photo shoot. This gives me a slight advantage over the wise men of the earth. If you work with undines you discover that seeing the future is one of their gifts. My art is a study of the future spiritual path that a woman is free to follow. For indeed, one of the powers of beauty is to make your deepest dreams real. Now it is true that it is easy to look at this picture through the eyes of lust. I sympathize. But beauty is far, far more powerful than lust. When I look at her, I also see divine missions that are unfulfilled. The eye sees more than the heart knows, said William Blake. But in your heart you will surely find the keys to your destiny if you bother to take them and use them to open the door to divinity. Commentary on A Sailor's Poem

September 13, 2008

A Celtic Prayer A poem, from the book, The Song of the Universe.

September 11, 2008

And now on the lighter side, a little poem, Make Me a Farmer, obviously based on the picture. Make Me a Farmer--the poem Septermber 8, 2008 The extended poem Hagiel, Bardon mentions, is not the archangel but the head of the spirits of the sphere of Venus. I have the habit, you may notice, of writing poems just after a shoot with a model. This is the fifth shoot and so the fifth poem for this model. Thanks to extensive, detailed correspondence with someone who reads my poetry, I can point out these poems are "focusing" exercises. For example, a shoot depends for success on some chemistry between the photographer and the model. The other's energy gets inside of you. My poem is simply my describing the actual physical sensations within my body of that energy, finding words, phrases, or metaphors for it, and then entering a state of total receptivity to check on the accuracy as the images vibrate with the sensations and feelings. One further point: what I see that I know of no one else being able to see is the full masculine and the full feminine in their unity. I can make this statement because my book, Undines, is an indictment of all religions and magical traditions on earth. Namely, though they may know earth, air, and fire, they know next to nothing about the mysteries of water. But you can decide this for yourself if you have time and inclination. I have spared no effort in my journey into the domain of the queens of undines. It is obvious to me that their beauty has not yet appeared on earth. And so my global casting call, to find women who can embody what has never before been seen. Of all the planets in this quadrant of the galaxy, the earth is perhaps the most beautiful. Yet it appears the human race does not yet taste this ecstasy. For "focusing," see How to Write a Poem at the end of my book, The Song of the Universe Here September 3, 2008 This is the sound file from the audio section with a few pictures added of The Goddess, the Merman, and the Cup. The Goddess is the Goddess of the Earth who shows up in my yet to be published The Fall of Atlantis screenplay and my book, Mystical Fables. She asks for a religion without priests, temples, or rituals. This is a contribution to a "gennuine cosmic religion" mentioned by Bardon in his description of one of the spirits of the sphere of Mercury. The Goddess, the Merman, and the Cup August 24, 2008 As I said above, you find the woman inside you--it is tantra. In all the serious magic I do, I join without separation with any being in the universe. It is a privilege extended to those who love. I remember a week long seminar, ages ago, I attended run by one of the Dalai Lama's translators. At the end, we walked around the room slowly and stopped one by one in front each person. And then we said, "You are the __ in me," that is, we saw each other person as part of oneself. I realize most Western traditions do not do this. They have no knowledge of the study of omnipresence. But in all the poetry I write, for a microsecond, I am one with the heart of the person who inspires the poem. Those who are weak or profane can not even dream of this level of oneness with others much less with spirits or the universe. I was shooting today several scenes in a movie I am making. One of the models/actresses I met for the first time on location. On the freeway going home I wrote this poem. August 23, 2008 The power of women is captured in part by combining the light and the dark. If you only stay with the bright, shiny side, the image can capture the beauty but not the mystery of femininity much less the power in women. The Dalai Lama's translator once said to me, "You are the most "empty" person I hage ever met." He meant "empty" as in "Prajnaparamita." It is really nice to run into a model who knows "emptiness" from the core of her being. The Prajnaparamita meditation is one of the most important meditations for peacemakers and for my spiritual work. It appears to be totally outside of the consciousness of Western magical traditions. Akasha/emptiness/Prajnaparamita is not something you talk about or discuss. It is something you do and end up being. I will be doing a rather extensive presentation, both serious and humorous (since humor helps promote clarity), of this divine state of awareness in the near future. Two pictures actually: one, the human being and two, the divinity. What seems to be a negative or dark emotion from the point of view of an individual's personality can also be an awareness of pure transcendence. Blending or harmonizing the two, the personal and the divine, within oneself is always high art. Poem One picture--one poem (and one animation): Poem: Prajnaparamita: Mother of All Enlightened Beings Think of the following as a brief meditation on the appearance of Prajnaparamita inside your own mind. Its tantra: find the girl, or the enlightened being, inside your self. "Form is empty, emptiness is form, Emptiness is not other than form, form is also not other than emptiness." From the Heart Sutra-- Click here for full version on Dalai Lama's web site. August 16, 2008 The Goddess This is a two minute clip, a scene from a short independent film still being written. It is storyboard quality. It is fiction though there is a spiritual anthropologist wandering around here somewhere. Plot: Previously, two hit men pursue their prey into Michigan Central Station, the grand old abandoned 16 story building near downtown Detroit. An independent film is being shot in the Great Hall of the station. A few other photographers are also in the building. Our model "sees" and interacts with dead people as well as channeling in an artistic manner any spirit or being she wishes to embody. Some think she is "just another model." But others notice her uncanny abilities and seek answers to their questions. See below or go to youtube.com/carbiel for youtube version of same. If these don't open on your computer, try downloading the below youtube version by moving your cursor to the top right of the screen and clicking on "download." The download opens in Realplayer. August 9, 2009 Expressions, Part III: A Study of the Feminine Spirit The model, herself a professional photographer, takes the best photos of women that I have seen. She likes this video the most. August 5, 2008 Beatitudes For the words only of the rewritten Beatitudes. Beatitudes, Part I: Studies of the Feminine Spirit (Warning: adult and spiritual material--over age 18 only) Beatitudes, Part II (Warning: adult and spiritual material--over age 18 only> Beatitudes, Part III (Warning: adult and spiritual material--over age 18 only) How to see For a brief discussion of "how to see" these videos. I am having very detailed discussions with a number of individuals on this point. For a Brief Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount Note 1: These Beatitudes don't need pretty music and warm and tender pictures in order to be communicated correctly. The words are spoken with "a voice of thunder, a tongue of lightning, and a heart of fire." Try to "hear" the words and appreciate the soul of the model who, like a prism, reflected the colors of the spiritual light spectrum through herself. I started writing them from the first moment I met the model on location. It was a nude shoot--no nude model, then no Beatitudes. Try to keep that at the forefront of your mind. See Michigan Central Station below for what I wrote hours after the shoot. Note 2: The model is a professional photographer who teaches photography, makeup, modeling, and runway. She is the best photographer of women I have ever seen. July 31, 2008 Expressions II, Studies of the Feminine Spirit (Over age 18 only) In discussing this video with the model, I told her it "accomplished my purposes of joining the ordinary, everyday world with the world of awe and wonder, the personal with the archetypal, the sensual with the transcendent, and darkness with light." Bryce, the director of mpw.com, the photography school, asked me, How did the shoot go? I said, It was a three "Oh God" shoot. Bryce said, A three "Oh God" shoot must be a good thing, huh? I replied, Robert McKee was once asked if he believed in the existence of God. McKee replied, Michelle Pfeiffer is proof of the existence of God. Bryce said, I get it. July 23, 2008 Expressions I, Studies of the Feminine Spirit (Over age 18 only) I describe briefly and in sets thirty-nine different "expressions" of one model at one shoot. There was little or no "artistic direction" of this model. She came up with these positions and expressions by herself. Ultimately, I am asking my models briefly to put aside their egos and identities so as to express a receptivity that is so giving it has command over everything because it is the source that gives birth to all of life. I take it this is a femininity that our world knows nothing about. I discuss elsewhere the nature of the magnetic fluid or the essence of the feminine spirit in my article on Problems in the Study of Magic, the Magnetic Fluid. The significance in part of displaying a large range of emotional expressions is that the presentation allows an individual the opportunity to bring together diverse aspects of him or herself. As I wrote the model after the next shoot, "That was really fun, fun as in I was able to bring together parts of myself that have never met." The essence of the magnetic fluid is that it can encompass the soul of any being within itself, renewing, transforming, and restoring it to life. July 17, 2008 Michigan Central Station (Over age 18 only) This is a video poem that I wrote for the model and the location from a photo shoot workshop. For more on the location, see Wikipedia.com This video poem continues to explore the powers of the feminine spirit. It is a collective pathworking. And it is tantra: instead of using an image from Tibetan Buddhism, I use a living woman whose qualities of personality and spirit enable the viewer to undertake an inner journey. I have had complaints about the quality of my photography and questions about whether this project has any validity. One of the best photographers in the country has given his ok for this video poem and the model, also a photographer, loves the poem and the photos. I quote: "That movie ROCKS." For those who really don't "get it," (especially professional photographers who apparently have been brainwashed in some secret concentration camp in N. Korea--becaues they are unable to "see" a picture as a symbol rather than as a literal representation, much less figure out how to "contemplate" a picture) the urban decay setting of an abandoned building "symbolizes" the way in which our world is hostile to genuine feminine consciousness: "time is racing to destroy this momument." July 4, 2008 Inner Self (over age 18 only) This is a brief picture video shot at the Michigan Dunes near Saugatuck. Again, the video is meant as tantra: you take the images and use them for contemplation. The girl is a reflection like a mirror that shows what is hidden in your self. May 28, 2008 Inner Undine This is a short video shot near Sandy Beach on Oahu, Hawaii. I wrote the poem the night before the shoot for this particular model. It represents her spiritual journey in life. I see a great mystery unfolding. I can't help what others "see." The next day we made the video of the poem. The vision at the end is from the story of the undine Isaphil.